7 Principios para el Exito Financiero (Spanish Edition)

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I realized my mission is to do my part in helping other Latinos achieve their dreams of securing a better future for their families, growing their entrepreneurial businesses and controlling their own destinies. As a Mexican immigrant who came to the US in pursuit of my own American dream I know well how inspiration, mentorship and business advice from successful role models can go a long way to empower thousands of Latinos in the US and beyond!

It's time to start listening!

Please join me in this great journey, keep the Fire in your belly burning and Logra Tu Dream!! This is a big deal as being featured in these rankings allow us to reach thousands more people. Thank you!!! Video :. Thank you for your support as I have been honored to be included in the Emprende. I talked about Logra Tu Dream, my story and my views of life and success.

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Hope you enjoy it! Name: Email:. His better half is Jacqueline Carly. He has two children and a loving pair of parents, as well. Lizza Monet Morales is a rising actress who has already made a name for herself as a bilingual reporter and brand ambassador. Lizza is a dedicated artist who enjoys storytelling on stage, in film and on television. Last year, she was chosen to speak alongside politician Wendy Gruel and eyebrow queen Anastasia Sore to the graduates of a domestic violence survival program. A natural born connector, nothing brings Lizza greater pleasure than championing on the efforts of other entrepreneurs and being a resource to colleagues and mentor to the next generation.

When not working, you can catch Lizza either, speaking Japanese, salsa dancing, traveling, volunteering, tinkering with a new gadget or tweeting and blogging about her latest adventure. Luis O. Before migrating to the United States from his native Colombia in the early s, De la Hoz was involved in the hospitality industry. De la Hoz is also a member of BNI International Hawks Chapter, a group of professionals working together to build business and referrals, where he won the Notable Networker Award in and in recognition of outstanding team performance, referrals, visitors and closed business, and the Notable Networker Award in He also writes and manages his own blog Latino Small Business Owners where he provides useful information in English and Spanish for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Fue criado por una madre soltera en Guadalajara, Jalisco y aprendio a temprana edad que si no cocinaba no comia. Abrio su primer restaurant a la edad de 16 y desde entonces se ha distinguido por su talento empresarial y culinario. Emigro a los EU donde continuo su carrera de empresario y chef abriendo varios restaurantes exitosamente. Komal Dadlani es una joven emprendedora Chilena co-fundadora y Directora Ejecutiva de Lab4U un startup que esta convirtiendo smartphones y tabletas en laboratorios moviles que proveen soluciones de bajo costo para la educacion cientifica.

Ella es ingeniera Bioquimica y candidata a la maestria en Ciencias de la Universidad de Chile. Jackie Camacho es nuestra primera invitada que viene por segunda vez a nuestro podcast. La invite al podcast para que nos cuente del lanzamiento de su nuevo libro "Doscientos consejos poderosos para alcanzar el exito en los negocios" un libro que les va a ayudar mucho a todos aquellos buscando el exito empresarial.

In addition to these sister companies, Manny is a large shareholder in the Being Latino platform. Manny is an accomplished entrepreneur and award-winning, public relations professional with extensive experience in Hispanic public relations. She wants to help others understand how simple it can be with a little planning and preparation. As an art school dropout and self-made "Creative Strategist," Raymmar has a realistic but positive outlook on the future of America.

This, along with his ability to understand and solve complex problems, makes him a wrecking ball of awesomeness capable of breaking through political, ideological and sociological barriers. Lo que aprenderas. She then continued her strategy work at Sephora, in a Business Development and Strategy role. She is now working with a health and wellness startup focused on the Hispanic community and is a trained and certified Leadership coach. Sonia is a believer that technology can be used to transform the way our personal brand and leadership style is delivered.

With 17 years in the industry and a career that includes operational and business positions at Fortune companies, Sonia knows that applying the same principles of business marketing to our leadership development and personal branding coupled with technology is just the beginning. Sonia speaks at conferences across a wide range of industries and teaches workshops on how to apply technology, social media tools and leadership models to encourage and empower individuals to excel in their businesses as well as in their professional careers while boosting their personal brand.

Sonia recently started S. A Latina focused accelerator for mobile platforms. This unique program is for U. She is President of the Latino Startup Alliance, where she is working to make tech entrepreneurship a priority in the Latino community. She has spent over 10 years working with the Latino community in the tech, arts, humanities, non-profit, and social justice fields. Asking big questions is her passion, and she is committed to bringing that passion to large audiences.

Yes, Deldelp is an unusual name. The daughter of painter Delfina Bernal and Alvaro Medina. Her name is in tribute to her mother. It is pronounced Deldel. Her family is originally from Barranquilla, Colombia. She has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area since the age of eight. She is fluent in Spanish and French as well as English.

Logra Tu Dream: Helping Latinos Achieve Their American Dream (general)

Strongly influenced by graffiti and break dancing, he has incorporated that urban lifestyle in his works. Having a mindset on living life to the fullest. What you'll learn How he was able to tur his love of art into a successful car. He previously worked in global investment banking at J. Morgan and then in global private equity at Pegasus. While in finance, he implemented strategies alongside CEOs of Fortune companies as well as startups.

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He emigrated to the U. Air Force R. C, six years as an aircraft mechanic and flew a Cessna. Edrizio is the founder and CEO of Regalii a company that makes sending money to your loved ones in Latin America much easier, cheaper and faster. Robert Renteria is a successful businessman turned author of From the Barrio to the Board Room, who is using his memoir with youth across America to replace violence, delinquency, gangs and drugs with education, pride, accomplishment, and self esteem.

Renteria came from humble beginnings, growing up in an impoverished East L. In Mr. Renteria is the first Latino in the world to ever receive two National Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And in Mr. Be Smart. Be Sexy Tiene tiene un historial muy exitos en el mundo corporativo tambien. Fue nombrada entre las mentes mas innovadores en el mundo en el y gano cuatro EIKON awards por excelencia en marketing y dos EFI awards en inteligencia de marketing. In this my second solo episode I talk about the huge potential that lies in the Latino market in the US and why Latino entrepreneurs have a fantastic opportunity to capitalize on it to build wealth and achieve their American Dream.

By the time Ruben was 23, he was a millionaire; and by 27 he had lost it all.

7 Reglas Del Dinero Alejandro Saracho

Tayde Aburto is a social entrepreneur and Internet marketing strategist with more than 13 years of extensive work experience in both the public and private sectors. Tayde holds a Bachelor's in Economics and a Master's in Marketing. Tayde stands for ethical business practices, relationship marketing, innovation and projects that help to make a change. Considering Launching a Podcast? To date he has interviewed over inspiring Entrepreneurs. John is an incredibly generous person and all around great guy that has ignited an entrepreneurial wildfire inspiring millions to take action and make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality!

Gianpaolo Pietri is an architect, journalist, entrepreneur, coder, producer and writer. He is a communicator. Beyond artistry or creativity is the need to communicate the true nature of basic human emotions. Essentially, Gianpaolo uses a range of media to communicate , to share his ideas about the World and how it is evolving. There is a common thread visible throughout all of his projects. He seeks to answer the question: How shall we live? He sees his work on this project as a clear extension, and evolution, of his architecture work.

The project is being produced by Eva Longoria and recently became the most funded Latino led project on Kickstarter. He started his podcast in August and since then has done over episodes, with over k downloads and has made over six figures in just 7 months. Mike Kawula helps business owners Master being a Self Employed King and shows businesses winning systems for double digit sales growth.

Mike grew both his local service franchise and his online office supply company to several million dollars ranking the th fastest growing company in the U. After having success both online and offline in several businesses, Mike now helps other businesses develop Winning Systems for rapid growth!

Mike is an avid Entrepreneur and most importantly a loving Husband to his wife Laurie and a father to 3 amazing future Entrepreneurs! He was a moderator on a panel about Startups in Mexico at South by Southwest Interactive, and he gave a virtual presentation about Content Marketing for the Lander Academy. He was a guest columnist for Nearshore Americas, the Austin chapter of the American Marketing Association, and currently writes at Emprende.

In this episode you'll learn how to use content marketing to grow your business. In this episode you'll learn how Jesse is helping create Latino Startup succcess stories and role models. She also advises business owners and entrepreneurs on capital structuring of their privately held companies, company equity raises, partnership structures and legal entity formation.

Haydee actively coaches business executives of fast growth companies regarding strategic planning, corporate finance and partnership opportunities. Toby Salgado is a Latino serial entrepreneur who has built and operated 6 companies, in the service, technology, finance and real estate industries. He started a service environmental company in He became a millionaire at 33 and a multi-millionaire at In this episode you will learn how it is possible to become a multi-millionaire by finding opportunities other don't see,. He served in the U. She is currently Managing Partner at I, where she consults with early to mid-stage startups, and Executive Director of Embassy2.

By Latin inspired I mean non-Latinos that have tremendous value to offer to our community. He is an engineer, entrepreneur and avid investor. At 27 years old, he left the corporate world where he was working for a Fortune 3 company to take his investing and coaching businesses to the next level. In this episode you will learn how to create financial freedom and retire young like Austin. Jose Huitron is a champion of entrepreneurship and the Co-Founder of Crowdismo, a rewards-based crowd-funding platform fueling innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship within the Latino community.

Cynthia Sanchez is the founder of Oh So Pinteresting. She and her team work with businesses to create and implement Pinterest and social media solutions. Her clients range from companies in the sports apparel industry to Beverly Hills jewelers. She is an international speaker, writer and podcaster. In this episode we will learn how she went from being a nurse to becoming a top Pinterest guru, speaker, writer and podcaster in two years. Categories Business general Archives Direct download: immigrantsmakeamerica. Direct download: recfrancescakennedy.

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El poder de tomar responsabilidad de tus acciones para acelerar tu carrera. Direct download: LuisMoreno2. Aprendizajes La inspiradora historia de triunfo de Zulmarie Como reinventarte Como ser imparable Los secretos del exito Links y Recursos Zulmariepadin. Direct download: Zulmarie. Vishen Lakhiani is an entrepreneur, author and speaker in education technology, company culture design and mindfulness.

He is the founder and CEO of Mindvalley, a company that specializes in learning experience design which publishes teachings by the best authors in personal growth, wellbeing, spirituality, productivity, and more — and combines them with cutting-edge learning technology within engaged communities. Through Mindvalley he has won numerous awards for company culture and workspace design. Direct download: vishen.

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Direct download: danielherbruger. Direct download: LograTuDreamChapter Direct download: ednarodriguez. Direct download: charliegarcia. Aprendizajes Como Alexandra convirtio su dreams en realidad con mucho trabajo. La importancia de tocar puertas y trabajar duro Recursos y Links alexandraolavarria. Direct download: Alexandraolavarria. Direct download: luisvaldivia. Direct download: pangea. Direct download: howtoselfpublish. Direct download: lounieto. Aprendizajes Como Ricardo cambio su vida y como ayuda a mucha gente a lograr sus metas personales y profesionales.

Recursos y Links www. Direct download: ricardogarza. What you'll learn David's fascinating entrepreneurial journey in the Latino media and entertainment world, don't miss it! Direct download: davidchitel. Aprendizajes El camino de Marcie hacia a lograr su dream. Direct download: marciequintana. In this episode I will give you an overview of the book in Spanish and let you know how you can get it: What do Latinos who achieved exceptional success have in common?

Direct download: LograTuDreamBook. Direct download: claudiaespinosa. Direct download: gracielasato. Direct download: Deborahderas. Direct download: JorgeNarvaez2. Julissa is the director of development at Define American, an organizations that uses the power of story to transcend politics and shift the conversation around citizenship. She is also the co-founder and Chairman of the Ascend Educational Fund, a college scholarship and mentorship program for New York City immigrant students regardless of their immigration status.

Julissa built a successful career on Wall Street working at Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch and had seemingly achieved the American Dream of wealth and status, and yet she was not part of what defined American. Arce asked herself, what if she defined American- a woman from Mexico who while undocumented achieved careers success. Direct download: julissaarce. Direct download: FelixMontelara. Direct download: donfrancisco. Direct download: SandraAlfaro. Direct download: GabyNatale. Direct download: Hispanicize1. Direct download: NelyGalan. Direct download: latinopodcasting.

Direct download: andresgutierrez. Direct download: cristianarciniega. Direct download: AngelicaAtondo. Direct download: empanadafork. Direct download: maribelduran. What you'll learn 1. Direct download: 50thepisode. Aprendizajes Como Fernanda emigro de Venezuela para poder tener acceso a mejores oportunidades de educacion y trabajo Como dejo un trabajo frustante para empezar su primer negocio de comida saludable sin saber cocinar Porque hay que evitar dietas "rebote" La importancia de cocinar rico y vivir saludable para lograr tus dreams Como adapto su dream a su realidad de vida en vez de abandonarlo Como crecio su blog y porque decidio lanzar un canal de YouTube y una serie de videos Como monetiza su blog Como ha logrado obtener segmentos de cocina saludable en TV con Univision y Mundo Fox Las lecciones de su exito Porque no importa lo que estudies en la universidad sino que sigas aprendiendo sobre tu pasion durante toda tu vida.

Direct download: FernandaChacon. Direct download: FidelVargas. Direct download: raycollazo. What you'll learn How he built Spanishdict. Direct download: chriscummings. Direct download: alextorrenegra. How she landed her dream job as the NFL's director of Hispanic fan engagement. Direct download: marissafernandez. Direct download: garyvee2.

Direct download: Estebanarias. Direct download: kyracaruso. Direct download: tanyasalcido. What you'll learn "You can't own your business until you own your own life" Why you need to see your work and your personal life as an integrated whole How your day has to become your week The biggest problem new business owners face How the bumpy road to success never ends How Chris started his own business on the side while continuing to earn an income What true security is Direct download: chrisbrogan.

Direct download: xoxolizza. Feria de Negocios Hispano. Direct download: luisdelahoz. Direct download: chefambrocio. Aprendizajes Como Komal utlizo el metodo Lean startup para empezar Lab4u. Direct download: komal. This is the only resource you will ever need to Create, Grow and Monetize your podcast. Direct download: consejos. Direct download: mannyruiz.

Direct download: celest. Direct download: raymmar. Camilo Anabalon es un emprendedor Chileno muy inovador. Direct download: babybe. Direct download: judithduval. Direct download: farace. Direct download: deldelp. Art is life. Vida es mi arte, I like to say. So it can be, at times, rough around the edges or it can be fine, depending on the moment". Direct download: roho. Direct download: regalii.

Direct download: robertrenteria2. Direct download: marianaferrari.

Direct download: sololatinomkt. Direct download: rubenrojas. Direct download: taydeaburto. Direct download: johnleedumas. Direct download: votolatino. Jacqueline Jackie Camacho is a Latina entrepreneur, author, speaker, philanthropist, cancer survivor. Hungry for knowledge, Jacqueline earned her college degree and became trilingual German. From a very early age Jackie devoured amazing literature. Jackie earned the Emerging Leader award by the Chicago Assoc.

As a two-time cancer survivor, Jackie possesses wisdom about life well beyond her years. She lives in the Midwest with her husband and business partner, Juan Pablo, and her two children Leonardo and Giulianna. Direct download: jcamacho. Direct download: michaeloneal. Direct download: michaelkawula. Direct download: fernandolabastida2. Direct download: jessemartinez. Direct download: haydeecaldero. Direct download: tobysalgado. Direct download: FelixOrtiz. Direct download: mahrinahfinal. Direct download: austinnetzleyedited.

Direct download: josehuitronfinal. Direct download: CynthiaSanchezfinal. Fri, 27 January Immigrants Make America: Let's remind our nation of our tremendous contributions ImmigrantsMakeAmerica In this episode I call on immigrants in America to remind the nation of the tremendous contributions we have and will continue to make in this country. Tue, 20 December How Francesca Kennedy is building a style empire and changing the world at the same time Francesca Kennedy was working as a Wealth Management Professional at a Goldman Sachs when she found her true calling.

Click Here to Subscribe Direct download: Zulmarie. Sat, 7 May The Code of the Extraordinary Mind with Vishen Lakhiani Vishen Lakhiani is an entrepreneur, author and speaker in education technology, company culture design and mindfulness. Click Here to Subscribe Direct download: vhmanzanilla. Click Here to Subscribe Direct download: rockydelafuente. Sun, 27 March How David Chavez became the producer of some of the biggest Latino events in the country David Chavez is a successful businessman, entrepreneur and avid life-long advocate inspiring millions of lives and communities in the new American mainstream.

Click Here to Subscribe Direct download: danielherbruger.

7 Principios para el Exito Financiero (Spanish Edition) 7 Principios para el Exito Financiero (Spanish Edition)
7 Principios para el Exito Financiero (Spanish Edition) 7 Principios para el Exito Financiero (Spanish Edition)
7 Principios para el Exito Financiero (Spanish Edition) 7 Principios para el Exito Financiero (Spanish Edition)
7 Principios para el Exito Financiero (Spanish Edition) 7 Principios para el Exito Financiero (Spanish Edition)
7 Principios para el Exito Financiero (Spanish Edition) 7 Principios para el Exito Financiero (Spanish Edition)
7 Principios para el Exito Financiero (Spanish Edition) 7 Principios para el Exito Financiero (Spanish Edition)
7 Principios para el Exito Financiero (Spanish Edition) 7 Principios para el Exito Financiero (Spanish Edition)
7 Principios para el Exito Financiero (Spanish Edition) 7 Principios para el Exito Financiero (Spanish Edition)
7 Principios para el Exito Financiero (Spanish Edition)

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