Why Do They Come? The Lord’s Mission To Mongolia

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October, Please pray for them!

What Happens When a Mongol Refuses to Give Up on Her Dreams?

Prayer topics. Many thanks to the many people who have supported us in various ways so far. Currently, we are taking care of five children, and one was not able to join us because of a cold. The children are getting a lot brighter in their countenance, compared to when they first came, and they are gaining more weight little by little. Changes are happening; their bad behaviors, such as fighting, cussing, or stealing things, are decreasing and they are getting along better.

Some kids even say that they do not want to go back home. Teachers are praying daily for the children as they serve them. Following are several prayer requests. Please pray that the children will come to understand that stealing things or violence is a bad thing and that they will not say bad words. Please pray for the parents of the children.

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Home condition is not good; children do not want to go back home on weekends. Various abuses are happening at home. One child has a 2-year-old sister and her mother is begging for us to take the younger sister as well. Please pray for a van. Vehicles are necessary for many tasks, such as picking up children who come from afar specially in the winter time, meeting up with the parents of children, going grocery shopping, carrying firewood, and taking children out to the city during weekdays, etc. And we are envisioning several programs in the future which will provide a meaningful time for the children with their parents, and which will educate the parents about their roles and how to do them well.

We believe that the vehicle will be useful in running such programs as well. Parents of children do not have cell phone or contact number, so if we have any problems or we want to communicate with them, we must visit them. A harsh winter is approaching. Please pray that we will go through it well. We bless your family, work and ministry. Thank you. The first week at Mongol Kids' Home. Comment by Izumi Aoyagi at airport.

Dr. Laurie Elit "Why Do They Come: The LORD's Mission To Mongolia" 1/2

Comment by Tomoko Aoyagi at airport. September, The facility opening worship of Mongol Kids' Home English report. Hello Everyone,. Thank you for your prayers! Although it was a short trip, my trip to Mongolia this time was full of wonderful experiences. I would like to report on my trip reflecting on my activities. More pictures will be posted on Facebook so please let me know if you are not Facebook friends with me yet.

Since the Aoyagis had a super busy schedule, I worried if they could come, but thanks to the Lord they were able to come!

Lord of the Gobi Desert

They sensed the Lord's leading! The 3 of us boarded the same flight, and after 3 and a half hours, around 10pm, we arrived safely at Chinggis Khaan International Airport. Regardless of our late flight, all the leaders of the church had come to greet us and I was touched! We stayed at a guesthouse operated by a Korean Christian. The temperature in Ulaanbataar was already around 3 degrees C 37F and cold, so we had to dress up for the winter temperature.

I met with the leaders from the Lord's Glory Church for our first meeting from 9 am. I shared what has been happening in Japan and the US, showing the website Home Page which was well developed in 6 months. And the local staff reported on the activities in Mongolia. The system would work so that the children can go back to their parents from Friday night and during the weekend, and if they did not have parents, the children would just stay there.

Partnering with Churches

We anticipate that it would be difficult for the parents to come pick up their children every weekend since their residing area is far from our home. There is a possibility of the parents leaving their children if we do not help them with transportation. The site proposed for the facility is about 6 km 3. A wonderful couple named Mr. Chukka, who owns a land enough for 3 generations to live on, kindly let us use a building that they were not using.

The lease terms were great, and they would lend it to us for free the first year, and we could decide whether to lease it or buy it in the 2nd year. When we first looked inside the building, it was pretty shocking; the walls were torn, the flooring were rippled, there were uncovered bricks, an unprotected fireplace, furniture with sharp edges, and obvious danger for having children around. We knew right away a lot of renovation and repairs need to be done.

The 2 rooms were about 6 tatamis sq. The Chukkas liked living a simple life, and the land had plenty of trees. Some of the trees produced fruits during the different seasons, and they said they would share their life in the nature with the kids. I was just grateful for them to open up their land and house to the manhole children, but when I heard their way of living and their understanding of our project, I was very impressed.

Chukka speaks English well, and is intellectual who used to work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I was touched to see that God sent such wonderful people for our project.

James Gilmour of Mongolia - Wikisource, the free online library

There was big celebration for an ordination ceremony for 3 people that night. About 90 people attended wearing their formal clothes, there were many Korean missionaries in the event, too. The ceremony was deeply moving. Pastor Namsrai said that he thinks about this project day and night, and I could see the passion in his eyes.

We visited Boldoo's tire repair shop. It is a small repair shop made up in a container vessel. Tomoko found Boldoo's bible on the greased table! I was over excited that a guy who couldn't read was saved and now reads so much of the bible! After I watched him do a good job at fixing the tire, we went together to his mother's yurt. His mom welcomed us and we had a good time of fellowship. Sadly, she told me that she wasn't ready to be baptized yet. It seems the time hasn't come yet. One of the sisters at church invited us to a traditional Mongolian meal.

The main meal uses lamb meat, and Mongolian custom is to use chopsticks and a knife at meal tables. When I asked how we cut up such a big chunk of meat, Pastor Gana cut it up into small pieces tactfully right before my eyes. He then cut off any remaining slices of meat from the bones. Aoyagi was excited to see the clean bone, and took a photo with the cleaned bone.

We left early for the 9 am Opening worship service. We stopped by the Onnuri Mission Center on our way to pick up the tables and the chairs and other things we needed. There I saw Dasha joining the worship. I was worried how he was these days since I heard he couldn't come to church recently, but I was delighted to see him at the Opening Worship.

When I smiled at him, he shyly smiled back. I hugged him, but as usual, he just stood there shyly, and I thought to myself it was the same old Dasha. But he had a good smile on his face! The dreary backyard was changed into a wonderful setting in a short period of time. We put up chairs, a banner, a table, and the tea setting had Japanese snacks brought by the Aoyagis, and the table was decorated with goodie bags for the kids, toothbrush sets, origami, and folded cranes.

I was touched during the staff commission, and the staff members who understood the importance of their role responded to their calling with tears. Many of the attendees who were watching were also in tears! I could see the Lord's presence fill this opening service. I will continue offering! Pastor Gana led the service and my heart burned with passion when I heard the powerful worship songs led by his younger brother Pastor Tsunde. I was given the opportunity to give the sermon and share my testimony. I shared how I started to get involved in the project. I also showed 2 pictures of Boldoo from the past, and wanted him to be filled with thanks with how his life has changed, but it seems it was a painful memory for him.

Although I asked him a permission beforehand, he had a sad face when I showed these photos, and I felt very sorry. I couldn't even imagine I can live this kind of life back then. Dasha didn't seem so nervous this time, and he smiled at me sometimes. He even sat next to me and ate from the same plate. After our meal we visited Dasha's home. His kids looked well and were bigger, and they loved the bubbles kit that the Aoyagis brought. The reason why Dasha couldn't come to church lately was because his garbage collection job ends around 5am on Sunday morning, and he has 3 kids including a 6 month old baby, and can't leave the house much.

Of course, I understood that they didn't have a car, and it was difficult for them to come such a long distance. I really wanted to go to church. They came to the end of the fence and waived their hands until we could not see each other. Although it was a busy weekend, Pastor David Namsrai spoke passionately about this project and wanted to discuss the project direction.

We had great discussions and many hours passed by quickly! I think we were able to discuss well about the direction of this project. I was delighted to see Pastor Namsrai wants to share this project and raise supporters in Mongolia itself! We had more discussions at the cafe while waiting for our midnight flight, and went to the airport around 9pm. She was prepared the next day to file divorce papers, so we prayed for her and encouraged reconciliation.

She has changed her mind, seeing there is a better way! A widows retreat was new for us and perhaps new anywhere. We had some good fun, too. Mongolians love Karaoke! We met again with young coupled, shared the 5 Acts of the Blessing as illustrated in Scripture. What joy to minister to people eager to learn. In there were 4 Christians in Mongolia.

Today there are about 60, of a 3. A good number of U. Hetee heads a staff that create childrens Christian videos for television and smart phone apps, contract with other ministries to dub videos and story apps into Mongolian, and work to develop a host of other projects designed to connect children and Mongolians to Jesus. With 2. Hetee also envisions creating a Mongolian language digital book resource for mor access to Christian literature for all ages. Most herders move between four and six times a year in search of better pastures. Their staple foods are meat and dairy, often supplemented with wheat, onions and potatoes.

Livestock herding is a way of life and selling cashmere, wool, hides, meat and milk products provides an income for families. Horses and camels provide transport, and horses are also used in racing. Though livestock are the backbone of the local economy, nomadic families still face challenges such as isolation and harsh weather.

Mongolia also suffers from droughts, forest fires, floods and dzud, a Mongolian term for the extreme conditions which exist after a hot, dry summer is followed by harsh snowy winter. In , herders lost more than 11 million head of livestock to the dzud. With their herds decimated, families lost their livelihood and many migrated to urban areas. Several herders felt so hopeless that they committed suicide. In response to this severe dzud, in the autumn of , Joint Christian Services JCS , an umbrella organisation for several mission agencies, including OMF, distributed livestock to a small community in the remote Altansoyombo region, where the valleys where the Altai Mountains meet the high Gobi desert.

The community had seen 90 per cent of their livestock perish. JCS provided new herds to 13 families selected by the community. Each family received 48 female goats and two male goats. Local officials also gave permission for those interested to receive Mongolian booklets containing Psalm 23 and John When we returned in spring , the numbers of livestock in each herd had doubled as the goats had kids. The families now could enjoy milk tea again, a simple staple they did not have the previous spring. They began looking forward to the season where they could comb goats for cashmere.

Depression had given way to hope. If you had not come, we would have all lost our livelihood.

Why Do They Come? The Lord’s Mission To Mongolia Why Do They Come? The Lord’s Mission To Mongolia
Why Do They Come? The Lord’s Mission To Mongolia Why Do They Come? The Lord’s Mission To Mongolia
Why Do They Come? The Lord’s Mission To Mongolia Why Do They Come? The Lord’s Mission To Mongolia
Why Do They Come? The Lord’s Mission To Mongolia Why Do They Come? The Lord’s Mission To Mongolia
Why Do They Come? The Lord’s Mission To Mongolia Why Do They Come? The Lord’s Mission To Mongolia
Why Do They Come? The Lord’s Mission To Mongolia Why Do They Come? The Lord’s Mission To Mongolia
Why Do They Come? The Lord’s Mission To Mongolia Why Do They Come? The Lord’s Mission To Mongolia
Why Do They Come? The Lord’s Mission To Mongolia Why Do They Come? The Lord’s Mission To Mongolia
Why Do They Come? The Lord’s Mission To Mongolia

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