How Win Conflicts - Change to Grow

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1. Ground yourself.

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Dealing with Conflict

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Find a Solution. June 11, The Power of Constructive Conflict Learn how to encourage constructive conflict in your company's culture with this 6-step process, and you'll reap the benefits of powerful, business-building change. Try these six steps for encouraging constructive conflict at your company: 1. Photo: iStockphoto.

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Want to Dig Deeper? About the Author. Having the right technical skills is only half the battle of mastering your IT career. To be successful, you also need strong interpersonal skills that will help you better manage your career, and those around you. Here we offer some resources to help you grow personally and professionally.

Everywhere you turn, the potential for conflict exists. Conflict with ourselves Should I get up and exercise, or sleep in? Should I have this piece of dessert? That flight attendant was rude.

That's not my job! Why can't I go to the dance tonight? Conflict is neither good nor bad — it just is. And what it is is a word derived from the Latin word "conflictus" the act of striking together and is defined as:. No matter how you define conflict, the reality is that it's a part of life.

How To Win An Argument

What is important is that you recognise and deal with it appropriately. You can either let conflict or the potential for conflict drag you down or you can use it to lift you to new levels of performance. Understanding what conflict is and why it exists helps shape your response.

Conflict generally results from poor communications, disruptions in routines, unclear goals or expectations, the quest for power, ego massage, differences in value systems, or hidden agendas. It finds its expression in rude, discourteous and sometimes hostile behaviour; selfishness; strident and defensive language; lack of respect; and increased stress.

So now that you see what it looks like, what do you do with it when it occurs? The following are some guidelines that will help you deal with conflict:. When lightning strikes, lightning rods take the electrical current and run it harmlessly to the ground. So, too, can you take the jolts and divert them harmlessly away if you have a well-constructed foundation of core values that you adhere to. Having designed a personal mission statement that clearly articulates who you are and where you are going will help provide guidance and direction before the conflict even occurs.

Win/win/win, Using Conflict Management to Reduce Workplace Tension

The old country song says it best, "If you don't stand for something, then you'll fall for anything. Be in touch with who you are. Part of handling conflict is to be aware of your own personal strengths and weaknesses, your beliefs and perceptions and how they shape your response. For instance, if you perpetually run behind and you've got an important date, leave a little earlier than normal so that if you encounter traffic, you won't lose your cool and overreact. Build "fluff" into schedules. Likewise, set realistic deadlines for yourself and others.

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Recognise that when you're dealing with people, not everyone will live up to your expectations all the time. Reframe the stressful situation to keep your composure. Instead of overreacting when someone cuts you off on your morning commute, look for opportunities to be "nice" and let someone cut in front of you. Don't sink to their level. When you lie down with dogs, you get fleas.

If you expect good things to happen, they will. Conversely, if you expect bad things to happen, you better believe you won't be disappointed. Your attitude will govern your response.

The Power of Constructive Conflict

Learn to laugh — harder and more frequently. Remember how hysterically upset some people can get and how comical it is. Don't let your boorish behaviour provide comic relief for someone else. Laugh it off. When conflict happens, set goals for how to resolve it. What would happen if we don't fix this? What would a successful resolution look like? Look for common ground. Keep focused on a positive, solution-based outcome.

How Win Conflicts - Change to Grow How Win Conflicts - Change to Grow
How Win Conflicts - Change to Grow How Win Conflicts - Change to Grow
How Win Conflicts - Change to Grow How Win Conflicts - Change to Grow
How Win Conflicts - Change to Grow How Win Conflicts - Change to Grow
How Win Conflicts - Change to Grow How Win Conflicts - Change to Grow
How Win Conflicts - Change to Grow How Win Conflicts - Change to Grow
How Win Conflicts - Change to Grow How Win Conflicts - Change to Grow

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