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I wrote The Yogi Code so we could all have the same essential tools that these ancient masters developed through centuries of practice and realization, passed down from generations of yogis to my yogi and from me to others.

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These rewards are the outcomes, the fruits of your yogic life, that flow out of your conscientious practice and actions. As with anything in life, the more we practice, the better we get and the better the results. The Yogi Code is an inspirational book to give you confidence and remind you that there is a greater universal plan than just the day-to-day life we are living. But inspiration is only the theoretical part of the practice—a beacon that shines a light, guiding and uplifting your mind and heart to show us the possibilities.

All the inspiration in the world will not make us achieve something. Progress and healing come through the practical guidance and rehabilitation the doctor or natural practitioner prescribes, so we can strengthen and learn to use our arm again. The yogi code core practices are the foundational grounding practices for your body and your mind to be balanced while you interact with the world.

My mission is also to give you daily living practices to use as the need arises and to apply when the situation calls for them. When you make them a part of your daily life and lifestyle, you start to live as a yogi and move beyond your ordinary power.

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Controlling faculties such as your breath, speech, actions, and senses bring your mind and body under your control, so you can move inward and create what is truly beautiful and meaningful. You build success from the inside out. This way you shine like the rare diamond that you are at the very core of your being, illuminating every step you take in life.

Once you start to live more as a yogi, your whole life will change beyond what you thought possible.


Our personality, environment, work, relationships, and even some of our friends will change. This is all part of the process of transformation. But I know from my own experience that this will be a welcomed adjustment and be energizing because life will have improved beyond all the expectations, and a vibration of feeling dynamically alive will take over from within.

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How to be a Yogi How to be a Yogi
How to be a Yogi How to be a Yogi
How to be a Yogi How to be a Yogi
How to be a Yogi How to be a Yogi
How to be a Yogi How to be a Yogi
How to be a Yogi How to be a Yogi

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