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One would have to assume that, since Jesus was God made Man, he would perfectly embody the ideal of true masculinity. And, flowing from that, I was struck by the way He interacted with women. Just last week I taught a class on Women in the Church. The Holy Father, in that letter, discusses at length how Jesus related to and interacted with women.

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He respected them. He delighted in them. He befriended them. He showed interest in their opinions. He protected them. He made them His disciples.

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He constantly acknowledged their incredible dignity as image and likeness of God. Toward the beginning of the film, there is a charming flashback where we see Jesus playfully teasing His mother. I loved that scene. Jesus is so real, and the genuine human love between Him and His mother is so beautiful to see. But in the context of this strong, loving, masculine Jesus, it takes on a whole new depth. Not only are you not to abuse them — you are not to entertain ideas about abusing them. They are precious in my sight, they are entrusted to you and you are to respect and treasure them.

And then there was the scene where the adulteress is being stoned.

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Jesus saw and sees us for what we are — His image and likeness. He loves us and respects us as women. Maybe knowing He sees us that way can help us see ourselves that way. As we were leaving, I though about Ephesians 5. See the movie. Look at Jesus, and at how He gazes at each soul — women and men -- with whom he comes into contact. Look at the way He suffers. And tell yourself one thing, over and over:. I believe they knew exactly what was going to happen.

So why the thank-you note? What good could I possibly see coming out of such a tasteless debacle? For the first time, Middle America really met the MTV elite who have been out to influence their children. Most people my age still think of MTV as the music video network we watched in high school or college. Not what you expected, was it? The whole show was tasteless. Kid Rock wore an American flag as a shawl. Justin Timberlake groped Ms. Jackson as he sang about having her naked by the end of the song.

Oh, and one more thing about that walk off stage. Did they just happen to find that blanket lying around backstage? Or did they have it there because they knew what was going to happen? And why cover up anyway? Jackson had just flashed 72, fans in the stadium, and another 80 million or so at home. Why the sudden attack of modesty in front of a few stagehands? So why would these two cook up a scheme like this? Jackson is releasing a new CD. Timberlake apparently just wants attention. In that world, singing about getting naked is commonplace. A girl would have to expose a breast or French-kiss Madonna to get any attention.

Are they winners? Will their little stunt pay off? They will if they get what they wanted — more attention, more record sales and more money. Justin Timberlake is about to sign a multi-million dollar endorsement deal with McDonalds. Let your congressperson know what you think. His name is Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR.

He is a Franciscan priest -- the founder, in fact, of his order, the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal. He is a psychologist — easily the most insightful, brilliant Catholic psychologist I have ever known. On January 11, Fr. Benedict was struck by a car while crossing a street near the Orlando, Florida airport. He sustained numerous broken bones and a significant head injury.

And, as a result of the trauma, this 70 year old priest with a weak heart suffered a heart attack. Since that time, Fr. Many, many thousands of people are praying for Fr. Many of you are familiar with him and his work. My experience with him has been in the realm of psychology and chastity. But he has had a profound impact on me, and I want to share that. I first became acquainted with the work of Fr. Benedict back when I started giving talks on chastity.

I was reading everything I could find on the subject, so of course I bought his The Courage to be Chaste. I fell in love with this little book. I maintain to this day that it is the best book ever written on the subject of chastity. Having worked with many, many people who were struggling mightily with chastity, I wanted to understand that struggle better.

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But Fr. Benedict never stops there. He synthesizes spirituality and psychology in a way no one else does. He helps make sense of it all. And his insights brought a depth and an understanding to my work that I would never have found on my own. Benedict was also speaking.

I desperately wanted to meet him. I suppose I should get to know you a little. Benedict at many events since then. And he always does. Because I was registered to attend a week long class on Psychology and Spirituality at the Institute for the Psychological Sciences. It was to be an entire semester class, crammed into five very full days.

It was to be taught by Fr. Benedict Groeschel. Obviously the class was cancelled. I was devastated to hear of the accident on so many levels — because I love Fr.

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Benedict, because he does so much for so many in this world — but selfishly, because I had been so excited to take this class. Can you imagine? It would have been amazing. As I said, as of this writing Fr. Benedict has taken a very encouraging turn. He is responding. He seems to be out of immediate danger. His friars are asking for prayers for a full, complete recovery. I join them so wholeheartedly in that prayer.

The world is not ready to lose Fr. He has so much to teach us — about God, about love, about ourselves. For more information on Fr.

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Yes, eighteen years — since I was barely out of my teens myself. I remember one of the first talks I ever gave — at St. The teachers told me that the kids, collectively, had a very short attention span. Twenty minutes was as long as they could possibly listen. An hour and a half later, the kids had already voluntarily skipped recess, and they were begging to skip lunch so they could keep listening. I had no visual aids, no multi-media presentations, no sock puppets with cute messages.

I'm just myself, sharing the truth with them. And they were eating it up. Everything has to be high tech, loud, and multi-media. If we want to deliver a message to them, we have to dazzle them. Yes, that talk I gave at St. Those kids are nearing 30 today. Oh, good heavens. I feel faint. But the kids I spoke to last week and last month are no different. I still give them no music, no multi-media presentation, no extreme sports demonstration. And they still listen -- for a long time.

When I have no time constraints on a talk, I usually speak for about an hour an fifteen minutes. I gave one last year that ran over an hour and a half — to several thousand teenagers. They were with me the whole time. The talk ended with a standing ovation. I know when an audience is fidgety. I speak at the occasional all-school assembly where the audience is captive and half of them would rather be outside smoking or shooting hoops. But a vast, vast majority of my teen audiences stay enthusiastically connected for an hour or more. If I were the creator of the subject matter that keeps them spellbound, I would be justified in bragging.

Teenagers — and adults — are hungry for that truth.

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We just want substance. They hate condescension and they can spot hypocrisy a mile away. A little humor helps. Why would we want to compete with MTV? Bear in mind, I have no objections to well-produced multi-media presentations, or to extreme sports demonstrations or anything else. Go ahead and use them if you really want to. Or is there more to it than that?

Being a psychotherapist for over two decades, I can tell you conclusively that real love is far more than coincidence or luck. Personally, I went from being "unlucky in love" to meeting and marrying my soulmate almost twenty years ago. Through years of therapy, I uncovered, what I now call, my Downloaded Love Blueprint and this is when my "luck" changed. I was so surprised and thrilled to find the love of my life since I truly believed it was not in the cards for me that I became obsessed with helping others do the same. If you are tired of online dating and the right-swipe hookup apps, OR if you are in a relationship and find yourself wondering, "Is this all there is?

We got pregnant, and now have our first child. Dia and her love purchased a new home for their growing crew! I was afraid that joining RLR would be admitting that that I had some challenges. But this program made our relationship better than it has ever been before. I am so happy I took the leap! The 5 Pillars reveal and transform the unconscious limiting beliefs around love and worthiness that have been handed down consciously and unconsciously from generation to generation.

These limiting beliefs are reinforced by our culture, society, family, religion and social systems. The 5 pillars systematically deconstruct any corrupted information based in fear and limitation and replace it with the pure potential and infinite possibilities of your one-of-a-kind, amazing life. A life and love life designed by you!

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