Lucy in the Mind of Lennon (Inner Lives)

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I enjoyed this. It breaks down "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" unpacking some of the urban myths around its meaning[s] but it's mainly a thorough work of psychobiography. I learned more about pr This slender, intriguing book washed up on the giveaway table at work and I figured it had been a while since I tried a Beatles book.

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I learned more about present-day psychology here than I learned about the song, a lot of which I found interesting. Mar 29, William Schultz rated it it was amazing. I read this book in draft form. One of the very best psychobiographies out there, easily. Jun 15, Tosh rated it it was ok Shelves: books-bought. Two, it sort of creeps me out that someone can do this without actually meeting or talking to the patient of sorts - Mr. So basically Kasser is getting his information second and third hand, and I think he's reading too literally into a work that's A very odd book by Tim Kasser who is a Professor of Psychology, on the subject matter of John Lennon and his wonderful song "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.

So basically Kasser is getting his information second and third hand, and I think he's reading too literally into a work that's art - which in mind comes from numerous places in the Lennon brain and out there in the world. There is nothing wrong in writing a book like this, but it is also not that interesting. I think Kasser states the obvious, and it would have been more interesting if he focused on the culture or the roots of this song.

And maybe in his eyes he did that, but I feel "Lucy I think Lennon was a genius in getting something raw and polishing the work till it becomes something else. And I would say he did that for his brilliant debut solo album as well. It is personal, but on a bigger plane it is about feelings, and pop songs are basically the graveyard and platform for 'feelings. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Tim Kasser.

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Tim Kasser. Books by Tim Kasser. Be the first to write a review About this product. About this product Product Information Since John Lennon composed Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds in early , fans and music critics alike have argued over the meaning of the song. Is it about drugs? Is it just a lyrical response to a drawing given Lennon by his 4-year-old son Julian? Is there some deeper meaning? Professor Tim Kasser goes beyond speculative explanations by applying innovative psychological methods to the song's lyrics and music.

Creative People: Insecurity and Androgyny

He deeply analyzes the song's linguistic structure, its basic theme, and the way its words and music had been used by Lennon in earlier songs. As the findings accumulate, Kasser weaves them together with the facts of Lennon's life and established psychological theories to provide an integrative and sometimes surprising perspective on the psychological processes that led Lennon to write Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. The chord was made to ring out for over forty seconds by increasing the recording sound level as the vibration faded out.

Towards the end of the chord the recording level was so high that listeners can hear the sounds of the studio, including rustling papers and a squeaking chair. Also present at the session was David Crosby of the Byrds.

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He recalled his reaction to hearing the completed song: "man, I was a dish-rag. I was floored. It took me several minutes to be able to talk after that. Following "A Day in the Life" on the Sgt. Pepper album as first released on LP in the UK and years later worldwide on CD is a high-frequency kilohertz tone and some randomly spliced Beatles studio babble.

Lucy in the Mind of Lennon (Inner Lives)

The tone is the same pitch as a dog whistle, at the upper limit of human hearing, but within the range that dogs and cats can hear. On the Sgt. Pepper album, the start of "A Day in the Life" is cross-faded with the applause at the end of the previous track, " Sgt. On the Beatles' — compilation LP, the crossfade is cut off, and the track begins abruptly after the start of the original recording, but on the soundtrack album Imagine: John Lennon and the CD versions of — , the song starts cleanly, with no applause effects. The Anthology 2 album, released in , featured a composite remix of "A Day in the Life", including elements from the first two takes, representing the song at its early, pre-orchestral stage, [77] while Anthology 3 included a version of " The End " that concludes by having the last note fade into the final chord of "A Day in the Life" reversed, then played forwards.

The song became controversial for its supposed references to drugs. A spokesman for the BBC stated: "We have listened to this song over and over again. And we have decided that it appears to go just a little too far, and could encourage a permissive attitude to drug-taking. At the time, Lennon and McCartney denied that there were drug references in "A Day in the Life" and publicly complained about the ban at a dinner party at the home of their manager, Brian Epstein , celebrating their album's release.

Lennon said that the song was simply about "a crash and its victim", and called the line in question "the most innocent of phrases". A stick-that-in-your-pipe But what we want is to turn you on to the truth rather than pot. Recalling the release of Sgt. Pepper in his book The Beatles Forever , Nicholas Schaffner wrote that "Nothing quite like 'A Day In The Life' had been attempted before in so-called popular music" in terms of the song's "use of dynamics and tricks of rhythm, and of space and stereo effect, and its deft intermingling of scenes from dream, reality, and shades in between".

Schaffner said that in the context of , the track "was so visually evocative it seemed more like a film than a mere song. Except that the pictures were all in our heads.

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Eliot and likened its music to Wagner. In his appraisal of the song, musicologist Walter Everett states that, as on the band's Revolver album, "the most monumental piece on Sgt. He identifies the track's most striking feature as "its mysterious and poetic approach to serious topics that come together in a larger, direct message to its listeners, an embodiment of the central ideal for which the Beatles stood: that a truly meaningful life can be had only when one is aware of one's self and one's surroundings and overcomes the status quo.

Pepper "certainly was John's Freak Out! Pepper , the song was the object of intense scrutiny and commentary. In Ian MacDonald's description, it has been interpreted "as a sober return to the real world after the drunken fantasy of 'Pepperland'; as a conceptual statement about the structure of the pop album or the artifice of the studio, or the falsity of recorded performance ; as an evocation of a bad [LSD] trip; as a 'pop Waste Land ' ; even as a morbid celebration of death".

Pepper for Rolling Stone , Mikal Gilmore says that "A Day in the Life" and Harrison's " Within You Without You " are the only songs on the album that transcend its legacy as "a gestalt: a whole that was greater than the sum of its parts". Reekes said he used "a C Major chord, played with both hands stretched out as wide as possible", played on a Korg Wavestation EX. McCartney has performed the song in most of his live shows since his tour. It is played in a medley with " Give Peace a Chance ".

Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and was included on the soundtrack of the same name , recorded in September and produced by Martin. Darling " released only in Italy. David Bowie used the lyric "I heard the news today oh boy!

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Lennon appeared twice on Bowie's Young Americans album, providing guitar and backing vocals. Phish has covered the song more than 65 times since debuting it on 10 June , often as an encore selection.

Willy Porter occasionally performed the song while opening for Jethro Tull in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see A Day in the Life disambiguation. Art rock [2] psychedelic rock [3] orchestral pop [4]. The orchestral link from the song's middle section to the final verse. Womack describes the "sarcastic brass retort" that ends the sequence as the "most decisive moment" on Sgt.

I thought it was a damn good piece of work. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band The New York Times. Retrieved 16 December Retrieved 26 February BBC Radio 2. Archived from the original on 22 December Retrieved 31 December The Beatles. Columbus: McGraw-Hill. The Daily Mail London: Banyan Books. Archived from the original on 19 April Retrieved 18 September Martin's Press. Retrieved 14 April Rolling Stone. Retrieved 21 May Da Capo Press. Retrieved 28 May Los Angeles Times. Los Angeles, California. San Francisco: Chronicle Books. Recording The Beatles. Curvebender Publishing. Archived from the original on 20 February Retrieved 8 April Archived from the original on 14 July Retrieved 10 July Pop Chronicles.

Retrieved 27 January Archived from the original on 4 January Retrieved 5 April

Lucy in the Mind of Lennon (Inner Lives) Lucy in the Mind of Lennon (Inner Lives)
Lucy in the Mind of Lennon (Inner Lives) Lucy in the Mind of Lennon (Inner Lives)
Lucy in the Mind of Lennon (Inner Lives) Lucy in the Mind of Lennon (Inner Lives)
Lucy in the Mind of Lennon (Inner Lives) Lucy in the Mind of Lennon (Inner Lives)
Lucy in the Mind of Lennon (Inner Lives) Lucy in the Mind of Lennon (Inner Lives)
Lucy in the Mind of Lennon (Inner Lives) Lucy in the Mind of Lennon (Inner Lives)
Lucy in the Mind of Lennon (Inner Lives) Lucy in the Mind of Lennon (Inner Lives)
Lucy in the Mind of Lennon (Inner Lives) Lucy in the Mind of Lennon (Inner Lives)

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