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I just want a quiet spit-and-sawdust place where I can get a pint.

A spit and sawdust pub or bar is dirty, untidy, and does not look respectable. I used to perform with a rock and roll band in the spit and sawdust Waterfront club.

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Note: In the past, the public bars of many pubs had sawdust on the floor to soak up the mess caused by people spitting and spilling their drinks. See also: and , sawdust , spit.

What can you do with SAWDUST?

Until the mid 20th century, the general bar of a pub would often have sawdust sprinkled on the floor, on to which the customers could spit. References in periodicals archive? The venue, at the rear of Broad Street, has been transformed from the former spit-and-sawdust boozer that was Darwins into a brand new gastro pub with its own heated 'urban garden'. Don't expect a spit-and-sawdust traditional pub like the Queen's Vaults next door.

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  5. Most pubs have smoking 'break-out' areas, car boot sale decor and few would survive without trendy youngsters swigging fizzy drinks, but well-kept ale is seldom confined to spit-and-sawdust back street inns. A brass quartet joined an accordion, rag-time piano, fiddles, banjos and tambourines on stage - making them look every inch the travelling band playing at a spit-and-sawdust watering hole in the Deep South.

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    It was once a prominent spit-and-sawdust boozer standing pretty much alone on that stretch of the Tyne. Plain-sailing Sunday dining.

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    The pubs are the old-fashioned type, a bit spit-and-sawdust but with real, down-to-earth characters. Sawdust back then had already found use in papermaking and as a filling for dolls, and desperate Swedes had also figured out how to distill brandy from it.

    Paul Collins

    In fact, by the time of the Manufacturer and Builder article, the Trenton headquarters of the Dibble Manufacturing Company had been for some years producing hemacite house trimmings and drawer pulls, and it now had a catalogue of hundreds of designs of their most popular product, hemacite doorknobs. The doorknobs carried a guarantee for the lifetime of the door, because rather than having a separate knob and shaft to wear out, they were molded as one unbreakable piece.

    Sawdust in our Blood - a Koetter Woodworking Story

    It was a successful enough product that Dibble eliminated his own name from the enterprise entirely: Trenton became the proud home of the Hemacite Manufacturing Company. Dibble branched out into products like hemacite cash register buttons and, quick to pick up on the latest fads, roller skates. Albumen, which was also the organic binding agent behind hemacite roller skate wheels.

    Lepage founded the Bois Durci Company and exhibited its wares at the Great International Exhibition of , back when Dibble was still tinkering with ways to suck the spit out of dental patients. Bois durci went on to turn up in a variety of 19th century inkstands, plaques, picture frames, and furniture; Edison even used it for the housing on early telephones.

    Children With Sawdust in Their Blood - The New York Times

    Floors in South Africa gained a black marble-like polish with the use of blood, and an early London tennis court acquired its hard and glossy surface in the same way; it has even been used as an additive in roofing material. Hemacite certainly captured the attention of Victorian architects. The old Hemacite Company was as much a victim of changing times as fire: new plastics like Bakelite were in the offing, pushing aside the quaint notion of sawdust mixed with blood. The rechristened company soldiered on for many more decades, surviving the Depression and a postwar strike, and until recently still supplied fittings to plumbing contractors.

    But even Trenton Brass is gone now, and with it the last faint trace of Dr. Dibble and his Hemacite Company.

    Blood and Sawdust Blood and Sawdust
    Blood and Sawdust Blood and Sawdust
    Blood and Sawdust Blood and Sawdust
    Blood and Sawdust Blood and Sawdust
    Blood and Sawdust Blood and Sawdust
    Blood and Sawdust Blood and Sawdust

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