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  • More examples The plot depends on many ridiculous contrivances. The whole thing was a contrivance of the government's media spin machine.

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    By his clever contrivance, they both arrived at the same time. The light bulb is one of our most prized contrivances. What does this little contrivance do?

    Get The art of travel, or, Shifts and contrivances available in wild countries.

    Doctors used a variety of mechanical contrivances to let blood , such as a little folding knife called a " lancet ". Thesaurus: synonyms and related words Planning, expecting and arranging accidentally accidentally on purpose idiom advertent advisedly aim at sth I might have known idiom in sb's crosshairs idiom in the pipeline idiom in the works idiom intend lay planner propose purposefully purposely put the cart before the horse idiom put their heads together idiom rearrange sleeve swing.

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    With care and sensitivity he manages to juxtapose, place and transform his field recordings without contrivance. From Cambridge English Corpus. In spite of the clear benefit with the use of 'unreal' examples, there is a persistent prejudice against such contrivance.

    This is only a preliminary surprise as readers familiar with the joyful outcome of his contrivance already know.

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    • Zu: Thomas von Aquin - Summa theologica: Über den Krieg (German Edition).
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    • According to some scientists, only humans have a real memory, while the other animals have a perception of the time limited or episodic. A different perception of time can have different utilities according to escape strategy, communication or feeding. Time and its perception are not relative only on physics books!

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      This happens in a lot of very small animals, for example the flies that perceive the world with a slow motion effect. In other species the perception of time is connected to their movement in the space, as in case of dolphin and bats biosonar. This was "Presentation of the Day" on Wednesday, November 25th,

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