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Bible verses with God’s instructions to care for the poor

They saw that justice happened. He hates Muslims, he hates gay people, and he hates minorities. A spokesman for Pence, who declined to be quoted, said Pence believed that Cooper needed to go back to court and face a retrial, instead of seeking a pardon. Pence, seeing his poll numbers plummet, gave up on running for President, and decided to seek a second term as governor.

Victory was far from assured. Once again, he faced John Gregg, a folksy Democratic lawyer. In the spring of , polls showed the two in a dead heat. The national election, meanwhile, was confounding expectations. As Trump picked up momentum in the Republican primaries, the Koch network became unexpectedly paralyzed. Marc Short pressed the brothers to dedicate their resources to stopping Trump and promoting his rivals.

But executives at Koch Industries considered the strategy risky, and the brothers stayed out of the Presidential race. The Indiana primary was on May 3rd. The previous month, Ted Cruz had trounced Trump in Wisconsin, but if Trump could win decisively in Indiana he was virtually certain to secure the nomination. Among them were Roderick Ratcliff, the C. Hilbert had built an insurance empire, Conseco, which had been valued at fifty-two billion dollars before collapsing into bankruptcy. In , Hilbert loaned Trump money to buy the General Motors Building, and they had remained friends.

As governor, he proclaimed his opposition to any expansion of the gaming industry, but, though the state had banned political contributions from casino operators, cash had flowed generously to him from such sources, through indirect paths. The casino operator Sheldon Adelson contributed a million dollars. But the single largest donor to the R. Trump handily won the Indiana primary. Pence, who had tepidly endorsed Ted Cruz , switched to Trump. In , Pence had gone to Trump Tower in Manhattan, seeking a campaign donation. Trump brought up some gossip—the wife of Mitch Daniels, the outgoing governor of Indiana, had reportedly left him for another man, then reunited with her husband.

Pence reacted stiffly, and their conversation grew awkward. Trump gave Pence a small contribution, but the coarse New York billionaire and the prim Indiana evangelical appeared to be on different wavelengths. Nevertheless, in , political insiders in Indiana began hearing that Pence would welcome a spot on the Trump ticket. Pence was seen as a bridge to Christian conservatives, an asset in the Midwest, and a connection to the powerful Koch network.

Still, Trump remained wary. According to a former campaign aide, he was disapproving when he learned how little money Pence had. In , according to a campaign-finance disclosure form, Pence had one bank account, which held less than fifteen thousand dollars. Yet, in a phone conversation that I had with Trump during this period, he told me that he was torn about the choice. Trump came closer to picking Christie than is generally known.

On July 11th, Christie appeared at a campaign event with Trump. They joined the Pences for dinner at an Indianapolis restaurant. The foursome emerged looking happy. Samuel, who was at the restaurant, told me that Trump tipped the chef a couple hundred dollars. At dawn on July 13th, Ivanka and Don, Jr. Are you ready?

But Christie was left hanging for the next three days. He suspected that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner had intervened and turned Trump against him, because years earlier, as a U. Trump began leaning toward Pence. Pence was made the most palatable choice by those around him.

They both knew what it was about. He took out student loans for the kids. He was rolling the dice. But that night, as CNN reported, Trump called his aides to see if he could back out of his decision. He looks like a Vice-President. Several days later, at the Republican National Convention, Newt Gingrich, who had also been passed over for the Vice-Presidency, found himself backstage next to Trump while Pence was giving his acceptance speech.

They urged Trump to pray. Pence exceeded expectations in the Vice-Presidential debate, and traversed the Midwest tirelessly. He answered those questions. The Kochs continued to withhold financial support from Trump, but Short, the former Koch operative, became a top adviser to Pence on the campaign. The Koch network gained even further sway after Trump won the Presidency. Three days after the election, Trump pushed aside Christie, who had been overseeing his transition team, and put Pence in charge, with Short as a top deputy.

He was also superstitious, and during his campaign he had deflected discussions about post-election staffing, fearing that it would bring bad luck. There was strong think-tank participation from Heritage and others who saw the opportunity. Trump began to appoint an extraordinary number of officials with ties to the Kochs and to Pence, especially in positions that affected Koch Industries financially, such as those dealing with regulatory, environmental, and fiscal policy.

Short, who a few months earlier had tried to enlist the Kochs to stop Trump, joined the White House as its director of legislative affairs. Scott Pruitt, the militantly anti-regulatory attorney general of Oklahoma, who had been heavily supported by the Kochs, was appointed director of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Pruitt, in turn, placed Patrick Traylor, a lawyer for Koch Industries and other fossil-fuel companies, in charge of the E. The new director of the C. Pence reportedly consulted with Charles Koch before hiring his speechwriter, Stephen Ford, who previously worked at Freedom Partners. Americans for Prosperity recently announced plans to spend four and a half million dollars on ads that will press three Democratic senators in red states to support the tax cuts. On September 25th, Trump dined at the White House with Tim Phillips, the head of Americans for Prosperity, along with Short and a handful of other conservative activists.

After keeping a careful distance from one another during the campaign, Pence and the Kochs reunited openly for the first time on October 13th, when Pence attended a summit of Koch donors in New York. Anything that will help the middle-class people? Forget it. Before Pence took over the transition team, Christie had warned Trump not to give a high-level job to the retired general Michael Flynn, whose financial ties to foreign interests triggered the investigation.

Christie considered him too risky. On November 11, , Christie was chairing a transition meeting, when, according to four sources, Flynn walked in with an ally, General Keith Kellogg. Christie tried to reclaim control of the meeting, but Ivanka took over. Flynn expressed interest in becoming Secretary of State or Secretary of Defense. Eric Trump, who was also on the team, asked Flynn if he had been out of uniform long enough to head the Pentagon. A few hours later, Christie was deposed. Kushner, he felt, had humiliated him a second time.

Bannon, who was given the job of dismissing him, admitted to Christie that Kushner had been against him all along, for personal reasons. But Cummings produced an e-mail from the transition staff acknowledging his letter and promising to review it carefully. It undoubtedly would have cost Pence to take a political stand against the worst instincts of Trump and his family.

There are real issues, and a failure to do something he was legally, ethically, and politically responsible for. Pence soon delivered a series of misleading statements about Flynn. On January 15th, as questions about Russian manipulation of the election were mounting, Pence went on CBS and assured the public that, during the transition, Flynn had not discussed the topic of sanctions with the Russian Ambassador. But then the Washington Post reported that the Justice Department had wiretaps of Flynn doing just that. The Justice Department had informed the White House counsel about this well before Pence made his statement.

On February 13th, Trump fired Flynn, ostensibly for deceiving Pence, who looked like either a liar or a chump. Three months later, Trump fired James Comey, the F. Pence has hired an outside lawyer, Richard Cullen, and has further strengthened his political armor by hiring Nick Ayers as his chief of staff. Madam I am Adam Reply. Marvin Purser on June 11, at pm.

Anonymous Reader on April 18, at pm. Jarick R on June 4, at am. This joke was awesome Reply. Ingy on April 4, at am. Who did little Johnny see when he snuck into the church late one night? Pastor Bedtime Reply. Tonya Salomons on April 4, at am. Margaret Feinberg on April 4, at am. Carroll Wheeler on March 15, at pm. Moses is alive, appeared on Mt. Of Transfiguration Reply. Jim on May 21, at am.

Don on May 29, at pm. He obviously did die but God raised him back up for a future work. Nate on December 20, at pm. Fran on May 6, at pm. Teresa on March 2, at pm. Glen Nash on April 4, at pm. Who is the shortest man in the Bible? Answer: Not Zaccheaus, but… Bildad the Shuhite!

Nehemiah knee high Reply. Josh on February 19, at pm. He slept on his watch! Matthew Reply. Until now I thought it was Ne-high-miah Nehemiah , Reply. David Bolme on September 17, at am. Janice Stewart on April 4, at pm. Who is the fattest lady in the Bible? The woman of Samaria some area Reply. Jon on April 5, at pm. How do you know that they had motorbikes in the Old Testament? Segun Opadeyi on April 5, at pm. Alison on April 7, at pm. Margaret on May 29, at am. Love this, Alison! John Shelton on May 28, at am. Who was the most evil man in the Bible?

He broke all ten commandments at ounce, Did you know there was Pole Vaulting in the bible? Yeah, Jesus cleared the temple. Rachel lit off her camel. They were all in one accord. These are all great, John! Thanks for adding to our list! Lilyann on June 8, at am.

Optimistic Nihilism

Who was the straightest man in the bible? Joesph, the king made him a ruler. Margaret on June 10, at am. I love that one. Yelena on December 16, at pm. Jeff V on August 13, at am. John Shelton on August 22, at pm. Flee fornication. Robert Harness on November 21, at pm. Love this one Reply. Dave Kozlowski on September 1, at am. My son, 7 at the time, thought Pontius Pilate was the first exercise guy.

Pilates Reply. What were lots last words to his wife? Is someone following us? Margaret on October 7, at am. This one made me laugh out loud. Danuta on February 15, at pm. Ahhaaa… okay true. And she turned. Chris Babcock on October 8, at pm. Because he tide his ass to a tree and walked 2 leagues Reply. C on October 8, at am. Kaylea Melcher on July 11, at pm. Sandy on October 17, at pm. Phillip Rose on June 6, at pm. A Mathew, because he mark, Luke and John. Explain it. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John on January 28, at pm.

320 Beautiful Dalai Lama Quotes For More Peace In Your Life

T Dog on January 28, at pm. Hi Kelly. Please would you explain this joke? Yo' boy Tom on May 29, at am. Hi Kelly, Could you please explain this joke? Life is at stake. David on October 20, at pm. Who was the most elastic man in the Bible? The prophet Ballum. He tied his ass to a tree and walked twenty miles. Joel A. Brondos on November 24, at pm. Ron Harman on June 20, at pm. What love song did Jacob sing to Leah? Agamex on January 5, at am. Very nice and thrilling. Here is one from me Why did God spew out some Christians in revelation? Because they were not salty.

Nebuchadnezzar he was on grass for 7 years Reply. Nicolas Ciarapica on March 5, at am. Elliott on July 28, at pm. Nice Reply. Ashley on March 5, at pm. Do you need an arc? I NOAH guy. David Correa on March 16, at pm. I get its funny, by the way do you no-ah a good bible Reply. Mikey on March 14, at pm.

Cassidy on April 14, at pm. Then the prophet grew great, until it was able to bail-out the Jews! Kim Kurt Cayuban on May 6, at pm. Mark Dever on May 7, at pm. Judges and it was so: for he rose up early on the morrow, and thrust the fleece together, and wringed the dew out of the fleece Reply. James Turner on May 10, at pm. Where is baseball in the Bible? Genesis In the Big Inning. How did Lot cause the death of his wife.

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Hehe Reply. Roy Burrus on June 25, at am. Krys on August 10, at pm. How long did Cain hate his brother? As long as he was Able! Robert Lotze on August 12, at pm. Margaret on August 13, at pm. RJ Fonte on January 14, at pm. Mikey on August 17, at pm. RJ on November 21, at am. Chris on September 2, at pm. Trezel on September 8, at pm. People believe we came from Adam and Eve. Gay people believe they came from Adam and Steve.

Caleb on September 21, at am. Why was Titus scared of Philemom? Because He bruised James. Caleb on October 15, at pm. Paul Casas on October 22, at pm. How many pairs of animals did Moses take to the ark? Too bad. God wanted him to do exactly that thing. The thing to take back to God in prayer at this point is whether or not He is calling you to build a new relationship with your ex after all. If He is pushing you as hard as you say He is, and potentially moving your ex as well, it is entirely reasonable that He is guiding and calling you.

God has given us the Holy Spirit as a guide and a comforter. In this way, you cannot be misled by deviant activity trying to pull you back into a possibly toxic relationship — I dont know the dynamic of yours. First and foremost, though, the decider would be whether or not your ex is a Christian…not by birth, but by rebirth, and whether he is a faithfull servant of God. If he is not, it is not of God. I know it has been hard. Most of us on here have a story. You are set for great things in what God is entrusting and building up in you.

Even now, in your discouragement, you are an encouragement — already being used by Him. Stay strong, my sister. GOD would never ever make you be with someone that your heart does not love. Just stick close to god.. HE is making you into an overcomer!!! I felt the need to reply to you because your story reminded me so much of me. Without trying to be harsh or critical, the only thing I can say to you is have Faith.. He wants us to surrender to him. My point of pain and frustration was so deep that it took me to a level I had never been before. He will bring us to the brink of feeling like there is nothing left in order for us to give up our independence and to rely completely in him.

Psalm God may be simply using him as a tool to lead you to your destination of greater joy. I have learned to accept anything that comes my way. Pain, suffering, back stabbing, criticism, all of it, are simply tests of our faith. Created for God. His way and no other way. Many prayers for you.. I try to turn to our Lord before making decisions and reciting and remembering Proverbs helps me immensely. However if this passage does not touch your heart then I recommend turning to the Word of God to find your answer. As followers of Jesus Christ the road is not easy. Let God guide you and forgive which is very hard to do sometime.

I had to let my ex go but only by the grace of God are my 3 children with me along with our house. Several means of safely getting on dry land were offered to him but he said No to them all and stated he was waiting on God to save him. The man drowned. This is truly just a thought. Remember, search your heart as you study Proverbs Relax and listen to Him.

Hi Cristal, I just wanted to remind you of something God said in the Bible. He talked about those who follow Him will go through persecution, you should feel honored. Paul was beheaded for obeying God. John saw visions while exiled just because he was listening to his Savior. God actually calls us to step out of our comfort zone. Who knows what kind of blessings are waiting for you.

He will direct your path, just follow it. God is still GOD even in the dry places. I went from working a full time job and a part-time job, attending college, and playing sports, to being unemployed, dropping out of school unofficially for the second time, being injured in a automobile accident and not being able to endure the stress of working, being disenfranchised of my rights both at school and work, all while no one seemed to care except me.

Being action oriented i sought avenues for redemption but most importantly i sought god. In standing for righteousness, i lost everything GOD blessed me with and everything i worked hard for during the past five years of my life. Im tired, frustrated, weak, seeking god every day. But if i could encourage anyone here including myself. GOD has not forgotten and he speaks through me as i type this message. Before all of this occurred, i had an encounter with GOD through another person and GOD showed me in a vision and gave me a promise.

Broken and still waiting. Still seeking him and still waiting. I just pray that i dont lose hope and that neither of you all will either. God Bless you all.!!! Hey Kim Just said a prayer for you. Remain faithful and know that like Paul, your sufferings are not in vain. The first year I had to work full time and take a few courses each semester. Although, I tend to eat my problems away every since middle school. I just eat my pain away since I have nothing to do, nor look forward to.

I go to class everyday, come home to eat and sit in front of the tv- losing motivation to do work and procrastinating and doing things at the last minute. I feel so lost, even I pray 2x or More a day since god have had a good connection since I was very young , read Joyce Meyers books and such. Though nothing seems to work.

I can also only work so much, or my financial aid will be taken away. However, God is good I managed to keep a 3. All is really bad now, and I cry everyday so very hard. Church these days are pushing out the kids in my generation, although I do believe in God, Jesus and Christ and never will let go. Overall, I just never imagined my mother and our lives being like this.

I feel so depressed and alone. I even thought to end my life. Life has been incredibly hard for me and my mother. Hi Brittany, Glory to God for your authentic testimony. I understand your situation I had been through many valleys. I can hear the conflict of the desires of your flesh versus the desires of your spirit man.

That you give into your fleshly desires. The devil took everything away from Job and his own wife told him to curse God and even his friends told him to give up because it seemed hopeless. Walk away from overeating to comfort yourself, walk away from just wanting to be leave the house this is where God has placed you right now at this point.

Trump, Putin, and the New Cold War

I know that its hard trust me, I know the flesh is very strong. Stay encouraged. Be blessed Beloved. Brittany i am going to lift you in prayer…stay encouraged. God bless you. Hi Brittney! First off, know that God loves you, so very dearly! You are precious to Him! His princess! I know that right now you feel like life is ending, that the world is crashing around you, and that there is no hope in this world to be found, but know that beyond what you can see, God has a glorious plan for you.

We found only one doctor who could help us.

111 Funny Questions to Ask a Girl – Ignite a conversation with humor.

My mom was so sick, it was a good day when she had energy to brush her hair. Because of this all of the housework and cooking fell onto my older sister 20 at the time and myself. When I was 13 we got evicted from our home that I had lived in my whole life, till then. We had never been wealthy, and my father made poor financial decisions most of the time.

Yet through all of my life and during these struggles, God let me know that He is always there, and Brittney, He is there for you! We ended up borrowing a 15ft long camping trailer from someone at a church we used to go to. Looking for cheep rent, we moved to a missionary campus for Bible translators and lived in the RV park there.

Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.

That person should not expect to receive anything from the Lord. Such a person is double-minded and unstable in all they do. The best way I can explain this is like while we were moving. It was just me and my dad loading things onto the truck while my sister and mom packed boxes. Late nights, little sleep, tons of stress and worry, and lots of physical labor—suffering. But even though my back hurt and I was tired I learned that I could keep going regardless of that; God gave me strength and endurance.

The moving added to my character because I am now really good at moving. This brings me joy because I help people move a lot now and I know how to help them. Which also ties in with 2 Corinthians God will take you through things that are hard so He can refine you. God is like a gardener, and us like His trees. He will cut away the weak limbs to help make you healthy and stronger, able to soar above the things that stopped you before in life so that you can overcome them, help others, get closer to God, better trust Him, end up in a blessed place and because of these further glorify Him.

Like when we moved to the missionary campus, I started going to a youth group for the missionary kids there. Could God forgive me though I fail Him? Could He really not condemn me? I opened up to the group about what I was going through and was met with compassion and love. Through the months of battling over this God continued to show me how beloved we His children are. One night in particular I was feeling upset about the hardships I had gone through. But it was hard not being able to go to my mom during the evictions because she was too ill to take more stress.

I felt like I had to be a grown up. I stopped caring, because if I cared I would just get hurt again, and I was already so hurt. So this night the pain was revisiting me I felt like God wanted me to read my Bible. I open it and come across the death of Lazarus. Jesus wept. I know what pain you feel!

I see your tears my child! But let us go to him.

Doomsday Prep for the Super-Rich | The New Yorker

I had just gone through it, I knew exactly how she felt! Not only could I say that I understood her, but I also had been given all these scriptures of truth that could help her out of it. This gave me the upmost joy! That was why I went through this, I was to be a mouthpiece of His love to her. Suffering produces perseverance: the condemnation I felt and the verses God gave me to endure.

Perseverance, character: the verses God showed me through my suffering gave me a full knowledge of how to get out of unnecessary guilt and feeling condemned. Also from what God showed me I now have hope for the next hardship, because I know that God will turn it into something good. When God takes you through something hard, trust Him. It is really for a better and greater reason. To bridge that gap between us. He knows how you feel, trapped in darkness, the world against you, drowning without light. But know that light will soon flood your life! The goodness of God will come before you and you will see His plan soon.

Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. But even better, compare hardship to the rest of our lives, which is forever and eternal since we know Christ as our Savior. In this world you will have trouble.

But take heart! I have overcome the world. Because we moved to the missionary campus, my dad got a job with them and they pay more than his last job did. We are now in an apartment. My mom was able to answer those and he is now a Christian! While traveling with my dad for his new job, I met a boy who God told me to witness to. He was homeless and his mom was sick. I was able to help him through his hardships, share the Gospel with him and even give him a Bible.

Finally, you do not have to go through this alone. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Also, during my own troubles I also considered taking my own life. Know that you are completely and totally unique.

No one can fill your shoes, no one can replace you. Trust that God has your life, and your steps planned. Know that I am praying for you my dear sister in Christ, and will ask those I know to pray for you as well. You will get through this! All that I have shared about hardships in this message, I have learned through my own hardships, and now I am able to, I pray, help you.

Let me act as living proof of the good work God does through hardship if you trust and obey Him. If you are having a hard time trusting Him or having a hard time with anything you need, know that you can go to God for whatever you need, and He will be willing to help you according to His righteousness! I pray that you come out on the other side of these troubles with much reason to rejoice. I pray that you grow closer to God and stronger in your faith because of this. I pray that peace, joy, and love abound in your heart and mind, and wherever you go.

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Remember that you are loved by God! Much love and prayers. Hey Brittany! I know right where you are with the nothing- to- look- forward- I- dread- life kinda thing. I also know the no- guys- want- me kinda thing. One thing that really helped me is helping others. When we take the focus off ourselves and our own problems, we realize just how much God has truly blessed us with. Living a life of humility is truly the best way to reflect the best opinion of God to others.

Pray about, girl!!!! Let God know how your feeling. He wants to here it from you.

I'm Margaret Feinberg.

Let God be your best friend. I hope this helps, and God loves you girl. Praying for you!!!! Do you have a sense of how God is using your current circumstances to prepare you for a great calling? No but I do believe he is doing a work in me — to accomplish what, I do not know. What I do know is that this season has been painful, confusing, growing…. The past year just a nightmare and to open the new year thinking it was over and it was just starting. In me and my wife was having a very rough patch in our lives. It was to the point where I almost sought after child custody, but instead decided to go a different route and work things out.

Shortly after our debacle my mother was re-diagnosed with cancer and no greater fear than hearing that brought the most pain knowing that she might not be here to make it. Later in the year I find out I am having a son and the news was awesome, but just like clockwork another tragedy struck and that was that my mother was admitted to the hospital due to cancer attacking her brain and her skull protruding. I left my job to go down and visit with her as what I thought to be her power of attorney only to be denied by my mother and rejected by her.

I left the hospital even more disgruntled and in pain. I traveled back to my home in Colorado to just be even more welcomed by more tragedy. The company I managed store closed and I was laid off and now with little to no money, job searches coming up great but not providing an immediate solution being their commission based solely and time winding down; with no way to pay rent, lease is up next month, car note bill is coming and my son is due next month.

I just pray and continue to pray that God somehow will make a way out of no way. I have been looking for work and actively going out with little to no gas and so far time is against me. I am there…. Been on so many interviews and applied to more than I have and still do feel at times left out, unwanted and I look around and see others prosper — some in the worse way. I felt that God was leading me to let some things go and I did and I stopped doing somethings and it seems like my situation got worse….

I pray, pray, pray, study his word, etc. These past few years have been some of the toughest times in my life. Drug addict parents and no support system, the only thing that kept me going and motivated was my siblings and GOD took that away from me when I had sooo much faith!!!! Did God give up on me because I turned my back on him when my brother was tooken out of my life, is he not understanding of my pain and struggle On a daily? How do you keep faith when life has been dramatic from birth.

How do I forgive others for taking my family, or parents for letting go of there own children? Never questioned my faith before like I do now. How much do you have to go through till God gives you a break! Tashonda losing a love one can be very hard and be very sad and during the process of grieving you have a lot of emotions you must relinquish. Nothing wrong with that because God already knows this.

But God is not one that will just do bad things to us He is a loving God and He loved us so much that he gave us his only son. But God knew all these things would take place in your life including you your parents work the job you will have an even the life of your brother but he also knows that greatness is in you you just have to fulfill your purpose sometimes there is pain during the process of us being made whom he will have us to be. God just used them to get you here. Do the enemy make you fill like you made a mistake And the reason why I say this is because i was working on a job that I like for two years because it was paying my truck note and my pastor came to me and offered me to be his assistant at the church because I was only making 20 hours a week at Toysrus in a way i know God has great things for me so keep me in your prayers on the right decision.

He has allowed whats good in me to flourish for a reason. Im getting the sense that the lord is preparing me for his purpose.

I have had good and bad during this season but mainly restless not knowing if i am doing the right thing. I just keep waiting…. So take some time by yourself and just let go and talk to God like you would a friend and at the end of it tell Him that you give all your situations your in to Him and lay it down. You have to let His Will be done and not yours. Hope this helped! God bless! The last few years of my life has been hell. The worse of the worse could have took place.

Because my emotion are so deep and caring for others, they took advantage of me financially, sexually, and emotionally. I started to believe it was nothing but pure love. But it was lies, manipulation, deceitful, evil, cruel, jealousy, etc….. I did some research on his behavior and realized that he was a sociopath, psychopath, narcissistic scumbag.

Well both guys had the same tendencies to use other people. This last guy tried to destroy my marriage. One thing happened after another, good things…. I was slowly but surely getting him out of my life. The final straw was putting a restraining order on him.. So I am asking for prayers, please pray for me. After this happen to me I got baptized and surrendered my whole life to Christ. I pray everyday for reconcileition for my husband and I. Similar things happen to men too, it happened to me! The thing that concerns me is the woman I believe God has shown me has a similar issue, a grown child strongly influencing her and using her!

Sorry for venting! God bless you and prayers for you! I thank God for your testimony irene…. In , god gave me the strength to end a miserable relationship that I was in. It lasted for almost a year. Mark that I started to grow lonely. Then after about 9 mos. I met this guy on line…. I allowd him to use me up sooo bad that I ended up falling into serious debt. I almost lost everything…. This was my first experience with verbal abuse…Then once I was able to break away from that, this guy at my job had been watching me for several months and he finally approached me.

We dated for about 4 months. He was so good to me then all of the sudden, he started acting strange. I broke down crying at work in the bathroom. I began to ask the Lord to make me over!!! I asked him to use me for his glory. I want to be able to help other women who have been hurt like me. I want to be able to teach young women how to protect their precious jewels…. For Several years I have gone through financial hardships. I am always in bad dept from the bank and friends and work place. My wife is always sickly. I earn my salary and it is gone in repaying the dept have and even still carry forward more bad dept.

Recently I got a new job yet it is stressing that sometimes I feel I made a mistake. But one thing I have learn t is to to continue trusting in God for he is my fortress and my refuge. I know God is preparing me for greater things. My God give me the strength to move on and overcome. I know that God is at work in my life. I have been through so much pain, but I want to please Him in all I do.

I appreciate your thoughts and prayers. I agree Kevin. May God Bless you abundantly! Hey britt , just an update, from my opinion that signs came flashing down on me recent days and as ur a believer i shall share with my knowledge of thoughts i believe are my rights to help for the Glory of God. I finaly came to a conclusion on what those signs realy meant. All am certain of for now is to stay strong and prepare for anything. God will send you these clues just listin and be patient. Then spread it out when its time. Year of the whirlwind. I have been let down by God, and my heart and faith is shattered.

I really really hope someone can give some encouragement or even proof testimony of how Trusting God was even good. Since when did he care? My heart breaks. Jonathan, I understand how you must be feeling. God put me thru seasons that I had not planned on going thru because I had lived my life through my devotion to my marriage, church, children, profession and community.

I thought because I lived this way and Jesus was in my heart that bad things would not affect my life.. Bad things are going to happen in life period!!! This incident happened over 15 years ago. I love The Lord and he is my salvation. My life has completely changed. I have gone thru divorce, domestic violence, homelessness, isolation, sin…but when The Lord really has your heart that of which you gave him..

Depend on HIM, not You! He loves you. He wants to lead your life. I hear you Jonathon and my heart breaks for you. I think I was once a where you are now. Too scared to trust God with everything because he takes away more than he gives? With him we suffer more than we thrive? We lose in life more than we win? These used to be my beliefs of God.

Funnily enough, total surrender has actually come through much heartbreak, similar to what April has said. If God had not allowed me to get to that breaking point in my life, I would still have been a little too independent of God for his power to be seen in me. The immensity of how powerful he is and how extravagantly he loves us cannot be grasped by us or seen by others until we depend, surrender and trust — completely. Easy to say, hard to do, I know. He knows what he can accomplish in us and for us and he so longs for us to experience his incredible supernatural power every day of our lives.

And so God directs our steps in such a way that we finally get to a place of complete dependence on him, much like a drowning swimmer grabs on to their rescuer for dear life. Then you will find your rest. Then he can show you who he really is and the things he wants to do for you that you could never dream up yourself. But even so, I pray God will use these words speak to you. Julie, your post was written for Jonathon, but meant for myself and others as well. I call myself a newbie or infant in my relationship with the Lord.

It is so very confusing at times as I try to understand how this whole relationship thing works. Throughout my life most of the relationships I have had with friends, men and even family has caused me great heartache and to have a distrust of all relationships. So much so, that for the past almost twenty years the wall I built around my heart was solid. I just went through the motions each day going to work and living. Some times were harder than others with medical and financial issues.

I made it through those times with the help of family, of course, but also God. Not because I prayed, but because I had the prayers of other people in my life. Last year I met a young man through work. Certainly the last person I would ever think that would lead me to the Lord as I am almost 20 years his senior. But, that is exactly what he did. Talking about work led to more personal conversations and friendship and God. I now go to his bible study group and he is a dear friend. I have come to realize that God puts people in your life for a reason and if we can open ourselves up enough, we will see that.

I now have a handful of people that God has blessed me with to help me along in my journey. The hardest part of this whole journey is opening myself up enough and just trusting. Completely trusting and depending on and surrendering to Him. Giving God the control instead of myself.

I am still working on that part. My life is already better than it was six months ago. This is the first time I have visited this website. Reading your wonderful response to Jonathon really struck me and I knew it was meant for me as well. Thank you so very much for your words of love and support. I have never written a response to anything online before. Maybe what I have written will help someone else at some point.

May God bless you and keep you safe, bring the wisdom of his Word to those mentoring and being mentored, and that the knowledge that Jesus loves you is a totally awesome feeling! Thank you Julia.

Little Rich’s Questions: Humor to Help Our Faith Stay Healthy Little Rich’s Questions: Humor to Help Our Faith Stay Healthy
Little Rich’s Questions: Humor to Help Our Faith Stay Healthy Little Rich’s Questions: Humor to Help Our Faith Stay Healthy
Little Rich’s Questions: Humor to Help Our Faith Stay Healthy Little Rich’s Questions: Humor to Help Our Faith Stay Healthy
Little Rich’s Questions: Humor to Help Our Faith Stay Healthy Little Rich’s Questions: Humor to Help Our Faith Stay Healthy
Little Rich’s Questions: Humor to Help Our Faith Stay Healthy Little Rich’s Questions: Humor to Help Our Faith Stay Healthy

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