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Our seed experiments were designed to answer questions about what kinds of conditions seeds grow best in.

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For any experiment, it is important to set up conditions so that the only difference between the conditions is related to what you want to test. We started with two plastic cups. To both cups we added three different seeds: a broccoli seed, a lettuce seed, and a pea seed.

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We then placed both cups on our kitchen window sill for about a week to see how the seeds would grow. After a week we checked our seeds to see how they had grown.

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The pea seed had put out a little shoot, while the broccoli and lettuce seeds had begun forming leaves. It is a bit difficult to see in the picture since the broccoli leaves are covering the lettuce leaves.

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In fact, the tiny leaves that began forming separated from their seed, which would have prevented them from continuing to grow. We learned that the answer was yes. Quantity :. This product is not sold individually. You must select at least 1 quantity for this product.

Gift of Seeds

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More info Reviews 2 you are making a difference: Made in Australia. The gift of seeds is eco-friendly and continues giving year-round, long after they are sown.

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Made in Australia. By Melanie C. By Sarah J. Wholesale pricing applies once the min qty 4 per item is in your cart.

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We offer a large selection of Gift of Seeds varieties to suit all occasions whether you are wishing a Happy Birthday, wanting to send a meaningful thank you, congratulating a friend, commemorating a special event or spreading Christmas cheer. Our seed varieties cover beautiful flowers, Australian natives and herbs and have been selected for ease of growing and to suit most climates The Gifts of Seeds, Flower Presses and Gift Tags are proudly designed, made and hand assembled in Australia using eco-friendly materials.

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Gift of Seeds Gift of Seeds
Gift of Seeds Gift of Seeds
Gift of Seeds Gift of Seeds
Gift of Seeds Gift of Seeds
Gift of Seeds Gift of Seeds

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