Lets Fix America!

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Federal policies post war

Most boaters gas up their boats at gas stations and E15 is already available at gas stations in 28 states.

Even if you do choose the correct fuel type for your boat, did you know that up to 4 gallons of gas can be held in the tubes and pipes at the pump? If your local gas station is one that offers E15 at the same pump as E10, you could be getting a few gallons of E15 in your engine before your selected fuel.

Washington agrees: let’s fix our infrastructure

That may not be a big deal for your boat, but how about your jet ski? Since the RFS as it is now forces E into the marketplace at increasing levels to meet the mandates, the chance of misfueling at your local gas station is increasing. The letter asked for common sense reforms such as ensuring that any future ethanol volumes do not exceed 9.

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Included with the letter was a petition signed by more than 26, citizens from across the country. The petition illustrates the widespread support for reforming the RFS among the boating and fishing community.

You can be sure this is going to continue to be a hot issue throughout , so check the Keep America Fishing website, Facebook , Twitter , and Instagram for updates. Soon after opening the store four years ago, Dolly was adopted from Animal Rescue League as the shop cat. Historically, the shop has held a gala fundraiser each fall, and this year, Lee was looking for something new and found inspiration in the current elections.

She figured that adding a feline to the ticket would bring some humor to the frustration that many voters are feeling. Dolly is so committed to the cause or claws?

Listen to Let's Fix Work now.

Local comedian and radio DJ Jim Krenn is also a Dolly supporter and has starred in her publicity videos. For all the attention, Dolly is a reluctant candidate.


Indeed, Dolly was disinclined to interact with this cat-crazy lady writer. Perhaps she was concerned I would reveal her deep, dark secrets such as her uncertainty around dogs.

Lets Fix America! Lets Fix America!
Lets Fix America! Lets Fix America!
Lets Fix America! Lets Fix America!
Lets Fix America! Lets Fix America!
Lets Fix America! Lets Fix America!
Lets Fix America! Lets Fix America!

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