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Warning: It'll only make you want to join her group of friends. Long before La La Land got 14 Oscar nominations , Emma Stone was working on a different project — one some might argue is even more confusing than navigating a movie set. That's right — we're talking about Microsoft PowerPoint.

Her tech skills were actually the trigger that led her to a life of Hollywood stardom. Stone told The Hollywood Reporter that she created a slideshow dubbed "Project Hollywood" in order to convince her parents to let her drop out of high school and move from Arizona to Los Angeles.

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It was the result of a random epiphany that came to her while she was sitting in ninth grade history class. Later that day, she pitched the idea of moving to her parents in what seemed like an at-home business meeting. Then, she moved to L. Everybody should go through high school and graduate. After watching Stone portray the rebellious, self-assured Olive in Easy A, it's hard to imagine the actress ever struggling with anxiety. But it's something that Stone has battled for a long time, though there have been moments when it was especially hard to deal with.

According to THR, Stone started therapy at age seven to cope with panic attacks and debilitating shyness. It followed her into adulthood, but she's never let it affect her career. Though she was thrown from a horse as a kid, she still learned how to horseback ride for her role in The Favourite. Thankfully, that saved her from decades of having to work a dead-end day job, but that doesn't mean she never dabbled in the workforce outside of Hollywood.

Beyond that, she only had sporadic roles including a cameo in Malcolm in the Middle. When it came down to it, Stone needed a job like the thousands of Hollywood hopefuls that came before her. But Stone didn't follow the oh-so-familiar Tinsel Town trope of waiting tables or driving for Uber mainly because Uber didn't exist in the early aughts.

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Instead she took on a job at a gourmet dog-biscuit bakery to bring home the bacon between gigs. We want to know how many dog biscuits Stone tried in her tenure. Could any job possibly be more L.

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Emma Stone's signature is her fiery red hair — that and her sense of humor. The color looks so natural on the star that it's hard to believe that she's not actually a natural redhead her impeccable root maintenance certainly doesn't hurt, either. In real life, Stone is a natural blonde, but the starlet admitted to StyleCaster that she identifies more with the rosy hue.

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It's just hair. According to The Hollywood Reporter , the Superbad producer suggested the starlet change things up after she signed onto the comedy. It just sort of became her thing after that. However, Stone has gone back to her natural color for projects like Netflix's Maniac.

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Black-listed, Emma left the state for many years, suffering poverty, unemployment, and personal threats against her own safety. A voracious reader, she put herself through college, and never stopped searching for an answer to the injustices she saw around her. In the s, Emma returned to San Antonio and began a different phase of her life-long community service, becoming a reading teacher for migrant students. Emma always focused on empowering people in the most basic and humane ways: the ability to work, to eat, to feed one's family, to read, to vote.

The things she fought to achieve in our society -- social security, unemployment benefits, minimum wage, equal access to education, disability benefits -- were in her days called communist. Today, they are called social justice. Yet among the people for whom she fought and spoke and went to jail, her name was whispered with a respect reserved for no other leader.

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Rafael Innocenti has landed the biggest assignment in his journalistic career so far. If he can get the real story about Bad Burden, then who knows what the future may hold? Emma Burden has been pursued by local and international press. At worst she was a murderess at the age of eighteen.

She knows her way around PowerPoint

At best, she is a precocious teenager, representative of her generation. And so begins a series of interviews in a coffee shop. Rafael is by turns frustrated, angered, captivated and chastened by their meetings as he tries to tease out the truth.

The Truth About Emma The Truth About Emma
The Truth About Emma The Truth About Emma
The Truth About Emma The Truth About Emma
The Truth About Emma The Truth About Emma
The Truth About Emma The Truth About Emma
The Truth About Emma The Truth About Emma
The Truth About Emma The Truth About Emma

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