The Red Keep

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In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the Maidenvault was so-called because of the three maiden princesses imprisoned there. It is a long, slate-roofed building located behind the royal sept within the Red Keep.

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Its entry has two tall carved doors. Due to their imprisonment, the three sisters Daena, Elaena, and Rhaena became popularly known as the "Three Maidens in the Tower". While his father was still alive, Baelor had actually been made to marry his eldest sister, Daena.

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While the wedding ceremony was held, the marriage was never consummated, and after his father died Baelor had it officially annulled. After Baelor's death, the Maidenvault became simply another form of apartments for courtiers in the Red Keep. Unconvinced, Cersei stays in the Red Keep until it's too late.

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Did she think the wildfire would be enough to stop Daenerys' army as it approached the Red Keep? In their final scene together we see the Targaryen relics beneath the Red Keep when Jaime and Cersei are eventually crushed during the destruction.

Now, if Cersei believed that the Red Keep would never fall, she likely assumed she could stay safe within its walls while she torched the invading army with her wildfire. As the wiki also notes about Wildfire in Season Six:.

Maegor's Holdfast

This could possibly mean that Bran actually saw Daenerys' sack of King's Landing in a vision and knew Cersei would have wildfire throughout the city. Regardless, the green fire is an interesting callback to the tool that the Lannister family used to protect the city and kill their enemies throughout the series. Tyrion famously used it during the Battle of Blackwater Bay and Cersei used it to kill all of her enemies in the Sept of Baelor.

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The Red Keep The Red Keep
The Red Keep The Red Keep
The Red Keep The Red Keep
The Red Keep The Red Keep
The Red Keep The Red Keep
The Red Keep The Red Keep
The Red Keep The Red Keep
The Red Keep The Red Keep

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