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My sense of responsibility only works in my timeline, apparently. Okay, so this all leads up to reader Mike J. If he is in the same Marvel Universe as Spider-Man, why weren't there any superheroes fighting along side him? Interestingly enough, the editor on Marvel Team-Up addressed this very issue!

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Others are a bit duff. You get both here but, overall, this edition is well worth the money. Mar 22, Skjam!

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Shelves: adventure , author-a , backlist , comics , published , sf. In the far future Earth of , the Martian invaders rule. Scattered free humans scrabble for survival in the ruins of their civilization while their alien overlords make over the planet in their own image. Perhaps the greates In the far future Earth of , the Martian invaders rule. Perhaps the greatest of these was Keeper Whitman, who had created a fine gladiator for the masters. Jonathan Raven had been captured young and his younger brother Joshua shipped elsewhere and physically enhanced by Keeper Whitman into a superior combatant.

The young man gained the gladiator title Killraven for his skill. Killraven yearned for freedom, and eventually managed to escape with a small group of allies. Later, they raided the citadel of Keeper Whitman, and Killraven got his revenge on the corrupted scientist. But he did not reveal the full extent of his experiments. Now Killraven and his Freemen have a glimpse of a goal—but where to go from here? This interesting series took concepts from H. As a low-selling series that could be cancelled at any moment, the creators were free to experiment.

Writer Don McGregor and artist P. Craig Russell took full advantage of this, with some innovative storytelling, painterly art and also the first serious interracial kiss in American color comic books.

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Early in the series, Killraven learns that his brother Joshua is still alive in what used to be Yellowstone Park, and the Freemen start making their way cross-country to there. Unfortunately, there are no surviving maps, and our heroes get turned around while escaping from Chicago, winding up in Florida.

Killraven - Casket Domain

Thus the graphic novel involves the Martians moving Joshua, now known as Deathraven and somehow some years older than Jonathan, to Cape Canaveral as part of a trap for Killraven. The art and writing are excellent, particularly in the back half of the series, though the glimpses we see of pre-invasion future America are inconsistent and perhaps poorly thought out. Craig Russell does some nifty monsters! He quickly switches to a slightly less ludicrous outfit. Aug 23, Clint rated it really liked it Shelves: I nearly boke down and cried when I was finished with this book, it was so good.

Actually I read about half of it a year ago, and finished the other half recently. It took awhile to get used to the year old style of extremely over-wrought dialogue, but after I did, it was like Conan in the future fighting aliens. Man this would have made a great movie. I read the few reviews on this, and one dude said that the story suffered from lacking a main enemy.

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But I think the overlords are enemy enoug I nearly boke down and cried when I was finished with this book, it was so good. But I think the overlords are enemy enough. True, it doesn't really have a main villian, but I thoguht the story was good enough just a ragag group of rebels battling aliens all over a post-apocalyptic America. Sometimes people say stupid things, like "We use to have cows that people could make things called STEAKS from," but overall, the artwork is fucking awesome, the aliens are evil, the chicks are hot and the guys have big muscles.

Thumbs way up! View 1 comment. Apr 22, Fizzgig76 rated it liked it Shelves: graphic-novels-and-trade-paperbacks. Killraven escapes Martian custody and begins his war against the Martians with his Freemen. I wanted to like this collection more than I did. I love the ideas behind Killraven the War of the Worlds occurred on Earth but the Martians returned around immune to the diseases that killed them the first time , but the writing is very spotty.

The characters seem detatched and don't seem to have much consistancy to their behavior. The storyline seemed to have a beginning and end planned but kept going off on tangents that added nothing or seemed out of context of anything that occurred before. The entire book also suffers from a great "lack of villain". The Martians worked part of the time but Marvel had a tough time coming up with someone for Killraven to actually fight.

Aug 21, Jean-Pierre Vidrine rated it really liked it. I was always struck by the concept of this book. A never-to-end sequel to H. Wells' famous novel featuring a Conan-esque warrior is probably something that can only happen in comics. The stories here are lot of fun and sometimes poignant, if a little uneven.

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  • This series contains examples of:.

Craig Russell collaborations, wherein the two really reach past the boundaries of Roy Thomas' initial concept and defy readers' expectations. I loved seeing Russell's art evolve from a perfect I was always struck by the concept of this book. I loved seeing Russell's art evolve from a perfectly fine comic book hero style into a style wholly his own.

Joseph Michael Linsner's tale at the end gives a good counterpoint to Killraven's warrior's view of the world. Oct 01, Charles rated it it was ok Shelves: graphic-novels.

Mike Luoma's Cosmic Crackle: Killraven!

I got this because I remembered fondly reading one of the first issus of this way back when I was a teenager. The concept, of a second invasion and conquest by the Martians, followed by an underground rebellion of humans lead by the gladiator Killraven, was a great one. Unfortunately, I didn't see that the promise was fulfilled in the collected run, and I have to admit to being disapointed.

The first issues were fun, but later I thought the work kind of lost it's focus and, frankly, I had a hard I got this because I remembered fondly reading one of the first issus of this way back when I was a teenager. The first issues were fun, but later I thought the work kind of lost it's focus and, frankly, I had a hard time enjoying some the story lines. Others might feel differently of course. View all 5 comments. Jul 02, Devero rated it liked it. Pura fantascienza distopica anni Purtroppo l'altalena di disegnatori, e, in forma minore, scrittori, si sente.

Accanto ad episodi molto interessanti ve ne sono altri scritti davvero male; allo stesso modo tavole magnifiche di gente come P. Craig Russel si alternano a pessimi lavori di H. Killraven is also a superb hand-to-hand combatant, and a highly skilled swordsman, wrestler, and martial artist. He is a master of most hand weaponry, especially shuriken. He is a master strategist in guerrilla warfare.

Killraven possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of human history, art, and science predating the Martian invasion of A. As artist P. Craig Russell described, "Killraven has a sort of extrasensory ability to counterbalance his gladiatorial skills.

Essential Killraven, Vol. 1

He is very much the barbarian type, yet at the same time he has this seed planted in his brain that is the history of the human race — a racial memory of everything that has been obliterated by the Martians. It's almost a magical ability It was what removed him from being just another sword-wielding gladiator type.

Killraven wears bulletproof fabrics and leather. He is armed with various weapons as needed, and usually carried a sword and shuriken. He sometimes rides a mutated serpent-horse, or appropriated Martian vehicles and aircraft. In the mainstream Marvel Universe that the company dubs Earth , Jonathan Raven appears in the - miniseries Wisdom. Every one of him is dangerous! Ruling council plan to invade all other Earths. So I urged this first expedition now before he is grown". Wisdom is forced to kill Maureen in order to stop the Martian invasion, while Jonathan is taken to an MI-6 safehouse in Prague and trained by martial artist Shang-Chi.

Hollywood trade stories in reported plans to adapt Killraven for a theatrical motion picture , with Marvel and Sony Pictures in negotiations with Robert Schenkkan to write a script. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Killraven Amazing Adventures vol. Craig Russell. WebCitation archive. With their combined talents, and the freedom that comes with working on a low-selling book that could be canceled at any moment, the two of them produced a groundbreaking series that explored philosophy, madness, love, violence, and the nature of freedom".

Review FeoAmante. Archived from the original on February 6, Craig Russell that made my tentacles twitch. Craig Russell] take artistic ownership of 'Killraven'. D , events flowed through some pages in a style that was as reminiscent of fine art as it was of comic art. Also impressive was his sense of design. Russell arguably produced some of the most imaginative, and visually horrific, monsters and villains in Marvel's history.

Don McGregor handled the writing for this issue-run, and credit must be given to his involved plots, as well as his ability to pack a lot of story into a page pamphlet".

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