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Welcome to Our Church of Holy Introversion. Please enter quietly…

We made our way down the empty hallway. The room was at the end of the Social Studies department, where students learn history, political science, and how we got into this mess. The bookstore manager got out her keys, unlocked the door and shivered a little. She opened the door and flipped on the light.

I expected to hear scurrying… there was none. We stepped in. No roaches. She turned to face me and her eyes got wide. She pointed behind me. I turned toward the wall…. Holy hell! It was just like the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland where all those bugs are crawling up the cave wall! No sink, nothing containing water or food. Just boxes and boxes of books and old files. Reading up, studying our history.

Feeding on Folly – … laugh a little, eat a lot!

No doubt making notes of our failures and weaknesses. Make no mistake about it, my friends. They will one day rule us all. They were here long before us and they will remain long after. We have to come to terms with this. Spring has officially arrived to our Minnesota home:. Speaking of trees, we had to remove a maple that was too close to the house. The tree man did the deed last week. Underneath the maple were a whole lotta hostas. With the maple gone, so was the shade for the hostas. I transplanted them to our far more shady backyard.

Wanna know how many I transplanted? Crazy, right? But they sure look nice in my pretty little woodland corner, so it was worth it. As I worked, the neighborhood birds entertained me. You knew birds had to come into the conversation eventually, right? Have you ever been to that site?

Their search feature is pretty cool. Or at least a list of birds that you can narrow down yourself. Too busy with their voice lessons, I assume. Oh — and the Goldfinches! Just look into those eyes! He means business. So here I am plugging another hosta in the ground — think it was number 54 — when I hear a crow making an awful racket.

Cawing away something awful. There he is in a tree near the feeder, flapping his wings and bobbing his head in a threatening manner. I follow his gaze and there they were, a group of sparrows. Every time that crow tried to wing on over to the feeder, the sparrows dive bombed him! They swooped down all together, right at that old crow.

How do you suppose sparrows work together like that? Do they draw up a battle plan ahead of time? Gosh, I wonder if they have a squad leader? The Blue Jay will win, every time. They cut a fine figure. This is indeed true. I once found a pretty Blue Jay feather while walking Dog and brought it inside where she promptly decided to eat it. When she spit it out, it was no longer blue.

And that wraps up our bird discussion for today. In review, please remember: even the most ordinary birds can be interesting if you just give them a chance. Yeah, sorry about that. Listen, we really wanted to talk about chickadees — and tell you about other visitors to the bird feeder! It also garnered a number of comments. All this made us realize that what this blog needs is to cover more serious topics. Like, super serious topics. The more contentious the better! We could cover climate change! Whether or not leggings should be worn as pants!

We just said… eh, never mind. For instance, both here and elsewhere, people pointed out that prejudice is not limited to white people. You too? No offense. In hindsight, an explanation for why the Convent was meeting on racism would have helped. You see, a few years ago the Leadership Conference of Women Religious made a pledge:. In the presence of constant and painful reminders of the deep roots of racism in our country, we pledge to go deeper into the critical work of creating communion, examining the root causes of injustice and our own complicity, and purging ourselves, our communities, and our country of the sin of racism and its destructive effects.

The Sisters have been at it since before we started working at the convent, though this was the first time they were going to devote a full week to it with the entire community gathered together. Make sense? Meaning the collective actions of the dominant race. It shows up in our laws, our institutions, our media, and embeds itself into our psyche whether we like it or not. Please do. Oh, I remember.

The Verdict: Savard All Heart, Class

You know, we fear we may have confused matters by bringing in our personal reflections and failings. In truth, we hate guilt. Guilt is an useless emotion unless it is followed by real change. That was what we were trying to get across. We used to act one way, now we see the error and will act another way. The majority of these Sisters do not live at the Motherhouse. There used to be a few in other countries, but now their only international missions are in San Rafael and Juarez, Mexico. So if your concern was that their work would begin and end within the convent walls, you may rest easy.

Their last day was pretty intense, discussion wise, and they decided to continue exploring more ideas and ministries. Here at Feeding on Folly, we will not tell you who to vote for. However, we will suggest one thing: When casting your vote, stop thinking only about yourself. Consider the common good. The good of many over the good for you. Our more step — though again, no worries if you missed it — we were advocating an end to modern day segregation. Unless you want to, in which case you should consult an agent and start packing.

Also, broaden your outlook with the books you read, websites you visit, blogs you follow, and movies you see. The point is, get out of your comfort zone.

Knights And Dragons - Deca Are You Freaking Kidding Me!! (Herrizon Rant)

Especially if where you live limits how much you can interact with people of color. Hey, listen up: You are not one person! There are loads of other people who think the same way you do or very nearly and are doing their part too. Never lose hope! You are not alone. Unless something comes up to divert us and then who knows? And because I can never do anything half-way, I wound up filling 21 large bulletin boards for the Sisters. The magnitude of the information I found was overwhelming.

There were times I had to get away from my computer. Take a walk. Breathe in some fresh air. The weird thing is that I knew this stuff. I was a history major. My studies focused primarily on American history. I even took a course on Civil Rights. Sure, they were poor immigrant farmers who worked hard to make a life for themselves in Dakota territory.

My guess is they had some kind of awareness, but they looked the other way. It stayed with me long after I left work. I got to thinking about the woman behind Elizabeth. The one baring her teeth. A look of sheer hatred on her face. I wondered what she thought of the photo. A little bit of snooping gave me the story: her name is Hazel Bryan and she was years old when the photo was taken. How many stupid things did you do when you were fifteen?

How many expressions of hate crossed your face? It pained her every time she saw it. Real life rarely plays out so sweetly. You can read the more complicated story here. Speaking of Hollywood, one thing I thought about as I looked at the picture: who would I be in the story? Had I lived in Little Rock during that period, would I be one of the people walking behind with a smirk on my face? Or if I was friends with Hazel — would I be sneering too? The one who stood next to Elizabeth and became her friend.

The one who made her feel welcome and included. The one who looked away just as the picture was taken. Or even a snarky comment? It is more than individual attitudes and actions. Racism is the collective actions of a dominant racial group. For the last one, I put up a blank poster board and asked the Sisters to add their thoughts and memories.

Remember how in a previous post I told you these Sisters were a bit radical? Back in the day, several of them were involved in protests, some took part in civil rights marches, and a few spent time in jail. In other words, they never looked the other way. Fortunately, I came across something funny that is related to the subject at hand.

No, really! You know the ones I mean, right? Wikipedia has an interesting entry on the genre.

I particularly appreciated this bit:. Seems pretty clear, right? The less social interaction we have with each other, the less aware we are and the more insensitive we become. Meaning the less willing we are to support real social and political change, and then… my God … we get movies like this:. And if you know of any second, third, fourth… tenth step? What with one thing and another, mostly another, I find that the post I had planned for this week is not quite up to snuff. A woman from church told me that every morning as she fills her bird feeder, several come along and sit on a fence just a few feet away from her, waiting.

If it did, you should be able to hear a two-note call over and over again along with some geese and robins and I think at one point some ducks. Admittedly, when I first heard these two notes over and over and over again, it was driving me nuts. But then I found out it was just a little chickadee looking for love and my heart went out to them. I hope they find it. Before I go, I want to show you something I found in my quest for chickadee info.

This came from a site run by a Dr. Laurie Bloomfield , who studies songbirds:.

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Chickadees use both songs and calls to communicate with conspecifics, and possibly heterospecifics. The vocalization made for which the birds are named is the chick-a-dee call. This call contains four notes types in black-capped chickadees : termed A, B, C and D notes. Chickadees are well studied compared to many other species of birds; however there is still a lot that can be learned about their complex communication system.

I must pursue this further. Which is why I signed up for a birding class this summer in Storm Lake, Iowa. I will soon look like one of these people. Gah, I need to get a hat! Here I am beginning a blog post with both Okay and So. The sure sign a blogger is in a slump and feeling desperate. Fact is, my absence was due to a hospital stay. Not by me , but by another member of this household and that, my friends, is why this blog post begins with an Okay and a So.

I assure you, had I been the one in the hospital bed, there would have been no occasion for either Okay or So. But Husband? A few weeks ago, on a Saturday morning to be precise, I awake early and begin doing my morning routine, i. Thankfully we live within a very short distance to a hospital and, thankfully, that hospital moved him to another hospital which, thankfully, has a top-notch cardiac unit.

Presbyterians call them lecterns, Catholics call them ambos. I just checked my email and I see several of my blogger buddies have posted… well shit , they posted a lot. I better get reading. May I help you? Oh… uh… Let me transfer you to the reception desk… one moment… finally locates transfer button, dials 0. If I just hang up will you have them? So I hit transfer and then your number, do I have to hit transfer again or do I just hang up? So first hit transfer, and then dial eight and then her number.

Please enter quietly… Feel free to stay in the comfort of your own home and join us online. Now let us gather together not literally together, of course; we respect personal boundaries here , and recite our Opening Prayer of Introversion: O Holy Silence and Quiet Interlude, we do seek you.

Katy in Melbourne : I have a joy. Yesterday at work, my boss approved my request to work more from home. I start next week. Three days at home, two at the office. Joel in Austin : I have a concern.

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Please pray for me. Pneumonia would be nice. Or maybe a brief coma. Felicity in Seattle : I just want to say how thankful I am for finding this church. I feel like this is a place where I can be myself, let my hair down and get crazy if I want to. So, did everyone see this article on Slate? Bendis had a two-day wrap-up on Newsarama for his new New Avengers coverage.

First, he dealt with Spidey and I thought he had some really good insights. A few years back, Bendis did a pretty funny strip for the New York Times of all places! Click on the thumbnail to see the cartoon in hi-res glory! I especially like the bit […]. Newsarama put two more of the new New Avengers characters out there at the same time… and with good reason.

These guys go together like salt and pepper, the Lone Ranger and Tonto, or pants you never really get one pant, do you? Way cool! From the book I can't afford to let myself feel good, to let my guard down, to think for a single moment that I belong.

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Vice & Folly - Are you Freaking Kidding Me? Vice & Folly - Are you Freaking Kidding Me?
Vice & Folly - Are you Freaking Kidding Me? Vice & Folly - Are you Freaking Kidding Me?
Vice & Folly - Are you Freaking Kidding Me? Vice & Folly - Are you Freaking Kidding Me?
Vice & Folly - Are you Freaking Kidding Me? Vice & Folly - Are you Freaking Kidding Me?
Vice & Folly - Are you Freaking Kidding Me? Vice & Folly - Are you Freaking Kidding Me?
Vice & Folly - Are you Freaking Kidding Me? Vice & Folly - Are you Freaking Kidding Me?
Vice & Folly - Are you Freaking Kidding Me? Vice & Folly - Are you Freaking Kidding Me?
Vice & Folly - Are you Freaking Kidding Me? Vice & Folly - Are you Freaking Kidding Me?

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