NCLEX Questions: Respiratory System

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10 Respiratory NCLEX® Questions

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Hanley Rd, Suite St. Louis, MO We are open Saturday and Sunday! Subject optional. Home Embed. Email address: Your name:. Example Question 1 : Respiratory System. Possible Answers:. Correct answer:. Explanation : There are five lobes total in the human lungs: the right lung has three lobes the upper lobe, the middle lobe, and the lower lobe while the left lung has two lobes the upper lobe and the lower lobe. Report an Error.

Possible Answers: The hilum. Correct answer: The apex. Explanation : The topmost part of the lungs is the apex.

Respiratory System | Respiratory System Disorders NCLEX Quiz 24

Which of the following lists of airway structures is in order from largest to smallest? Possible Answers: Trachea - bronchiole - bronchi - alveoli. Correct answer: Trachea - bronchi - bronchiole - alveoli. Explanation : The largest airway structure is the trachea. Example Question 2 : Respiratory System.

Possible Answers: The bronchioles. Correct answer: The bronchioles. Explanation : The main mediator of air flow during respiration is the bronchiole. Example Question : General Biology. Which of the following allows debris to be removed from the lung? Possible Answers: Bronchiolar constriction and dilation. Possible Answers: They secrete surfactant.

They are important for the integrity of the alveolar connective tissue. Correct answer: They secrete surfactant. A client has had a chest tube placed for 10 hours and the nurse is assessing the color of the drainage. Which color would be concerning to the nurse?

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Chest tube insertion. Humidified O2. Arterial blood gas draw. Rapid fluid infusion. Pitting leg edema.

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Liver enlargement. Cheyne-stokes respirations. Pulmonary edema. Smoke Exposure. Humidifier exposure. Working in a hospital. Not getting the Pneumococcal Vaccine. Which of the following would you expect to find over the involved area in a patient with lobar pneumonia?

NCLEX Exam: Respiratory System Disorders (60 Questions)

Share This. Which is correct about vesicular breath sounds? Inspiratory sounds last longer than expiratory ones. Inspiratory and expiratory sounds are about equal. Expiratory sounds last longer than inspiratory ones.

NCLEX Questions: Respiratory System NCLEX Questions: Respiratory System
NCLEX Questions: Respiratory System NCLEX Questions: Respiratory System
NCLEX Questions: Respiratory System NCLEX Questions: Respiratory System
NCLEX Questions: Respiratory System NCLEX Questions: Respiratory System
NCLEX Questions: Respiratory System NCLEX Questions: Respiratory System

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