I Think Ill Stay In And Masturbate

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About one in seven women have never masturbated

It would be a lot of pressure — and pressure does not, usually, ggg sex make. Sometimes, it isn't until I'm alone that I realize there's something new that I'd like to try with my partner. Masturbating gives you the chance to check in with your own sexuality and fantasies outside the context of your relationship.


It's the same reason you need to allow for space in any relationship — without some distance, it's hard to keep bringing new things to the table and have any perspective. Taking care of yourself helps you tap into what you're craving when there are fewer distractions; this can yield super useful information to bring back to your next tryst.

Masturbating is great self-care. Not only are the physical health benefits numerous — the psychological ones are as well. D , told Psychology Today. Drugs that are good for you?! I'll take it. We take the time to exercise and deep condition — so consider masturbation just another part of the fun that comes with maintaining your best self.

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I know that when I've had periods of struggling with body image , masturbation was actually a super useful way to help cultivate some more love for myself and my own body. Sure, your partner might make you feel good about your body sometimes or hopefully, all the time , but only you have the power to fully convince yourself of just how beautiful you are.

Moms Who Masturbate: 3 Mothers Share Their Stories | Le Wand

We know that sex is good exercise , so why don't we ever think of masturbation the same way? Sure, you might not be bouncing around as much, but the intense possibly multiple orgasms you're going to have on your own are going to get that heart rate up. I know that I've had a marathon sesh or 50 that stood in for a workout on days when I was too lazy to actually stand. I could tell it was exercise , because afterwards, I'd be all sweaty and hungry. It also works those kegel muscles, and definitely beats spin class.

How are you supposed to know how to give directions during oral or when a partner's touching you if you aren't even sure how to do it yourself? Sure, you can try, but the directions won't be as good. Consider it an investment in future sex. When you're orgasming regularly, you overall sex drive gets revved up, which makes total sense.

You know that feeling when you have one orgasm, and it just makes you want another? It took me a moment to settle in, but once I realized what Songz meant by "Neighbors Know My Name," I felt motivated to be a lot louder. This would normally be a positive, but I live in a thin-walled apartment with two other girls, so I tried to keep it down. Seriously though, if lyrics like, "I swear we breaking our new headboard," "The love we made, it feels so good, girl," and "Scream my name, you do it so loud," don't get you going, I don't know what will. I didn't climax, but "Neighbors Know My Name" was an excellent opening act for the songs that followed.

I moved onto Ginuwine's "Pony," a classic that's much more ideal for a night out than for actual sex. The catchy lyrics and iconic beat took me straight out of the zone.

What Your Masturbation Style Says About You

I forced myself to skip to the next song before I got so distracted that I stopped masturbating altogether. Cheat Codes' beat was way too upbeat and clubby to bring into the bedroom. Like, you can't even grind to this song—how do you expect to have sex or masturbate to it? When I caught myself imagining an innocent dance party with my friends, I knew it was time to skip ahead.

I went ahead and played Jeremih's "All the Time," which I had mixed feelings about. The song is pretty cool, but there was way too much happening sonically for me to focus on the task at hand. With all the reverberating vocals and unnecessary censor beeps, I was seriously distracted, and I wasn't getting anywhere orgasm-wise. If you found some of the other songs on this list to be boring or simple, maybe "All the Time" is the kind of complex track you need in life.

But it didn't work for me, and I skipped ahead when I hit the halfway mark.

The Downside of Masturbation

When my third round of research failed to deliver an orgasm, I consulted some of the sex songs that previously made the list. There was zero song overlap between the and Spotify sex playlists, and The Weeknd was the only artist to have tracks on both. And listening to them back-to-back led me to orgasm in no time. The verdict? Most of Spotify's sex songs live up to the hype, and I've already added a few of them to my sexy time playlist. It's a great song.

Sure, some of the tracks missed the mark, but the rest got me in the mood in a way the sound of silence just can't. Now that I've road-tested them solo, I'm excited to bust some of these out the next time I'm with my partner—and I'm intrigued to see what next year's list has in store.

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I Think I'll Stay

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Share via Pinterest. Rihanna's " Sex With Me " This song is perfect for the beginning of any sexcapade—even one with yourself. Jeremih's " Birthday Sex " I listened to the songs in order, so I went straight from "Sex With Me" to "Birthday Sex"—a song that first came out when I was in high school and has remained a certified banger ever since. SoMo's " Ride " When I lay down to do my second round of "research" for this article, I kicked things off with SoMo's "Ride," which I initially found pretty distracting.

Trey Songz' " Slow Motion " The next song was another slow jam, and I found myself regretting the decision to play the list from start to finish rather than shuffling, or something. Ginuwine's " Pony " I moved onto Ginuwine's "Pony," a classic that's much more ideal for a night out than for actual sex. I also gave last year's list a listen, mostly to see if any solid sex songs dropped off the radar between and Keywords music , sex songs , sex , masturbation. Trending 1.

I Think Ill Stay In And Masturbate I Think Ill Stay In And Masturbate
I Think Ill Stay In And Masturbate I Think Ill Stay In And Masturbate
I Think Ill Stay In And Masturbate I Think Ill Stay In And Masturbate
I Think Ill Stay In And Masturbate I Think Ill Stay In And Masturbate
I Think Ill Stay In And Masturbate I Think Ill Stay In And Masturbate

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