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Difference between infatuation and love Godly characteristics of dating Myths and truths about dating. Topics discussed: Medical perspective of death Biblical understanding of death Heaven and hell The needs of a dying person Proper grieving. Topics discussed: What is depression? Four degrees of depression Understanding mood disorders Characteristics of depressed persons Causes of depression. Topics discussed: Occupation and vocation Definition of ministry Characteristics of job satisfaction Changing jobs Dealing with stress. Topics discussed: Definitions of envy and jealousy Characteristics Root causes Replacing destructive emotions.

Topics discussed: Identifying integrity Explaining ethics Five systems of ethics Biblical mandate for morality. Topics discussed: Meaning of euthanasia When does death occur? Does God cause evil? Definition of theodicy Understanding the problem of evil. Topics discussed: Definitions of fear and anxiety Dealing with panic attacks and phobias Causes of fear Freedom from fear. Topics discussed: Definition of friendship Levels of friendship Causes of failed friendship Scriptural understanding of friendship.

Topics discussed: Who is God? Topics discussed: Grief and mourning Chronic and repressed grief Stages of healthy grieving Misconceptions about mourning. Topics discussed: Biblical perspectives on guilt False guilt Overcoming fear Sources of guilt. Topics discussed: Developing strong habits Avoiding compulsion Destructive habits Success in self-control.

Topics discussed: Defining homosexuality What the Bible says Common conceptions Causes of homosexuality. Topics discussed: Understanding hope and hopelessness Cultural vs. Christian hope Difference and similarities between faith and hope Characteristics of misplaced hope.

Topics discussed: Definition of loneliness Biblical examples of loneliness Causes of loneliness. Topics discussed: White lies, half-truths, and perjury Characteristics of lying Fear as the cause of lying The truth about lying. Topics discussed: Difference between manipulation and persuasion Aggressive manipulation Misplaced dependencies Relationships and manipulations.

Topics discussed: Disciples and mentors Common goals for growth Characteristics of mentors Ten commandments of mentoring. Topics discussed: Biblical accountability of parenting Biblical definitions of fathers and mothers Problem parenting styles Traps of poor parenting Parenting and the church. Topics discussed: Christian perfectionism Detrimental patterns of perfectionism Divine excellence versus unhealthy perfectionism Compulsive behavior Steps to healing.

Biblical Counseling Keys on Pregnancy Topics discussed: Categories of unplanned pregnancies Developmental stages Chronology of human life Reactions to unplanned pregnancies Family values. Topics discussed: Categories of prejudice Progression of prejudice The philosophy of prejudice Learning to accept others Equality before God.

June Hunt Hope for the Heart Biblical Counseling Library by June Hunt

Topics discussed: Preparation for partnership Marriage and covenant Biblical requirements for marriage Definitions of love Motives for marriage. Topics discussed: Repercussions of procrastination Procrastination and laziness Unintentional procrastination Biblical illustrations. Topics discussed: Definition of the prosperity Gospel Health and wealth theology Correct biblical interpretation Six position of prosperity theology Understanding divine healing. Topics discussed: Finding significance of life Misplaced purpose Purpose in the book of Ecclesiastes Choosing the right goals.

Topics discussed: Definitions of rape Stages to recovery Types of rapists Cultural causes. Topics discussed: Rebellion and obedience Balancing law and love The rebellion cycle Breaking the cycle of rebellion Dealing with rebellious children. Topics discussed: What is rejection?

Topics discussed: Justification, sanctification, and glorification Attitudes of the unsaved Questions about salvation Counseling nonbelievers. Topics discussed: Who is Satan? Topics discussed: What is self-worth? Definition of self-esteem Avoiding low self-worth Getting rid of guilt. Topics discussed: The scope of sexual addiction Symptoms, scope, and stages of addiction Causes of sexual addiction Delusions of sexual addiction. Topics discussed: What is sexual integrity? Biblical examples Difference between lust and love Finding integrity that lasts.

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Topics discussed: The status of single parents Four stages of single parents Despondency Meeting the emotional needs of your children. Topics discussed: The history of spiritual abuse Definition of legalism Interpreting the law Difference between law and grace Living by faith.

Topics discussed: Confronting the three enemies Identifying the strongholds The world, the flesh, and Satan The battle of the mind. Topics discussed: What is stealing?

Hope for the Heart

Characteristics of thieves Trustworthiness Checklist for stealing Guidelines for parents. Topics discussed: The many sides of stress Mental, emotional, and physical responses to stress Four stages to stress Checklist for burnout Principles from Scripture. Topics discussed: What is submission and obedience? God-given authority structures Biblical submission Establishing boundaries. Topics discussed: Defining failure and success How different personalities face failure Fear of failure Causes of failure. Topics discussed: Forms and feelings of suicide Three stages of potential suicide Finding hope Scripture on suicide.

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Topics discussed: Defining adolescence Emotional, social, and physical changes Passive parenting Causes of inner conflict in teens. Topics discussed: Twisted truths about temptation Tracking temptation Biblical examples Avoiding sinful desires. Topics discussed: Facing a terminal illness Confronting death Stages of grief Purpose of suffering Facing eternity.

Topics discussed: Finding eternal security Causes of doubt Can a person fall from grace? Topics discussed: What is the Bible? The canon of Scripture Evidence of biblical authority Responses to skeptics. Topics discussed: Making families function properly Roles of dysfunctional parents and children Identifying unresolved conflicts Breaking free of failure. Hunt is the author of the Biblical Counseling Library, [2] a volume collection of topical, Biblical counseling manuals, that serves as the foundation for Hope for the Heart's international broadcasts, training , publishing, teaching and biblical counseling ministry.

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Hunt's two radio broadcasts— Hope in the Night , a live 2-hour call-in counseling program, and Hope for the Heart , a half-hour teaching program—air on approximately radio outlets worldwide. Hunt grew up in Dallas, where she attended the Hockaday School. In these roles, she was often called on to answer questions from students and parents about Christian living. Later, as a conference speaker, she was likewise approached by conference-goers to answer questions about "what the Bible has to say" on a myriad of topics. To respond to these questions, Hunt created curriculum for a multi-year Bible survey course.

Between and , she developed and taught Counseling Through The Bible , a scripturally -based counseling course addressing topics in categories such as marriage and family, rocky relationships , emotional entrapments, Christian apologetics , as well as addictions and abuse. Since then, the coursework has been continuously refined to form the basis for the Biblical Counseling Library , composed of topical training manuals, each called Biblical Counseling Keys.

Initiated by Dallas' Criswell College , the Institute equips spiritual leaders, counselors, and other caring people to find solutions for emotional, relational and spiritual problems. Hope for the Heart is a half-hour of interactive teaching. Hope in the Night is a live two-hour call-in counseling program. Together, the programs air worldwide on nearly radio outlets. The ministry is growing internationally as the Biblical Counseling Keys have been published in more than 30 languages and are being translated into many more.

They can be found in more than 60 countries on six continents. HOPE-sponsored walk-in counseling centers operate internationally. In Canada, the ministry airs a Chinese language version of HOPE's radio briefs, Moment of Hope , and sponsors a call center through which Chinese-speaking listeners receive biblical counsel. The Biblical Counseling Library is required curriculum for counseling students enrolled in this program.

Hunt is the founder and CEO of The Hope Center in Plano, Texas , a permanent home for nearly 50 nonprofit Christian ministries that share common space, a technology backbone, and amenities under one roof. Hope for the Heart is the Center's anchor tenant and offers walk-in counseling by appointment at the Center. Hunt has been a regular guest professor at colleges and seminaries. She trains peers annually at the American Association of Christian Counselors conference and speaks at numerous other national and international conferences, as well as religious and broadcasting events each year on topics such as forgiveness , anger , fear , childhood sexual abuse , and domestic violence.

Hope (June Hunt Hope for the Heart) Hope (June Hunt Hope for the Heart)
Hope (June Hunt Hope for the Heart) Hope (June Hunt Hope for the Heart)
Hope (June Hunt Hope for the Heart) Hope (June Hunt Hope for the Heart)
Hope (June Hunt Hope for the Heart) Hope (June Hunt Hope for the Heart)
Hope (June Hunt Hope for the Heart) Hope (June Hunt Hope for the Heart)
Hope (June Hunt Hope for the Heart) Hope (June Hunt Hope for the Heart)
Hope (June Hunt Hope for the Heart) Hope (June Hunt Hope for the Heart)
Hope (June Hunt Hope for the Heart) Hope (June Hunt Hope for the Heart)
Hope (June Hunt Hope for the Heart) Hope (June Hunt Hope for the Heart)

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