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Its publication nearly a decade ago won the author a passionate cult; since then, mostly through word-of-mouth, its excellence has become a matter of broader consensus. Get in Trouble , her fourth collection, offers a vivid reminder of why. And in the title story, a French-style zazou dancer in pre-revolutionary Cuba negotiates the murky Havana night. Others will be left hungering for something new from this outlandishly gifted writer.

Biography of Phyllida Law (excerpt)

Hamid has lived in Pakistan, New York City, and London, and in works ranging from extended essays to brief op-eds, he brings personal insight and thoughtful analysis to issues ranging from the war on terror to the future of Pakistan to the costs and the promise of globalization. Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances by Neil Gaiman Neil Gaiman is known for finding the fantastical in the everyday and the cracks in reality.

So it should be no surprise that his third short story collection defies genre categorization, delving into fairy tales, horror, fantasy, poetry, and science fiction. American readers should rejoice. Update: The release date was moved up following the Nobel win and the book has already been published! Virtue and vice are inextricably related in his latest short stories. What Baxter wants us to do is note human frailty, ambiguity, and its shameful depths.

Erudite and voracious, skylarking and harrowing, they follow Radar around the world and into entanglements with some of the worst atrocities of the 20th Century.

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Charlie falls for a student, May Bankhead, daughter of the campus chaplain, and makes his feelings known when she returns home from college. Nick catches May, who has returned to teach at the school.

LeCraw never eases the emotional tension. Eighty years ago, a deadly pandemic swept across North America, and now every child is born with the disease; they begin showing symptoms around the age of eighteen or nineteen, and die soon after. With a few failed careers and a dysfunctional family, Amelia Morris needed to learn this lesson, too. His newest collection of short stories will be published by Braddock Avenue Books; you can read the eponymous story , a haunting number about atomic power and retribution, the title of which is taken from the Christian liturgical calendar, at Story South.

This second novel may be her true coming out. Ashes in My Mouth, Sand in My Shoes , a collection of linked stories, was his first, published in Norway in , and introduces young Arvid Jansen — a character he revisits in In the Wake and I Curse the River of Time — growing up in the outskirts of Oslo in the early 60s. When they meet by chance 35 years later, they recall those painful events, as well as a night on a frozen lake that separated them until now.

Now J. Hallman, himself a gifted practitioner of eclectic non-fiction with books on topics ranging from chess to Utopia, turns the lens on Baker. And his translator, Katherine Silver , is admirably attuned to the twists and turns of his sentences. Decoy by Allan Gurganus : In , 12 years after the appearance of his last full-length book, Allan Gurganus published Local Souls , a collection of three novellas. It is easier to settle for blazing light than to find a language for the real. Whether you are a writer or a bird-dog trainer, life should winnow the superfluous language.

The real thing should become plain. You should go straight to what you know best. The Last Word by Hanif Kureishi : British man of letters Hanif Kureishi, OBE, has been, variously, a novelist, playwright, filmmaker, writer of pornography, victim of financial fraud, and sometimes reluctant professor of creative writing. His newest novel takes on another man of letters, Mamoon Azam, a fictional lout rumored to be based on the non-fictional lout V. Her latest, The Unloved , starts out as a sexually charged, locked door mystery set in a French chateau, then expands into a far-ranging tale about sadism and historical atrocities.

Beautiful Mutants , her strange first novel about a Russian exile who is either a gifted seer or a talented fake, and Swallowing Geography , a European road novel with nods to Kerouac , are being reissued in June. Aquarium by David Vann : Vann, whose work we have examined previously at The Millions , returns with a new novel in March. This lovely, wrenching novel should add to that list.

The Harder They Come by T. Boyle : When precisely, one wonders, does T. Boyle sleep? In the 35 years since his first book came out, Boyle has published 14 novels and more than stories. The Harder They Come is the usual T.

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Boyle clown car of violent misfits, anti-authoritarian loons, and passionate losers set loose in a circus of serious-minded zaniness. After being declared a hero for stopping a hijacking, an ex-Marine returns home to Northern California to find that his mentally disturbed son has taken up with a hardcore member of a right-wing sect that refuses to recognize the authority of the state.

Daum published her own story of not being a parent—but rather a mentor of teenagers— at The New Yorker back in September. Bill Reed is trying to move beyond his criminal past by managing a wildlife sanctuary for injured animals — raptors, a wolf, a bear. He plans to marry the local veterinarian and live a quiet life — until a childhood friend is released from prison and comes calling. Aimed at fans of Denis Johnson and Peter Matthiessen , this literary thriller is a story of friendship, grief, and the desire to live a blameless life.

The project holds some personal interest: when the archivist was fifteen years old, a little girl whom she was babysitting vanished in the woods near the asylum, and the archivist has begun to suspect that the two events were connected. Two subsequent novels confirmed him as a scorching satirist in the vein of his contemporaries Sam Lipsyte and Gary Shteyngart. In his first novel, The Last Flight of Poxl West , the titular character is a war hero and something of an idol to his teenage nephew, Eli Goldstein. A richly layered, beautifully told and somehow lovable story about war, revenge and loss.

The final scene…what an ending! I still think about it. The potential excess of all this is balanced by its lean form, with each entry a vignette, quote, or observation. The new book starts in the depths of the Cold War and takes readers through Vietnam and into the Reagan era.

The final volume, as yet untitled, is due out this fall.

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Indeed, Millhauser inspires cult following: his stories do the impossible, getting way under your skin via immaculately simple prose and deceptively placid storylines. The Dead Lands by Benjamin Percy : Percy rides the increasingly porous border between literary and genre fiction in this post-apocalyptic thriller that re-imagines the Lewis and Clark expedition in an America brought low by a super flu and nuclear fallout. When word comes to Sanctuary — the remains of St.

Louis — that life is better out West, Lewis Meriwether and Mina Clark set out in secrecy, hoping to expand their infant nation and reunite the States. Should be a snap, right? Its backstory provided the hook: a fifty-year-old expat writes a novel on a dare from her pen pal Jonathan Franzen. She moves to a major press for her second book, a decade-hopping Southern family novel that tackles race, sexuality, and the wilderness of youth.

At its best, this gives you House of Leaves , at its worst, Only Revolutions. Anyway, Volume 1 is pages long. Word is, 26 more volumes are on the way, so this one had better be good. Beginning in County Clare, the book follows the four Madigan children — Dan, Hanna, Emmet and Constance — as they set off on their own lives, travelling as far away as Mali to explore their adult selves.

On Christmas Day, they all come home, and the issues of their family come back to them. Gates is a natural and capacious realist, at once ironic and warm, in a way that makes the ordinary ambit of experience, from marriage to parenthood to getting old, seem as trippy as it really is. Loving Day the title refers to a holiday celebrating interracial love is set in a less remote locale, a black neighborhood in Philadelphia, but promises to be no less hallucinatory than its predecessor.

A mixed race man returns from Wales, where both his marriage and his comic shop have failed, to inhabit a ghost-haunted mansion left to him by his father. Shepard has always been a writer who exists outside of himself on the page, and this Holocaust-set novel is no different. It was set in the fictional eastern Colorado town of Holt, which Haruf rhymes with sheriff returns to yet again for his last novel, Our Souls at Night , finished shortly before his death.

The mix of personal and historical essays explore issues such as crime, gentrification, and culture in cities as varied and far-reaching as Miami, Florida and Gold Rush, Alaska. The Ghost Network by Catie Disabato : Disabato, who has written for The Millions , debuts with a high-concept mystery that looks to be a lot of fun. Racing around Chicago in search of clues, they find themselves decoding arcane documents and ancient maps rather than liner notes as the disappearance turns out to involve a secret society.

Gibson interviews brokers, buyers, sellers, renters, landlords, artists, contractors, politicians and everyone in between to show how urban change feels to those living through it. This year will see her short story collection, Black Glass , re-released in hardcover. Muse by Jonathan Galassi : Over his long literary career, Galassi has done everything except write a novel.

In the novel, a publisher tries to wrestle a famous female poet away from a rival, eventually securing a meeting in her Venetian palazzo and learning a revelatory secret. As in her previous novels, the story involves a woman traveling abroad in this case, Casablanca, Morocco.

When the woman is robbed of her wallet and passport, she experiences distress and also unexpected freedom.

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The novel dips into All About Eve territory in this part-thriller, part-novel-of-ideas when the woman finds work as a celebrity stand-in and then begins to assume this alternate identity as her own. Alvar considers themes of alienation, displacement, the sometimes-troubling bonds of family, and the struggle to find a sense of home. The Dying Grass by William T. This installment swings west to investigate the Nez Perce War of the late 19th Century, and is rumored to lean on dialogue to an unusual degree.

The first of the Seven Dreams was published in ; at this rate, the series should conclude some time in A man and woman move in together: she is his guide and doctor who teaches him about life, defining for him the nature of objects and interaction and ways of being. His first novel, Sleepwalking Land , was named one of the best African books of the 20th Century; his most recent, Tuner of Silences , was published by the terrific independent press Biblioasis, and was longlisted for the IMPAC Dublin award.

In Confessions of the Lioness , a series of lion attacks in a remote village forces an eruption between men and women, modernity and tradition. As the force arrives, war breaks out, and with it a blaze of naval engagements, embezzlement, profiteering and espionage.

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In bringing the first Opium War to crackling life, Ghosh has illuminated the folly of our own failed war on drugs. Call her the American Alice Munro , call her a New Yorker darling, call this the perfect summer read. Thomas in the early s, where a girl named Rachel is growing up in the community of Jews who escaped the Inquisition. There is nothing ordinary about their son: his name is Camille Pissarro, and he will grow up to become an immortal father of Impressionism. Purity by Jonathan Franzen : There are few American authors who can hit all the popular news outlets simply by releasing the title of their next novel Purity , or launch a thousand hot takes with the publication of one grumpy book excerpt in The Guardian an excerpt which, curiously, is no longer available at its previous URL as of this writing.

O Franzen! My Franzen! Like what you see? Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Set in a call centre for Brightline helpline, four volunteers spend a few hours every Tuesday night on the phone to strangers telling them everything is going to be ok.

A hopeful play about the struggle for optimism and community amid the chaos of a collapsing world. Sam is a playwright and screenwriter from Manchester. It has had three sell-out runs at the Edinburgh Fringe and toured nationally. The play has since been produced all over the world in seven different languages. Sam is currently under commission at Paines Plough and is developing television projects with Drama Republic and Euston North.

Ella is from Yorkshire. Haseeb is from London. They order a pizza. House red for Ella. Hot chocolate for Haseeb. Meet in the middle. Meet the parents. Meet the friends. Meet the aunties. They say opposites attract, but can they stay together? A tender, funny, lyrical play about finding love and holding onto it with everything you've got.

Dates to be announced. Zia is from North West London. He is a former Roundhouse Poetry Slam champion. Anna is a director and theatremaker. She was Paines Plough's Trainee Director in Sarah is an actor and writer from Manchester.

Spring-Summer 1999 Broadway Season Schedule

Sarah works regularly as an actor in theatre, television and radio and is Co-Artistic director of the award winning Monkeywood Theatre. Full details to be announced. Ifeyinwa is a writer and entrepreneur, using both writing and business as creative outlets. Writing alongside her full-time job as co-founder of Chuku's - the world's first Nigerian tapas restaurant - she has been featured in Forbes' list of Women Founders in Europe.

Roundabout (Phyllida Moon Book 3) Roundabout (Phyllida Moon Book 3)
Roundabout (Phyllida Moon Book 3) Roundabout (Phyllida Moon Book 3)
Roundabout (Phyllida Moon Book 3) Roundabout (Phyllida Moon Book 3)
Roundabout (Phyllida Moon Book 3) Roundabout (Phyllida Moon Book 3)
Roundabout (Phyllida Moon Book 3) Roundabout (Phyllida Moon Book 3)
Roundabout (Phyllida Moon Book 3) Roundabout (Phyllida Moon Book 3)
Roundabout (Phyllida Moon Book 3) Roundabout (Phyllida Moon Book 3)
Roundabout (Phyllida Moon Book 3) Roundabout (Phyllida Moon Book 3)

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