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And yes, this is coming from a blitzaholic. Great article. I enjoy Blitz Chess occasionally, but always play very poorly and, to be specific, never seem to enjoy my wins as much as with standard time controls. I appreciated this article because I seem to be the only one who still favors playing standard chess over a few blitz games a day.

And I also like the conclusion that blitz chess really, if you separate the two, has very little effect on your standard chess — as it really only improves your ability to think fast, not think well. I also know at least one player who plays great blitz chess but fails in long time chess. For this player blitz chess may be harmful.

How can you improve your chess?

However, not all chess players are the same. I always think excessively in long time chess games and often get into time trouble. For me it was never a problem that I made moves too quickly in long time games, just the opposite. I do not get seduced to make quick moves in serious games just because I play blitz chess. To the contrary, I believe that my ridiculous inability in Blitz chess is a major obstacle for my chess improvement.

I have made Israeli rating points in the last 4 years, recently crossing the line. In order to break the barrier in real chess, I am sure that I have to get better in blitz chess.

However, improving in blitz chess is much more difficult than getting better in long time chess. While systematic training efforts can make an improvement in long time chess almost a sure thing, I have no idea how to get better in blitz chess. The standard answer, namely solving tactics puzzles, I did a lot in the last 4 years, but it did not help my blitz chess at all. This implies that William spent most of his time playing fast blitz games. Those skills mentioned that are not exercised in blitz games e.

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Yes, blitz is bad if you play it too much, but the skills it does teach should not be overlooked. Only then you can take advantage of the synergy of these two different games where one will aid the other. Also, from my own experience, solving many tactical puzzles does in fact greatly improve your blitz game. The patterns in tactical puzzles will eventually become recognizable immediately in your blitz games and you will not have to waste seconds thinking about it. If you want to improve at tactics, study specific exercises and training programs.

Honestly I think the only practical thing that blitz is good for, is testing out new opening preparation and reinforcing rapid tactical vision. It also helps to be a strong blitz player when you get into time trouble, but realistically that should not be happening frequently.

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Also, many besides yourself report that improvement in the long game is reflected in your blitz performance. It would be nice to have a twins study where one of the twins only studies blitz, while the other only long game, then maybe a third twin studies both formats in some arbitrary ratio. There are a lot of variables to consider that may or may not be obvious. How the course works and how it can benefit you.

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First you sign on as a gym member under our full no quibble money back guarantee. Immediately you can then start the course which comes in 52 workouts four workouts a month designed to help all players fulfil their potential as chess players and play winning chess. However, if you want to do your monthly work-outs faster or slower This means more than just playing lots of chess.

Because it is quite possible to play non-stop chess and not improve by one iota. You really need to back it up with regular exercises, particularly ones which develop your tactical ability. Then and only then can you begin to hope for rapid and sustainable growth as a chess player. The problem about regular training is one of discipline. You'd normally need a coach providing you can find one that suits you and probably could spend s of dollars without any guarantee of significant improvement.

That's without buying books and all the rest of it. So here's the thing I believe that if you never bought a book or watched a cd, in fact did nothing but go to the gym. And what will this cost you? Think about it. However, should you want a personal trainer to mentor you, then we will have a top player available to help you at an additional but very good value for money cost.

You will first have to complete three lessons so our personal trainer division can assess your needs. Standards vary greatly, and you can waste a great deal of time and money.

Improve Your Chess!

The Improve Your Chess Personal Trainer Programme for gym members ensures you get a fully qualified trainer operating to our approved standard. So how confident are we that the course will work for you? We are very confident you will gain in strength through every facet of the game including: Tactics: The ability to finish off your opponent in a few devastating moves. Strategy: The ability to size up a situation and find the best move.

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Opening Play: The ability to get your opponent into trouble early on in the game.. Middle Game: The ability to leave your opponent in such a hopeless, helpless position that he is forced to resign well before the natural end of the game.. End Game: Being superior in the last lap by knowing just what to do when there are few pieces left on the board Indeed we are so confident, of your success that we offer the following Unequivocal Guarantee If you do not feel after completing the course that it has helped you for whatever reason then we will send every cent of your subscription back.

The ability to improve your chess rapidly and save a great deal of money in the process. A full, no quibble money-back guarantee.

Two incredible bonuses that will enhance your learning experience. Exclusive personal, one-to-one access to some of the top chess trainers in the world. I believe this is one of the most effective ways of you improving your chess How can you improve your chess? Created by: Crazychessplaya. Related Quizzes: Which chess piece are you by Zero What chess piece are you? Mercer Which chess champion are you?

Are you a true patrician? We're Testing!

How Good is Your Chess How Good is Your Chess
How Good is Your Chess How Good is Your Chess
How Good is Your Chess How Good is Your Chess
How Good is Your Chess How Good is Your Chess
How Good is Your Chess How Good is Your Chess

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