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Radames, however, requests freedom for the Ethiopians as his reward. The Pharaoh agrees to the compromise suggestion that Aida and her father should be retained as hostages. He then presents Radames with the hand of his daughter, Amneris, and the promise that he will one day rule as Pharaoh. Amneris exults at this unexpected turn of fortune, while Radames and Aida despair. On the eve of her marriage, Amneris is taken by Ramfis to pray in the temple of Isis.

Radames has chosen a place nearby for a final rendezvous with Aida, who dreams of her homeland while she waits for him. Her thoughts are interrupted by her father, who demands that she discovers the line of attack by which Radames will make the next Egyptian assault.

Aida Pavarotti Chiara Dimitrova Pons Ghiaurov Teatro alla Scala Lorin Maazel 1985

When Radames arrives Aida suggests to him that he does not love her enough to leave Egypt and live with her in Ethiopia. When at first he refuses, she points out that she and her father are certain to be executed if they remain in Egypt. He therefore agrees to flee with her and she asks him which route they should take to avoid the Egyptian troops. He tells her, whereupon Amonasro steps forward and reveals his true identity.

AIDA — International Association for the Development of Apnea

Radames is appalled that he has unwittingly betrayed his country, and now refuses to escape with them. Amneris and Ramfis emerge from the temple. Amonasro moves to attack Amneris but Radames prevents him, and Amonasro and Aida escape. Radames gives himself up to Ramfis. Amneris realizes that she must try to save Radames from the harsh verdict of the priests. She summons him to her presence and begs him to forget Aida and love her instead; this is the price of her intercession on his behalf with the Pharaoh.

When he refuses, she dismisses him. The priests file into the judgement chamber and call out the charges against Radames. Amneris becomes increasingly frantic as she realizes that he will not even attempt to defend himself. The priests condemn him to be entombed alive for treason.

AIDA: Attention-Interest-Desire-Action

Amneris curses them as they leave. Radames has been sealed in a tomb where he is surprised to discover Aida waiting for him. Amneris mourns for Radames as Aida dies in his arms. Read our Privacy and Cookie Notices : make sure you keep control of your data and that you are clear about how we use it. To see Interest and Desire in play, think of common infomercials you may have seen.

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The infomercials start by showing you a problem Attention , and then by showing you that there is a solution Interest. Infomercials then go through all the various features and benefits that will change your life for the better, either by helping you cook better, clean better, or lose weight faster Desire. Finally, the infomercials hit you with a timer and limited inventory along with a phone number and call-to-action to create Action. Here you can see the stark difference between Interest and Desire.

Interest is about making your offering seem interesting through entertainment, or by being memorable or funny. Desire , then, is about how your product or service applies to the lives of your prospects. By making them see how your offerings will fit in with their lives, you can grease the skids toward Action. Before using AIDA , and once again, the first step is to understand the potential customer or client. AIDA , or any other marketing formula , will only work when your message is perfectly aligned with your buyer personas , which includes demographics information, company and role details, and other critical data that can help you precision-target your marketing message further.

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The following AIDA formula examples are ripped from the headlines, so to speak. The company attracts Attention by blasting out their message to the masses using a variety of mediums. The brand that develops Interest by mentioning the ingredients from its beverages in each of its advertisements.

The brand creates Desire in its customers by explaining how its sodas are so satisfying for consumers. Coke Zero, for example, allows you to maintain a good shape while drinking its delicious new Coke Zero formula. The latest Diet Coke ads, for example, show hip and cool customers drinking the delicious beverage, which is intended to create Desire in you to do the same. When you couple mass exposure and availability with low prices, the brand succeeds in creating Action , which helps Coca Cola maintain its position as one of the top soda brands in the world.

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Car brands are also accustomed to using AIDA in their marketing and advertising promotions. Take the latest Lincoln ads starring movie star Mathew McConaughey. The brand attracts Attention by drawing you into a commercial starring one of the most recognized faces in the world. Take one of the latest commercials, such as the one advertising the Lincoln Nautilus.

In fact, the video is filmed more like a movie trailer, which sucks the audience in, creating massive Interest.

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  • The Desire comes when our movie star gets behind the wheel of the newest Lincoln brand. The brand entices Action by directing you to visit the Lincoln website, where the process may start all over again until you actually show up at a Lincoln dealership to test drive the latest model, maybe even the Nautilus. The company builds Attention by advertising on social media. The company uses attractive models and their colorful offerings to draw the eyes of multitudes of Facebook users.

    The company then generates Interest by offering their newest pattern absolutely free. The company develops Desire by limiting the free offer to one week only and by showcasing the clothing on the model, helping prospects see just how good the clothing will look on them.

    Finally, Expression Fiber Arts entices Action by urging Facebook users to download the free offer coupon, thus pushing the conversion. Using the AIDA persuasive message , you can improve your copywriting skills to help your brand stand out while evoking AIDA for greater brand awareness and attraction. Attention requires you to be quick and to the point. If your subject line or headline promised a goal, your Interest-bearing copy will expound on those ideas. Your first paragraph, then, needs to continue that idea.

    Do you want more from your marketing campaigns? That would definitely create Interest in anyone whose CTRs are drastically too low. We tried everything and nothing worked. We changed the days when we blasted out our emails from Wednesday to the weekends. To entice Action , you merely add a link to your call-to-action , thus pushing the conversion. Here are the steps to follow when you want to employ the AIDA method in your own marketing efforts. You should be speaking directly to your buyer persona.

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    This makes your messaging more personal. If you can mention specifics that apply to your buyer persona , such as the role they play at their company, their responsibilities, problems, and other details. If your buyer persona is a marketing manager, for example, use that title in your messaging to cause it to really hit home.

    To highlight certain ideas and to hammer home your AIDA message , you are encouraged to use style elements like underline and bold. Style your copywriting too much and your copy can become overwhelming. Used appropriately, however, you can help your readers truly comprehend your words for improved effect. Your headlines are often the first element of your marketing and advertising copy that prospects will see. The headline speaks to marketers and mentions a solution to a problem , which is how to make more money this year.

    We already proposed how AIDA can be used with email marketing. Your subject lines gather Attention , your headlines and first paragraph offer Interest , the body builds Desire , and the CTA at the end pushes Action. You can then send your emails to the same folks at different times to see which one performs better. This technique can be used on subject lines , headlines , first paragraphs, email bodies, images, and calls-to-action.

    The more elements you test, the more effective your emails will be. A great way to test your emails , websites, and other marketing and advertising mediums is to use a tool like Crazy Egg. Crazy Egg provides you with innovative solutions that can contribute to the best web presence possible. Heatmaps , for instance, show you exactly how visitors are reacting to your site, emails, and other marketing avenues with thermal based imaging. Using heatmaps , you can see where visitors are clicking, hovering their cursors, and where they may be getting blocked instead of converting.

    The best part is that Crazy Egg offers a day free trial. That means you can try all these exciting features on your own web presence without the commitment. The studio also works with serious ballroom dancers who compete in national competitions. The studio owner buys a mailing list of couples within ten miles with the correct demographic.

    Fortunately, the studio owner has successfully run the studio for several years and knows the following:. For example, the couple will be able to dance at country club social events, meet new people, and never be wallflowers. Couples even move on to enjoy going to salsa clubs and some even go on to make competitive dancing their hobby.

    You can definitely leverage the popularity of TV shows like Dancing with the Stars. The key proof element is the testimonial. The calls to action include: calling to book a spot for an introductory session, visiting a web page with more information, sending an email to the studio owner.

    AIDA | Liceu Opera Barcelona

    It can also be important to understand the business model. The offer above persuades potential clients to try dancing lessons. These customers, if they have young daughters, will send these children to dance lessons. The couples will often bring other couples into the school. Many of these couples will regularly take dance lessons.

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