The 7 Magic Keys to a Wonderful Life

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I found this via pinterest as well. Could you email me the template. This is very cute, would you please send me the template? Thank You very much. I would love to have this for Christmas. This is the best Santa Key i've seen!! So creative! I would love to make this for my son and nephews for Christmas. Can you please e-mail me the template. Super cute my boys would love this could u email the template at cutemom gmail.

Absolutely love this!!!! Can you please send me the template? Thank you!! Will you please send me the template?! This is so adorable! I'm the same way I am not a "pay full price" kind of person! My e-mail is hechthm hotmail. So cute. Hi, can I have a copy of this template please. Could you send me a copy of the template too?! That's soooo adorable! Could you plz send me the template, It's so cute and I wld love to have it..

Found you on Pinterest too Is it possible to get the template for Santa's Magic Key? It's adorable!! I also found you on Pinterest.

Could you email me the template? I'd love to make these for classroom favors. Will you please send me the link?

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It is just too cute! Love your blog! Please share with me the template for the Magic Santa Key. Also what department at HL did you find the keys? Thanks so much for sharing your talent with all of us!

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Can I bother you for the template as well? Very cute!!! I would love to have a copy of the template, if you still have it I would love to have a copy of your template. Found you on pinterest and I think this would make a great favor for my kid's christmas party this year. I see you have been asked a lot but if you still have the template, I would love it. Love this Santa Key if you still have the template I would love one! I also found you on pinterest- SUCH an adorable idea! I would LOVE the template if you still have it! I know you are swamped with requests, but I'd love the template if you are still willing to email it out xtothey gmail.

I would love to receive the template if you still have it! This is so cute. I already have the key, just need the template. Would love it if you emailed me. Rebturley gmail. I see you have many requests for your Santa template. If you find the time, i would love a copy. Thank you so much for sharing, Debra dgallegos mjwomack. If you have a moment, I'd love the template for the tag!! I also found you thru a pin on pinterest.

I would love to have the template for my grandchildren. I've never seen anything like it. Thanks for sharing with all of us!! This is absolutely adorable! I would love the template if you don't mind! I'd love the template : My email is: lenamaia21 gmail. Love this and would love to have the template!

My email address is: jenelmore sbcglobal. What a cute idea I must make these for the Grandkids. I would love to have the template, my e-mail is bpicciani yahoo. Hi There!! I LOVE this idea!!! I am no sure if you are still sending the link I imagine this is very popular!!!! This is my email if you are though : clawolansky yahoo. Love your idea. Thanks for your fantastic idea. More Pinterest love here! I'd love the template at emaline gmail. Thanks much! You might want to fix the link or continue to be bombarded with our requests. It's a hit on Pinterest. If this is still available, I would appreciate the template!!

Benton aol. I see many would love the santa key template. Thank you for emailing it to me also. Good Gracious a 2 year blog still very poplar. That is awesome Sonjaeagles gmail. SOOOO cute! I am tired of giving the same thing and this is so NEW! Will you please send me the template? This is adorable! Can you email me the template This is absolutely adorable!! LOVE this idea! Would love the template please! Fanciful Events! This is too sweet and I am so excited to make this for my munchkins!

Would you be so kind to email me the template? This is darling! I love it! If you have a chance, could you email the template to me please? Thanks a Bunch! I would love the template for this please. This is such a great idea! Hi could I possibly get a template. Could I also get the template from you?! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us! Kcarroll07 gmail. Thank you so much for sharing!

I would love to have the link. I would love to get started on a few Santa Keys! Can you send me the template? It's patekr at bellsouth dot net. I would love to have your template as well! Could you email me the template Love this idea! Please send me a copy of the template : gcatramb mix. I would love the template if you still have it I think these are so adorable. I'd love the template too if you still have it! Lisa LRMittleman verizon. Love love this idea can u please email me the Template Thanks so much and happy holidays! Would you please send me the template?

Do you have the svg file for the shape as well? The Santa graphic is adorable! Found you on Pinterest My kiddos are way past the Santa Fun Great gift to bring when I go visit! Thanks for the great download! Merry Christmas! I couldn't get the link to work. Could you please e-mail it to me!! Thanks for the download. Didi my e-mail: ddsantos hotmail. I love this but couldn't get the scribd link to work. My e-mail is ronda1 me.

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I found you through Pinterest I made several and even wrote a post on my blog about the project and gave the link to your blog for instructions. Thanks for sharing, have a Merry Christmas! What a great idea. I love this and will have to get the stuff and make one for our family. Thanks for sharing your idea. That is just to darn cute. The link didn't work could u plz send me the template too? I also have a magic key that I bought, but would love to make some next year for gifts. Could you please email me the template? Could you please tell me what Font you used? I would like to use this on other things.

Thanks, Di. Can you please send me the template at kseidenberger gmail. I would love a copy of the template for the santa key - thank you for sharing - arendjewhidden gtmail. I just love this Santa Key idea. Would love to make some like this. Can you still send the template? Please and thank you very much! Would you mind sending me the template? Thank you sooooo much! My email is regeniagis comcast.

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  5. If so please send to bjmeng sbcglobl. This poem is darling! TFS Beckyhalfhill yahoo. Are you still sending out the template? I've had trouble with my email lately so if you have emailed it to me, did not come thru. Please send me template at regeniagis comcast. If there is a fee for the template will be more than glad to send payment.

    Love love love this design. I love this idea. I found it by way of Pintrest. I would love the poem template as well. Scrib want me to become a premium member to get it so if you're still sending them out I would appreciate one. I love love this, so cute. Can you pls send me the templet?


    Katie Caseypennington cox. I love this and just got the keys to make a key for each of the kids in my class. I am unable to download. Would you please send me the print? Thank you so much. Tcher aol. The price tag? Like, not at all. I found a set of 6 on a ring and they. You can shimmy down the chimney, or tiptoe through the door. I printed out the tag, cut it, and backed it onto a thick piece of textured cardstock. On top of that, we had to keep up with revisions, reviewing galleys, and… oh yeah, maintaining our demanding full-time jobs! The books were well received, but ultimately did not catch fire.

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    The 7 Magic Keys to a Wonderful Life The 7 Magic Keys to a Wonderful Life
    The 7 Magic Keys to a Wonderful Life The 7 Magic Keys to a Wonderful Life
    The 7 Magic Keys to a Wonderful Life The 7 Magic Keys to a Wonderful Life
    The 7 Magic Keys to a Wonderful Life The 7 Magic Keys to a Wonderful Life
    The 7 Magic Keys to a Wonderful Life The 7 Magic Keys to a Wonderful Life
    The 7 Magic Keys to a Wonderful Life The 7 Magic Keys to a Wonderful Life

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