Unquiet Dreams: A Murmuration of Unsettling Tales

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High School in Fiskdale, MA from 9 a. Contact Jason Harris at dudley gmail. There will be a jar set-up for donations, which will go to our organization. We will be there on Dec. The table sits three people comfortably. There will be shifts. After gift wrapping ends, we can go out to eat at a local restaurant. Email Jason Harris at dudley gmail. From Don Franklin:. From K. From Dan Foley :. He did an episode of Freaky Friday with R. He is also working on his 10th book, which will feature really cool haunted people and places in New England.

It will be out in time for next Halloween. From Erin Thorne :. She has recently published a book, Deals Diabolical , in the horror genre. Deals Diabolical Synopsis: A father loses his beloved child to her own impulsive nature, and desperately wishes for her safe return to the family home. An up-and-coming disc jockey working the late shift is brutally attacked, and desires nothing more than vigilante justice. The wife of a successful businessman suffers the first blows of domestic violence, and vows that her daughter will never see her father become a monster.

From Anthony Tremblay :. Tremblay, writing under the pen name T. He has also been chosen to be the New Hampshire author of the month at the Goffstown N. Public Library on Nov. From Roxanne Dent :. From Tracy L. Carbone :. Her thriller, Restitution , is now available on Kindle and will be in print shortly. Book description: Destiny intervenes for Tucker Millis, a delusional writer who needs a purpose in life and a plot for his new novel.

Tucker uses the messages and calls intended for the murderer to manipulate lives and to craft his story. Here is a link to the book. From Bill Rockwell:.

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From Chris Cumo:. From Vlad Vaslyn:. His second publication, a horror novella, Yorick , will be out by Halloween in paperback and all major digital formats! Book description: Poor Roberta. She wants nothing more than to join her loved ones in the afterlife, but then a gruesome discovery along the banks of the Merrimack River changes everything. Also for Fox Spirit Books foxspirit. From Michael Arruda:. A must for horror movie buffs! From Dan Foley:.

From Doug Rinaldi:. It contains three short stories and one piece of poetry and is the first of three collections of short stories. Volume I contains four dark tales that challenge our vision of reality and make the improbable and impossible truths. From Deb Eskie:. From Dale T. Thesaurus called: adj named, titled, chosen, known as; v nempt, ycleped.

The Mock Turtle sighed deeply, and drew the back of one flapper across his eyes. He looked at Alice, and tried to speak, but for a minute or two sobs choked his voice. Thesaurus bone: n framework, os, skeleton, anatomy, ivory, astragal, true middlings; adj, n, v cartilage; v swot, gristle, prepare.

Which shall sing? See how eagerly the lobsters and the turtles all advance! They are waiting on the shingle—will you come and join the dance? Thesaurus dancing: n choreography, Terpsichore, saltation, break dancing, ceremonial dance, galloping, hoofing, Pavan; adj morrice; adv adance; v saltant. Decapoda, crabs, beach flies, crayfish. Would not, could not, would not, could not, could not join the dance. The further off from England the nearer is to France— Then turn not pale, beloved snail, but come and join the dance. Thesaurus askance: adj asquint, awry, askant, benevolently, tenderly; adj, n stay, seaside, brace, margin; n, v prop, land, buttress.

So they got thrown out to sea. So they had to fall a long way. So they got their tails fast in their mouths. I never knew so much about a whiting before. Alice was thoroughly puzzled. Now you know. Thesaurus anywhere: adv, n anyplace; adv emmet, animalcule. She was a little nervous about it just at first, the two creatures got so close to her, one on each side, and opened their eyes and mouths so very wide, but she gained courage as she went on. Tell her to begin. Thesaurus adventures: n experiences, fortunes, weakness, wimpiness, yellowness.

As a duck with its eyelids, so he with his nose Trims his belt and his buttons, and turns out his toes. Thesaurus buttons: n bellboy, peyote. While the Owl had the dish as its share of the treat. No accounting for tastes! Who for such dainties would not stoop? Soup of the evening, beautiful Soup! Beau—ootiful Soo—oop! Soo—oop of the e—e—evening, Beautiful, beautiful Soup! Who cares for fish,.

Thesaurus accounting: n accountancy, account, benefaction, gift, grant; adj jocund, hilarious. ANTONYMS: n accounting system, account statement, cost accounting, disadvantage, privation, disaster, reckoning, entry, method of minus. Game, or any other dish? Who would not give all else for two Pennyworth only of beautiful Soup? Pennyworth only of beautiful Soup? Thesaurus breeze: n breath, air, gust, gale, flurry, zephyr, rumor, wind, blow, bise; v move. ANTONYMS: adv clearly, intensely, distinctly, overpoweringly, harshly, considerably, powerfully, strongly, brightly, obviously, audibly.

The King and Queen of Hearts were seated on their throne when they arrived, with a great crowd assembled about them—all sorts of little birds and beasts, as well as the whole pack of cards: the Knave was standing before them, in chains, with a soldier on each side to guard him; and near the King was the White Rabbit, with a trumpet in one hand, and a scroll of parchment in the other.

Thesaurus chains: n fetters, bond, chain, bonds, starving, esurient, greedy, ravenous, soldier: n warrior, fighter, handcuffs, irons, manacles, shackles, desirous, meager, starveling; v serviceman, champion, ranker, starve. One of the jurors had a pencil that squeaked. This of course, Alice could not stand, and she went round the court and got behind him, and very soon found an opportunity of taking it away. She did it so quickly that the poor little juror it was Bill, the Lizard could not make out at all what had become of it; so, after hunting all about for it, he was obliged to write with one finger for the rest of the day; and this was of very little use, as it left no mark on the slate.

Thesaurus herald: n forerunner, courier, jurator, panelist, judge, assizor, messenger; v declare, foretell, discussant, foreperson. All on a summer day: The Knave of Hearts, he stole those tarts, And took them quite away! He came in with a teacup in one hand and a piece of bread-and-butter in the other. Thesaurus memorandum: n, v note; n clear, colorful; v redden, darken. ANTONYMS: adj strong, rosy, stole: n wrap, stolen, scarf, stolon, brown, well, glowing, vivid, healthy, stealing, robe, alb, tunicle, surplice,. Thesaurus boldly: adj, adv courageously, amusing, comic.

ANTONYMS: adj valiantly, heroically; adv fearlessly, reasonable, inspiring, ordinary, daringly, bravely, intrepidly, sensitive, acceptable, generous, impudently, audaciously, normal, possible, impressive, sane, shamelessly, brashly. Go on! Here one of the guinea-pigs cheered, and was immediately suppressed by the officers of the court. As that is rather a hard word, I will just explain to you how it was done.

They had a large canvas bag, which tied up at the mouth with strings: into this they slipped the guinea-pig, head first, and then sat upon it.

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  • Thesaurus applause: n, v acclaim, praise; n loggerhead, ignoramus, numskull, control, dealings, domination, admiration, approval, eulogy, ass, bonehead, booby, dunderhead, jurisdiction, terms, condition, compliment, plaudit, commendation, dullard, dummy. She carried the pepper-box in her hand, and Alice guessed who it was, even before she got into the court, by the way the people near the door began sneezing all at once. Turn that Dormouse out of court! Suppress him! Pinch him! Off with his whiskers! Thesaurus anxious: adj uneasy, alarmed, confusion: n commotion, chaos, thoughtful, fearful, apprehensive, disarray, bedlam, pandemonium, agitated, keen; adj, v nervous, tense, disorder, disturbance, distraction, solicitous, jumpy.

    It quite makes my forehead ache!

    The 'Morning Post' and the Road to 'Dejection'

    Thesaurus dear: adj, adv close, near; adj, n darling; adj costly, expensive, lovely, precious, affectionate, adorable, cherished; n love. Alice looked at the jury-box, and saw that, in her haste, she had put the Lizard in head downwards, and the poor little thing was waving its tail about in a melancholy way, being quite unable to move. Thesaurus dismay: adj, n, v appall; v depress, dishearten, discourage, horrify; n consternation, discouragement; n, v daunt, affright; adj, n terror, dread.

    All persons more than a mile high to leave the court. Thesaurus diligently: adv busily, assiduously, sedulously, attentively, industriously, earnestly, actively, laboriously, tirelessly, carefully, studiously. ANTONYMS: adj cheeky, upset: n, v overturn, trouble, disquiet, overthrow; v agitate, impudent, insolent, rude, contemptuous, disobedient, scornful, subvert, perturb, confuse, reverse; adj unsettled; n disturbance.

    The King turned pale, and shut his note-book hastily. The jury all brightened up again. Thesaurus clapping: n clap, acclaim, hand, mischief: adj, n evil, hurt, harm; n destined, concentrating, intent, clapping of hands, cheering, formal, absorbed, prescript, focussed; damage, ill, detriment, disadvantage, handclap, ovation, slapping, plaudit, v instruct; adv under.

    ANTONYMS: adj lying, misleading, prisoner: n captive, hostage, jailbird, ANTONYMS: adj clumsy, guarded, corrupt, disloyal, accused, con, gaolbird, criminal, unintelligent, dim, dull, inept, thick, unwholesome, discourteous, detainee, inmate, defendant, naive, idiotic, moronic, incompetent, disreputable, fictional, crafty, unfortunate. The White Rabbit put on his spectacles. He sent them word I had not gone We know it to be true : If she should push the matter on, What would become of you?

    I gave her one, they gave him two, You gave us three or more; They all returned from him to you, Though they were mine before. If I or she should chance to be Involved in this affair, He trusts to you to set them free, Exactly as we were. My notion was that you had been. ANTONYMS: v end, stop, cease, notion: n belief, idea, impression, terminate, die, delay, complete, fancy, image, imagination, opinion, conception, concept; adj, n, v conclude.

    The Knave shook his head sadly. Which he certainly did not, being made entirely of cardboard. Thesaurus atom: n grain, speck, molecule, particle, mite, bit, mote, monad, crumb, corpuscle, iota. The unfortunate little Bill had left off writing on his slate with one finger, as he found it made no mark; but he now hastily began again, using the ink, that was trickling down his face, as long as it lasted.

    There was a dead silence. Nobody moved. Thesaurus anger: n fury, rage, displeasure, resentment, indignation; v incense, offend, irritate, exasperate; adj angry; n, v wrath. Lastly, she pictured to herself how this same little sister of hers would, in the after-time, be herself a grown woman; and how she would keep, through all her. Thesaurus choking: n strangulation, throttling, limitless, vast, unending, unbounded, slugging, asphyxiation; adj everlasting, eternal, perennial, suffocative, suffocating, smothering, immeasurable, spaceless.

    Thesaurus childhood: n babyhood, boyhood, immaturity, infancy, puerility, youth, youthhood, immatureness, adolescence, age, anal phase. ANTONYMS: v check, depart, disallow, disapprove, disbelieve, journey, dodge, leave, migrate, move, pass able: adj dexterous, competent, clever, ingenious, accomplished, gifted, effective, fit, expert; adj, n talented, efficient.

    ANTONYMS: adj incapable, incompetent, weak, untrained, inept, delicate, feeble, infirm, clumsy, ineffective, ineffectual above: adv, prep beyond, aloft, on, in excess of; adv up, supra, on top; adj preceding, former; adj, prep past; prep surpassing. ANTONYMS: prep beneath, under, deficient, underneath; adj inferior, following absence: n absenteeism, deficiency, lack, default, dearth, want, nonattendance, scarcity, paucity, shortage, privation.

    ANTONYMS: n attendance, existence, fulfillment, inclusion, occurrence, abundance, glut, confirmation, supply, excess absurd: adj ridiculous, foolish, unreasonable, irrational, meaningless, inept, senseless, nonsensical, illogical, ludicrous; adj, n silly. ANTONYMS: adj rational, reasonable, logical, wise, weighty, sound, consistent, serious, plausible, credible, acceptable acceptance: n recognition, acknowledgment, adoption, confirmation, assumption, approval, credence, welcome, accession, receipt, acquiescence. ANTONYMS: n certainty, design, intention, intent, calculation accidentally: adv incidentally, casually, fortuitously, by chance, coincidentally, adventitiously, unintentionally, contingently, haphazardly, occasionally, inadvertently.

    ANTONYMS: adv deliberately, knowingly, purposely, unfortunately, correctly account: n narrative, score, tale, reckoning, narration, description, tally, tab, reason; n, v regard, report accounting: n accountancy, account, accounting system, account statement, cost accounting, reckoning, entry, method of accounting; adj clerical, office, secretarial accounts: n financial statement accustomed: adj, n habitual; adj familiar, normal, wonted, usual, natural, everyday, ordinary, habituated, common, traditional.

    ANTONYMS: adj unusual, green, unseasoned, unconventional, untrained, abnormal, uncharacteristic, exceptional across: adv crossways, crosswise, sideways, traverse, diagonally; adj crossed; prep cross, athwart, above, thwart; adv, prep overthwart. ANTONYMS: adv along, lengthways; adj uncrossed actually: adv genuinely, substantially, positively, authentically, certainly, truely, physically, presently, absolutely, exactly, in reality. ANTONYMS: adv seemingly, falsely, hypothetically, nominally, mentally added: adj additional, further, extra, more, supplementary, accessorial,. ANTONYM: adj subtracted adding: n addition, calculation, reckoning adjourn: adj, v postpone; v break up, dissolve, put off, procrastinate, recess, suspend, prorogue, delay, defer, halt.

    ANTONYMS: v encourage, convoke, convene, begin, further, continue, inaugurate adoption: n acceptance, espousal, selection, acceptation, assumption, borrowing, embracement, introduction; v adopt; adj conversion, bread of life. ANTONYM: n abandonment advance: v accelerate, proceed, encourage, lend; adv, v further; adj, v promote; n, v rise, approach, raise, offer; n improvement.

    ANTONYMS: v recede, demote, regress, delay, retard, prevent, reverse; n deterioration, recession; n, v decrease, downgrade advantage: n privilege, behalf, profit, good, preponderance, account, lead, virtue, expediency, perk; n, v boot. ANTONYMS: n, v disadvantage; n drawback, difficulty, detriment, hindrance, minus, restriction, obstacle, loss, inferiority, inconvenience adventures: n experiences, fortunes, confessions, journal, life, biography, autobiography, personal narrative advice: n warning, counsel, caution, report, exhortation, council, tidings, counselling, notice, intelligence, instruction.

    Murmuration (Official Video) by Sophie Windsor Clive & Liberty Smith

    ANTONYMS: n misrepresentation, deceit, deception, lie, falsehood, betrayal, warning advisable: adj eligible, desirable, advantageous, suitable, sound, prudent, acceptable, sensible, fitting, convenient, appropriate. ANTONYMS: v betray, deceive, delude, fool, trick affair: n occurrence, event, business, concern, occasion, job, topic, duty, subject, amour, thing affectionately: adv lovingly, tenderly, warmly, dearly, caringly, devotedly, kindly, ardently, cordially, amorously, dotingly.

    ANTONYMS: adv disapprovingly, frostily, roughly afford: v offer, yield, provide, give, supply, get, furnish, impart, deliver, originate, sustain. ANTONYM: v withhold afore: adv ahead, along, before, forwards, formerly, beforehand, previously; adj erewhile, aforehand, theretofore, preceding afraid: adj fearful, timid, shy, apprehensive, anxious, worried, scared, frightened, nervous, terrified; adj, adv cowardly. ANTONYMS: adj brave, venturesome, calm, confident, cool, courageous, eager, unafraid, valiant, bold, carefree afterwards: adv afterward, subsequently, later, thereafter, later on, next, behind, thereupon; adj following, subsequent; n termination again: adv more, then, repeatedly, anew, encore, furthermore, yet, also, often, once again, once more against: adj, adv counter; prep toward, versus, from; pref by; v oppose; adv, prep on; n opposition; adj unwilling, repugnant; adv athwart.

    ANTONYMS: n pleasure, joy, euphoria, bliss, happiness, ecstasy, peace, content agree: v admit, acknowledge, acquiesce, adjust, concord, bargain, suit, accede, harmonize, fit; n, v coincide. ANTONYMS: v oppose, differ, argue, refuse, object, refute, conflict, fight, dispute, decline, contend airs: n, v pretension; n affectation, pride, pose, pretensions, attitude; adj, n arrogance; v precisianism,.

    Alice's Adventures in Wonderland euphuism, purism, pedantry. ANTONYMS: n humility, personality, realness, truthfulness, honesty alarm: n, v alert, scare, awe, panic; n consternation, alarm clock, fright, alarum, terror; v agitate, horrify. ANTONYMS: n, v comfort; v reassure, soothe, assure; n reassurance, composure, nonchalance, assurance, bravery, confidence, order alarmed: adj afraid, scared, frightened, apprehensive, horrified, anxious, uneasy, agitated, shocked, terrified, concerned.

    ANTONYM: adv luckily alive: adj live, vivacious, living, sensible, delicate, snappy, animated, lively, spry, responsive; n life. ANTONYMS: adj deceased, inanimate, unanimated, dispirited, dull, inactive, lethargic, lifeless, listless, nonfunctioning, sluggish allow: adj, v admit, accord; v agree, permit, grant, accede, acquiesce, afford, authorize, bear; n, v give. ANTONYMS: v prohibit, deny, reject, refuse, keep, prevent, disallow, disapprove, withstand, hold, outlaw almost: adj, adv, prep about; adj, adv nearly, all but, near, nigh; adv, prep just about, approximately; adv just, mostly, virtually, most.

    ANTONYMS: adv surely, exactly, definitely, certainly alone: adj forlorn, individual, lonely, lonesome; adj, adv only, apart; adv solely, entirely, exclusively, separately, individually. ANTONYMS: adj overshadowed, ordinary, mobbed, equaled, crowded, accompanied, common, grouped, surpassed; adv jointly; n foe along: adv ahead, alongside, forwards, forth, throughout, lengthwise, onward, before; prep beside, from; n at. ANTONYMS: adj unaltered, unadjusted alternately: adv alternatively, by turns, in turn, secondarily, reciprocally, mutually, off-and-on, rather, anthemwise, secondly; adj, adv on and off altogether: adv absolutely, all, wholly, perfectly, purely, all in all, completely, entirely, totally, simply, ensemble.

    ANTONYMS: adv incompletely, partially always: adv continuously, whenever, permanently, ever, usually, eternally, unceasingly; adj perpetual, still, eternal; adj, adv without exception. ANTONYMS: adv erratically, intermittently, temporarily ambition: n aim, hope, goal, drive, ambitiousness, wish, dream, purpose, target, objective, intention.

    ANTONYMS: n satisfaction, contentment, sloth, laziness, lethargy among: prep between, amidst, mid, in, amongst, in the middle of, inter, in the midst of, with, within, middle. ANTONYM: prep outside ancient: adj old, obsolete, antiquated, former, past, archaic, antique, primitive, bygone, hoary; adj, n elder. ANTONYMS: adj contemporary, young, recent, fresh, new, present, youthful, current anger: n fury, rage, displeasure, resentment, indignation; v incense, offend, irritate, exasperate; adj angry; n, v wrath.

    ANTONYMS: v placate, pacify, tickle; n pleasure, composure, glee, affection, serenity, goodwill, forbearance; n, v calm angrily: adv irately, passionately, fiercely, indignantly, cholericly, resentfully, enragedly, infuriatedly, wrathfully, madly, crossly. ANTONYMS: adv warmly, lightly, calmly, cheerfully, gently, gladly angry: adj anger, furious, provoked, incensed, vehement, fierce, irate, raging, maddened, shirty, indignation.

    ANTONYMS: adj pleased, gentle, joyful, content, euphoric, mild, happy, resigned, joyous, gleeful, quiet animal: adj, n brute; n beast,. Lewis Carroll organism, living thing, being, fauna; adj, adv fleshly; adj bodily, carnal, corporeal, physical. ANTONYMS: adj refined, mineral, genteel, mental, rational, intellectual, vegetable, delicate, factual, spiritual; n plant animals: n beast, nature, natural world, flora and fauna, stock, animal kingdom annoy: v pester, displease, anger, harass, bother, vex, aggravate, grate, molest; n annoyance; n, v afflict.

    ANTONYMS: v pacify, soothe, gratify, placate, comfort, encourage, delight another: adj second, more, alternative, additional, new, further, fresh, extra; adj, v other; adj, pron some other; n the other. ANTONYMS: n, pron same answer: n, v respond, retort; v counter, serve, resolve, acknowledge, correspond; n solution, defence, return, reaction. ANTONYMS: n, v question; v ask, differ, fail, ignore; n request, problem, invitation, poison answers: n replies; adj answering anxious: adj uneasy, alarmed, thoughtful, fearful, apprehensive, agitated, keen; adj, v nervous, tense, solicitous, jumpy.

    ANTONYMS: adj relaxed, carefree, confident, rational, unconcerned, undisturbed, untroubled, assured, comfortable, cool, apathetic anxiously: adv uneasily, restlessly, carefully, worriedly, fearfully, nervously, concernedly, solicitously, timidly, keenly, enthusiastically. ANTONYMS: adv calmly, confidently, merrily, indifferently, fearlessly, nonchalantly, patiently, unconcernedly anything: adv any, somewhat; n thing, aught, everything, something, any part; adj whatsoever; pron suchlike anywhere: adv, n anyplace; adv someplace, wherever, everywhere appear: v occur, seem, sound, come out, turn up, show, emerge, break, arrive, feel, arise.

    ANTONYMS: v vanish, hide, stop, sink, recede, go, depart appearance: n look, face, shape, show, apparition, advent, form, image, surface, impression; adj, n semblance. ANTONYMS: n disapproval, Boos, booing, denigration, hisses, hissing, rejection, condemnation, criticism, jeering arch: n, v curve, bow, bend; n dome, curvature, acute; adj wily, shrewd, sly; v vault; adj, n, v round. ANTONYMS: adj smallest, petty, modest, minor, frank, least, lesser, inferior, forthright, guileless, humble archbishop: adj, n primate; n metropolitan, bishop, prelate, elder, eminence, clergyman, becket, reverence, minister argue: v contend, quarrel, oppose, altercate, debate, declare, contest, discuss, convince; n, v reason, question.

    ANTONYMS: v deny, harmonize, assent, concur, abstain, comply, dissuade argument: n proof, debate, matter, controversy, hassle, independent variable, contention, difference, justification, discussion, fight. ANTONYMS: n harmony, concord, accord, consensus, accusation, defense arguments: n reasons, argument, contention, advice, opinion, influence, point of view, urging, wiles arithmetic: adj arithmetical, numerical; n calculation, computation, algorism, mathematics, math, estimate, weighing up; v fluxions, geometry arms: n armament, coat of arms, weaponry, ammunition, shield, ordnance, order, munition, hardware, blazon; adj armed around: adv approximately, almost, roughly, just about, some; adv, prep round, encompassing; adj near; n vicinity; prep all round, encircling arranged: adj settled, regular, prepared, orderly, fixed, organized, ready, tidy, straight, ordered, neat.

    ANTONYMS: adj proud, arrogant, unremorseful, unashamed, pleased, blatant, bold, happy, unabashed, unrepentant askance: adj asquint, awry, askant, sidelong, oblique, indirect, squint; adv suspiciously, obliquely, mistrustfully, edgewise. ANTONYM: adv trustingly asking: v ask; n invitation, prayer, suit, application, begging, supplication, entreaty, billing; adj interrogatory, interrogative asleep: adj sleeping, deceased, sleepy, dormant, numb, dead, sound asleep, snoozing, slumbering, napping, gone. ANTONYMS: adj up, attentive, alert, conscious assembled: adj amassed, collected, collective, concentrated, united, gather, assembling, gathered, massed, built, aggregate atom: n grain, speck, molecule, particle, mite, bit, mote, monad, crumb, corpuscle, iota attempt: n, v endeavor, offer, struggle, assay, essay, attack; n effort, trial; v undertake, chance, aim.

    ANTONYMS: n success, fulfillment, achievement, accomplishment; v succeed, fulfill, achieve, accomplish, perform attempted: adj unsuccessful attempts: adj trying attended: adj attent, fraught, tended to attending: v attend; n presence, nursing, care, appearing, observation; adj concomitant, attendant, ministrant, in attendance, ancillary. ANTONYMS: adv imperceptibly, inaudibly, indistinctly, silently authority: n ascendancy, sanction, warrant, administration, authorization, professional, judge, hold, domination, dominance; adj, n rule. ANTONYMS: v associate, tackle, face, validate, participate, invite, seek, embrace, court, permit, encourage away: adj, adv abroad, absent; adj, adv, int out; adj distant; adv aside, aloof, afar, way, by, forth; adv, int off.

    ANTONYMS: adj adjacent, neighboring, nearby, near, close; adv intermittently, haltingly, discontinuously, in awfully: adv atrociously, hideously, appallingly, frightfully, fearfully, ghastly, terribly, horrifically, horrendously, badly; adj, adv amazingly. ANTONYMS: adv pleasantly, hardly, little, mildly, satisfactorily, slightly, well, adequately, superbly, somewhat baby: n babe, child, darling; v pamper, indulge, coddle, mollycoddle, spoil; adj, n miniature, young; adj small. ANTONYMS: v ignore, neglect; adj large, mature, big; n parent, adolescent, adult, grownup baked: adj adust, parched, scorched, baken, heated, driest, tempered, sunbaked, seared, arid, drier.

    ANTONYMS: adj unbaked, humid balanced: adj equal, firm, wellbalanced, steady, stable, staid, regular, suitable, harmonious, uniform, symmetrical. ANTONYMS: adj unfair, unbalanced, unsettled, unsymmetrical, uncertified, asymmetrical, disproportionate, imbalanced, unequal, uneven, irrational balls: n guts, family jewels, intestinal fortitude, nerve, spirit, tenacity, valor, audacity, prowess bank: n dam, coast, limit, stack; n, v store, slope, gradient, embankment, heap, hill; v deposit.

    ANTONYMS: v withdraw, spend, align, disburse, distrust, plumb, straighten; n hollow banks: n thumb index, sir Joseph Banks, sidewalls, bank shares, bank balance banquet: v junket, revel, regale; n party, celebration, carousal, treat, entertainment, spread, dinner, reception. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland bark: n, v skin, yelp, snarl, cry, rind, shout; v growl, roar; n bay, peel, crust. ANTONYMS: n, v whisper barking: adj latrant; n abay, latration bathing: n bathe, bath, shower, diversion, recreation, dip, washing, wash, purification, washup bats: adj nutty, loony, crackers, cracked, barmy, batty, balmy, goofy, wacky, nuts, loopy beak: n neb, snout, bill, nose, prow, snoot, rostrum, proboscis, nib, pecker; v peck bear: v accept, take, stand, acquit, abide, allow, wear, comport, tolerate, convey, teem.

    ANTONYMS: v release, avoid, destroy, dodge, take, eradicate, evade, kill, refuse, erase; n bull beast: n animal, monster, swine, fiend, creature, scavenger, savage, critter, animate being, barbarian; adj bear. ANTONYM: n man beasts: n stock beat: n, v pulse, throb, tick, flap, knock; v batter, whip, trounce, pulsate, bat; n round. ANTONYMS: v protect, help, divide, cede, aid, separate, surrender; adj invigorated, energized; n caress, pat beating: n reverse, defeat, whipping, thrashing, battery, flogging, pounding, pulsation, pulse, rout; adj pulsing.

    children of the lattice Manual

    ANTONYMS: n victory, win beautiful: adj attractive, goodlooking, bright, neat, beauteous, pleasant, picturesque, fine, pretty, lovely; n beauty. ANTONYMS: adj unattractive, homely, grotesque, plain, repulsive, awkward, ordinary, dull beautifully: adv exquisitely, nicely, gorgeously, splendidly, handsomely, attractively, superbly, charmingly, divinely, grandly, elegantly.

    ANTONYMS: adv unappealingly, tastelessly, abysmally, harshly, horribly, badly beautify: v ornament, embellish, decorate, deck, enhance, trim, garnish, gild, dress up, improve, bead. ANTONYMS: v deface, strip, mar, disfigure, uglify become: v grow, suit, be, match, come about, arise, get, sit, to become, fall; adj becoming.

    ANTONYMS: adj inappropriate, unattractive, unflattering, improper, unbefitting, unsuitable, ugly, unseemly before: adv ahead, ago, in front, previously, already, forth; adv, prep fore, afore; adj preceding, prior; adj, adv earlier. ANTONYMS: adv, prep later, behind, afterward, after; adv subsequently, ahead; adj subsequent began: v Gan begin: v commence, arise, initiate, become, enter, rise, originate, undertake, create, dawn, set out.

    ANTONYMS: v end, stop, cease, terminate, die, delay, complete, conclude beginning: n commencement, derivation, birth, start, opening, origin, begin, onset, debut, kickoff; adj original. ANTONYMS: n finish, finale, conclusion, demise, ending, culmination, closing, departure, expiration, termination, middle begun: adj present behead: v decollate, guillotine, cut, electrocute, bowstring, decapitation, head, kill, execute, murder, unhead beheaded: adj headless beheading: n beheadal, execution, topping behind: adj, n back, rear; adj, adv backward, late; adv backwards, later, aback, beyond; n backside, can; prep abaft.

    ANTONYMS: adj, adv early; adv fore; adj prompt believe: n belief, believing; v assume, conceive, consider, reckon, guess, accredit, to believe, understand; n, v trust. ANTONYMS: v distrust, doubt, question, suspect, reject, discredit, deny, despair believed: adj whispered, alleged, thought, held bells: n addition, approval, matrimony, marriage, approbation, wedding belong: v appertain, pertain, lie, go, belong to, attach, dwell, consist, come, rank, stand. ANTONYMS: v separate, disagree, disassociate, leave, quit, differ beloved: adj, n dear, darling, favorite, pet; adj precious, loved, cherished; n love, dearest, honey, sweetheart.

    Lewis Carroll detested, despised, disliked below: adv, prep under, underneath; adj low; adj, adv after; adv down, infra, downstairs, at a lower place, downwards, down below; prep less than. ANTONYMS: adv, prep over; prep more; adv upstairs belt: n, v band, hit, whack, wallop; n area, strap, strip, zone, fascia, baldric; v beat bend: n, v bow, turn, arch, arc, crook, twist, elbow; adj, n, v curve; v stoop, crouch; adj, v flex.

    ANTONYMS: n, v square; v align, unbend, leave bent: adj curved, arched, deformed, crooked; n propensity, inclination, fancy, leaning, flair, gift, curvature. ANTONYMS: n weakness, inability, aversion; adj undetermined, undecided, uncurved, uncaring, rigid, unbent besides: adv as well, moreover, too, furthermore, again, as well as, anyway, additionally; prep apart from, beside; adj, adv more best: adj, n supreme, most, elite; adj superior, great, leading, choice, superlative; v beat, outdo; adj, n, v top.

    ANTONYMS: adj, n worst; v lose, surrender; adj minimum, lowest, least, inferior, incorrect, fewest; n loser; adv insincerely better: adj, v improve, mend; adj, adv, v best; v recover, ameliorate, emend, reform, advance, enhance, surpass; n bettor. ANTONYMS: adj, adv worse; adj, n inferior; v worsen, deteriorate; adj lesser, lower, tinier, ill, unhealthy, smaller, sicker bill: n, v placard; n beak, card, advertisement, poster, invoice, receipt, act, bank note, check; v advertise.

    ANTONYM: n credit bird: n wench, poultry, fowl, girl, birdie, hen, chick, Bronx cheer, shuttlecock, archaeornis, archeopteryx birds: n aves, class Aves, Craniata, flora and fauna, natural world, nature, subphylum Craniata, Subphylum Vertebrata, Vertebrata, amphibians birthday: n anniversary, date, celebration, natal day, bicentennial, Ash Wednesday bite: n, v nip, cut, taste, hurt, pain; v pinch, chew, erode, gnaw, eat; n morsel. ANTONYMS: n, v praise; v absolve, exonerate, commend, clear, acquit; n vindication, exoneration, honor, absolution, glory blow: n beat, knock, shock, wallop, gust, jolt; adj, n, v gasp, puff; n, v blast, slap; v squander.

    ANTONYMS: n, v calm; v save, conserve, store, stillness, inhale, come, arrive; n luck, comfort, caress blown: adj puffy, panting, swollen, winded, inflated, moving, high, haughty lofty, late; v puffing and blowing; n blowen body: n cadaver, corpse, organization, cluster, set, carcass, figure, consistency, aggregate, association; adj, n mass.

    ANTONYMS: n handful, mind, minority, soul, few boldly: adj, adv courageously, valiantly, heroically; adv fearlessly, daringly, bravely, intrepidly, impudently, audaciously, shamelessly, brashly. ANTONYMS: adv discreetly, modestly, nervously, hesitantly, shyly, fearfully, meekly, submissively, secretly, respectfully, diffidently bone: n framework, os, skeleton, anatomy, ivory, astragal, true middlings; adj, n, v cartilage; v swot, gristle, prepare bones: n bone, frame, corpse, dry bones, framework, maraca, physician, finger cymbals, tymbal, wreck, timbrel book: v order, reserve, inscribe, apply, write; n account book, pamphlet, journal, volume; n, v list, record.

    ANTONYMS: v free, exonerate books: n notebook, account, ledger, literature, accountancy boon: n blessing, benefit, mercy, concession, good, gratuity; n, v benefaction, gift, grant; adj jocund, hilarious. ANTONYMS: n disadvantage, privation, disaster, minus boots: n Bootes, bell boy, bootblack, counterjumper, boy, shoeblack, footwear bore: v dig, tire, pierce, tap, annoy, perforate; n, v bother, plague; n auger, well, gimlet. ANTONYMS: n, v delight; v soothe, please, help, aid, comfort, placate, encourage, defend; n accord, satisfaction bottle: n container, jug, flask, cruet, vial, pot, phial, jar, decanter, carboy; n, v can bottom: n basis, backside, bed, behind, foot, footing, back, foundation, posterior, floor; n, v ground.

    ANTONYMS: n pinnacle, summit, peak, roof, apex, ceiling, middle; adj highest bough: n arm, limb, bow, member, tigella, ramage, offshoot, ramification, spray, sprig, stem bound: n, v leap, jump, border, bounce, limit, edge, vault, recoil; n boundary, barrier, compass. ANTONYMS: v allow, amble, crawl, limp, permit; adj permitted, released, unbound, allowed, unlikely bowed: adj arched, curved, inclined, crooked, arciform, arching, arced, bandy, arcuate, twisted, bended. ANTONYMS: adj straight, concave, plucked bowing: n obeisance, playing, gesticulation, capitulation, genuflection, scraping, submission; adj bowed, bent, fawning, submissive boxed: adj bordered, enclosed brain: n mastermind, genius, head, mind, reason, wit, psyche, noddle, intelligence, nous, brains.

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    ANTONYMS: n emotion, moron, body, dummy, imbecile, idiot, physicality branch: n, v fork; n wing, jump, affiliate, ramus, member, stem, limb, agency, stick, subdivision. ANTONYMS: n composite, trunk; v converge, merge branches: n branch, brushwood brass: n, v face; adj, n boldness; n nerve, cheek, administration, audaciousness, insolence, arrogance; adj bronze; v assurance, impudence brave: adj, n bold, hardy; adj audacious, fearless, courageous, virile, intrepid, valiant; adj, v endure; v defy, face. ANTONYMS: v obey, honor, lose, make, observe, resume, stay, strengthen; n, v mend; n continuation, misfortune breath: n wind, air, inspiration, puff, soul, aspiration, respite, airflow; v breathe, respire; adj, n whisper breathe: n, v respire, subsist, imply; n breath, bespeak; adj, n, v live; v exhale, exist, emit, rest, be.

    ANTONYMS: v suffocate, hide, choke, asphyxiate, drain, die, inhale breeze: n breath, air, gust, gale, flurry, zephyr, rumor, wind, blow, bise; v move bright: adj alive, vivid, intelligent, apt, shining, brilliant, lustrous, luminous, light, beaming, shiny. ANTONYMS: adj cloudy, stupid, gloomy, dim, unintelligent, dreary, dark, overcast, shadowy, thick, leaden bright-eyed: adj well bring: v convey, get, take, bear, carry, put, conduct, return, reduce, set, bring in.

    ANTONYMS: v drop, free, leave, lose, remove, avoid bringing: n delivery, consignment, serving, service, passage, post bristling: n brisling; adj thorny, muricated, pectinated, studded, thistly, bristled, bushy, teeming, horrid, horrent broke: adj bankrupt, poor, insolvent, impecunious, penniless, impoverished, skint, bust, destitute, strapped, ruined. ANTONYMS: adj solvent, wealthy, affluent broken: adj torn, tame, damaged, intermittent, uneven, imperfect, rugged, rough, out of order; adj, v busted, ruined.

    ANTONYMS: adj unbroken, intact, wild, whole, working, uplifted, uninterrupted, triumphant, running, indomitable, incessant brown: adj, n brunette; adj tanned, swarthy, dark; v sear, cook, fry; n tan, coffee, brownness, mahogany. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland brush: n, v broom, touch, kiss; v sweep, polish, graze, clean; n brushwood, conflict, copse, encounter brushing: n brush, slashing, hairdressing, rub, striking, combing; adj ripping. ANTONYM: n set burn: adj, v glow; n, v bite, fire, sunburn; v sting, scorch, incinerate, blaze, flare, ignite, cremate.

    ANTONYMS: v smother, give, subdue, help, quench, repay, stifle, extinguish, wet burning: adj blazing, ablaze, boiling, afire, flaming, hot; n combustion, firing; adj, n passionate, zealous, glowing. ANTONYMS: adj cold, trivial, cool, out, painless, quenched, soothing, unimportant, apathetic, insignificant, unconcerned burnt: adj adust, heated, baked, torrid, sunburnt, seared, scorched, well done, tempered, overdone, combust. ANTONYMS: adj underdone, unburned, wet burst: adj, n, v crack; adj, v split, blow up, explode, splinter, detonate; n, v rupture, blast; adj, n flash; v break out, belch.

    ANTONYMS: v attach, join, connect, fasten, trickle bursting: adj explosive, teeming, chock-full, full, complete, paroxysmal, exploding, disruptive, detonating, crowded; n outbreak. ANTONYM: adj hungry busily: adv actively, occupiedly, briskly, industriously, engagedly, energetically, assiduously, lively, officiously, fussily, meddlesomely.

    ANTONYM: adv inactively business: n subject, matter, event, vocation, job, profession, affair, work, corporation, occupation; adj, n trade. ANTONYMS: adj charitable, private; n pleasure, avocation, fun, entertainment, hobby busy: adj brisk, engaged, assiduous, occupied, agile, meddlesome, industrious, crowded, officious, live; v occupy.

    ANTONYMS: adj free, inactive, dodging, available, deserted, lazy, quiet, still, unengaged, avoiding, empty butter: v gloze, slaver, flatter; adj butyraceous, dough, pudding; n fat, scrapper, fighter, oil, tallow buttercup: n kingcup, crowfoot, herb, goldcup; adj anemone, asphodel, rhododendron, daffodil, windflower, geranium, lily. ANTONYMS: v whisper, mutter, cancel, listen, stop, suppose, murmur; n dismissal, give, grant, silence called: adj named, titled, chosen, known as; v nempt, ycleped calling: n business, occupation, call, avocation, job, trade, career, employment, walk, pursuit; n, v profession.

    Coleridge and the Romantic Newspaper

    ANTONYMS: n entertainment, hobby calmly: adv stilly, tranquilly, coolly, serenely, placidly, sedately, smoothly, peacefully, easily, undisturbedly, steadily. ANTONYMS: adv anxiously, hysterically, nervously, agitatedly, uncontrollably, histrionically, restlessly, frantically, irritably, emotionally, tensely came: v arrive, come camomile: n chamomile, Anthemis nobilis, herb canary: n, v fink, snitch, tattletale; n informer, singer, canary bird, canary yellow, yellowness, warbler, vocalist, squealer candle: n candela, light, taper, bougie, CD, candlepower, lamp, wax light, Standard candle; v examine, illuminate canterbury: n safe, till, bookcase, cabinet, chest on chest, buffet, highboy, sideboard, secretary, secretaire, cupboard canvas: n duck, sail, sheet, tarpaulin, cloth, tarp, burlap; n, v canvass; v painting, tableau, solicit capital: adj, n principal, primary, main; n city, stock, funds, money, wealth, means; adj great, magnificent.

    ANTONYMS: adj extra, worst, unimportant, poor, nonessential, minor, inferior; n minuscule, liabilities, poverty cardboard: n card, carton, pasteboard, packing, wadding, paperboard, binder board, composition board; adj unreal, unlifelike, artificial cards: n baccarat, boodle, card, rum,.

    Unquiet Dreams: A Murmuration of Unsettling Tales Unquiet Dreams: A Murmuration of Unsettling Tales
    Unquiet Dreams: A Murmuration of Unsettling Tales Unquiet Dreams: A Murmuration of Unsettling Tales
    Unquiet Dreams: A Murmuration of Unsettling Tales Unquiet Dreams: A Murmuration of Unsettling Tales
    Unquiet Dreams: A Murmuration of Unsettling Tales Unquiet Dreams: A Murmuration of Unsettling Tales
    Unquiet Dreams: A Murmuration of Unsettling Tales Unquiet Dreams: A Murmuration of Unsettling Tales
    Unquiet Dreams: A Murmuration of Unsettling Tales Unquiet Dreams: A Murmuration of Unsettling Tales

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