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And you are quite right, you couldn't of summed up the theme of this film better. I remember watching this movie as a kid of 10 back in and it always stuck with me. I tried to remember the title in the early 90s when dvd production took off and wanted to own it. I was able to buy it when it was finally released on dvd.

DVD of the Week: “Man’s Favorite Sport?” | The New Yorker

I pop it in the dvd player when I need a pick me up and a flashback to the family movie night. It's a cheesy colorful comedy and it definitely grows on you more and more each time it's viewed. I had a boyhood crush on Paula and as I watch the movie as a 50 year old today I can see how easy that was to do.

I hope someday they will include some type of commentary and behind the scenes footage. I recommend "The Black Marble" and "Move": she is funny and kooky in both.

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If you were to watch only the credits to "Man's Favorite Sport? Review by LarsN. Review by Etan Weisfogel.

Man’s Favorite Sport?

Seeing this after rewatching both Bringing Up Baby and Some Like It Hot clarified why Hawks' brand of madcap, irrevent comedy works for me whereas Wilder's in the case of that film, anyway doesn't. As with Bringing Up Baby, the humor in Man's Favorite Sport comes not just from the series of comic incidents but from the hapless protagonists' attempt to maintain sanity and dignity throughout each increasingly absurd ordeal.

More than almost any other director, Hawks gives us a sense of the narrative as something that actively imposes itself on its characters, something that is happening to them. This tendency is even more clear in this epitome of the late-period work, where comic incidents have an almost post-modern absurdity…. Review by Eric Barroso. Rock as usual is his manly charming self who finally meets his match in a woman who ties him up in knots with her verbal bantering.

Truthfully she's kind of manipulative and yet somehow she makes it all charming.

DVD of the Week: “Man’s Favorite Sport?”

Director Howard Hawks. Lo sport preferito dall'uomo, Su juego favorito. Genres comedy romance. Me after watching this movie for two full hours: are we still talking about fishing here. I love Hawks. I love Rock Hudson. I love Paula Prentiss. What, am I gonna NOT like this?

Chaos ensues. Rules: Generate a number from 1 to x via: www. Regis Toomey as Bagley. Norman Alden as John Screaming Eagle. Don Allen as Tom. James Westerfield as Policeman. Tyler McVey as Customer Bush. Kathie Browne as Marcia. Joan Tewkesbury as Woman in Elevator.

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Betty Hanna as Woman in Elevator. Dianne Simpson as Elevator Operator. Joan Boston as Joan. Holger Bendixen as Fisherman. Ed Stoddard as Escort. Paul Bryar as Policeman. Jim Bannon as Forest Ranger. Lincoln Demyan as Scoutmaster. Edmund Williams as Desk Clerk. Christopher White as Boy Scout. Elise Kraal as Girl on Motorbike. Ollie O'Toole as Waiter. Tom Allen. Margaret Sheridan as Cadwalader's Secretary. Paul Langton as Mr. Med Flory as Tucker. John Zaremba.

“Drop Dead Gorgeous,” Which Is Finally Streaming, Is Possibly My Favorite Movie of All Time

Chuck Courtney. Edy Williams as Second Girl. May 13, Full Review…. Jun 24, Full Review…. Jan 1, Full Review…. May 13, Rating: 2. Aug 13, Full Review…. Mar 30, Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews May 04, Paula is charming and goofy, Rock as adapt at comedy as always, a pleasant way to pass an hour and a half.

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Mans Favorite Sport Mans Favorite Sport
Mans Favorite Sport Mans Favorite Sport
Mans Favorite Sport Mans Favorite Sport
Mans Favorite Sport Mans Favorite Sport
Mans Favorite Sport Mans Favorite Sport
Mans Favorite Sport Mans Favorite Sport
Mans Favorite Sport Mans Favorite Sport

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