An Uncommon Faith: The story of missionary Jan Moses and her journey with cancer

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The case is Hobby Lobby v. NET 3. The UN reported that more than 1. Minorities also fear that if the current Syrian regime stays in power and they have to return, the government will view them as disloyal for having fled. Since many religious minorities in rural areas cannot or do not register, they are left out. Iraq, Turkey and Jordan either have closed their borders or limited the daily intake of refugees.

Southern Baptist archaeology professors In the foreground are the ancient walls of cautioned against Khirbet Qeiyafa, in the distance, just right of center, is a low, brown mound identified as concluding the remains the biblical city of Socoh. Near this location, the armies of Israelites and Philistines witnessed the depart of the Old Testament feat of Goliath by David.

Photo by Gary D. While one main structure was identified as the palace, a corresponding structure is believed to have been a large storage facility for collecting taxes in the form of agricultural products. The site, known in modern day as Khirbet Qeiyafa, likely was destroyed in battle against the Philistines in B. Evidence that the city came to an end in a sudden destruction, The Post said, includes hundreds of pottery vessels, stone utensils and metal objects left on the floors of houses.

Steven Ortiz, associate professor of archeology and biblical backgrounds and director of the Charles D. Tandy Institute for Archaeology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, attended a celebration ceremony at the unveiling of the supposed palace site. Garfinkel might be overstating the large building. It is indeed a very large building sitting on the acropolis, perfect for a public building. It is best to state that Khirbet Qeiyafa was perhaps a city under the hegemony of the developing Davidic monarchy.

As the governor signed the bill, abortion-rights activists continued their month-long protests with demonstrations in the Capitol rotunda. Under HB 2, abortion facilities must meet the same standards as. Dewhurst emphasized failure to meet those standards would not force the closure of health care centers, only abortion facilities.

The clinics have until Sept. The rest of the legislation goes into effect 91 days after the close of the session, about mid-October.

See a Problem?

NET 5. Authors of the omnibus bills in the House and Senate, Rep. Jodi Laubenberg, R-Murphy, and Sen. Hegar concurred. The entire process weighed heavy on his heart, mind and soul. For several hours he stood on the Senate floor July 12 defending HB 2 against questions from Democrat lawmakers opposed to the measure. Hegar authored Senate Bill 1, the identical companion bill to HB 2. The bill passed the Senate on party lines, , with one pro-life Democrat, Eddie Lucio of Brownsville, voting for it. The legislation is a compilation of bills proposed in the regular session of the 83rd Legislature that ended in May.

HB 2 will also require abortion doctors to be present when any abortion-inducing drug, including RU, is administered. Texas is the latest state to enact strict abortion regulations, despite efforts by abortion-rights activists to shut down or slow the legislative process. Their large and loud demonstrations at the State Capitol in recent weeks punctuated the debate but their efforts were countered by an influx of pro-life supporters days before the final vote.

Pro-choice senators proposed 20 amendments without success and stated their strong disagreement with the bill in closing arguments. During debate, occasional outbursts from pro-choice activists in the Senate gallery could be heard, but the rules of decorum were strictly enforced and violators were quickly escorted from the chamber. Both sides invoked God as a source for their guiding principles during debate. Judith Zaffirini, D-Laredo, said she was pro-life and. She said she supported the week ban on abortion but not the other requirements. The other provisions, she and other Democrats argued, restrict access to health care for poor women.

John Whitmire, D-Houston, rebuked Sen. But Lucio called out his peers. Other pro-life senators said science supports their arguments for the week ban and their faith compelled them to treat all life with dignity. Pro-life and conservative organizations, whose absence from the Capitol had grown increasingly conspicuous in contrast to the prochoice demonstrations, rallied to the Capitol on July 8 in a show of support for the legislation.

Many stayed through the final passage on July The sprawling pro-life crowd, mostly dressed in blue to signify their pro-life stance, was packed in tightly towards the south steps of the Capitol, where former Arkansas governor and GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee headlined a group of pro-life activists, politicians and pastors. The rally went an hour and a half, ending around p. After the closing prayer, led by Jim Richards, executive director of the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, many in the crowd headed for nearby buses while others spread out around the Capitol grounds to fellowship or just take in the moment.

A smaller group gathered closer to the Capitol steps to hear the praise band from Bannockburn Baptist Church in Austin. Some bystanders raised hands in praise or dropped their heads in worship. Joseph Bolin thought this might happen. He had even planned for it. But the band played on according to plan. The pro-lifers sang louder, hands raised in worship. There was a lot of hatred that seemed to be spewing from the pro-choice group. NET 7. In turn, the pro-choicers shouted in vain to drown out the Bannockburn band.

Still, Bolin and his band played, fighting through the tense moments with a redeeming message. Out of the orange sea a cart appeared, wired with a range of colored lights and its own reverberating speakers and thumping bass. The sideshow was on. For a few moments, the flashing cart became the grand marshal for an impromptu parade of pro-choice demonstrators who were forming behind it.

Several weeks before, Lt. Dewhurst spoke directly to the pro-choice activists who were shouting out occasional taunts. Their attempts to drown out the singing with shouts and chants failed. Not the state. Women must decide our fate! The signs also declared their defiance. Others were obviously meant to shock the crowd, including many that were sexually explicit or otherwise obscene. The DPS troopers, whose presence at the Capitol was multiplied during the second special legislative session, urged the praise team to leave as quickly as possible. Shane Pruitt, pastor of C3 Church in Rowlett, speaks during a camp worship service.

Throughout two weeks of M3 Camp and Youth Week at Palacios, students made professions of faith and dozens more made other significant spiritual decisions. Some credited an ongoing prayer effort during both weeks of M3 with the results that followed. Students and adults took turns offering continuous prayer for all those at the camp, including the camp staff, by name. Wagoner said students who struggled with issues such as suicidal thoughts and depression sought intercessory prayer in the tent as well. During week one and week two, students also read the entire New Testament aloud, ending in what Wagoner described as a moving moment as students read the final verses in Revelation.

Jeremy McNair, youth pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Fort Worth, agreed that the prayer room played an important role for the 30 students from Cornerstone. He said through the week, his students had been praying for one student in their group who had been raised in Africa as a Muslim. He had recently come to the United States to live with family but had not shown interest in knowing or following Christ. Nearly 1, students attended one of the three weeks offered during two weeks of M3 Camp and one week at Palacios.

Youth Week at Palacios, a camp organized by the language ministries department, aims to provide a quality camp experience to Hispanic churches, though it draws a few non-Hispanic church groups as well. M3 Camps The larger of the two camps, M3 saw salvation decisions. Moses, a Texas native with a degree from Texas Christian University, and Jan, a Virginia native and a graduate of the University of Virginia, shared a common desire to serve the Lord through missions.

He spent a year as a missionary volunteer on the southern Philippine island of Mindanao after his first year of seminary, which only confirmed his calling. God gave Jan a vision for overseas ministry while working for the U. Fish and Wildlife Service in central Georgia following graduation from college as she gave tours to the visiting public, many of whom were internationals. We never felt it was a sacrifice. During their first four terms the couple served in Roxas City and Iloilo on the Philippine island of Panay, and Sara, Hannah, Martha and Jonathan were added to their family.

Despite the heat and humidity, the noisy and crowded streets and the inconvenience of losing electricity, the Moses family was excited to serve where God was at work. As Mark and Jan recovered from surgery, each faced the reality that their cancer could return. But a movie or series? His feelings about the Starck Club are now profoundly mixed.

The club boomed from to Its name became synonymous with high-tone debauchery. Drugs eventually became a big part of that. Not for everyone in the club, but for too many. Hassles with drug agents became common. He launched a new venture as an international music promoter — particularly of Russian rock bands, believe it or not.

But that never amounted to much. Along the way, he began to explore the spiritual. Among the changes was that the family business he had haughtily rejected in his 20s seemed dear to him as a man in his 40s. That business is Vent-a-Hood Inc. Today, he and his four brothers all work in the business, which has flourished as part of the trend toward high-end kitchen appliances. Other changes followed. Woodall said part of the success of the Starck Club was that no one was too different, too outside the norm to be welcomed.

Now, even with discomfort about what a movie or TV series might show, Woodall has embraced his past. She had never left her village and grew up in a very conservative culture and strict religious environment. The conditions for life were very difficult. They had no running water, no bathrooms.

One day a mudslide came down on the village. Most of the houses were damaged. Survivors were moved by the government to another place. She did not know what to do and where to turn for help. Our team came to the place and did an outreach there. She was one of the invited people. She heard that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, that he came to give hope and salvation for people. She was taught all her life that only her religion is true and that she should not turn to any other worship.

But for some reason she decided to ask Jesus to help her in her heart. The situation started to change. At first she thought that it was an accident. But eventually she understood that it is Jesus who helps. She started to read New Testament, but it was too difficult to understand. She asked for more explanations, then we gave her the More than a Carpenter book. She shared that at first she thought that she could keep her old religion and also believe in Jesus.

But through reading the More Than a Carpenter she understood that Jesus is the only way to God, and why He had to pay with His life for our sins. He studied it for a long time and he was surprised by the facts in the book that led to the conclusion that Christ is the only Savior.

He realized that the true way to salvation is through Jesus. He wants to meet Josh McDowell in person and thank him for the work he has done to help others to come to know the truth. I have two teenage sons. They are great boys but they are going through the typical stuff that teenagers have to face.

This conversation led me to Google and through a search for teenage devotionals, I was led to this site. I shared your site with my Facebook friends and I also started following you on Instagram. But I want you to know that Mr. I reached out to him and we have started over again. As a high school English literature teacher, my goal reached far beyond explaining the motives of classic authors or the rigors of rhetorical strategy. And apparently it had. Rightly so. I thanked James for confiding in me and I praised God for His relentless capacity for reconciling fragmented people.

And James? Well, his father would die suddenly and unexpectedly not long after they had repaired their relationship. It is a salve for those who stand in the wings waiting for the courage to do the same. You can hear it from his own mouth:. This award-winning DVD is a story of hope, forgiveness and abundant grace. I had no idea what he had been through as a child. He had a drunken father that constantly beat his mother, a sister who committed suicide and a male helper at the farm house they had who sexually abused him for about 7 years.

He was so angry. Long story short, he came came to know Christ while trying to disprove Christianity and then led his Dad to the Lord whom died 14 months after receiving Christ. I have felt a sort of depression come over me and that scares me.

Cancer - Christian Counseling Resources at SoulCare Resources

This always happens when I start recovery. One thing he said in the movie was that he felt like he had nothing to offer God other than a string of failures. But then he said that he learned that there is a power in weakness and that is also my hope. He said in the movie that he stopped crying as a boy because it did no good to cry. I totally understand that and think that is a huge reason why it is so hard to connect with my feelings. When he set out to disprove Christianity, he said that he learned that rejection of the Bible was based more on emotions than intellect.

As I was watching the movie, after Josh went to let the man who had sexual abused him know that he had forgiven him, I caught myself immediately picking at my skin. He said that he had a hard time believing in a loving God because while growing up, he only knew hurt from a father and abuse at the hands of another man. Just like me! I would like to share a story that goes back 30 years to when you visited our city to spend a week of teaching and ministry in Newcastle England. I was a student then and my memories of that week are still clear in my mind. The teaching you gave us is still with me too, and I wanted to get in touch to say thank you for impacting my life in such a profound way and to share with you just a couple of the many things I learnt from you back then.

On the Sunday morning you taught on Phil 4: —which are verses that have been permanently imprinted in my memory ever since. The other major area of teaching that has stayed with me was the very challenging area of interpersonal relationships—how to get along with each other.

Changed Life Stories -

It is sad that there is such a great need among Christians to learn to handle differences without hurting each other. However, I believe that God plans to use me to bring people together who are at odds and your teaching provides me with the material with which to do that. This tells me that there was a strong anointing on what I heard and it was God speaking through you to me.

May God continue to use you in the lives of people so that your words are still bearing fruit in another thirty years time. I have bought many and given them away and I am still doing so. My mother was a public school teacher and I told her about the book. My mother is now 89 and she saw one of her former aides in the post office. He greeted her and asked if she remembered him. I cried because I was able to share in that joy, because I had recommended it. I wanted you to share in that joy, also. The purpose of our center is to communicate in a very simple way through games that science—specifically physics and chemistry—could be interesting.

There are nine guides working with me.

Changed Life Stories

All of them are young people, mostly university students. This job is a source of extra income for them. From the very first day, the Lord allowed me to share with these guides about God. Because they have a specific work schedule, I have a chance to talk to everyone of them individually. I also meet with them as a group. We discuss various topics. He told the story of Moses, Pharaoh and the 10 plagues. I decided to find out how much of this story he actually knew. It turned out that he did not know anything. I had a chance to share with the guides about the Old Testament Passover.

Since then, every shift, we talk about God. Many topics. Many questions. Not every question has an answer. But it is a great opportunity for me to develop myself and try to answer questions. Another interesting story, one of the guides invited his girlfriend to attend a chemistry show that he was teaching. Both of us did what we promised. I always say that for me and for Christians, this is an authority.

Out of 9 people, 8 agreed to receive them. I have had a chance to talk more with 7 of them. I am praying for the Lord to bless them and to give them a desire to start reading His Word so that they can receive the most important gift in their lives — salvation. How can we thank you for your faithful service to our Lord Jesus?

Your little paperback book, More than a Carpenter was instrumental in bringing my dear brother back to Christ after he wandered into the New Age movement and Occult. After he watched the movie Jesus provided by Campus Crusade, the Holy Spirit showed my brother the truth of who Jesus was.

Next he read your book, More than a Carpenter. We burned all his occult books. Tim produced music for the Glory of God, by playing the harp, guitar, violin, flute, and synthesizer. Tim passed suddenly of a massive heart attack while on a hike 5 years ago. He passed on to heaven with a smile on his face.

We miss dear Tim so much he was 11 months older than me and we seemed more like twins but we know we will see him again one day in our heavenly home with our Heavenly Father. Dearest Josh, he will be one of thousands waiting in the greeting line for you in Heaven — Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for speaking tonight to us here at this fundraiser for the Mission. You see, I was homeless once living in my VW bus, so I know hopelessness—homelessness. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love you as any brother in Christ. The Word has healed me also, I was a survivor of sex abuse at age 5 years old.

What proof in the bible did we have that made what we believe different? I remember sitting with Jay Strack in the sound booth and talking with him about various things in ministry and my hopes of a lifelong future in ministry. Flash forward through 4 years of hell after that. Losing over half of my immediate family, having to drop out of bible college and go to therapy for clinical depression.

I left ministry, and began partying again, aggressively abusing alcohol and various other things to feel numb to the pain I felt—that my life was a mistake. I had wasted my youth for a Faith that did nothing but use and abuse me and felt that Jesus himself lied to me. Had abandoned me in my depression, anxiety, suicidal condition and substance abuse to die. A 21 year old bible college student who just wanted to serve the lord and know his purpose. I sit here two years from the day I walked away from ministry, and I am a stronger man because of it.

I opened it up and I felt a connection take place in my soul when I read these words. It is a rock solid truth. And I guarantee that when you come to terms with that truth, you will be on the threshold of finding the answer to those three questions: Who am I? What is my purpose? What is my Destiny? One night, as a senior at a Christian school who was having his ear beaten by an atheist student Yes, there was an atheist student attending the Christian high school. When I asked what was wrong, he told me he was really struggling with his faith.

We told him that God was interested in relationship with Him and was not put off by his questions but welcomes them as it offers Him a chance to reveal Himself to him. We encouraged him that this was a good, healthy, and necessary process for Christians to go through so their faith becomes their own. Just afterward I got a letter from a previous girlfriend, who shared how horrible her life was going.

I wrote back saying. The tapes were cassettes recorded at the seminars by non-professionals and were of poor quality, probably having been recorded through several generations of recording. But those tapes spoke life to me and gave me confidence in the scriptures. When Christmas came, my former girlfriend and I got together, and I told her how I had come into faith in Jesus.

I had no training in evangelism and really did not have a clear understanding of the gospel. However, I had three cassette tapes on prophecy! Not having any idea how to lead her to the Lord, I just took her home. I was wise enough to get in touch with some Christians at her college, Iowa State University, and they were able to lead her into a commitment to Christ.

Marianne Williamson: On Consciousness, Spirituality, and Politics in America

Cru has smartphone apps to help you connect the people you care about to God. Each app is unique so no matter the person or situation, one of these apps will help you share the love of Jesus anywhere you have your phone! The God Tools app provides a clear, concise and easy way to present the gospel and offers the opportunity to receive Christ in over 45 languages. Learn More. I was feeling so sad and worthless and alone and my intention was to jump over the railing and end my life.

So I knew I needed to come up with another plan. This time, I decided to throw one of my legs over the railing and straddle it and just tip over at the count of three. I began counting: 1. I began shaking. So I got down from the railing and made God a deal.

The next morning I was walking back to my dorm in a fog when I saw a large group of about students gathered around a man preaching on our campus it turns out it was Josh McDowell. I had to get past them and I was at the back of the crowd making my way around. He then told me that God had just given him a message for me and that if I would wait a few minutes with his assistant he pointed to a lady standing near him , when he was done, he would tell me what that message was. Of course, I was curious so I agreed.

I started crying. Then Josh asked me if I knew Jesus. I was raised Catholic and was very confused. Then he asked if Jesus was my Lord and Savior. The next day I met with his assistant in the cafeteria and she answered my questions. Finally I told her I wanted to become a Christian and she asked if she could pray for me. I thought she meant she would go home and pray for me, but she put her hand on my head and asked me to repeat after her.

I confessed that I was a sinner and thanked Jesus for dying on the cross so that I could have eternal life and I invited Him into my heart to be my Lord and Savior. The day I accepted Christ, I was walking back to my dorm and it suddenly struck me that God wanted me to become a teacher. After that, she connected me to a Christian group Campus Crusade for Christ on campus that helped me grow in my faith. He knew nothing about my suicide attempt, etc.

Well, I found out there would be an intermission so I came to our theater early and sat in the front row so I could make a beeline for him as soon as intermission came. I had also heard he was leaving abruptly after the show. He told me that the message God had given him for me was so powerful that he had never forgotten it. I let him know that it had saved my life. That I had been planning on committing suicide that night and that message stopped me. I added that as a result, I had also become a teacher and that I was a teacher there at the school and for over 26 years had impacted hundreds of lives.

I asked him if I could give him a hug and he allowed me to give him a little sideways hug. Everyone else standing there listening was awed by the encounter. I just want to say that your book Undaunted really helped me to move on in my life. I already forgave my parents for what they did to me. We are passionate about equipping others to multiply disciples until the whole world knows that the Christian faith is reliable, relational and relevant to their lives.

The Ministry serves students, parents, leaders, churches, and virtual movements through the production of innovative events and cutting-edge ministry resources in the heart languages of people everywhere. Please give a generous gift today. Bare Facts. Daily Devotions. Definition of Love. Know God. I have been wanting to thank Josh personally for years for his part in helping me receive Jesus. I started my journey with Jesus when I was born again in May I was just finishing up college and worked in a pizza parlor to help pay for my expenses.

An Uncommon Faith: The story of missionary Jan Moses and her journey with cancer An Uncommon Faith: The story of missionary Jan Moses and her journey with cancer
An Uncommon Faith: The story of missionary Jan Moses and her journey with cancer An Uncommon Faith: The story of missionary Jan Moses and her journey with cancer
An Uncommon Faith: The story of missionary Jan Moses and her journey with cancer An Uncommon Faith: The story of missionary Jan Moses and her journey with cancer
An Uncommon Faith: The story of missionary Jan Moses and her journey with cancer An Uncommon Faith: The story of missionary Jan Moses and her journey with cancer
An Uncommon Faith: The story of missionary Jan Moses and her journey with cancer An Uncommon Faith: The story of missionary Jan Moses and her journey with cancer
An Uncommon Faith: The story of missionary Jan Moses and her journey with cancer An Uncommon Faith: The story of missionary Jan Moses and her journey with cancer

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