Shadow People Who are they and where do they come from?

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Types: Category 1 This category falls into drugs use, seizures, and other mental issues. This category covers a very vast description and is known to have descriptions that may or may not match what others describe in category 2 and 3. Category 1 actually may not be considered shadow people at all due to the non consistancy in the descriptions.

Category 2 This category falls more into the ghost and spirit category. The descriptions in this category are as follows: non human shaped shadows or masses of human shaped shadow people in one place, insect shadows, animal shadow people, and women shadow people. These are mostly see thru shadows. Category 2 shadow people tend to be drawn more to a location than a person. It is common for this category to actually try and not become seen. Light may affect this group. Category 3 This category does not fall into the ghost or Spirit category. This category has only 2 types of shadow people, One tall shadow man and several small hooded "twin" style shadow people.

These are usually seen non see thru however they may be see thru.


Are shadow people dangerous?

This category is more drawn to a person rather than a place, this category may actually be drawn to a certain spirit or ghost as well as humans. I talk to him but never receive an answer. Every once in awhile he will stroke my neck. And I am not sure why he follows me. I being seeing shadow all my life. I see black shadow and white shadow sometimes they come in full body.

But each that one show up. Some one just die or some one is about to die. But they get me prepared. When I tell my family member I see death coming they get scared. My became a gift. Some time I see red and I know trouble is coming somewhere. When I used to work at night if I see red before I leave work. I learn to go A different way.

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Some time I see blue and it all way some one or something unexpected coming. What people need to do is pay attention what happen after it show up. Death can come with I. Day or with in a month. I noticed when death coming with in a month the shadow will keep show up. And I learn the different of the person that dying. If that person got god I see a white shadow. If they unsaved a black shadow come. I had my gift for 28 years. People do seem to see them as did one of my friends when he has sleep paralysis. And one did warn him about something stupid I was gonna do and thank God I was helped.

Also my father had seen them when he was younger. Very vividly. I had a small experience with one when I was younger and I freaked out. Some worse than others. Not sure what they are. They really are weird and I would advise prayer. Sleep paralysis is terrifying and seeing one when your not asleep is a million times worse. My teddy bear dog. Hes a lapdog and extremely quiet. So for him to start growling at my wall and then wail and bark.

I look beside me and my shadow which was sitting. Puts his two hands on the handle of my chair and stands up. As instinct dictates. They probably arent friendly. Could the reason we cant communicate with them is because they see us as shadow people and they are afraid? And we may appear there, as well.

One night I woke up and turn over. Right at that moment I saw large shadow which to me seemed like a man wearing a hat. Like a fadora hat. He had no face it was just dark. He came to the side of my bed and began to lean over like face to face with me. I swattend him away with both hands as you would if a fly or bug was in your face. He then disappeared. The next day I remembered and was confused about it.

My father died 2 days later from a heart attack. Hi there! I have seen shadow people at home in Mexico city where I live and I have spoken with some of them but in my brain not with words. Some of them are around me when I am in bed sleeping at night! I must say I have seen they also have some bright lights around their shadows.

My husband works nights so I got up to investigate. These visits actually scared me which is unusual. None have ever caused any harm. Every house has had someone who stands guard in our hallway, outside the bedrooms.

Our cultural neglect of Djinn lore shields us from its psychological benefits.

Whats your opinion? Thank you. That does sound scary. Many readers report good results from that. But, at the very least, it should buy you some time to gather more information about the figures. An increase in water, like underground streams, or a new road, bridge, or highway. Let me know what happens.

Your IP suggests Lebanon. Is that right? Is there any chance energy could have been churned up by the 7. I have recently encountered a shadow person just hours ago. There seems to be a strange phenomenon with angel numbers and these shadow beings, at least from experience. I see orbs, flashes of colored lights on a regular basis and have even once seen , a cold, robotic, angelic-huminoid apparition.

I began to question my sanity with these clock numbers, orbs, and De ja vu. Now my partner starting experiencing the same things. I would feel a vibrating and buzzing sensation when an angel number on the clock would occur, that is when nudging, sometimes physical sensations provokes me to look at the clock. The number that i saw when the apparition appeared was am.

During that time i was catching up on some work and i began to have negative memories from the past that began to flood my mind, for no reason. It was in that moment I have seen the apparition from the corner of my eyes. My adrenaline kicked in and i was willing to fight the apparition that was still in my sight standing 10 feet away. When i turned to call out to it in rage, he was observing me and almost inducing these feelings in me.

It was as if he was trying to wait for an opportunistic moment, as I can recall the feeling of heaviness, which and also felt like a vacuum, followed by ringing of the ears. There are times i have sleep paralysis , followed by an unwanted, spontaneous out-of-body experiences and when im really tired. When i walked in, I could hear my partner crying in agony in sleep, however no covers were pulled. When i looked at the clock it said am. I must also note that i seen the apparition of a shadow cat in my house prior to the shadow people. I have tried salt water,cleansing with sage, palo santo , bells, prayers, etc….

Even have done internal reflection via forgiveness, removing energetic ties to people of the past, lots healing of my own shadows. Lastly, I also wanted to mention that my twin bother and I have seen the hat man, shadow person with a hat and red eyes who intentionally tried to scare us. Is there any connection between dark beings masquerading as angels?

Are shadow people connected to the hat man?

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Thanks in advance. However, I urge you to speak, in person, with someone who works in a mainstream, spiritual field, as soon as you can. The interrupted sleep is also a concern. For that, as well as the sleep paralysis and the out-of-body experiences, you may want to talk with a doctor. Either way, those are usually one-off encounters.

Take this very seriously and talk with a minister or priest about the spiritual possibilities and solutions. I think I saw a shadow person out of the corner of my eye while I was watching anime hours ago.

Author Jason Offutt Explains the "Shadow People" Phenomenon

It looked like it was just coming around the corner. My head snapped towards it immediately to look at it and as soon as I did, it was just gone without a trace, and it was completely silent, unlike other people report on here, saying they heard wispers coming from it. So, not thinking anything of it and assuming it was my imagination, I just return to my anime. I havent seen the thing since. So when I was 7 I had this nightmare, in the last part before I woke up there was nothing like it was all black and then I turned around and saw a grim reaper. My nightmare later predicted my late uncles death in and I just found out in Many people — who, as adults, get involved in ghost hunting — have stories similar to yours.

It can be very reassuring to find evidence supporting what they thought they experienced. But, if the grim reaper you saw is still appearing, or if anything you see makes you feel afraid, please speak with an adult about this, immediately.

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A minister is usually a good resource, but a sympathetic teacher can be helpful, too. I had an experience tonight Which is how I found this page Recently some wired stuff has been happening in my house. It eventually lead to a scary voice saying help me to my naked ear…. For a while I had been scared since..

Then tonight… While doing some menial tasks.. I saw him.. I could tell he had a hat on … And he walked with a stride only slightly faster then mine.. I was walking through the dining room to a well light kitchen… The only light off was the dining room which I was in… But he was walking in the light.. Rachel, if you keep seeing him, keep a diary. There are lots of variables. About days ago I summoned Clauneck Demon of Wealth and after sometime of meditation by candle light I noticed a shadow to the left of me. I remembered the shadows outline perfectly and even drew it.

It did not speak to me and I did not want to frighten it, so I dared not to take a photo of it.

What Are Shadow People? These Supernatural Entities Are Scarier Than Any Horror Movie

I didnt feel a negative energy coming from it, but I did feel a little uneasy because of the shape of the shadow. The shape was something similar to how headstones are portrayed in cartoons. I tried recreating the shape many times using the same conditions and nothing. My son, who is 10 now, has been seeing shadow people for quite sometime. At first they scared him, but now he says he just ignores them. He says that they go as fast as he sees them. Any advice? That could open another door of access to him, and — if the entities are angry or malicious — put him at risk.

In addition, his first reaction was to be frightened of them. I just avoid communicating with spirits that are outside the mainstream of ghosts we usually deal with. And, I especially discourage children from communicating with them, unless an adult is present and that adult is experienced in paranormal research that includes darker entities. Ok so I have seen a shadow person in my house many times and a couple nights ago I was laying in bed and all the sudden next to my bedroom door a shadow person apeared it was a full body just standing there and it got closer to me untill iy was right beside me.

But the weird thing is I had no fear of it. I was just there I guess. Astral projection is another similar explanation. But who knows? Jason: In the past couple of months, I was contacted by a woman whose husband was dying of cancer. As the cancer progressed, he reported seeing shadow people standing around his bed. No one else could see them.

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  • Weeks from death, the number of shadow people in his room increased to more than Although weak, he convinced his wife to take him to a hotel miles away. After praying for the entities to leave her husband, they vanished and he died. Frankly, that gives me the willies. Jason Offutt is also the author ofand his website is From the Shadows. Next page: The mysterious Hat Man. Continue Reading. LiveAbout uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using LiveAbout, you accept our.

    Shadow People Who are they and where do they come from? Shadow People Who are they and where do they come from?
    Shadow People Who are they and where do they come from? Shadow People Who are they and where do they come from?
    Shadow People Who are they and where do they come from? Shadow People Who are they and where do they come from?
    Shadow People Who are they and where do they come from? Shadow People Who are they and where do they come from?
    Shadow People Who are they and where do they come from? Shadow People Who are they and where do they come from?
    Shadow People Who are they and where do they come from? Shadow People Who are they and where do they come from?
    Shadow People Who are they and where do they come from? Shadow People Who are they and where do they come from?

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