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In Math, the Journey IS the Destination.

Cathy Humphreys has been instrumental in extending and studying their use at the secondary level. Need Help?

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The numbers "talk" about the resort real estate market in Nha Trang

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Level 1 Korean Grammar

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Contact Us. Order one or more our Number Talks books. As far as the numbers are concerned, you will have to keep practicing using them until they stick.

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As you know, there are two systems of numbers in Korean. There are native Korean numbers and sino-Korean numbers.

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In this lesson we will introduce the sino-Korean numbers up to We will get into native Korean numbers in another lesson. Since Korea has received a lot of influence from China, many words in the Korean language have their roots in the Chinese language.

Number Talks: How and Why?

So over the course of time, Korean people started using both the sino-Korean number system and the native Korean number system. You will get used to the two systems and how to differentiate between these two by practicing with us! You might have heard about this story of number four being an unlucky number in Korea.

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And the rest is easy. Choose either of them. Learning Center Curriculum Store. Please choose a category. Level 1 Korean Grammar.

The Numbers Talk The Numbers Talk
The Numbers Talk The Numbers Talk
The Numbers Talk The Numbers Talk
The Numbers Talk The Numbers Talk
The Numbers Talk The Numbers Talk

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