In the Arms of a Soldier (Soldier Series Book 3)

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Care packages were optional. Local saddler and horse trainer Riley Johnson knows that to get along in a small town, one simply has to make the best of what life hands out. Amy Chastain has made many enemies—none as ruthless as the insanely powerful New Ruling Order. When they killed her husband, it was hell. Then they targeted her children by injecting them with a dangerous, experimental isotope. Sadie Reed is ready to leave Chance Creek, the sooner the better.

Life of the Civil War Soldier in the Army

To get back in the good graces of his superior, he agrees to work with Sadie on a legacy project. Sadie thought she was done with love. Connor thought the only thing he would find in Chance Creek was work. Major Tyson Bradford and Lynay both need help with their families. Tyson needs help taking care of his ailing eighty-year-old Aunt and Lynay needs better insurance for asthmatic son. A mutual friend suggests a solution—a contract marriage. Desperate, Tyson and Lynay agree. Soon their fake marriage begins to feel real.

After multiple tours of duty, Brandon Forte returns to his hometown on a personal mission: to open a facility for military service dogs like Haydn, a German shepherd who has seen his share of combat and loss. Returning to his hometown also brings Brandon back to his ex-girlfriend, Sophie Kim. When Brandon enlisted and left without saying goodbye, Sophie did her best to move on. After high school, Wade enlisted in the army and left town. Elliot wrote Wade letter after letter after he left but he could never bring himself to read her letters. Seven years later Wade returns home to spend time with his ill father and runs into first love.

In the aftermath of their one-night stand, the two were called out on a mission that went terribly wrong.

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Former Military. Captain Jordan Malone is larger than life. A born leader, bound by duty, seduced by danger, and driven to distraction by the one woman who is too powerful to resist. Taryn Robinson is living in his house and homeschooling his children, which makes Aiden completely off-limits.

Taryn knows she and the strong, sexy SEAL can only be friends. Quinn has done the unthinkable: she kissed a guy who is not her boyfriend Carey. Being branded a cheater would be bad enough, but Quinn is deemed a traitor, and shunned by all of her friends. Lieutenant Thane Carter is professionally successful, but his love life stinks. Because of a little insubordination and disorderly conduct on her part, Gunnery Sergeant Jane Donovan is about to lose the one thing she values most—the family and life she has forged in the Marine Corps. Chase Russell has royally screwed up.

In the aftermath, Chase trades his lucrative Chicago practice for an Oregon ranch. When the Marine arrives, nursing a cranky hip and an even crankier disposition, Chase wants nothing to do with her. Flicka is on the run from her cheating, soon-to-be-ex—husband Prince Pierre and his Secret Service. The only thing standing between Flicka and the cheating prince is Dieter Schwarz, her bodyguard and ex-lover.

They will take any dirty covert operation for the right price. After her serial killer brother escapes, single mom Zoe Sullivan finds herself under suspicion. He certainly will not trust the pretty face of Zoe Sullivan, the suspect he is supposed to be monitoring. Linc has done everything to keep Zoe from getting under his skin. Now he must stop those who want to put her six feet under.

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Determined to build a secure future for her baby girl, single mother Georgia Williams takes a job as a night nurse at Jericho Military Hospital. Her precarious world shifts yet again when she meets her newest patient, Lieutenant Christian Howard. A marine who nearly died fighting for his country, Howard is a man of duty, honor, and deep desires.

Something about the scarred war hero touches Georgia, awakening feelings she has tried to keep hidden. When Ryan Beecher returns home after a long deployment overseas, Lexy barely recognizes her husband.

There are an array of enlisted jobs in the Army

The man who left Texas for Afghanistan was cruel and abusive. The man who comes back to her is a badly injured stranger with amnesia and no memory of their life together. The wounded marine is now gentle, caring and tender. Can Lexy trust this lover who seems to live only for her pleasure?

As the only surviving American soldier of a well-publicized hostage crisis, Ray McKenna is the center of attention at a time when all she wants is solitude. Struggling to overcome the fear and anxiety that plague her, she relies on her therapy dog Jagger to help her through the vicious symptoms of PTSD. Veterinarian Dr. Once back home in D. They were not without fear, panic and indecision. Still, we cannot help but look at their service with admiration and draw lessons and inspiration from their endurance, sacrifice and ideals.

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  4. Skip to main content. Civil War. Life of the Civil War Soldier in the Army. Drill Drill Drill. Sharon Denmark. Photography by James Salzano. Library of Congress. Join t Fight. Explore Soldier Life.

    In the Arms of a Soldier (Soldier, #3) by Makenna Jameison

    Life of the Civil War Soldier in Camp. Life of the Civil War Soldier in Battle. Honor Our Soldiers. The American Battlefield Trust and our members have saved more than 50, acres in 24 states! Save 42 Acres.

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    Donate Now. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jessica and Josh have always been best friends. But for the first time, they are both single when Josh comes home on leave. And Jessica noticed things that she never had before. This was a nicely done friends to lovers romance. Since it's a novella, the romance could've been fleshed out a bit more but I thought the author did a good job even though it takes place over only a few days.

    I mean, these two have known each other their whole lives, so no intsa-anything. This book was safe for me. They Jessica and Josh have always been best friends. They have both been in relationships over the years, but since they only viewed the other as a friend, there was no unrequited love or pining going on. Josh noticed his feelings first, but I got the impression that once he realized how he felt, he was celibate from them on.

    Of course it helps that he was deployed to Afghanistan. My favorite one so far. Shelves: contemp-romance , erotica , lendable-k , short-story , military-paramilitary , post-war , free-read. In the Arms of a Soldier is the third book in Ms. Jameison's Soldier series, but can easily be read as a stand alone. I absolutely loved it and can highly recommend it to those of you who enjoy friends-to-lovers stories. I only had one quibble: view spoiler [why is it that fictional characters often forget about importance of safe sex?

    I understand that it's up to the author, but it's also a big pet peeve of mine and often pulls me out of the scene.


    Good book. If you want a quick read this is definitely it. He returns home from a tour in the military and sparks fly between him his roommate, the beautiful ER doctor he's known since they were kids. They both fight it off until one night something terrible happens and then next thing you know Sparks fly, words are said and they both come to the realization how much they truly love one another. Sweet Romance Two life-long friends finally see each other for more than just friends after he returns from being deployed. This nice, sweet romance will leave you sighing with pleasure.

    Stand alone book 3 of 3 in the Soldiers series. A nice change that Jess is the one who gets round a bit while Josh is the one waiting and hoping. Interesting, enjoyable and quick at 66 pages short. Short and sweet. Short, sweet and hot.

    In the Arms of a Soldier (Soldier Series Book 3) In the Arms of a Soldier (Soldier Series Book 3)
    In the Arms of a Soldier (Soldier Series Book 3) In the Arms of a Soldier (Soldier Series Book 3)
    In the Arms of a Soldier (Soldier Series Book 3) In the Arms of a Soldier (Soldier Series Book 3)
    In the Arms of a Soldier (Soldier Series Book 3) In the Arms of a Soldier (Soldier Series Book 3)
    In the Arms of a Soldier (Soldier Series Book 3) In the Arms of a Soldier (Soldier Series Book 3)
    In the Arms of a Soldier (Soldier Series Book 3) In the Arms of a Soldier (Soldier Series Book 3)
    In the Arms of a Soldier (Soldier Series Book 3) In the Arms of a Soldier (Soldier Series Book 3)
    In the Arms of a Soldier (Soldier Series Book 3) In the Arms of a Soldier (Soldier Series Book 3)
    In the Arms of a Soldier (Soldier Series Book 3)

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