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Canyon Highway District 4 and the City of Caldwell will use multiple communication tools and innovative technologies to gather public input and assess concerns of the local community. An Open House Public Meeting was held in July to introduce the project to the public and gain valuable information from the residents in the area. Comments were accepted through August 7, Idaho Transportation Department assures that no person shall on the grounds of race, color, national origin, gender, age, or disability be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise subjected to discrimination under any Idaho Transportation Department service, program, or activity.

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The department also assures that every effort will be made to prevent discrimination through the impacts of its programs, policies, and activities on minority and low-income populations. In addition, the department will take reasonable steps to provide meaningful access to services for persons with Limited English Proficiency. Why Does the Bridge Need to be Replaced? What Will Happen to the Old Bridge? Community Involvement Canyon Highway District 4 and the City of Caldwell will use multiple communication tools and innovative technologies to gather public input and assess concerns of the local community.

Old Highway 30 Bridge Alignment Concepts 1.

Welcome to Historic Highway 80

The store shelves were sparsely stocked with candy and staples, but rumors were that Wolfenberger sold moonshine under the counter. Brainard parlayed his Dakota ranch childhood into a distinguished career as a horseman. Now 94 and living in Whitesboro, Texas, he still remembers a particular day when he saw a cloud of dust on the road to Wasta.

The travel industry soon followed in the path of that palomino. Mount Rushmore was emerging on the mountain west of Rapid City as a new attraction, along with a buffalo herd at Custer State Park. Soon a wave of hotels, restaurants, gas stations and automobile shops were built to serve the motorists. The federal government helped gravel the route, providing jobs through the Works Progress Administration in the Great Depression of the s.

Workers often hauled the gravel by horse and wagon, and emptied the loads by shovel and muscle. One wagonload graveled about three feet of the roadbed. In the s and s, bypasses were built on the edges of the towns, creating a second wave of motel and gas station construction. A third wave came in the s when Interstate 90 was constructed in a near-parallel route to Highway 16 across South Dakota, but even further from the local communities. Once again, new service stations, hotels, motels, rock shops and eateries were constructed.

Some travelers bemoan Interstate 90 as monotonous and sterile. Every ditch is mowed and every fence is straight. Highway beauty is in the eye of the beholder behind the wheel. Geisler says Murdo changed with each of the three highway waves. There was the Red Top Cabins. That was a gas station. Gas was 25 cents a gallon.

Lil Nas X - Old Town Road (Official Movie) ft. Billy Ray Cyrus

Up here was the Conoco station. Nobody could have made much money but they all got along. Plenty of daring thinkers and doers populated the Highway 16 community in the middle of the 20th century. New promoters are also showing up. But the shop sits a half-mile from I on Old If roads are communities, then I is Sioux Falls on wheels — smooth and speedy — while Old Highway 16 is New Underwood without the cottonwood tree. Most of Old 16 is still intact and passable. The road runs through the heart of Sioux Falls, exiting the city as Hwy Perhaps the oldest steakhouse on the route, it dates to the s.

Hwy 38 becomes Havens Avenue through the city. The famous Corn Palace is just a few blocks north. As you enter Aurora County, Hwy 38 is still posted as Hwy 16 for a stretch. See the war memorials indoors and outdoors at the county courthouse. West of Plankinton the roadbed roughens, the shoulder is gravel and you begin to see less cropland and more grass. And with each other. Then they bought the six-room hotel and gas station on Old 16 and renamed it A-Bar-Z.

You pass by a tiny Frosty King ice cream shack and then, a half-mile west, a funky coffeehouse, restaurant and bar known as The Back Forty, where proprietor Keke Leiferman gives traditional South Dakota sandwiches a gourmet twist. Eleven miles after leaving Kimball, you pull up to a stop sign for Hwy To the west is a big body of water known as Red Lake.

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Take Hwy 50 north across I and head for nearby Pukwana, lawn mower racing capital of the Northern Plains. Spend some time in Chamberlain, a little city with a one-way Main Street that includes a movie theater, restaurants and a bakery called Indulge. Just to the west of Main Street, River Street leads to a shoreline park and walking paths, good opportunities to stretch your legs or enjoy the sweets from the bakery.

The two-way bridge became too narrow for modern cars and trucks. The old bridge became the west lane and the Wheeler bridge is the east lane yet today.

Old Highway 16

The old highway ends and you have no choice but to take I for about nine miles, but then you can rejoin Old 16 by turning north on Hwy 47 at Exit Take Hwy 47 northwest into Reliance and then onto Kennebec, where the Lyman County courthouse serves as the bastion of government for 3, citizens. Some look like ghost towns at first blush, while others are busier than their modest populations would suggest. Today, pilots occasionally land small planes on the road without fear of hitting a motorist. Fading wood gas stations, motels, shops and restaurants are scattered around Draper, pop.

Gene Cressy remembers when Highway 16 was constructed in the s, south of the railroad tracks. The conference still exists. The Kadoka to Wall route is not for everybody, or every car. The Old 16 roadbed is still passable, but at times it becomes a West River back road seldom used even by local ranchers. The stretch begins nicely. Then Old 16 runs north now Highway 73 toward Philip. In a dozen or so miles before arriving in the city of Philip , you drop into a valley called Philip Junction. Notice a family farm in the valley; the building closest to the highway is landscaped with old auto memorabilia.

Each of these towns has significant cultural importance to the people of Jalisco.

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Talpa de Allende attracts thousands of the faithful who make a yearly pilgrimage to visit the cathedral. The subtropical forest is perched in a valley that overlooks Puerto Vallarta. The streets are lined with adobe houses and lead to one of the most beautiful town squares in all of Mexico. Plus, the highway leads to the beach. The area got a bad reputation and tourism plummeted. You need to drive carefully through the curves. We saw an overturned tractor trailer and the police that were directing traffic around the accident looked really nervous.

The free roads are winding two-lane highways that go through every pueblo and add hours to your trip. The toll road takes half the time to get to the beach but there is nothing to see along the way. This trip was as much about visiting the pueblos along the way as it was about going to the beach. We left Guadalajara at a reasonable hour late in the morning.

We ended up skipping Talpa de Allende on a coin toss. We were fortunate to be traveling just after the rainy season. The scenery has every shade of green imaginable. The locals call Mascota the emerald of the mountains because the landscapes are painted so intensely green. As you drop down the valley from Talpa into Mascota the scenery goes from Alpine to subtropical and all the color saturation explodes. You realize real quickly that this is farm country.

As you roll into town the highway goes from paved asphalt to cobblestone streets. We found a charming cafe for coffee, munchies and a bathroom break. The locals like their coffee a little darker than I do but I love trying new blends. After shooting some photos of the active basilica the locals told us about the ruins of the Preciosa Sangre de Cristo.

Red stone walls rise up out of the overgrown grass in the shape of the cross.

Off the Old Highway Off the Old Highway
Off the Old Highway Off the Old Highway
Off the Old Highway Off the Old Highway
Off the Old Highway Off the Old Highway
Off the Old Highway Off the Old Highway

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