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Alien Size. Mounted by a Monster: Gargoyle. Mounted by a Monster: Sacrificed to Anubis. Mounted by a Monster: Poking the Werebear. Mounted by a Monster: Leprechaun. Mounted by a Monster: Minotaur. Mounted by a Monster: In Her Closet. Mounted by a Monster: Werewolf. Mounted by a Monster: Her Imaginary Friend.

Mounted by a Monster: Mirror, Mirror. Her First Time: Merman. Mounted by a Monster: Deal With a Demon. Mounted by a Monster: Satyr. Alien Seeding. Mounted by a Monster: Bigfoot Down Under. Mounted by a Monster: Rock Troll. Mounted by a Monster: Goblins.

The Erotic Adventures of Octoman!

Mounted by a Monster: Boogieman. Alien Implant. Alien In Her Space Suit. Alien Frenzy. Mounted by a Monster: The Vampire's House. Mounted by a Monster: Kelpie's Catch. Mounted by a Monster: Sacrifice For the Dragon. Alien Abduction. Mounted by a Monster: Nightmare. Mounted by a Monster: Troll Under the Bridge. A little like "The Warriors" this is the coolest Japanese biker flick ever and with English subtitles. S Accursed, The 57 aka: The Traitor - A German Jewish doctor, who is a former resistance fighter against the Nazis during the war, discovers that many of his compatriots are being murdered.

He suspects that one of his compatriots may be a Nazi spy, hell-bent on revenge. S Lunch Hour 61 Bizarre little rarity from England about a man and a woman who meet and fall in love. There is more to it of course. Hammer movie with Louis Hayward and Diana Dors. Spies pursue a stolen diary aboard the Orient Express. With Rona Devils of Darkness Anderson in her debut. Soho London locations give the film a murky underworld feel. K Tales of Unease 70 Two episodes from the forgotten short-lived British thriller show! Only 6 episodes were aired. Here are two of them! Next episode is called Ride, Ride and stars Susan George.

Yep, the horrors of V. Great quality but a time code at the top of the screen. S What a Carve Up! A great British comedy chiller. While doctor Brian Donlevy and a dodgy character make evil eyes at each other and a spoilt brat and his keeper Zasu Pitts slapstick about A rival diver however has other plans for him. See Lon with a meaty role when he was still in his twenties! The dead man was very rich and hid his treasure inside the castle. He also died from leprosy. He returns from the dead to kill his greedy relatives In Italian language and now with English subtitles! S A. Family disputes, unwanted pregnancy, financial ruin, adultery, suicide, banishment etc.

Oh, and there is a moral! Bad : Hell. Good : Heaven. Cool creaky old flick, despite the tiny propaganda slant…. S Adventure in Sahara 38 Agadez is a lonely French outpost baking under the desert sun and commanded by the cruel and oppressive Captain Savatt. Kind of like 'Mutiny on the Bounty' except in the desert.

Also with Paul Kelly and C. Henry Gordon. Nominated for three Academy awards. American naval forces are using a port in Iceland as a base for anti-submarine patrols to protect North Atlantic convoys from Nazi subs. S Baby Face Nelson 57 George Babyface Nelson Mickey Rooney in a stand-out performance becomes one of the most important gangsters of 's Chicago by making brutal robberies. Jack Elam also stars. More Vicious Than Little Caesar! More Savage than Scarface! More Brutal Than Dillinger! Directed by Charles Barton. A young girl living on an island loses her parents to a voodoo sacrifice!

Dark mood, kind of like 'I Walked with a Zombie' except way earlier. Nice voodoo ceremony sequences and creepy dread. S Black Sheep 35 On a cruise ship a professional gambler comes to the aid of a young man victimized by a jewel thief. The young man turns out to be his son. With Edmund Lowe and Claire Trevor. K Bowery Boys Meets the Monsters 54 Slip, Sach and the rest of the Bowery Boys enter a haunted house, where they engage in slapstick with a gorilla, a robot and a vampire He and the boys go to the farm to check it out, and find themselves mixed up with feuding hillbillies and a gang of bank robbers Gangster type buys a small bankrupt town to exploit it for personal gain.

He moves in others of his ilk, and the jail becomes quite a place. Bread and water is replaced with champagne and steak. Crooks are seeking protection from more strict law elsewhere. P Cafe Hostess 40 Jo Ann Dvorak plays a 'percentage girl' who helps crooks roll and rob people in this fairly sleazy for it's time offering. With Preston Foster. K Caribbean Mystery, The 45 Killers on the loose! With James Dunn and Sheila Ryan. Perry later finds out she's the wife of the owner of the paper! Well made British production.

Also with Forrest Tucker. With Edward Arnold and Marian Marsh. Peter Lorre shines in this one. Somewhat new to Americans, he is billed as "the celebrated-European Star"! S Crooked Road, The 40 A wealthy man finds that his good life is threatened by his deeply buried, dark past. It seems that years before, the man escaped from prison. Now he is being blackmailed by a former cellmate.

Bad things happen, and the man finds himself framed for murder…. K Dangerous Waters 36 While a ship captain is at sea dealing with a mutiny among his crew, his wife is at home having an affair with his best friend! Jack Holt and Robert Armstrong star. S Dante's Inferno 24 The tactics of a vicious slumlord and a greedy businessman finally drive a distraught man to commit suicide. It's easy to see why this thing was so controversial in it's day because it still has the power to creep people out.

Hell is broken down into various rooms and the extremities of your misery depends on the extremities of the crimes you lived. Most memorable is the murderers who are thrown on top of one another with razors so they will cut with every movement. Oft times filmed. Never truly mastered. This is a good one though. S Daredevil Drivers 38 A hotshot race-car driver gets suspended, and winds up driving for a shady bus company. The earliest surviving Lugosi film and a silent film with music of course. K Death on the Diamond 34 Star ball players start getting knocked off so the team does not win the pennant.

Lots of baseball footage. Will the killer strike three times? Real footage of the Cardinals is integrated with the studio footage. P Death Ray of Dr. Mabuse, The 64 aka: Die Todesstrahlen des Dr. Mabuse threatens world security with his new death ray! With Peter Van Eyck and O. K Destination Unknown 42 A beautiful Dutch girl finds herself in Peking being pursued by agents of the Japanese government K Devil and the Deep 32 Bizarre submarine movie set in Algiers or some such place.

He takes in hot cars because he wants his wife and son to have only the best in life. His new hire Edmund Lowe starts to covertly investigate the racket. Cool Pre-Code crime and cars picture. K Devil's Pipeline, The 40 A secretary sends a coded plea for help in her monthly report. Two detectives investigate and find out that men are jailed on phony charges, forced to work in oil fields, and then murdered if they try to escape. Richard Arlen and Andy Devine star. S Devil's Squadron 36 An ex-Marine flier who has been court-martialed for cowardice and thrown out of the service, joins a group of pilots who are hired to test a new bomber.

Four pilots are killed before he comes in and saves the day… Richard Dix stars in this 30's styled aircraft adventure. Also with Karen Morley. S Electronic Monster, The 58 aka: Escapement - Mad scientist experiments on people with a mind altering electronic brain stimulating machine. With Rod Cameron.

K Enemy Agent 40 Spies are after the plans for the B flying fortress and it's revolutionary bomb-sight. One of the engineers working on the project Richard Cromwell is unjustly accused by a federal agent Robert Armstrong of delivering the plans to a spy ring led by Dr. Jeffrey Arnold Philip Dorn. He turns the tables on the spy ring Years later, the murderer returns to the scene of the crime where he encounters a chilling dose of supernatural revenge…. Classic Chiller from Hammer director John Gilling. Short, but rare little sucker. Double classic chiller fun! He tries it on a girl with a horribly disfigured face.

It succeeds, but then he discovers the girl is an escaped mental patient from a local asylum… Lisa Gaye and Fernando Rey star. K Federal Agent 36 A federal agent sets out to track down his partner's killers. K Fingers at the Window 42 The city of Chicago is gripped by an axe murderer.

The streets are empty at night as there have been six murders and nobody has been caught. Basil Rathbone. K Forty Naughty Girls 37 A homicide detective just happens to be at a play. A murder occurs, then another as the investigation is underway but the play goes on S From Headquarters 33 When a Broadway playboy is found dead, it's up to detective Jim Stevens George Brent to pick out the murderer out of several likely candidates. This may be the first display of this technology in film. In fact, there is much police procedural stuff here that is pretty authentic, and even over 75 years later, is done much the same way today.

K Fugitives For a Night 38 A young man is falsely accused of killing another at a party and goes on the run with a woman, all the time trying to figure out how to clear his name. Frank Albertson stars. S Ghosts of Berkeley Square, The 47 Two retired 18th century British soldiers accidentally kill themselves and are required to haunt their house in London's Berkeley Square until visited by reigning royalty. Witty imaginative ghost story with Ernest Thesiger, Robert Morley and more! Gildersleeve Harold Peary , running for office, is aided by two ghosts and hindered by a mad scientist and an invisible woman.

Also with gorilla man supreme in his gorilla get-up of course Charles Gemora he built the 'War of the Worlds' Martian costume as well as many other contributions to classic film. It's a clear case of murder and mirth! With Lyle Talbot. P Happy Landing 34 Rare action-filled film with outlaws-of-the-clouds at war with the men of the U.

Young pilot Nick Ferris Ray Walker fights to track down a dangerous gang of smugglers and clear his name of an undeserved stigma. Rita Hayworth. Canada is about to get called into WW1. Eric Von Stroheim almost steals the show in some pre-war scenes. Also with Dorothy Phillips.

This one is racist, sexist, and very entertaining. Great dialogue. Stroheim as Eric to Phillips as Nanette "What a beautiful picture you make My religion is my strength. Might is right. There is no place in this world for weakness". He then almost assaults her! Later, as the city burns around them and is literally crumbling to the ground, Stroheim tries to assault her again as children scream all around them. He even throws a screaming child to it's doom! P Her Bodyguard 33 The "sugar daddy" of a Broadway star hires a bodyguard to protect her from thieves out to steal the jewels he's given her and also from the attentions of other men, most notably the producer of the show in which she's starring.

However, soon the bodyguard and the star begin to become attracted to each other This one a bit less in quality than usual. S Hold the Press 33 A newspaper reporter braves the wrath of politicians, gangsters, and gunmen to get a story. With Tim McCoy. Her three children meanwhile are entertaining themselves trying to solve a murder in their own neighborhood. In between gathering clues, the kids play matchmaker by trying to fix up their widowed mom with the handsome detective investigating the case John Mills in the lead has a character that precedes and is similar to Sean Connery as Bond just a few years later.

A transport company is aiding fugitives making a getaway in exchange for the lion's share of their loot P Invisible Creature 60 aka: The House in Marsh Road - A failing novelist and his sexy lover plot to kill the novelist's wife so he can inherit. Unbeknownst to him however, there is a ghost afoot, and he favors the wife! First shown on Pittsburgh's 'Chiller Theatre' in The Dancer Maria is stalked by an invisible admirer. Mabuse has returned! Cool German thriller and in English language. When the Spanish invade Flanders, it is the women who step up with courage, as the men hide in shame.

With English subtitles. Eccentric dowager Hattie Leonard Fay Bainter takes it upon herself to smash a dry-cleaning racket. When the crooks and the cops laugh at her efforts, the resourceful Hattie sets about to organize her own mob It seems that when the older woman was a girl she too got pregnant by her lover. When her father found out, he had the impregnator sent to war where he was killed.

Meanwhile he allowed his daughter to keep her little girl under the provision that she tell the child that she is her sister. The sister of course, is the woman's daughter. Unfortunately, when her father learns that his daughter has told her daughter the truth he has her committed to an asylum Often filmed tale, I think this is the third version. This is an Italian film, with English titles. A very early sword and sandal! K League of Frightened Men, The 37 The frightened men are 10 Harvard alumni that years earlier hazed a poor fellow, crippling him, and now years later it seems they are dropping like flies.

Revenge you say? You bet. Just like the plot of many an 80's slasher! With English subtitles too! K Liliom 34 A carousel barker falls in love with a young woman. Both are fired from their jobs, and when the young woman becomes pregnant, the carousel barker tries to help pull off a robbery, which goes wrong.

Because of the robbery, he dies, and after spending time in purgatory, is sent back to earth for one day to try to make amends. If he fails, he will be eternally damned Fritz Lang directed masterpiece with English subtitles. Ida Lupino, Val Carson constantly follows everywhere he goes and even walks in while he is having a shower in his bathroom. Val knows that Michael likes plenty of women and she has her designs on him for marriage. There is plenty of laughs and Rita Hayworth, Karen plays the role of a sexy gal who tries to trap the Lone Wolf breaking into a safe and obtain these government secret weapons plans Of course things take a bad turn and end in murder He is framed for murder and uncovers a counterfeiting racket.

With an early appearance from Lloyd Bridges! Karloff has a minimal role, but quite effective. Office of Scientific Investigation , A-Man agent Jeffrey Stewart and his partner Dan Forbes are sent to a local hardware store where they find a strong magnetic field has magnetized every metal item in the store. Richard Carlson stars. S Man From 56 Gloria Talbot stars. Man gets his hand on an almanac from and begins betting on horses!

Book's owner comes 'Back From the Future' to reclaim his book! Sounds familiar Also on the same bill - 'The Shining Future' 44 A guy in the future watches 40's pop stars on his futuristic T. Double your fun.

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K Manhattan Tower 32 The lives of the residents of a Manhattan apartment building are intertwined with the actions of a crooked investor. There is some amazing footage of the era. At one point we see a shot of a blimp going over directly above. K Men Must Fight 33 See Manhattan invaded, Brooklyn bridge blown to bits and the Empire state building destroyed in this early sci-fi type set in but made in ! One interesting item here, a what if? Type of film that in some ways came true! Except it was Pearl Harbor that got nailed instead of New York!

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P Midnight Intruder 38 A former actor poses as the son of a wealthy man and gets involved in a murder in which the real son is the suspect. With Louis Hayward. K Mr. On a lark, Fairbanks bets his friends that without any supplies, he can make a ideal life for himself. They agree to return later for him to check on his progress and so Fairbanks and his dog jump overboard--swimming to their new home. Once on the island, Fairbanks seems excited by the prospect of creating his own home and civilizing the place. Soon, he has all the comforts of home and is quite happy--having rigged up all kinds of conveniences and really cool labor-saving devices.

However, out of the blue arrives a man who he of course christens 'Friday' and a young lady who has run away from an arranged marriage on her own island. Suddenly, his tropical getaway has become a rather crowded place! K Murder in Greenwich Village 37 An heiress uses a photographer as an alibi when she is accused of a murder she didn't commit Richard Arlen stars along with Fay Wray who is great in this! The film has at its core the story of one embittered newspaperman's spiral into drunkenness as the wife he once had has died and his father has lost all his savings to said swindlers. Preston Foster stars.

Look for Lucille Ball as a departing train passenger.

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  5. P Mysterious Crossing 36 A reporter tries to solve the murder of a man killed in a boat in Mississippi. Dark and interesting. He campaigns to free a condemned man while accusing a wealthy ex-criminal of a string of murders K Night Club Scandal 37 Dr. Frank's sister, Vera, enlists the aid of reporter Russell Kirk in proving the innocence of her brother K Night of June 13th 32 Four households on the same street in a suburban town in These four households are intertwined through various relationships Otherwise unrelated situations come together perfectly on the night of June 13 when one member of these four households is found shot to death and another member of one of these four households is falsely accused of murder K North of Nome 36 Jack Raglan is a seal hunter being hounded by hijackers, so he strands himself on an isolated island in the Bering sea that is owned by a corporation.

    He is suspected of murdering a blackmailing gigolo. After serving out his sentence, he sets up an independent newspaper devoted to attacking corruption in public life, encountering various difficulties due to his being an ex-con and opposition from the incumbent administration S Outward Bound 30 A disparate group of passengers find themselves aboard a darkened, fog enshrouded crewless boat.

    They are dead, you better believe it, and are heading for judgment. An early supernatural talkie. Later remade, and yes, we have the other version too! He returns to town for an extended stay, which is big news for the locals, many of whom have daughters they would like to see Matthew marry. Lloyd Bridges also stars. The legend says that the last person to die on New Years Eve is condemned to drive the chariot for the next whole year. The double-exposure shots of the ghosts are astonishingly well done for A great Swedish film and with color tints!

    S Police Car 17 33 Thrilling, sizzling action of the radio patrol! N Port of New York 49 Drug smuggler runs his operation through a New York yacht club spreading his criminal operation through the use of ocean liners and their staff. The style is close to Film Noir. N Prison Break 38 A fisherman confesses to a murder he didn't commit in order to protect a good friend, whom he believes did commit it. Once in prison he determines to keep out of trouble and win his parole, but a tough convict is just as determined to make things difficult for him K Queen High 30 The two partners of a ladies garter business are constantly feuding with one another.

    Screwball comedy musical type with Ginger Rogers. They form a group of vigilantes defending England against scoundrels, wear blackshirt uniforms, and call themselves The Black Clan Also with Ann Scream of Fear Todd. P Return of Casey Jones, The 33 Jimmy, a young boy, idolizes famed train engineer Casey Jones and is devastated when he dies in a train wreck. No music, puts you in the train as it were. If you like train miniatures, you'll love this!

    With Jack Starrett. K Return of Dr. Fu Manchu 30 Villainous Fu Manchu Warner Oland sets out to destroy the people he holds responsible for the death of his family They revive him in their lab back home. Also with George Zucco but very briefly. Next, a mad scientist Lionel Atwill is forced to leave San Francisco when his experiments become known.

    He ends up on a tropical island with a native chief played by Noble King Kong Johnson. Of course Atwill is up to no good! The Rat returns to his underworld comrades and realizes he belongs with them. He challenges his rival to a dual and is left for dead, but he is nursed by his old gang, especially a young woman, who has fallen in love with him. At a party celebrating her engagement to the Baron, the caddish woman is murdered.

    Did the Rat do it? With the police on his heels, will he find the true murderer in time? K S. Tidal Wave 39 Lifting scenes from other films to depict the tidal wave Deluge and including news footage and television this is a poorly constructed patchwork that still, compared to much of the crap the 30's put out, stands as a rare sci-fi type of film. Quite interesting actually for aficionados of the genre. Nazi agents in the U. It's up to a couple of two bit criminals to stop them! With Bruce Bennett. His search for the identity of 'the Big Fellow' takes him through many dangerous situations.

    Made in England.

    the erotic adventures of octoman Manual

    The search for a music box in Switzerland that contains secret codes. Downbeat ending as Satan claims his prize. Rare Italian Silent film with only Italian language, but easy to follow. This time his valet is used as part of a scheme to lift some jewels. The performers rally behind Mary, agreeing to put debts and back pay owed by the late Colonel Gillespie on hold until the circus comes out of the red.

    All want to help Mary, except for the show's star, Senor Martinet Donald Kirke , the daredevil equestrian. He knows Mary cannot produce the money and threatens to take over the circus. Everyone in the Gillespie troupe despises Martinet, and they sense trouble ahead. He goes to work for her father as a messenger in the telegraph business, where he discovers a plot to kidnap Edith S Shakedown 36 Howard Duff plays a shutterbug crumb, selling lurid pictures without any thought of the subjects situation.

    He gets involved with mobsters when he snaps a murder. Surprising 'Taxi Driver' styled ending in which the heel becomes the hero. Excitement mounts as he has to prove his train's worth by delivering emergency medical supplies across the country Cool footage of Hoover Dam, nice shots of the "Zephyr", now on display in Chicago and more.

    The tying of the slaves to the anchor chain pre-dates 'Amistad' by about 60 years. Decent film with a solid cast! Disguised as the well-dressed Prince Lucia de Rimanez, the devil promises Cortez wealth and fame beyond his wildest dreams; the price being that Tempest must obey all of the Prince's commands…. Cool opening sequence has Satan being cast from heaven. Nice creepy touches in this dark little tale that paints the Dark Prince with a touch of Sympathy.

    Also with J. Carrol Naish a great baddie here! Forced to skip town after killing a man during a mugging, he should lay low and keep quiet. Loud-mouthed braggart that he is, though, Nick proceeds to alienate everyone in his new town, beating up the men, and hitting on the women, leading to a well-deserved conclusion He also mixes his personal views into his broadcasts raising the ire of his employers.

    This film wastes no words or actions painting a concise portrait of complacent isolationist America just before and after the sudden Pearl Harbor attacks, and, as the story progresses, you'll be reminded of another attack on America nearly 60 years later. P State Police 38 The state police try to break up racketeering in a coal mining town A cool companion to the real thing. With Warner Oland and Frederic March. Richard Greene and Nancy Kelly star. They find a mysterious brooding James Mason living alone in his Gothic house. Great companion to 'Hound of the Baskervilles' if you like films set on the creepy Yorkshire moors complete with bogs and quicksand.

    Joyce Howard and Wilfrid Lawson also star. Humdinger of a grim ending too, the stuff of childhood nightmares of the era I am sure. Only reels 1,2,5,6,7, survive but there is a bridge explaining what is missing. You get a sunken ship of pearls, a submarine, human sacrifice, a weird tribe of Polynesians and some stunt work by Harry himself! K Timber! Really cool outdoor adventure, untypical of pictures of this era. Guys cutting down huge trees, downhill truck loaded with lumber crashes etc K Tip-Off Girls 38 A fed goes after a hijacking ring that uses beautiful women to help it hijack the rigs of unsuspecting truckers With Buster Crabbe and Mary Carlisle.

    S Tower of Terror 41 A British secret agent in Germany takes a job as the assistant to an elderly lighthouse keeper, planning to make his escape with some valuable documents when a British boat arrives to pick them up. Suspenseful wartime espionage thriller set in a remote light house off the Dutch coast. Horror elements and creepy plot add to the fun.

    Michael Rennie, Wilfrid Lawson and Movita star. K Transatlantic 31 Fast paced snappy and splendid early talkie with a camera that won't stop and tight direction. Includes a tour-de-force cat and mouse shoot-out in the vast engine room. The art direction won an Oscar. Edmund Lowe and Myrna Loy star. Despite his uncharitable feelings for Benson, Cameron falls in love with Catherine Catherine Hughes , the banker's daughter. Adding to his headaches is a band of scientific cattle rustlers, who may or may not be headed by Cameron's best friend Also starring Larry J. K Twisted Rails 34 A railroad employee finds out the identity of 'The Wrecker' a criminal who is deliberately causing trains to crash P Two in the Dark 36 Ford Adams, bloody, suffering from amnesia, finds he may be part of a murder cover-up.

    S Uncle Silas 47 aka: The Inheritance - Beautiful young Caroline Jean Simmons must contend not only with her evil uncle, but his evil son as well, and they try to snuff her out. Set in a dark gloomy mansion. S Under Pressure 35 Two members of a crew of 'sandhogs', men who work on an underwater tunnel project, battle each other With Edmund Lowe.

    S Undercover Doctor 39 Dr. Bartley Morgan covers up his profitable illegalities with the respectable veneer of a posh, highly respectable practice. Lloyd Nolan and J. Carrol Naish star. Look for Broderick Crawford and Richard Denning in supporting roles. K Underground Agent 42 Splendid U. Every racial stereotype of the bad guy's is represented. Only to discover the four other men who did get killed were old regimental comrades in Gallipoli. All contenders for death end up in an old dark house Ernest Torrence, Roland Young and many more star in this early talkie.

    David Niven in a supporting role. P West Bound Limited 37 After a life and death struggle in a signal box, Dave Lyle Talbot is wrongly convicted of criminal negligence and sentenced to five years in the pen Frank Reicher also stars in this pretty cool and dark little tale.. Has some creepy elements of dread. P Who Killed Aunt Maggie? Secret passageways, cut phone lines, disabled cars, disappearing corpses, a secret diary written in code, and yes, even a black cat! Robert Armstrong plays a pilot who falls for a stewardess, but she is in love with the plane owner's rich son.

    There is also a murder subplot. There are many in-flight hysterical moments that defy belief, but played straight. There may not be a roving werewolf at large, but there most definitely is werewolf lore. Some eerie moments, cool memorable scenes, and death. I have seen many boring silent flicks, but with a mind for the macabre, this is not one of them!

    A dark legend tells how one of their ancestors sold his soul to the devil and was cursed to be a werewolf! Loads of mood and atmosphere, though this lends more likeness to "The Undying Monster' than "The Wolfman". Still worth a look for classic horror fans! In French and with English subtitles. K Yellow Dust 36 Eastern educated Bob Culpepper Richard Dix , along with grizzled prospector Solitary, hit the mother lode and head to gold town to stake their claim. Solid gold rush classic with a dust storm in the climax. With the help of a female genie, Omar sets about restoring freedom and justice She is arrested and later moving up the criminal ladder becomes a pirate.

    Colorful costumer starring Lisa Gastoni and directed by Umberto Lenzi! Great quality! LBX and with English Subs! A young woman hires adventurers to find gold, deep in the jungle. But gold means greed, suspicion and struggle among the men and the women. The journey back is loaded with life-threatening obstacles and they begin to die. With eye-popping scenery. Johnny Sheffield stars. Also with Lyle Talbot and an un-credited Woody Strode as a mailman.

    N Agent for H. Gunfights, spies, chases and more ensue. One of the zombies, a little girl who died during a kidnapping attempt, organizes the zombies to destroy her murderers before they can harm another child. This must be accomplished before it is time for her to leave in spaceship. Rare one this. P Alternative 3 77 British hoax film that freaked people a bit back then. World Ecological Collapse. The next ice-age is already begun! Lucky for us, governments know just what to do. A conspiracy to end all conspiracies. Vanishing scientists, dubious space missions, and a freak accident that kills the courier of a tape containing a secret radio message from an unmanned Mars probe which holds the key.

    This is pretty cool and heavy sci-fi stuff, and ahead of it's time with all the government cover-up madness stuff. A researcher also arrives in this light sci-fi. The setting is impressive enough with plenty of jungle peril, and even some bad guys. LBX with English Subs. Amazons with swords and chariots! The film opens with the tribe holding contests to select a new Queen.

    Next, time to meet Greek soldiers for their annual mating rituals. The nude wrestling scene between two Amazon babes is worth the price of admission alone! Pollard Doc Tesla lead a crew of misfit Vietnam veterans highly trained in psychological warfare and armed with a B29 equipped as a flying pirate TV station creating havoc for the broadcast networks and authorities as they fly the country on a crusade to bring radical philosophies and classic audiovisuals to a conservative and media brainwashed viewing public Andromeda is a sexy alien woman kidnapped by a super corporation that owns a mega-computer.

    Things go horribly wrong as earth begins to lose nitrogen spelling the end of mankind I don't have 2 paragraphs to explain this incredible sci-fi but I can tell you it comes on 2 discs and is highly recommended! Don't miss the death battle with the rhino. This is the rare uncut version in German language and with English subtitles.

    In Greek with English Subs! K Antony and Cleopatra 81 Jonathan Miller directs. You know the drill, stuffy British self indulgence well directed and scripted. But hey, it's not Shakespeare folks so It is Shakespeare? Okay, okay, it is Shakespeare! Well, there it is then.

    Over two hours long. Both brothers desire a beautiful dancing girl, who is torn between power and true love She fights evil and hangs with her cute friends in her spare time. S Atlas 61 Roger Corman directing in Greece amongst actual ruins is part of the draw here, as well as though provoking dialogue and battles. Apparently Corman was supposed to have extras, but only 50 showed up! Still very colorful and fun, and not dubbed, but in actual English!

    With Michael Forest in the title role. Roger Corman himself, and Dick Miller show up as Greek soldiers! Along the way, he must pacify the wrath of his enemies and battle his way through a forest inhabited by savage natives. This one features some really nice battles and stunning ocean photography It contains all the cut scenes of naked girl fights and eroticism. Nice print of this wild women flick with English Subtitles!

    The barons of his council are frightened or bribed to agree, except two. The old count of Archidosso is killed, his daughter Laura told her hand was promised to the duke. The other, count Riccardo d'Argentari, is beaten up and thrown in the river, presumed dead. But friends save him, so he can become the masked 'black captain' of a rebellion movement Sergio Grieco directs. You've got to be kidding me. But no, they were not. This is really strange.

    The 8th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Thread***

    Big name stars in some of their most bizarre roles. Pasty Kensit is the little girl. Johnny Sheffield as Bomba is summoned to save the day. Elena Verdugo of "House of Frankenstein" also stars. Two little kids find a talking shrunken head with magical powers named 'Chico' in an old antique shop. They spend all 7 episodes that are crammed onto one disc! Their goal is to get said head, back to the rainforest. Apparently this scared kids in Australia back when it was featured as a serial at cinemas preceding the main feature. DVD-R only. Fine acting, good script, engaging plot, well directed, plenty of action, adventure, and a dash of romance.

    One of the best sword and sandal flicks! Beautiful wide screen print! Railway construction is derailed! Shot in Africa and based on true events. Pretty cool lion attacks. First 3-D feature, this here in 2-D. Stagy backdrops betray the production but lively performances keep it afloat.

    K Carry on Up the Jungle 70 Spectacular British spoof of the Tarzan films that still manages to be crude and rude funny and entertaining to this day! An alarming radio signal of intelligent creatures reaches the Earth from the depths of the universe. A flight is proposed, but it will take 27 years, so the crew is formed up of schoolchildren.

    A glitch occurs when a stowaway disrupts protocols and accelerates the speed of the voyage. In Italian language with English subtitles. She sets Count Orlov free from prison, Peter's sworn enemy, becomes empress of Russia and leads the Cossacks army against him Their epic rivalry involves the use of all sorts of deadly weaponry and torture Colorful Italian costumer in English language. At one point he kills a young girl by putting her into the trash compactor. S City Beneath the Sea 71 A group of 21st-century colonists inhabit an underwater city called Pacifica.

    They find that they must defend their city against hostile alien forces…. K Cobra Woman 44 Maria Montez plays twins, one good one evil, and they battle for supremacy on an isolated island kingdom. Tarquinius makes an alliance with an Etruscan king to take back his power, but a Roman general, the heroic Mucius Gordon Scott is not going to let that happen!

    Also with Gabriella Pallotta. Directed by Giorgio Ferroni. Now in a Beautiful LBX print. LBX version. Riccardo Freda directs this action filled spy-fi caper. LBX and in English language too! With Gordon Scott and Rosalba Neri. Cool battle sequences and bizarre stock footage. Fairly complex and engaging plot for this type this time out.

    K Danger Island A young Jan Michael Vincent starred in this cliffhanger type show about a group of people trapped on an island. This aired as part of the abysmal acid trip 'Banana Splits' show back in the day. Pirates, cannibals, wacky stunts and cool location shooting make this look like it was a blast to make! Here you get all 36 episodes on 2 discs for the price of one!

    Uh oh Chongo! When things don't go as planned, Satan himself makes a personal appearance. In French language and with English subtitles. S Dinner with Adele 78 aka: Adela jeste Nevecerela - Nick Carter goes to Prague to help the police with a missing persons case and promptly runs afoul of an evil botanist with a man eating plant. Wild inventions and plenty of chuckles. Pure camp, and with a decent budget! Technicolor action boosted by location filming and rousing score. He takes over an island and begins his plans of world conquest.

    Set in the year and designed to look like a vintage 30's film, this is another outstanding Russian sci-fi flick with nice sets and an intriguing story. In Russian and with English subtitles. A natural German made sci-fi made with a realistic edge that screams realism as apposed to OTT action. Pair with 'Silent Running' or 'Zardoz'. An adventurous, fictional documentary of man versus the elements, created through a compilation of beautiful footage of the earliest twentieth century expeditions to the South Pole!

    Really cool and different type of fantasy film. K Funny Things Happen Down Under 65 Indescribably wacky Aussie comedy about a group of kids trying to raise Christmas money with a weird formula that turns sheep's wool different colors! Also with Olivia's first boyfriend Ian Turpie! N Gaoranger vs. Super Santai 01 Power Rangers type but not nearly as childish from Japan still going strong at the turn of this century.

    Monsters, battles, outlandish costumes, courage valor, it's all here in an action packed fantasy complete with English subtitles and extras! Such a mixture of science fiction and sword and sandal was not unusual, but this one shines alone for all that it involves, including atmospherically-lit sets which is the work of Mario Bava on this film! Magnetic death rays, wild costumes remember, Atlantis was highly advanced , lusty Sodomite dancing, monsters, cannibal pygmies, and the threat of disaster for Atlantis aka: Metropolis as the elements hover ever nearer, hell-bent on destruction.

    Reward Yourself

    George Hilton is our hero, Fernando Rey is the main villain with help from the gorgeous Gloria Paul who plays his lethal assistant. LBX - BA. K Golem 80 This Polish film is set in a terrorizing world of the future where technology commands them movements of individuals. Scientists experiment to create a new race after the devastating effects of nuclear war. Now this Polish film comes with English subtitles so you can figure out what the hell is going on!

    His Invincible Might Pitted against the corrupt armies of Damascus. Also with Helga Line! Dubbed into English with some scenes in Italian language with English Subs this version is 10 minutes longer than other versions! K Gonks Go Beat 65 Gonks tells the story of an alien who comes to Earth to settle a dispute between two great nations of our future planet.

    One nation loves rock and roll, the other nation loves ballads. The alien befriends a bizarre former record exec and they hatch a scheme to set up a Romeo and Juliet type of scenario to bring the nations together.

    It works, but not before loads of bad rock songs and really bad ballads, cheap sets are trampled, and more craziness. Meanwhile on planet Gonk, hand puppets run amok. Ginger also has a bit called 'Drum Battle' in which he and 7 other skin pounders are lined up in two rows, facing each other and just go at it! Mix this up with 'Shindig' and 'Santa Claus versus the Martians' and you get an idea of how bad, but totally watchable this mess is!

    P H2S 69 Rare surreal futuristic comedy in which students revolt in a scientific university where sex is outlawed. This film was supposed to have been banned in Italy where it was made and destroyed. Arty science fiction with bizarre set-designs, some similarities to 'A Clockwork Orange' in looks here, and really far-out situations. Some circus people hear about them, go to the island to capture the monster and wind up shooting its son. Then the trouble starts

    The Erotic Adventures of Octoman! The Erotic Adventures of Octoman!
    The Erotic Adventures of Octoman! The Erotic Adventures of Octoman!
    The Erotic Adventures of Octoman! The Erotic Adventures of Octoman!
    The Erotic Adventures of Octoman! The Erotic Adventures of Octoman!
    The Erotic Adventures of Octoman! The Erotic Adventures of Octoman!
    The Erotic Adventures of Octoman! The Erotic Adventures of Octoman!

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