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Bulk and Skull get wind of the party and decide to invite the entire school, planning to show up as monsters so the Power Rangers will make an appearance. Zedd turns the vase into the monster, Party Crasher, and it leaves Aisha's house just before Bulk and Skull show up along with all the teens in the city. With some advice from Zordon, Tommy and Aisha fight back and manage to free the other Rangers. They make quick work of Party Crasher in the Megazord. When the Rangers get back to the house with the vase everyone but Bulk and Skull are gone and the place is a mess. Aisha greets them but her father accidentally shatters the vase.

The script ends with this description. Her Mother. Instead, 'Storybook Rangers' took its original production number and while plans were made to eventually film it, soon it was cancelled all together. Thoughts: Still an average season 2 episode, although the setting of Aisha's house is a nice change up from the usual Juice Bar setting.

It's rare we got to see the Rangers at home especially with their parents! The best moment of the episode comes when, just after her parents leave, she blares hip hop on the stereo and uses the remote as a pretend microphone to sing along. The whole episode lets Aisha display a wide range of emotions, from the jubilation of planning a small party, to the dread of her parents finding out the vase is gone.

Aisha needed more episodes like this. Hell, all the characters did!

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At least so we could see some range of emotions outside of "we're perfect students" or "oh no, a monster! The script only has them speak in voice over and notes we only see their feet! What is this, avant-garde cinema? That or Peanuts , I guess. It would have been fascinating to see how this would have been directed.

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  7. Fun Facts: Unlike the previous episode, this one features an actual named monster in the form of Party Crasher. This monster would have been taken from episodes 26 and 27 of the Sentai series Dairanger , where he was known as Pot Taoist. For those not in the know, Cheryl is Haim Saban's the creator of Power Rangers wife, although she's also accomplished in her own right.

    She's a philanthropist, TV writer she wrote many early episodes of Power Rangers , and an author! One of those books was titled 'Miracle Child', which detailed the birth of one of her children by surrogate. If aired, Cheryl Saban would have canonically existed in the Power Rangers universe and she kept writing more books about her children!

    And that, wonderful readers, is the most deep cut Power Rangers factoid ever. Zedd and Rita plan to steal the device and reverse it so it can shrink the Rangers, but Bulk and Skull get to it first. Goldar are Scorpina are sent down to steal the device but end up growing the normal way. The Rangers make quick work of them and go to the dinner but Billy realizes the device is still in the park. He, Rocky, and Aisha go the park but Finster has already gotten to the device and shrinks them.

    Part 2 : Goldar and Finster search for the tiny Rangers as Alpha works on a way to protect the others from being shrunk as well.

    Power Rangers In Space - Silver Ranger's First Scene and Fight - Survival of the Silver Episode

    They teleport to the park and fight Goldar, who threatens the tiny Rangers by stomping everywhere. The tiny Rangers are saved and grown back to normal size but once again Bulk and Skull get a hold of the device and shrink themselves. The Rangers now have to save them and fight Nimrod and her clones.

    Part 3 : Sadly no copies of Part 3 are available. Thoughts : Easily the best of the season 2 unproduced scripts we have, mostly down to the villain scenes. Both scripts are chock full of amazing Zedd and Rita dialogue. There are even some self-aware jokes! Rita: How enchanting. Billy the brain has come up with a way to make things grow! Rita: I want you to go down there and get that device for me!

    Goldar: I don't take orders from you, I take orders from Lord Zedd only Besides, it's my day off and I've got a date with Scorpina. The scripts do run in circles for awhile, with Bulk and Skull getting a hold of the device, rushing to get it, or losing it far too many times. Their return is purely down to having unused Sentai footage but the lengths they go to justify it is wild.

    While of course the Rangers were popular, you can tell the writers were already having way more fun writing the wacky side characters. Check this one out for jokes alone.

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    It should also be noted that while the plots are completely different outside of the Rangers shrinking both this episode and the Power Rangers Turbo two-parter 'Honey, I Shrunk The Rangers' were at least partly written by Shell Danielson. Read the full scripts here! Part 1. Part 2. Written By: Colleen White Background: Okay, this one needs a bit of a primer before we start since some of the names are different then you might recognize. Carlos is the same but with the different last name of Chavez but the character of Missy would later become Ashley.

    Confusingly then, the Ashley in this script is actually Jenny, Lt. Michael is a very early version of TJ. Divatox reveals to Elgar she bought tickets early and plans to lure the Rangers and their friends to the show. Missy runs into the Juice Bar saying she won free tickets. Tommy would love to win some and Ashley mentions he just might, since Lt. Stone is putting on a sing-a-long night and grand prize is, of course, Roaches tickets. Carlos and Adam try to get to a phone to win more Roaches tickets but a random man nearly beats them to it, until Divatox sends Piranhatrons to stop him.

    Adam is suspicious and teleports to the Power Chamber to tell Dimitira about what happened. He gives them both tickets and vanishes. After the battle Tommy finds the tickets and thinks Kat gave them to him before he notices Rockin' Roach disappear. They scan the concert area for detonators and find it right near Missy, Ashley, Carlos, and Michael! They morph and rush to save them but Rockin' Roach grows. Tommy deals with the detonator while the other Rangers and Blue Senturion head for the Zords. Tommy makes quick work of it and joins the team in battle, successfully defeating Rockin' Roach.

    Divatox is furious and sends Rygog to take out the teens at the concert. Missy, Ashley, Carlos, and Michael hold their own but are ultimately saved by the unmorphed Rangers. The Roaches perform but the Rangers are called to the Command Center.

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    Power Ranger actors - IMDb

    The faces of the future Rangers are revealed. Since this episode was building off of plotlines Doug and Ann had started earlier in the season it was scrapped in favor of new story arcs. They even have the detonator because Divatox was obsessed with those things. The ticket plot feels extremely drawn out since they needed to get tickets to eight different characters. Tanya is also apparently very afraid of roaches for some reason. Zordon is forced to tell the Rangers to cut their mission short, and return to Earth to take out the monster.

    When the Rangers leave for home, Dregon follows them, intent on gaining his revenge.

    The Psycho Rangers Return In 'Power Rangers: The Psycho Path' Graphic Novel

    The events in this team up become non-canon in the Masked Rider continuity, as the creators felt that the Power Rangers' popularity was declining, and therefore it was better to establish an independent origin story. Billy's regenerator has a disturbing side effect and turns him into an old man. Rita tries to change Katherine into a monster, but gets her purse instead. Billy becomes trapped in the Zeo Megazord while still aging as Mondo and Rita's monsters take control!

    To even up the score, the Alien Rangers travel to Earth and help defeat the monsters. Astronema uses her powers to make the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles evil, and has them con the Rangers into letting them on the Megaship, so they can take it over for her. During battle, Carlos accidentally injures Cassie, giving him serious doubts about whether he is fit to be a Power Ranger.

    By undergoing training with former Ranger Adam, he regains his confidence. When a monster attacks a powerless Carlos, Adam must once again morph into the Black Ranger to save him. Scenes of battles are shown from various planets, and the forces of Evil are clearly winning: On Gratha, Divatox and her army beat the Alien Rangers of Aquitar into submission.

    Kendrix walks through the storm, and destroys the Savage Sword at the center, but loses her life in the process. Trakeena returns to destroy Earth as vengeance for her defeat at the hands of the Lost Galaxy Rangers, but first, she must absorb enough human life force for power. Olympius and his demons also enter the fray, sabotaging Trakeena's power drain and mutating her into a giant, maddened creature.

    Time Force encounters Vypra, she's trying to summon super demon. Vypra asks Ransik for help. As Vypra prepares to summon the super demon, the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers arrive. Timeforce and Lightspeed battle Ransik, Vypra, and the super demon. Wes and Eric track down three Mutorgs from the future to Turtle Cove, where they team up with Wild Force to battle them.

    The Rangers are greatly overpowered, and only with the intervention of Jen are they able to escape.

    Personal Data Collected

    They track down the Mutorgs, and Ransik manages to destroy their mutant halves. This allows the 12 Rangers to destroy the trio. Cole and the other 9 Red Rangers from previous series unite to destroyed the remaining Machine Empire. Lothor manages to climb his way out of the Abyss Of Evil and, with his own corrupt Power Discs, brainwashes the Wind Ranger trio into servitude.

    Just as both teams are about to morph, Cam and the Thunder Rangers appear and snap the Wind Rangers out of their trance. Meanwhile, Lothor and Mesogog unite to take over Earth once and for all, only to turn against each other once all eleven Rangers foil their plan. The three confused Dino Rangers escape with their Gems and are soon cornered by Krybots, only to be saved by the B-Squad and taken back to the Delta Base.

    Space Rangers:The Lost Trip Home Space Rangers:The Lost Trip Home
    Space Rangers:The Lost Trip Home Space Rangers:The Lost Trip Home
    Space Rangers:The Lost Trip Home Space Rangers:The Lost Trip Home
    Space Rangers:The Lost Trip Home Space Rangers:The Lost Trip Home
    Space Rangers:The Lost Trip Home Space Rangers:The Lost Trip Home
    Space Rangers:The Lost Trip Home Space Rangers:The Lost Trip Home
    Space Rangers:The Lost Trip Home Space Rangers:The Lost Trip Home
    Space Rangers:The Lost Trip Home Space Rangers:The Lost Trip Home
    Space Rangers:The Lost Trip Home

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