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Hotel 10 10 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Fripe-prix , Rue SaintHubert, Best thrift ever. Vincent and Spiritualized. What songs would sum up your trip? Make our mouths water. What was the food scene like? We went to some great spots to eat and drink. For sure try out Ox. Wes Martin is a Brooklyn-based editor and avid concert goer. Iceland is delightfully beautiful. Sabine Brice is a Latvia-based writer, explorer, and music lover who spent last year soaking up all that New York City has to offer.

Adventurous Eats Dining is a unique experience in Iceland — sample traditional dishes such as whale fillet a controversial choice , shark meat, or sheep head if you dare. Israel may seem like a faraway destination, a bucket list trip you book solely for its historical significance and natural wonders. We traveled for a different reason: to be a part of Tune in Tel Aviv, Israel's international live music conference and showcase where we hosted our own day of Culture Collide Tel Aviv tuneintlv.

Its people live every day to the extreme. They love, eat, party, and express passion every day like it could be their last. There is a hunger to hear the newest music and a passion for supporting these artists. Israelis hear an album the same day Americans do. They stream it from the same services we use and read the same blogs to compare thoughts. The world has gotten a whole lot closer together.

All you need is a valid US passport. There are direct flights from Los Angeles and New York daily. Strolling though a 2,year-old fortress underneath the moonlight in search of a late night shawarma is a mandatory adventure. The craft beer revolution is on. Five years ago your choice of beverage was Goldstar or wine. Most restaurants and coffee houses have a terrific selection on tap. Our favorite of the lot had to be Alexander. Possibly because the logo is a flying turtle. The chic hotel is a favorite of travelers and Tel Avivians. Stay in one of 30 stylish rooms and suites, hang at the outdoor cocktail bar with weekly DJ's and art-focused events, and soak up the Middle Eastern sun on the rooftop bar which comes equipped with a Jacuzzi and outdoor showers.

Amenities include an indoor "Urban Beach" lounge, Kosher gourmet restaurant, spa, and business facilities. Soak in the scenery from sea view rooms and suites, take a dip in indoor and outdoor pools for year-round swimming, rub elbows with celebrities and dignitaries, and sample what many claim is the best Israeli breakfast in Tel Aviv. The Norman features 50 luxurious rooms and suites; a cocktail bar with an extensive menu of traditional and rare drinks; DININGS, the London-born Japanese-style tapas restaurant; and a phenomenal restaurant and rooftop infinity pool.

Kuli Alma kulialma. Mix and mingle in the courtyard, dance to a state-of-the-art sound system, and check out exhibitions photography, sculpture, visual art in their art gallery. We love a late night haunt that keeps us well fed — think local brews and cocktails and a vegetarian menu. Israeli hummus is on another level. Hummus joints are open early in the morning and close when they run out, usually around 2 p. They serve only one item — hummus — though you do get a few options. Then you get hummus, topped with fava, olive oil, and possibly some chick peas. On the side, two pits.

All my friends who do eat Hummus go to Abu Hassan. Minus the wrapped-in-plastic and being beautiful. I just felt like the Mona Lisa needed to have me dead in front of her. Security was not feeling it. They picked me up off the floor and took me out of the room. Ryan Kattner, a. Honus Honus, the lead singer of Man Man, came up with the idea in when he was on tour with the band and got a bad case of the flu. Wherever the band has toured, Kattner has died — again, and posted the picture to his Instagram feed.

This was in taken in downtown Glasgow at a Christmas street fair. I had to wait for the 5-year-old girl ahead of me to finish her globe time before I could climb in and get a face full of disgusting down feathers. And yes, I confused the locals. This one was in a weird suburb of Rome.

We were on tour, opening for our buddies Gogol Bordello, so we had the rare luxury of a lot of free time to kill during the day and we usually spent it doing cultural things museums, galleries, and such but there wasn't anything at all around the bizarro discotheque club we were playing. Except for this gilded pope fella. Later, when I was loading gear off the completely dark stage, I tripped and diced my finger open real badly on a vocal monitor.

The "deadagain" I did in the filthy, Italian ambulance outside the club kinda trumps this pic. Note to others, never do a "deadagain" in a filthy, Italian ambulance. He looks concerned. It looks totally Jonestown. A Brian Jonestown concert. This was taken in Philly one night when I was walking around and drinking with my painter buddy Aldo Buffone. It was really dirty but sometimes you have to lay facedown in a bulldozer to get the best shot, right? Words to not live by. And as I was getting up off the ground, there was a local news team there, covering how people were breaking in and stealing bags.

So I got on camera and did an interview with them covered in dirt. Cut Honus out - mind his toes - and recreate his crazy deadagain antics anywhere in the world. Porcelain Throne. Powder Room. No matter what you call it, it's where shit happens. But t did you know, we've encountered some truly great temples of convenience? Svenonius is the lead singer of The Make Up as well as other notable D. He is a true cultural scholar, a slightly more challenging version of.

Maron has a self-depracating style that, with the right guest, allows people to truly let their guard. She has since moved to Brooklyn and is currently touring with her band. Fascinated to know what else makes Graves tick, we asked what books accompanied her on a recent tour.

Also, I read it in a few hours — short books are awesome. Now it means walking around cities like Istanbul, with a fan they met at their show the night before. I mean, touring with someone who people have known and followed for 30 years is just a different thing on a lot of levels. Heidi jet sets with an elevated mix of punk rock, hiphop, and hypnotic dance tracks. She has an original sound and sick vogueing dance moves. Long at but Robyn makes every second count.

Salad Days is one of the most underrated albums of Silverlake hipster anthem. Upbeat and fun to listen to. This song and video blew me away when it first came out. Love the energy of this song. Melodies on Repeat Corin Roddick, one half of the ethereal electropop duo Purity Ring likes to space out during long trips. I like to listen to music that has repetitive, melodic elements to it that build, renata raksha. But the way she combines the two with her incredibly soft vocal delivery almost melds in with the piano and becomes one thing.

I feel funny trying to tell someone what I like about a Taylor Swift song. It ends up being an incredible centerpiece for the track. A bridge can be the most beautiful part of a song. On most trips, for some reason, I will always put on a Circle Takes the Square album. I remember it really clearly, driving through an interesting landscape in the Mid West. This song came on and I really connected with the whole experience and staring at a highway and being aware of your surroundings. It drinks very similarly to a Belgian dubbel or tripel but with less spice. We recommend picking up a bottle to age for a couple years and saving it for the perfect dinner occasion.

This is surprisingly one of the smoothest and most drinkable beers Dogfish Head offers, and is a great option for a summertime sipping beer. It has a fresh. It has a significantly fruity aroma with hints of apple, cherry, plum, and. Its citrusy and fruity characteristics.

Though on the drier side, it has a fruity flavor with a. This brew pairs well with burgers, fries, and typical American bar fare. There is a significant amount of coriander and peppery spice flavor up front with a lingering bitterness, stemming from the grapefruit peel. Chris Phelps is a photographer, writer, and beer and taco enthusiast born and raised in Texas. Meat that falls right off the bone. We compiled a list of highly rated BBQ joints and even provided some napkin notes to whet your appetite. I ordered the pulled pork platter with Mac n Cheese and Coleslaw - it was the perfect portion for one person and the food was delicious!

The pork was flavorful and tender, and the macaroni was cheesy and creamy.

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Beth C. Pulled Beef Brisket combo with fries and seasonal veggies. This was probably my favorite dish. Jay B. Greg Weitzner. This place is amazing. The meat is unexplainably delicious and juicy and the flavor is just off the roof. And then I realize Terinee Bonds. Sausage: Excellent. A pork link that was a cross between East Texas and Mexico. An East Texas spicy sausage seasoned with Chile powder.

Texas BBQ Ranger. My chef-y friend ordered the BBQ pork sandwich and he was very pleased! I managed to get one little bite of his sandwich before it disappeared. Jane R. Be warned that portion sizes range from large to huge, so splitting something may be a good idea. Paige Niedringhaus.

I enjoyed a delicious, full slab of ribs with a tasting of all their BBQ sauces; my favorite was the Prohibition Era recipe. Dave Miglin. Went around lunch and got the two meat deal - burnt ends and the brisket. Both were outstanding. The brisket was so juicy and rich; the burnt ends were even better. Daniel Schwartz. Shane Simpson. Kathryn Dao. Emily Hagedorn. He went to the kitchen and brought back an order. It was delicious, as was everything else. Adam Garcia. Mark V.

Chopped Pork Sandwich — this was pretty clutch. An excellent texture, not mushy, and it had the nice, crunchy pieces of bark. Jeff Amering. Dry rub all the way. Mary Kate Allen-Mehryar. PORK ribs! They are moist, tender, smoky, salty, and spicy! They give your lips a burnt kiss and make you beg for more. Keri Ferguson. The Barbecue Fiend. Western to Eastern mass transplants, Speedy Ortiz headline a modern generation of grunge. Bear in mind that this is teeeeechnically trespassing. Maybe wear a ski mask. You know, for that dangerous feeling.

Norumbega Tower, Weston, MA This nearly foot stone tower, which is most often locked from its front entrance, commemorates a questionably existent Viking settlement alluded to on European maps of North America in the 16th century. Mom and Dad. Plus, they serve beer. There are tons of rock venues in the Boston area, many with long legacies T. Sinclair , not to mention the ever-transient cropping up of alternative venues and house spaces that serve the all-ages population.

Especially if the show features Pile or Grass is Green. The Allston Diner is my go-to recommendation for helping those touring bands when I want them to stop drooling on my floor the day after their show. Just so long as there is room for 5 people to sleep. But any more than two rooms and we begin to miss each other too much! He moded out a traveling road case into a mobile kitchen. Equipped with oven, stove top, etc. I used my rider in a lot of cities for fresh ingredients for him to cook with. It was mad cool. This is the taste case and a couple of its creations from this last tour [Radius tour].

The top comes off to make a table and the front opens up for all of your cooking and dining desires! E Street Cinema Bethesda Row Cinema Theatres Sign up for our weekly email to get advance info about weekly show times, invitations to free screenings, contests, giveaways, free music downloads and the latest up-to-date information about special events and filmmaker appearances! All rights reserved. The beautifully strange and lovely Los Angeles. Best place to still buy records Blouse: There are tons. Johns Bridge: Northwest Bridge Avenue Live music venue Blouse: There are always good shows at Bunk Bar, and they serve giant sandwiches and the best margarita slushies.

Citizen Park, Hangang River Recommended hotel Bailiff: The W on Lakeshore. W hen we released Forever at the beginning of , one of our goals for the record something that we felt was a little far-fetched was to be able to tour Japan. A beautiful field in Kyoto. A band that we played with in Hiroshima. Really good people. Tokyo Camouflage culture collide. A giant bamboo forest that we wandered around during our day in Kyoto. Here you got the deli culture and the pizza slices so you Yeah. Did you try New York bagels? In late all the time. I gave her the truth man. Me, of course Tell me about the group dynamic.

Of all of them the one that was the biggest surprise that mother hen? You mentioned the other day that you were recording we did, I guess, was Omaha. Omaha was really great. It would be whoever is kind of the Yeah, we went from a kind of country pile to a shack in there. It was really cool, most together at any given time. It was kind of how we started back in the UK, that kind Yeah, that was the nice place and the other place was of vibe, just like a warehouse kind of space.

One that. Nathan, Saul, and Jack are always shitting themselves She wasnt there, we were just there with Sean [Lennon]. And we usually get the cheapest ones which He was helping us with the record.

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Nice studio. And every time I went up the mountain some experienced hiker would Eclipse is a creative shift for Twin Shadow. The song, though hauntingly going to be covered in mud. They belong to someone who Despite his just rolled out of bed but I still look like a rockstar has given in and believed in love, for better or worse. Through a baritone softspokeness and honest smile, he emanates a very relatable warmth, But whatever Lewis does, he maintains a steady following: His fans a perceived ease with the outside world to which he is extremely are not casual admirers; they are enamored of him, packing in for attuned.

The latter is made clear through his intentional lyricism shows and DJ-sets worldwide, awaiting the next move in the avant- and his ability to draw inspiration from his surroundings. Settling down in one usually those weird hours before sunset, before sunrise, you know, place sort of goes against his dust devil M. George of the jungle Good for: singles, young couples Value: affordable option to the pricey strip Service: excellent, friendly staff Location: central, walking distance to beach and shops Vibe: hip, in the heart of the hustle and bustle, city living Service: excellent, friendly staff The resort also gets points for its green practices: Vibe: relaxing, casual luxury Spa awaits.

While you Kahala Mall Shopping Center in The used vinyl selection is the second Velvet Underground Dive bar: carefully curated, hand cleaned whenever necessary and put in plastic sleeves album and the first 13th Floor 9th Avenue Rock House: nightly regular to protect against dust and shelf wear. And, we can usually name that tune in long gone. Late night haunts: The perfect Honolulu day: Most people go to Side Street Inn in Proof Hawaiian Moonshine, a dive bar for heavy metal karaoke, and so Take a lazy drive the long way up Kakaako between 6 and 9 pm for family- much more.

Mahalo, Ward. Point and back. They have plate. Cruise up to Sunset Beach and the best pork adobo and a killer fried rice jump in the calm water there. Drive omelette. Then Waipio, all on the Leeward side of the island. If the line Waikiki service and atmosphere. Happy hour: Clothing and shoe boutique: 53 by the Sea. Very smooth. Nagomi for teppanyaki opakapaka pink snapper. Follow her on Instagram: bettymartinworks Today, Atlanta. They seem to have the [same] understanding of the world [as] I do. You could just tell, the to us and would try to peg that on us.

As far as a collective and how our music way they would dance was totally different.


when souls collide lancasters way book 1 Manual

With the Middle East, we as they went along or if that was just how they danced to rock music. Members of the were just going there because we could and we wanted to. For us, we like audience [were] in Hijabs, stuff like that was really different. I had never seen that traveling and we like to mix it up. Touring the states and Europe is great but before so it was exciting. People like that with everyone. So just seeing the wealth gap, that was kind Lebanon — all over the Middle East — was the Muslim prayer call.

It hits you right when you get there like an assault on all your senses. I mean, Japan is super weird, like in cool ways. I find that very inspiring. I wanted to incorporate some of that into our music club in Nashville could be the same as a club in Naples. Even before we went to Japan everyone was telling us the have been studying that. Europe or North America. All the kids were going crazy and crowd- to write songs. When we were in the Middle East, their song structures are [so] surfing.

I feel like Japan is the one place where they just love Everything we do is so based in traditional American music. It has like See like a B-movie or something. I like old Southern Comfort which is down the road. They become open until four in the morning, which is later than institutions. The Varsity, 61 North most bars in Atlanta, and a lot of the truck drivers go Avenue Northwest there. Atlanta was actually which I think is closing unfortunately.

Wax n Nashville in the s. Through traveling I gems there. We have a lot of strip clubs in Atlanta, too. They used to. The Girl Anachronism Zola Jesus finds home s away from home No matter how you package that about it just felt like home very instantly. Through Danilova reads like her history and experiences this process, her striking vocals have found their way predate her time on Earth. And it makes you wonder to the surface after being submerged so long in her whether she ever missed a moment of it all, after all. March Bar 96 96 Rainey St. And the Black Angels are right at the 11am-2pm Barton springs 3pm Blacks bbq because Franklin is closed.

Maas lays down the best of his city in this Austin guide. Good Mexican: Polvos South 1st St. Containter Bar 90 Rainey St. May be the best venue in the state and I have Best spot for happy hour: played a couple. Best Shawarma in town: Favorite Landmark: Kabaabalicious.

The Capitol building. End of an Ear. Austin Recording service is there. I spend loads of time there. Where to stay: St. Favorite dive bar: Sahara lounge. Where to shop: Stag.

Series: Lancaster's Way

Stl Tips from AO Angel Olsen: record stores in stl I grew up playing guitar practicing for my big break outside of Vintage Vinyl on Delmar Street, so I always make it a habit to stop in and see if I still know anyone or check out their record collection — it's a big store, tons to look through. Retro Cherry Bomb, Cherokee Street The series is about a committed Local Harvest Cafe - local farmers and producers friendship beginning in s Naples. Her fourth book South Grand Boulevard S.

Kings Highway comes out this September. Brasserie by Niche - French and lastly Dessert at Crown Candy! Peel Pub Rue Peel, Cheap spaghetti, cent chicken wings. Best shawarma? Amir Sherbrooke W. Primitive Disques , Rue Saint-Denis, Vincent at Sled Island Music Festival Did you ever feel out of your comfort zone? Rad town, rad with some really great local and Canadian bands like Operators, as people, rad food, and rad music.

They both played at that, things just started to make sense; the Saddledome, the Sled Island! Came to find out that with either of these two. Being a Texas boy, this now. Did it work? Definitely If anything, this trip was an extension of what try the churros and get a dope cup of coffee. And if you LOVE coffee, you must cruise over Eat rad food, hang with some cool folks, and to Phil and Sebastian, who source their coffee from sustainable see tons of awesome music.

Though, doing this farms all over South America, and roast it all on site. Also check outside of New York is always refreshing, so it out Cibo on 17th Ave for delicious cocktails and Italian food. For was actually much needed! What was the crowd like at Sled Island? Amazing artisanal pizzas and tons of did you connect or relate to them? I love wine. The crowds were really genuine and appreciative. Each year a different artist have the reputation of Montreal, Vancouver, or band acts as the guest curator to set the vibe for the festival. Black Emperor. Stay enthusiasm for culture and music.

Top notch, another couple of days and check out Stampede. Know Before You Go Iceland is not cheap; be ready to spend Not to mention the amazing music festivals, such money. When traveling outside of the city, a in February. Think cozy and not overcrowded, with rental car or tours are the best option. It is worth it to stay on top of the Pack a set of warm clothes sweater, lay- Icelandic music scene, as it really has a lot to offer.

What was your motivation for booking that plane ticket? What song would sum up your trip? So when I Awesome Things to Do discovered that Icelandic Air offers a free Stay at the design hotel Reykjavik Marina and Kekx layover up to five days in Reykjavik when Hostel worth a stop for their amazing jazz nights traveling from the United States to Europe and great bar vibe, too. For an excellent dinner, check out enough time to fully enjoy the country.

After that, it's legal. Culture Collide Tel Aviv Flyer You'll find the delicious, flaky dessert all over the city. Friendly felines roam the streets. It's best to let them be. Noga Erez forbid overstay your welcome after finishing, and a post-meal cigarette overlooking the ocean. The Adi Ulmansky NogaErez. Or just I sound like: Myself. Kalimist K Boog of lots of different styles and influences. Mesh Why: Hummus from the North is always better — Soundcloud. Tamir Grinberg Where: Nazareth Tamirgrinberg. DORJ in Israel.

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Where: Rothchild, Nahmani. They never give a fuck. Where: Ramle I sound like: A mix of indie folk with punk roots. Why does the sea rush to shore Where: Florentin in Tel Aviv. No one cared. I love settlement in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. Ian Svenonius — The Psychic Soviet into a musical cross-culture that I otherwise One of my all-time favorite books and one that I keep returning to. It has the flow of a late night conversation with region which brings everything into context — a mouthy, well read stranger at a party who may or may not be on a large amount definitely recommended.

He is a true cultural scholar, a slightly more challenging version of 5. Sound ridiculous? It is, but completely entertaining. Maron has a self-depracating style that, with the right guest, allows people to truly let their guard 3. People like us have gentrified the place and now we have been gentrified by big business. Another great thing about NY is the fact that there are so many diverse neighborhoods I like a bunch for different reasons. I used to live there, and even though weekends are the absolute worst, it still has all the ghosts, beautiful buildings, and a few freaks and losers.

Blonde Redhead: Greenpoint in Brooklyn. It stills feels like an escape. Caveman: Lower East Side. Still some gems down there. Deerhoof: Flushing, Queens, where all the good inexpensive Asian restaurants are except Japanese cuisine. MisterWives: I love Astoria. Splashh: East Village. Houston St. Amazing bagels and lox. Get the fuck on the train.

Best place to reconnect with nature: Any park, but Central and Tompkins Square have been my go-tos. Best barber shop: Freemans 8 Rivington St. Ask for Jason Necker! As the second largest city in the United States, it is a vast understatement to say that Los Angeles has a lot going on. From the star-studded eminence of the Hollywood Walk of Fame to the breathtaking views of Griffith Observatory, the attractions are endless. You might love it or hate it — the general consensus on the city is pretty polarized — but with the limitless saturation of culture and sunshine, we choose love.

They are currently touring after their release Hungry Ghosts. Man Man The experimental rockers originally from Philadelphia incorporate brass and woodwinds with keyboard synths and heavy drums for a wild and crazy, bawdy sound. Fitz and the Tantrums Fitz and the Tantrums are unusual in that they are true Angelenos. Warpaint Since , female foursome Warpaint have been kicking ass. Spanning many genres from indie, psychedelic, and art rock, to dream pop, their arrangements are complicated whether the songs are slow and sad or heavy and dark.

Bleached Bleached is sister duo Jennifer and Jessica Clavin. Since then he has released three indie electro albums and teased us with side project Teenage Wrist. Debut album Sistrionix was released in Hell yeah. Latest LP Moonlight was released earlier this year. Bleached Jennifer : I only drink chai tea. The Casbah in Silver Lake has the best. Super cool vibes, rad people, and coffee that hits your bones. I believe they brew Handsome Coffee. What more would you want?

A great cold brew and equally good name. They have a really nice rooftop bar. Jennifer : Checkers Hotel in Downtown. CG Ace Hotel downtown. Man Man: Miyako Hotel in Little Tokyo simply because they have wonderful, complicated heated toilet seats in their rooms. And bidets. Nothing like a late night bidet. Or two.

An old retreat of Charlie Chaplin. The Raveonettes: Chateau Marmont. If the walls could talk Warpaint: El Tres in Silver Lake. Bleached Jessie : Echo Park! Jennifer : Hollywood Hills, like Mulholland Drive. There is so much music history. CG I do love living in Beachwood. Being near Franklin Village is great.

Oaks Gourmet is my go-to for my morning cup of coffee. And La Poubelle is perfect for those interesting late nights. Deap Vally: Echo Park. You can pretty much walk anywhere and the people are lovely. Hanni El Khatib: Hancock Park. I love the history of the neighborhood as well as the architecture and style of all the buildings.

K-Town and Little Tokyo are fun to drink, explore, eat in. Rest in Peace, Otto. I miss you, you sweet, sweet little dude. And lots of good places to eat. The Raveonettes: Downtown. It feels like Brooklyn in Los Angeles, but with sunshine and more fish tacos. Divey — and Swingers was filmed in the bar and the couple that sing in the movie are real and still sing there to this day. Deap Vally: The meditation garden at the SelfRealization center. One of my go-to places is Vacation Vinyl in Silverlake.

Always a solid selection, and they always make you feel at home. Wombleton Records in Highland Park is out of this world. The selection is unreal. I could spend hours in there. Deap Vally: Still Amoeba. Fitz and the Tantrums: Amoeba Records. Warpaint: Mount Analog. Man Man: What are records? Let me text my buddy. Honus: Doing an interview about living in LA. What record stores should I give a shout out to? Honus: Thanks, man. How about Live Music Venues? Honus: Word. Jonah Ray: Haha, nice. Honus: I just typed out our text conversation. Jonah Ray: Wish I knew.

Elevate your senses no matter what facet of culture you immerse yourself in. Heavily distorted guitar and bass are joined by equally distorted vocals, and backed by hard-pounding, straightforward rock drumming, giving this band a classic garage rock sound. Their debut album Girls Like Us came out in , and provided the platform on which they could tour Europe. They plan to release a follow-up album in June Not many artists get a celebrated second act but this is an exception.

On an evening like that, even this gritty city has a warm glow, it shows its warm side. Incredible Bloody Marys as well, for the morning after They make them with beet root and then go record shopping. Piccadilly Records or Vinyl Exchange. Go get another drink at Home Sweet Home, they sell nice cakes as well.

Kind of a little tea I do feel like there would be a lot of drinking involved Yea. Buy a few things, have a bit of shopping. Dutch Uncles: Matt and Phreds jazz bar do a free pizza with every 2 cocktails purchased on a Tuesday night. Slam dunk! Labeled as indie pop, math pop, and art rock, this is a band that will keep you guessing. Their fourth studio album O Shudder is out now.

Their unique mix of folk, dance, and rock as well as their legendary reputation as a live band has resulted in a devoted fan base and a back catalogue stuffed with hit singles. Two of their most innovative albums produced by Brian Eno Laid and Wah Wah are slated for deluxe re-issues in late March Still the best small venue in town. James: Too many to mention James recently played at Castlefield Bowl, an outdoor venue in the heart of the city.

Gullivers, Soup Kitchen. The Eagle. Deaf Institute. We strongly recommend the Kobeda or Kobeda and Chicken Mixed Kebab, to eat in, with the sauces separate for dipping. Oh, yeah. The James logo carved into the streets of my hometown, humbling. Ignatius Walk. Authenticity matters, folks! I saw some in Whole Foods which was really exciting. Black Rivers: Urmston. Dutch Uncles: The aroma of the Curry Mile Rusholme in the summer in the early hours, when the students have all left.

James: My neighborhood, the Northern Quarter or N4. The reasons? It just has that thing! Cups of tea, board games, and a grossly out of tune piano always made for interesting scenes at 3 a. Or The Bunker. There are nice dresses and things. Hands down. And just in general It does smoothies and nice, healthy stuff. Pain is often what fuels great art, and in that regard Portland is no exception. It is a cultured part of the country to say the least, with its liberal attitudes, progressive political stances, and perhaps most definitively of all, pervasive coffee culture.

The Decemberists It is safe to say at this point that The Decemberists have achieved the status of indie rock legends. Since this five-piece band has been putting out albums every one to three years, steadily building a fanbase dedicated to their original sound and sly lyrical musings. They subsequently released two albums, the most recent being Eons, which was released in Pink Feathers Liz Anjos, better known by her stage name, Pink Feathers, blends her unique melodic sensibilities with her soulfully dulcet voice to create a genre self-described as Eccentric Oregon Pop.

Priory A duo consisting of Brandon Rush and Kyle Sears, Priory fuses live instrumentation with electronic elements to make catchy, handraising anthems. Their debut album is slated to be released in November. Blouse Formed in , Blouse is a band that spans many genres. The ethereal voice of female singer Charlie Hilton only adds to the eclecticism of their sound and can come off as almost anachronistic in comparison to the music.

Their eponymously titled debut album was released in , and was followed shortly thereafter in by Imperium. Blouse: There are tons. Clinton Street Records is my favorite. Clinton Street Records. Mississippi Records. I spend a lot of time there, and I feel oddly protected by it. Priory Kyle : St. Johns Bridge. Blouse: There are always good shows at Bunk Bar, and they serve giant sandwiches and the best margarita slushies. They have good food, great sound, and even better staff. Shout out to Jim Brumberg.

Nicholas is amazing too. Priory Kyle : Nicholas Restaurant. Many a night we have gorged ourselves on their fresh made big bread. I also love their Turkish coffee. Blouse: If you want a fancy old building, I heard the Benson has a really beautiful piano bar. On the east side, the Jupiter is more affordable, but it can be loud. But honestly, the best night I ever spent in a hotel was at the Holiday Inn Express in the industrial northeast. The Decemberists: Ace Hotel is an awesome place.

They have an amazing new bar in their basement. Priory Kyle : Ace Hotel for the Portland experience. It is also attached to Clyde Common which has some killer eats. Go early if you want a window seat and order sushi. They have over kinds of martinis. Try the Rosemary Grapefruit martini and Ruby Port fondue. Our current favorite spot for happy hour is now Low Bar. They make killer Greyhounds with fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. Blouse: I find myself at Moloko a lot. Their rose macaron is perfection. This could take awhile. Seoul, Korea, is the eighth most crowded city per square mile in the world.

From its famous war memorials to its gorgeous national parks, this large metropolitan city atop the Han River is unlike anywhere else. They have been a mainstay in the local music scene, playing major music festivals in Korea since This Korean native got his start in New York, and has been slowly building a faithful fanbase for his sweet sounds since the mids.

The walls are lined with vintage Korean vinyl records. From the Airport: Yeonhui-dong [up-andcoming college neighborhood]. Love X Stereo: Nuridream Square food court [tech-focused exhibit center and building]. Big Phony: Hongdae has the most live music clubs. Some of my favorites are small and intimate like Jebidabang and Veloso. Rock n Roll Radio: You should not visit Gangnam.

The Stillness of You

Too crowded. Subway is sometimes faster than cabbing it. Very simple to use. Check your receipts at cafes. They sometimes put the WiFi passwords on them for you to access. Dawn is great for hangovers. Drink one can before a night of drinking, before you pass out, or when you wake up.

Pour and receive alcohol with two hands. Everyone goes out for lunch from p. Try and eat lunch before or after that to avoid the rush. You can if you want, but no one expects you to do so! So tip from your heart. Citizen Park, Hangang River. There are several Tourist Information Centers. Get free maps and info from staff fluent in English, Japanese, and Chinese. The TIC also offers basic medical services and free Internet. Very delicious Japanese rice bowl. Some stay open 24 hours. They are everywhere.

Big Phony: Gwangjang Shijang [traditional marketplace]. A must-visit. From the Airport: You can easily find ttukbok-ee, or spicy stir-fried rice cake. It goes well with Sundae, which is basically pig intestines stuffed with various ingredients, kind of like sausage! Love X Stereo: Hotteok [filled, sweet Korean pancake, popular in winter].

Rock n Roll Radio: Anywhere in Hongdae. Full of beautiful women. Most of them have plastic picnic tables and chairs out front. Very common thing to do. From the Airport: Itaewon, the perfect town for beer or cocktails. Love X Stereo: Hangang River [major historic landmark]. Visit the official tourism website Korea Tourism Organization english. But it comes from Busan. Korean BBQ is something I can never get sick of. I have my favorite places to go but the list is long. You can find it at almost every single corner in Seoul.

From the Airport: Bossam, which is boiled pork Korean style. You eat it with Kimchi and various vegetables, with Korean sauce as well. They serve it at a restaurant called Donko Bossam, located in Hongdae. The interior is not that fancy, but the food is amazing. The lobby cafe offers live jazz performances, and the location is really good as well. Big Phony: The Han River is a great place to hang out, go for a bike ride or a leisurely stroll. It goes for miles… From the Airport: Bukchon, very near the famous Gwanghwamun gate. You can find lots of traditional Korean stuff there.

The buildings around the area are also very traditional. Gothenburg even has the rare honor of being home to the creation of an entire music genre: melodic death metal.

Spring is here. I grab a coffee in the morning sun and hang out with friends, play some guitar, have a run in the forest, have a siesta, eat some good food, go out to a club, fall asleep. Little Dragon Though the four-piece Little Dragon makes mostly electronically based music, their sound is quite protean. Active since , they are currently touring on their fourth album Nabuma Rubberband, released last year. El Perro Del Mar Sarah Assbring, better known by her stage name El Perro Del Mar released her self-titled debut album in , a deluxe version of which was released in February of this year in celebration of its ten year anniversary.

This edition includes ten previously unheard tracks, which consist mostly of demos and live performances. Her fifth studio album will be out later this year. With a sound that ranges from indie pop to hip-hop, JJ definitely have a talent for keeping things fresh. They released their debut album in , which garnered overwhelming critical acclaim, and got them signed to American label Secretly Canadian.

Their latest album V came out last year. JJ: Kaffebaren in Yaki-Da. They have the best irish coffee, not to mention staff!! A little bit of Berlin in Gothenburg. They sometimes have a music quiz. JJ: Pustervik. They got it all, man. Soups, beers, chill vibe, and music. A classic record store where I would spend every Saturday browsing for new and old music in my teens. Dirty Records in Vasastan is another good place to get vintage vinyl.

I used to go here to write lyrics when I still lived in the city. JJ: Masthuggskyrkan because of the lovely view. You can see most of the city. I always go to these two places when in town and I always score! Sturdy boots at Lester. Good secondhand clothes at Emmaus or Grandpa. Great all in all. Nice live room with a built-in basketball court! Little Dragon: Koloni holds concerts in different venues once or twice a month of local and international underground acts. JJ: Mornington on Avenyn. Close to one of the best clubs and a great stay all in all. Little Dragon: Hotel Dorsia has good food and jazzy interiors.

I just love his sound and what they are creating with Amazon. Still and forever the answer is ABBA. I just love them — a good concept, good sounds and production, very Scandinavian. We played on the same festival once and it was really nice seeing them live. I highly recommend it. Game-Changing Act Avicii needs no introduction I guess, but he has definitely changed the scene in his own way, dominating his genre for a while now, and it will be very interesting to see how and where he will end up in a few years.

It's also home to internationally renowned festivals, such as Lollapalooza and Pitchfork. Mike Kinsella Owls, Owen, American Football Chances are you really like one of his bands and strongly dislike the others. Either way, this man embodies art in its most pure form. Mike, as well as his brothers Tim and Nate, has been at the nucleus of the Chicago indie art pop scene for over 20 years and will continue to release polarizing records for another This is the real immortal deal. In fact, they could probably do some collecting. Since their inception circa , these Midwest boys have been watermarking their sound with a massively lush, overblown subtlety.

Their latest release, Lost Bees reflects the realness in how aggressively beautiful melodic rawness can be. Twin Peaks These druggy dream garage poppers are crushing the post-teen scene on that charming youth edginess tip with tunes from their creamy delicious LP Wild Onion. With ethereal tone choice, intelligent design, and supreme musicianship, they own their craft. They released their latest LP Remise in early She is slated to release her debut self-produced album Ruby this April. A nice throwback to the raw side of tasty treats when these kids were… well, pre-kids.

Bailiff: The W on Lakeshore. Lili K: The Dana Hotel. A friend of mine stayed there while he was on tour, and a group of us hung out in his room after their show. Ryley Walker Walker gives up wellcrafted floaty acoustic stories of a year-old with a touch of classic psych-folk songwriting to add to the already deep pool of Chicago Americana. Springtime Carnivore Washy pop chanteuse Greta Salpeter offers catchy feels of pop delight flowing about like a beached-out Aimee Mann.

Springtime Carnivore offers the sun on even the most grey of Chicago winter days. Bailiff: Pita Inn. Lili K: BenjYehuda…mainly because they also have amazing fries. Mike Kinsella: Salam. Disappears: Letherbee has done no wrong. Meat Wave: Huge fans of Revolution Brewing and Pipeworks [the cult brewery of Chicago], some of the tastiest beer ever.

Right now Revolution has this imperial red ale called Red Skull that is insanely tasty and dangerous considering its alcohol content. Letherbee Distillers, never liked gin before these guys started distilling their own. Heavy lavender and floral notes. Ryley Walker: La Chaparrita. Fantastic milkshakes and tacos. My favorite. Twin Peaks: Jarvis Beach. Ryley Walker: Playing music all day with friends, stopping only to roll a doobie or walk the dog. Springtime Carnivore: My perfect day in Chicago would start with morning coffee at Intelligentsia near the Magnificent Mile and then spending the morning at the Art Institute [museum in Grand Park].

Then maybe a late night show at Improv Olympic [improv theatre]. Disappears: Reckless or Permanent [stocked with hard-to-find vinyl]. They have a really neat collection of record players and a lot of rare, special-edition vinyl. Meat Wave: Saki is a relatively new store in our neighborhood. My favorite thing about Saki is on top of having a great selection of records they have free shows all the time. You can bring beer, shop for records and watch a band — a fucking incredible feeling!

Really nice people, too. Reckless Records is great. Saki is great. Ryley Walker: Permanent or Dusty Groove. Springtime Carnivore: Reckless Records. The Life and Times: Reckless Records. Once the American hotbed for artistic freedom and bohemian politics, San Francisco is now the most expensive city in the US, for the most part due to its booming tech industry.

Despite Twitter and Facebook being neighbors and Google buses rolling the streets of The Mission, the City by the Bay is still undeniably churning out some of the coolest bands, artists, and culinary experiments. At the end of the day look past all the new industry and marvel at some of the prettiest 7x7 square miles in the country. Geographer Formed in by Michael Deni, Geographer takes you on a dream pop journey verging on a cinematic experience with their layered electro soundscapes and indie rock songwriting.

Ghost Modern arrives March Sonny and the Sunsets Psych-pop band Sonny and the Sunsets hail from the west coast drawing upon the beach rock tradition with their use of playful lyrics, found sounds, and lo fi production. Andrew St. James embodies the millennial voice, drawing on his memories and observations of the biggest political moments of the last decade and a half.

His debut album Doldrums was released in January Their latest release Lost Weekend still holds on to that riot grrrl tradition but the overall feel is mellower and more deliberate. His latest EP No Reason is out now. From blues to electronic and rock, Hidden in the Sun weaves genres and styles together with a strong emotional thread. Their fulllength debut album Seven Seasons was released in January James Vernon Member and producer of band Li Xi, James Vernon has gone solo to create a beautiful and lush sound with his latest electro psych pop album Owatonna, released October The two cousins spent the start of their collaboration across the country from each other, sending bits and pieces of material via email.

Perhaps their genre-spanning psychedelic collage of a sound is rooted in the early stages of collaboration. Their debut EP Forever was released in January Vetiver Formed in , American folk band Vetiver released their debut album in and has since then toured extensively with the likes of Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom, and Fleet Foxes. Totally different vibes but both are great. Rad spots all around. Erase Errata: The Chapel [former church with foot arched ceiling] Geographer: That's hard to pick!

But my favorite is probably The Rickshaw Stop. Maybe because most of my big landmark shows were there when Geographer was starting out, but also because it just hits the nail on the head. Giraffage: The Independent is cool and sounds very nice. The sound is great but as a musician, whenever we played there, the management was really nice and looked out a lot for the bands.

But you can't go wrong checking out a show at the Rickshaw, Bottom of the Hill, Great American Music Hall, or heading out to Oakland to hit up The Night Light [cozy dancehall with old-fashioned furnishings]. Painted Palms: The Independent is one of the best venue's we've been to in the country. Vacation [vintage clothing store in Tenderloin] puts on amazing basement shows. James: The Bayview Boat Club. Used to play jazz sets there. Or perhaps The Riptide on 42nd and Taraval — right at the beach, super shanty like. Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Deborah Jane Parker-Bowles.

Join us this afternoon for some crafty goodness. Toddlers to teens a Garry Cook. Information about Page Insights Data. There will be fun and games, a raffle and auction prizes, one of which is an amazing: 4 x hospitality tickets or 2x2 for a Manchester United game In Captains executive club box at Old Trafford Talk by a current or former player Dinner before the game Drinks before and after Why not book a table and bring your friends and clients?

Celebrate summer this weekend in Lancaster city centre with our various events: 29th June Armed Forces Day armedforcesday. See More. The Great Lancaster Quest Lancaster on Ice ! You've seen our Dino-pictures There are 3 prizes up for grabs! Book your place now! Send Message. Our website is now LIVE!

When Souls Collide (Lancasters Way Book 1) When Souls Collide (Lancasters Way Book 1)
When Souls Collide (Lancasters Way Book 1) When Souls Collide (Lancasters Way Book 1)
When Souls Collide (Lancasters Way Book 1) When Souls Collide (Lancasters Way Book 1)
When Souls Collide (Lancasters Way Book 1) When Souls Collide (Lancasters Way Book 1)
When Souls Collide (Lancasters Way Book 1) When Souls Collide (Lancasters Way Book 1)
When Souls Collide (Lancasters Way Book 1) When Souls Collide (Lancasters Way Book 1)
When Souls Collide (Lancasters Way Book 1) When Souls Collide (Lancasters Way Book 1)
When Souls Collide (Lancasters Way Book 1) When Souls Collide (Lancasters Way Book 1)
When Souls Collide (Lancasters Way Book 1)

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