Gesetz und Gesetzlichkeit (German Edition)

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Without going into further details, the Port-Royal Grammar can be said to be general , to the extent that is not concerned with specific languages but, on the contrary, aims to discover the universal features of human language in general and is furthermore reasoned insofar as it connects the functioning of language to the functioning of reason, namely to logic.

Gesetz und Gesetzlichkeit

In other words, it is impossible for an object to be absolutely and completely self-sufficient, since there is always a whole, real or possible, which contains it or which might contain it. Every object is then necessarily a part, it is then always included in a web of relations, which connects it with other objects.

Synonyms and antonyms of Kausalgesetz in the German dictionary of synonyms

Still, there is another sense according to which objects, or parts, can instead be said to be relatively independent or relatively non-independent. Husserl writes,. Aggregates are sets of objects, which stand together accidentally, that is without implying a relation of foundation, whereas by wholes Husserl understands. Die Inhalte eines solchen Inbegriffs nennen wir Teile. Thus, meanings borne by syncategorematic expressions are always non-independent, while meanings borne by categorematic expressions are always independent. This means that non-independent meanings are, following the terminology introduced by Husserl in the third investigation, always founded fundiert in other meanings, that is to say that they necessarily imply other meanings in order to be, in turn, meaningful themselves.

According to Husserl, the impossibility of these combinations. Letzteres betrifft die wesentlichen Bedeutungsformen und die apriorischen Gesetze ihrer Komplexion bzw. While the first ones establish the possibility or impossibility of certain combinations between meanings or, better, between meaning categories, 32 the second ones govern the way in which the regular functioning of the first ones can be altered by means of a transformation of a meaning category into another one, as in the cases of nominalization, in which verbs, adjectives, adverbs, etc.

In dieser anomalen Bedeutung ist das und in Wahrheit kein synkategorematischer, sondern ein kategorematischer Ausdruck, es nennt sich selbst als Wort.


On the one hand, he designates with the term Nonsense Unsinn all the incompatibilities deriving from the violation of the laws of compounding, whereas, on the other hand, he labels with the term Absurdity Widersinn a special class of complex meanings, namely the class of complex meanings whose reference objects are contradictory. However, since the objects these complex meanings refer to are contradictory, the meanings forming the whole can still be said to be, to some degree, incompatible with each other, insofar as they hinder the normal functioning of the process of reference.

The three kinds of dependence identified by Hjelmslev in the Prolegoma to a Theory of Language , for instance, are closely connected to the relations of foundation Fundierung distinguished by Husserl in the third Logical Investigation. Bar-Hillel Y. Mohanty ed. Bastide ed. Campbell L. Crystal D. dictionary :: Gesetzlichkeit :: German-English translation

Dennes M. Drummond J. Dahlstrom ed.

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Fine K. Smith, D. Smith ed. Flack P. Holenstein E. Husserl E. Zweiter Band. Erster Teil. Jakobson R. Jakobson, Selected Writings I. Lakoff R.


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Gesetz und Gesetzlichkeit (German Edition) Gesetz und Gesetzlichkeit (German Edition)
Gesetz und Gesetzlichkeit (German Edition) Gesetz und Gesetzlichkeit (German Edition)
Gesetz und Gesetzlichkeit (German Edition) Gesetz und Gesetzlichkeit (German Edition)
Gesetz und Gesetzlichkeit (German Edition) Gesetz und Gesetzlichkeit (German Edition)
Gesetz und Gesetzlichkeit (German Edition) Gesetz und Gesetzlichkeit (German Edition)
Gesetz und Gesetzlichkeit (German Edition) Gesetz und Gesetzlichkeit (German Edition)
Gesetz und Gesetzlichkeit (German Edition) Gesetz und Gesetzlichkeit (German Edition)

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