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Candlemaking supplies, which never got used, since I had never been interested in that craft. A fancy bath towel for a year-old nerd girl.

  • Living with Bowens Disease.
  • Sulphur Matches and Moriahs Ghost;

I also taught myself the fine art of regifting or donating, which reduced the clutter but did not leave me feeling like a person that any member of my family cared about. Building on the idea of completely ridiculous items, with some of my friends we have a tradition of fulfilling ridiculous wishes the other people make but in a silly way. Decades ago I had an eccentric co-worker whose hobby was running around to garage sales all summer long.

Some of the items she gave me proved surprisingly useful in the long run, but there was one shiny chrome thing that was completely unidentifiable. Nobody could figure out what it was, so it ended up in a thrift store. Stuff ends up on the giveaway shelf all year, and I snag it all year long. Then I have a ball divvying things up among everybody. I score so many times with these. All three of those things were ones that the recipient came and told me later they actually needed or really enjoyed. So the stakes are so low—but the success is actually pretty high.

I also try to include at least one item that I know most of the crafters in my family could craft, if they felt like it. This is totally my world — I hate the gift-opening part of my family gathering. Thankfully a friend was more than happy to take them. This one is partly about urgency: you can sleep for a while under a blanket with frayed edges, but not one that smells bad or has been seriously shredded.

The book thing, the book thing is on-point. So he got me Astor Piazolla because he knew I like dance music. These were much loved. Like you, LW, I struggled with my mother buying me things in the wrong size, and things I never wore. I was called selfish, and my parents would get mad when I would not buy the T-shirts they gave me this was a taste thing, not a size thing; I can imagine the size thing could hurt.

I do gift lists for my family each year. Gift lists help me and my family A LOT. They are emotional labour as well, because you have to think about the feelings and budget of others, but overall, they are worth doing to me. I always put things like coffee and shower gel on my list because my sisters are often short of money. Overall, gift lists resolve more issues than they create. My husband and in-laws are BIG on exact precise gift giving, and my parents have cut back a lot on Christmas gifts over the past few years, so it was an adjustment for me to provide a gift list!

I can never think of anything off the top of my head. He also keeps his own similar lists. So much to love in this question, answer, and thread! My family has had a joke gift, too: a heinous Christmas sweatshirt that my mother made in some kind of forced crafts class for older ladies. Iron-on Santa, glitter puffy paint, the works.

We have been elegantly wrapping it and gifting it to each other in rotation for nearly 20 years. So, last year I finally had some luck suggesting charitable donations in my name. Mom got that, and then when the cards from the organizations showed up to notify me, I made a big deal of telling her that, too. It was a super-happy Christmas! People like food, they get to unwrap more things which is legitimately fun, I think! Maybe you could suggest something like this to your mom? They can be used as scarves or as table toppers.

They double for laundry bags when traveling and somehow have a thousand storage uses in my home. Could you ask for printer paper? This would make some number of people laugh in a good way. Seems like printer paper is one of those things people run out and are glad to have extra of. Bonus: Many groups sell these as fund-raisers. She had a garage. Maybe someone could get you a Toilet Paper of the Month subscription! One of my family members asked for a box of printer paper one year! And received it! Trying to stick to HistorianNina from here out!

This is a great point. That one person who waits until the last minute will be told well in advance this or as an alternative the new book about Canaletto and Venice because he often has a restricted budget and prefers something more personal than gift cards. Gift cards made my indecisive life SO much easier. This year the best gift would be for my relations not to invite me to theirs, but I hate this. They are lovely, lovely extroverts who want to bring all the people to theirs for the Christmas, and I would much rather sit at home with my dog and watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special just the two of us.

I might just say I have plans of my own for Christmas this year… Any advice? I suspect that now that the cards are in the shops the offer will be made. They will do a lot of but faaaaaaaaaaaamily leaning on me. They did the same last year and I was so stressed with hospital stuff that I caved and really had no fun, felt that they took my Christmas away from me, despite their generosity.

If they push, just lather, rinse, and repeat some variation of the original answer. At the same time as you refuse, say that you want to visit them for a day later that week on a day that there is public transport. I love Pinterest boards for this, if your gifter is comfortable with it! Lists always felt like such a chore, and kind of ruined the surprise.

Another possibility: A contribution in your name to the charity of your choice. So when I was a young stellanor my parents were cash poor. We had a house and we were clothed and fed and could keep all the utilities on but we had like zero extra dollars and so holidays were fairly spartan. They honestly just want to give me too much stuff. A few years ago I moved into an apartment with my longtime partner and the upshot of that is that we have no room for more stuff. Our apartment is beautiful and light and airy and has no room to store anything else because all those windows take up wall space where storage would go.

I want like one token gift and then I want a donation in my name to X organization. My partner got a shirt and a donation to the ACLU. I actually felt GOOD about the gifting situation. A tip for Amazon lists, is make all the items on it pretty identifiable. But this is what you asked for! So for lists for her we write things like fleece bathrobe, small nonstick frying pan, size xl soft t shirts i really like target and the gap, but other brands are good too. Stuff like that. I hate creating Christmas lists. I also usually get requests for them from a number of people. Fancy face sunscreen is an example—it works so well!

The Candlestick Maker

So someone else buying it for me is a plus. I can always get them in January if no one chooses to gift them. I asked for gift cards when I knew I had to replace my computer soon, and it helped defray the cost a bit. Plus, sometimes people find inspiration and do something cool with these, which is always fun when it happens. I also find disposable luxuries like food or gift certs to restaurants to be great things to put on my list in years when I just am not looking for a lot of things.

I feel you on the non-monetary help, too! One year I asked my parents for a new digital camera, specifically including helping me pick the right camera as part of the gift my dad is really good at photography, so this was right in his wheelhouse. We try to set aside time to get lunch together or something instead. Sometimes recognizing what a person actually wants is way better than a wrapped box under the tree!

Ugh, Christmas gifts. Thanks, yeah. I have tried, very unsuccessfully, to stop gifts with my in-laws.

Kitchen Hot Pad Pot Holder in Vintage-Style - Crochet Pattern

Could you and your husband opt out completely? We had some luck just staying home for Christmas instead of traveling to my ILs and staying at a hotel. The Captain has given some great advice here, much of which I already follow — and it seems to work well. If people ask for a list it is not greedy or selfish or presumptuous to give them a list. Also, adding to the ridiculous family stories, I always send lists with exact links to the item from Amazon or other online stores.

I can understand that. I miss Borders. Used to be one down at the bottom of the hill. Sad face. The gift-giving thing between my mom and…our entire family? She goes on and on all year about how Christmas is too materialistic…and then she relentlessly badgers us for Christmas lists and gift ideas starting in August. She is also fluent in the Disappointed-In-Love-Language of gift giving when in the form of demanding a list and then steadfastly refusing to actually get you anything from it. I refuse to shop there. Think of it as motivation! So I got you a silk flower arrangement.

I usually get her a gift card to the movies bonus: she used to return every present I got her before I went this route. That sounds awful. It is statements like this, and a few others, that make me want to curl up in a ball until January. Your mother is way more direct and mean than my family, but I can appreciate the situation although, now that I think about it, my uncle did call my brother fat in the middle of the meal, and I missed the easter supper where my aunt and uncle siblings were trying to prove that the other was more controlling.

I hear you. I often find myself wishing that I had a place of my own in the region where the family lives during the holidays where I could go when things get a little…intense. But the Christmas shenanigans…oy…every year they get a little more ridiculous. My own mother is good at shopping and interior decorating, but has less money. So one year, she shopped for a new couch for me as a gift. Hand-knit mittens, a cake, etc. Earrings, tea, music, etc. This did not always result in the person getting something they actually wanted to keep if you refused to pick a thing you Collected, you got one randomly assigned, which is why my mom once owned twelve candy dishes shaped like walnuts , but it enormously simplified shopping, made the people who wanted to put a lot of time in happy, and at least it was obvious the person had personalized the gift for you.

Try to pick something that a you would at least mildly enjoy having several of, and b has a variety of price-points available for related merchandise. Ouch, Mom! I really love that the Captain acknowledges that there is emotional labor involved in both gift shopping and thinking up things you would like to have gifted to you and expressing this. It has the following sections:. My dad is a notorious gift-guesser. When he is given a wrapped gift he will squeeze it and shake it and confidently inform you of its contents. He is usually right. My dad received tiny gifts in giant boxes containing running ankle weights.

He got large gifts in normal sized boxes that also happened to contain jingle bells. Maracas were involved. He had no idea wtf anything was that year. Every once in a while I still wrap a gift for him in some ridiculous elaborate fake-out way. Cue the year he bought a basketball, deflated it as much as humanly possible, and stuck it in a shoebox for my brother.

Our answer has been the annual catalog exchange. This could be fun! What I find funny is when people misunderstand a wish list. My mom used to bug me repeatedly every year for christmas for my wishlist and then get me absolutely nothing on it. I finally told her there was no point if she was just gonna ignore it every year. Anyone have any suggestions for making lists when a the people using the list think buying anything online is unsafe and impossible, b you live in the boonies so the only options other than online are basically walmart and grocery stores, and c they also prefer to shop almost exclusively secondhand?

Alternatively, any thoughts or suggestions for dealing with someone who refuses to give any sort of list, and then buys themselves the items they want, wrap those items themselves, put them under the tree, and open them with fake surprise? I think it sounds great to buy yourself the gifts you want and put them under the tree!

My suggestions for second hand gifts are books and kitchen utensils provided the receiver are fine with using those things second hand. In grocery stores you can buy food like chocolate, coffee, tea, jam, honey… I also agree with the people who suggested charities above, you can put your favorite charities on your wish list. You can of course suggest not giving each other gifts this year, maybe your family would like to skip the stress of gift giving? One never knows! Every person in my family has distinctive handwriting, so the anonymous gifter is never truly anonymous… However, gifts that you want to get for yourself are traditionally given by the dog.

After the dog died, they were given by the ghost of the dog. People in my family regularly outsource wrapping duties to other family members I could do a neater job than my dad at age 6, so he asks me do his gifts , so I feel like we could maybe keep a bit of the mystery alive. One of those fake cans of peanuts where snakes jump out. Halloween candy and Easter candy. Something they enjoyed as a child, like Archie comics.

Like Koala said, semi-nice non-perishables are a great idea. As a giver this advice has yet to steer me wrong. Stuff like honey and jam might be especially good in a rural area, because there might be a local or local-ish type available. Or state you are more than happy to accept Universal Gift Vouchers i.

I used to ask for the same thing every year — a set of good sheets for my bed, some notebooks and pens, and a gift certificate to a book store. She actually alternates so one year I get a set of sheets and the next I get a gift certificate to a supermarket. Always makes me happy. I love supermarket gift cards! I feel you, LW. I kind of almost wish we could add an extra step like him asking my siblings. Finding material items for her that she will admit to wanting is like pulling teeth.

My overworked brother and sister-in-law want a few extra hours in the day. My other sister-in-law is wrangling 3 small children. She does not respond to emails asking about wish lists, then complains on gifting holidays because nobody got her anything she wanted. I have compromised by giving her wine gift baskets. And I just consistently want the same things books, gift cards, fancy chocolate, fancy coffee, BPAL perfume , which is apparently a sin and I should want cool original things that are hard to get and show that the giver was Really Thinking of Me?

I love my family, I will love any gifts I receive from them. My sister likes to pick her own clothes! Giving us the means to do so without breaking the bank is deeply thoughtful and loving! Unless you hate to pick stuff with other people around… Sorry your family is so difficult about gifting! I wish for you that they will someday realize that the best gift is listening to someone when they tell you what they want! Or a lawn mowing or two. I asked my early-teen son once what I should get him for Christmas.

And as his mom, living with him daily, I really do bear the responsibility of getting to know him. And yet, people still want to give gifts that are appreciated. Sometimes, a whole bunch of them! I have a very hard time with Christmas. As the mom I felt it was my duty to make sure that everyone in the family was happy and cared for and felt appreciated. I think the only thing I really wanted was for other people to put in some of the same effort to make me happy that I put in to make them happy. The true gift would have been paying attention enough to know what my favorite candy bar is.

We switched to doing secret santas a few years ago, then eventually stopped doing gift-giving altogether over the strenuous protest of a specific female family member. My stress level dropped to half. As an added bonus, I no longer need several months to pay the Christmas excess credit card bill, and I no longer have to find storage space for the tschotsckes I got. And he bought me a pack! I completely understand your sentiments related to the subject, especially considering the history of unusable presents in your family. The Captain put it so perfectly; I love the thought about wishes being help with emotional work because that is exactly what they are.

I guess I have been lucky or easy to please since I have only received a couple of presents which really did not work for me: a book about dieting and an occasional bottle of booze I am a teetotaller. Luckily I do not feel weird for recycling presents: I donated some of the booze to friends and made cooking experiments with the rest. Books are amazing presents — and many web shops offer wish lists, but there is so much more related to interests.

If you are a board gamer, how a bout a new amazing board game? A video gamer? Do you love crafts? Tea or Coffee? The possibilities are endless. A friend of mine with a tight budget usually asks from her partner a small luxurious present: a perfume, small jewelry… That way she is always certain she will enjoy the present every day. Then again, my husband gave me a lovely hand made colourful mushroom knife with my name carved on the blade — and I love it so very, very much a certain kind of knife is very useful when gathering mushrooms in the forest; it has a brush attached to the other end for clearing the mushrooms of moss, pine needles etc.

Dear LW, I wonder if it would help if you thought of yourself as someone else, a friend: someone you love and wanted to give many lovely presents? You most definetely deserve them. LW, I think we must be related. My mother is a very well intentioned gifter but everything misses the mark, and I am trying not to feel hurt because I know she is trying to read my cues, but just getting it ever so slightly off.

Most of the time it works, but for mum… not so much. I began a collection of dolls thinking that it would help narrow down the choices to something I would actually enjoy… but she disapproved of the hobby. If you enjoy books, or arty prints, or ceramic dogs, fill your list with those things. Make it achievable for her to surprise you whilst being able to tailor things to what you actually enjoy. Shoot for a range of prices throughout your list too, and then forget about the prices. Your Borders card story reminded me of how one of my friends and her father exchanged birthday gifts:.

It was a bookstore gift card in a set amount. I live hundreds of miles away from my family, and my brother is more or less impossible to shop for. Spending the time together outside the house catching up without my parents around was half the gift. I face this on my birthday. Best result, I gave direction that my Etsy favorites list was a great place to look. By JenniferP. September 26, This is an okay thing to want on an emotional level but clearly not working on a practical level.

She wants to give you something you will like and will use and she has asked you to help her out with this. Like this: Like Loading This is exactly what I do. As someone who loves to cook, all kitchenware feels like toys to me! Right there with you, Andie. Tiny ones with treats and toys My mom is wicked good at the whole gifting thing and she preps all year we each have a drawer at her house where she collects things. Okay, so maybe this is fine for normal kids? I love the thought of getting toys still when you are adult. Yay for playing! Plastic wrap permits as a working reply to securing and protecting objects like plates, glass and different gadgets.

For larger items put it to use to defending furniture from dents and scratches. To cease damage we'd suggest the use of paper. Place all dishes wrapped in paper vertically inside a box. Our family-owned moving company supplies Dayton-area residents with skilled industrial and residential relocation solutions at fair costs.

How long can you live with out most of your belongings? Transporting your household effects can take 3 to four months. They have to go overland or by sea or both , and must clear customs. So when packing, it's important to be sensible about how lengthy you can be without most of your belongings. The excellent news is you usually get an air shipment of a few hundred pounds that may arrive in a few month. Padding, cautious packing, and strategic wrapping protects your things as nicely because the walls, door frames, base boards, etc.

The last thing you will want is the added cost of repairs to damages incurred by careless bumps and bruises. Office movers are nicely educated in all these areas and are within the enterprise of taking special care of your issues and protecting the flow of your corporation in thoughts. National Packers and Movers is a pioneer firm that is understood for providing the very best quality relocation services to customers. Backed by the staff of efficient and educated professionals, the company is continuously moving on the trail of success by offering world-class relocation services.

Relating to offering superior safety in your furnishings, moving blankets are a preferred selection. They are available quite a lot of styles from economic system blankets to deluxe blankets depending on your wants and price range. No matter which moving blanket you choose, all of them protect your objects from scratches, dust, and dirt when transferring. Naturally with all of this stuff to take into consideration it may be troublesome to pick the perfect movers, however with some of these strategies you will usually get the perfect price accessible.

All the time remember that the more moving service quotes you get the less it is best to more than likely pay out for the Professional Movers services. Utilizing a site that offers you a chance to fill out a type and get multiple quotes will in all chance be the quickest means to acquire a number of rates. Our portfolio consists of a big number of sizes, shapes and weights of homes and buildings that we have now moved. On every job we use the most advanced gear coupled with sixty five years of experience to supply our buyer the very best job doable.

You utilize it for guests, naps, and at the same time as a sofa. Writer: Jessica Boyd A rubber mattress cowl is a well-liked alternative with regards to choosing from the numerous various kinds of mattress covers you possibly can protect your bed with. What objective do mattress covers serve in the primary place.

Our Prospects Price Us 3. Whether you're shifting throughout town, across the state, or just across the street, our movers are the most effective funding you can make. These guys had been great! They have been fast and so good at knowing what to move and the best way to pack it in the truck. Our objective is to get you moved as rapidly and effectively as attainable, whereas sticking to our core values of professionalism, honesty, and above all, a buyer-centric mentality. The Apple Shifting experience starts with our transparent pricing.

You may simply receive a free, no obligation estimate by filling out our quote form, chatting with an agent by way of our online portal, or by calling considered one of our friendly and helpful Killeen gross sales representatives. He was also going to send me a refund for the time the 3rd man was late, however that by no means occurred. Every once in a while I'd look down from my balcony they usually had been having cigarette breaks each.

I even took two trips down to our automotive with containers and requested them how things have been going. They seemed to suppose nothing was unsuitable with this tempo and even stated I should not fear about serving to them.

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I've moved nearly yearly prior to that and once since, however have solely ever had the help of my household and a U-haul. Pro Strikes is simply shitty. Professionals: Particular person experience transporting the merchandise. Particular care and protection for the item s. Cons: Additional cost to the general move. Coordinating with another company and another timeline. This means you may be taking a look at a car that may be too large to drive. Evidently this may very well be a really daunting task.

The fact is that almost all of us should not have the organizational capacity to handle a scenario like this. Because of this getting the help of a shifting firm makes more sense. For seniors, moving can be a very tough and emotional time. Due to this fact, it is our mission, as the most effective senior moving services in Seattle, to help seniors relocate as easily as potential. Our Senior Moving services can better assist the physical and emotional facets of relocation for older adults.

This may increasingly embrace aiding Seattle seniors relocate to a brand new residence, helping a senior downsize from a house to a condo, or assisting you in moving extra safely and punctiliously to a retirement neighborhood. With a purpose to keep away from such problems, the neatest thing to do is to be careful while selecting corporations.

Yow will discover a listing of companies on the internet along with many boards on the subject where you will discover a whole lot of unbiased opinions on their services. Read these evaluations and test the background of the corporate before you hire any of them. We conduct our affairs with integrity and in a manner that completely helps our intention to do greater than is important in every space of business activity. We admire the belief and confidence that our clients place in us each day and don't take frivolously the accountability of protecting your valued treasures.

Subsequent, we'll discuss concerning the forms of prices employers are keen to pay, and the tax legal guidelines coping with moving expenses. Then we'll end up with a excessive-level relocation guidelines. There's no doubt that bigger firms have the financial sources to supply help to new employees they're recruiting, or present staff pressured to relocate attributable to internal job transfers. Large companies rent more staff, so the economics of making relocation programs and packages work in their favor.

We set pinnacle ideas to confirm that each customer is glad and we endeavour to exceed their expectations. Relocating and general discovering a superb shifting company from quite a few moving companies is usually a difficult process, whether you are booking a moving company to take you cross-country or shifting locally throughout-town, you may be pressured from beginning till finish.

That is where the difficulty of safety comes in. Ensure that they have equipment that can be able to handle the sensitive appliances as you pack and at the same time as you move.


# “So Christmas lists are awkward, yes?” | Captain Awkward

As you move, try to be clear about the location of your new residence. It may be very hectic for the experts to keep shifting from home to house looking out on your particular house. Or, if you rent a smaller truck to avoid wasting money, you may run out of room. Protected relocation ensures total shifting course of goes nicely. You may make your move straightforward with best packers and movers Bangalore. Therefore, it's crucial to hire the best and "reliable moving services". Although, there are such a lot of shifting companies out there nowadays. So, Discovering proper movers and packers in Bangalore is necessary.

Examine all the companies on the web which might be mandatory for you to learn about the first-price packers and movers in New York. The representatives of Movers NYC visit you personally. However, these are two completely different sectors to deal with. The insurance agent takes care of your life and the movers and packers agent takes care of your belongings and delivers them safely.

The government involves your place to test the variety of objects to be packed. Nowadays, the companies charge you based mostly on numerous features just like the remoteness of the realm inside the new York, how many luxury objects are included in the list depending on the scale. Find help from different professional companies we recommend Portable Storage Self Storage Hassle free Additionally cross examine if the company delivers timely suppliers Brandie P We understand that doing an extended distance transfer is a worrying state of affairs.

Very important side of an Interstate moving is the planning. Xpress Movers will give you all essential data, which we consider needs to be known by each particular person moving furniture lengthy distance. We work closely with each buyer to supply efficiency to a profitable transfer and make it a pleasant one. By Filling our Free Transferring Quote you will obtain a free estimate straight in your e mail from our professional relocation specialists.

We guarantee that all your household goods might be handled with extreme care - packed with blankets and pads, secured in the truck or container, professionally moved and delivered on time. We're a totally licensed, insured and bonded transferring firm. We support several completely different relocation options of insurance coverage to fit your needs.

Please fill the free online estimate type and you will have all the information supplied by our professional staff. Interstate Relocation - state to state moving made a lot simpler with the skilled companies provided by Xpress Movers. Our professionals will carve the transfer meeting your specific requirements and desired funds.

There are numerous factors concerned when contemplating this kind of insurance. There are numerous myths concerning this kind of indemnity. Individuals generally imagine that homeowners insurance coverage will cowl damaged and loss throughout displacements.

That is false. It only provides protection through the packing of goods in your home, not during transport. Moreover the company only makes injury guarantees to a certain extent. The corporate additionally doesn't reimburse for mother-nature related disasters. To insure the security of products at all steps throughout the displacement process, a full policy have to be bought.

This is often only offered for interstate and international relocation. There are lots of things have to think about earlier than start shifting. The planning of transferring ought to be start earlier than four to six months of transferring. With a proper guidance the moving could be making easy. For relocating you can hire a shifting company. There are a number of moving businesses or corporations in Australia providing comprehensive solutions for all kinds of shifting or relocation conditions.

Publisher: john ronaldo The work of relocation is filled with stress. At Black Tie Transferring, we imagine every single buyer deserves the crimson carpet treatment no matter how small or even how complicated their relocation may seem. Listed here are a very powerful tips that can help you get the entire necessary things finished so you may make sure you're only hiring the perfect.

Use the free shifting estimates to your benefit - Free shifting estimates are supplied to customers for a purpose. You must be good and use these to your full advantage. Planning to move through the winter holidays? Given the season, it most likely is smart that holiday shifting is almost at all times extra vulnerable to issues than at other instances of year, so some moving tips specific to this time of 12 months are not out of line.

Unless you like the thought of vacation moving being complicated, comply with these vacation moving tips to assist make your transfer successful and maintain your holiday cheer. Solely planning on us transferring a few heavy gadgets? This selection lets you pay based mostly on a per item fee. It's a well-liked possibility for heavy or over-sized objects corresponding to safes, pianos, spas, and so forth.

When you need to move furniture from one space of your property to a different we offer the man power and gear to try this. One other typical on-site job is within an apartment advanced from one unit to a different. These are based mostly on two components; the variety of movers and the scale of truck required. We also professionalize in lengthy distance strikes across the UAE.

Our big selection of community make us essentially the most close at hand shifting firm of UAE. We're providing providers as movers and packers in Sharjah as nicely. Further extra, tremendous finances are most famous packers and mover in Ras al Khaimah metropolis. We proudly announce us as a brand movers in Ajman also. Measurement of truck Set decide up time between four-6pm, movers finally confirmed up at 8pm Learn about transferring valuation to protect your move Order Packing Materials On-line PODS' floor-stage containers allow for easy, ramp-free loading Czech Republic Prospect, KY Use Your Towels and Sheets There are five moves that assist one to improve the workout.

Publisher: Carolyn Clayton It has been scientifically proven that house moving is some of the traumatic experiences through which you'll go. Writer: Tim Higham Just about every web site selling conveyancing companies will point out how tense a house move will be. Publisher: Vhonn Russell Moving house or undergoing a change of residence is extensively acknowledged to be a totally aggravating activity.

You undoubtedly need moving leads for your small business if you want to have a headstart. That is the easiest method to start out booking jobs and pretty much how this trade operated. At MyMovingReviews you should purchase moving leads instantly from us, or you can strive one of the quite a few lead suppliers out there. Not only reassembling the merchandise, however to have it executed, accurately! Placing each screw back in its place.

Ensuring it is assemble to stay nice and sturdy till your subsequent transfer! New Jersey Helpers began off like every other company. Learning from different, learning from our mistakes and improving on them so that we are able to run a successful enterprise has always been the important thing in success for all the pieces.

You possibly can implement some or all the approaches inside this piece of writing, however one factor is for sure you are going to save cash. Packing Tip - 1: Time is every part - start packing several cartons each day, a couple of weeks prior to your move. Make sure that the gadgets you pack won't be wanted earlier than your move, in fact. By pacing your self, you'll be extra organized and the job won't be so overwhelming. Industrial and office relocation is a very difficult course of.

There are lots of issues which you could have to contemplate similar to gear, space management, huge machinery in addition to meeting traces. If you are taking time to find moving companies in Charlotte, NC that are properly prepared will make an enormous distinction on how the general transfer will go. Traveling to Brisbane and Want minibus van rent? Airport Minibus Van Hire? Ensure you discuss to Entrans the specialists in clean, safe and reliable group transport rental Brisbane minibus hire. If you may rent a company that provides insurance when relocation that might be a lot better.

Moving companies is certainly a really helpful firm lately. Just imagine if there were no obtainable company that offers relocation service, we all be experiencing laborious time relocating. Moreover, it can even price us lots by hiring folks that aren't trained to do it and with the presence of web we are able to seek for a transferring company anytime of the day. We have now movers which might be committed to excellent customer service and only conduct enterprise with moving companies which can be professional and have the proper licenses and insurance. It's to be noted that secure packing is the precondition fir protected relocation.

However secure packing of all items could be very troublesome. Lots of the objects to be relocated are fragile and odd formed. Packing such gadgets is really very tough. Due to this fact, relocation is unwanted due to risks related. However shifting can be accomplished safely with the skilled companies offered by the moving companies. As you will see with moving companies some demand much less then the remaining for lengthier distance shifting.

Actually the important thing thing you will need to know is that organizing in your move can prevent quite a lot of cash. Thus, it can be really beneficial if you would discover the rental trucks for transferring that provides a superior service and preventive upkeep, because you'll stop pricey breakdowns and also you additionally get pleasure from on-time supply, every time you want it.

Some people normally want a method moving truck rentals that contain choosing up the truck from one city and dropping it off at another. Different kinds of rental trucks for transferring is a local moving truck rental that selecting up the truck and dropping it off at the identical place. The rental trucks for shifting also provide some companies akin to to hire moving help for packing, loading, unloading and driving. Whether you're a small firm that wants a new workspace or a big company seeking to relocate an entire office constructing or warehouse, you may depend on us for fast and dependable service.

Whenever you select Atlantic Relocation Techniques as your company mover, you'll take pleasure in our top-notch customer support. We will assign you a relocation coordinator who might be your company liaison and oversee the whole transfer. They may stay in touch with you throughout the process and make sure all the things goes according to plan. They insisted that Ikea furnishings falls apart when moved.

Be that as it might, they had been employed to not less than give it a attempt. Their coverage is to not be liable for broken modular furniture; to refuse to move a piece of furniture renders their service useless. They really left us in a troublesome spot. Preferably with clothes which might be older or pointless in the daily life because it may be very dirty during transferring. Fifth tip is to suppose concerning the food.

It is better to organize some takeout, because you'll hardly have the ability to cook or store in the first few days after the switch. In conclusion, my advice is to load with patience and constructive angle in the direction of relocation. Packers and Movers Mohali Moving, which is an everyday for many people, could also be required as a residential or a business service. Each have the same requirements. For residences and offices, the best moving automobiles are needed, so skilled drivers are vital.

On shifting day, gadgets have to be packaged or boxed, loaded onto a automobile and unloaded upon arrival to the destination. This contains double-walled cartons for books, greaseproof painting shields and mattress covers to keep your valuables protected when in transit. We cater for pets, automobiles, boats, wine collections or different possessions that hold a special place in your heart. The removing and moving of my furnishings and family objects, as well as storage and packing, was a absolute breeze. Such a pleasant expertise! Grasp Movers removals is the one model I belief now.

American Van Traces has a few of the most effective reviews around. We checked their profiles on the United States Department of Transportation webpage. We looked at shopper critiques at numerous locations across the internet. Here are a few of the essential scores. They're also committed to community service, devoting an entire web page of their webpage to their group service work. AMSA certifies only these movers devoted to superior customer service and reliability.

Firms which are certified by AMSA present this badge on their site. Publisher: Methew Gilcrist Time and Tides anticipate none. This is a very old however apt saying. Life can also be the identical, it retains on moving. A transferring particle has solely energy; a body at relaxation has zero power.

Check it out all topic whether or not be physics or bio, chemistry or spiritual books all inspire us to maneuver. Writer: Angie Strader What number of times have you been blazing by way of your day and hastily you're feeling like you might be trudging by means of quicksand in the fog? When you've got utilized the online recently you've got nearly definitely seen all of the methods to get shifting service quotes online as of late.

Apart from using the online, you can make the most of numerous techniques to save when hiring moving companies. What will be the weight? That's what many North Carolina movers will request when making an attempt to assemble a value for you. So with the weight being a real big factor when transferring with Low Price Moving Companies you'll completely want to scale back the additional junk.

Usually time is definitely a large contributor to the worth of moving in Raleigh. Most individuals are overwhelmed by the large time and money wanted to vary property that they funds for the standard moving checklist gadgets overlook the at all times current, hidden shifting price. For starters, as frequent with all leasing contracts, although normal put on and tear is predicted, you have got to leave the property as you got in.

We offer free estimates on your move at extremely competitive rates. We additionally supply hourly and flat rates, with no hourly minimal. This implies that you just get the service you want at a worth you'll be able to afford. Our qualified group goals to help you take the stress out of transferring. No move is too big or too small. Our Montgomery movers offer the best service in long distance and local moves for both home and workplace. The staff at Motivated Movers is eager to work together with your schedule, your possessions, your beloved ones, and most significantly, you.

Whenever you select to move with SMARTBOX, you keep away from the means of spending countless hours attempting to select the perfect moving truck, solely to search out that it's not the appropriate dimension to your transfer. Our good idea planning supplies you with the precise variety of SMARTBOX containers you want so that you just by no means pay extra for what you don't use, and you get the utmost protection in your belongings and your wallet. Our handy portable moving models will let you set the tempo of your transfer and stay organized in the method. United States of America.

We've a packers and movers service for each of your wants. After they got here the two guys had been great and really skilled. Took great care with our furnishings. Have been polite and friendly all through the move. Took care of our furnishings although some of the furniture was troublesome to move, they wrapped it very carefully. After we acquired to the brand new place they were excellent and cautious moving the furnishings in and didn't ding any of the woodwork.

I might suggest them to anybody else. We respect the care they took with us. That's the reason we only work with the perfect specialists out there in the sector. CarsWith our accomplice, we help you make the choice to either import your automotive or buy a new one. Survey SchedulerFAQsVideoContinuous improvement of IT solutions and other applied sciences permits us to increase our effectivity while rising stakeholder worth. Moving boxes can vary considerably in quality and grow weaker each time they're used. Writer: Joel Osteen The article discusses how moving boxes can guarantee you trouble free relocation of your treasured belongings in addition to throws mild on the utilities of those containers.

Moving Boxes - Why purchase them? In case you favor, divide these prices into separate line objects. Lodging: Research your stops along your moving route and learn the way much lodging will cost. Writer: Zachary Malone When delivering and transporting certain legal paperwork, there are a couple of different considerations that may fear some folks. Publisher: Paul Lancaster Legal paperwork are sometimes occasions despatched by means of the use of a courier service.

Experienced Or New Courier Firms? It is possible for you to to check the costs from different firms while you get more than one quote. This can will let you see which one is providing you the very best value possible for your transferring finances. You'll want to verify the quote completely to ensure you might be solely paying for the things that will be needed an nothing else. This is barely an estimate.

The transferring weight that your moving firm figures will be different from this, and some companies have different methods for computing move size; that is merely intended as a place to begin of your planning. To get an accurate quote to your moving expenses, have at the very least three professional moving companies come to your property and provide you with an estimate based on the objects you need moved. Some people prefer to sell a few of the property; others give them out to donation while others would rather retailer them up before they can lastly decide on what to do.

Writer: hemant kumar There are various corporations current in market that offer all sorts of relocation services to their customers. Writer: Santosh Kumar Shukla Packers and Movers Noida are fairly steadfast in offering the protected transfer so individuals can rely on them. They serve their companies in all over India. Some California moving companies are superior for lengthier distances which means it would be best to look around a tad. Find the best Local Moving Companies in California relating to the distance you happen to be transferring and you may save by contrasting quotes.

All of these tips are important when arranging a giant move and when selecting the appropriate movers. Even vehicles and bikes could be moved safely utilizing these vehicles. Relocation companies of Roorkee present comprehensive relocation answer by offering companies like packing and moving, loading and unloading to the shoppers. They are additionally ready to unpack the cartons and re-arrange items at new place. We sort out moves small and huge, with any degree of complexity. We provide the best possible value to your shifting funds.

We solely have interaction skilled skilled company employees to provide greatest value Terry Transferring and Storage has taken each little thing into consideration and carried out the set-up for you. Is a Trailer Transfer for You? U-Pack gives two types of gear for moving and storage: 28 ft. Both are designed to make moving straightforward and affordable. Which option is greatest for you?

Are you shifting a big house? If so, the U-Pack moving trailer is a wonderful selection. Just load your belongings, and pay only for the house you utilize. Flat Rate Movers and Storage recognizes the particular needs of individuals on this area, and it gives terrific services at rates that people can afford easily.

When folks embark on a transfer, they like to eliminate as many steps as potential to ensure that the method goes easily. Flat Rate Movers and Storage offers customers a actually flat price for its transferring services and products. When searching for moving companies Baltimore or moving companies Alexandria, consumers can develop into frustrated with the offers and special promotions offered by various firms.

The number of a relocation firm needs to be given a cautious consideration as it determines whether your gadgets will arrive intact or not. Because there are a whole bunch of shifting companies in the world, acquiring them is a straightforward part. The reality is that a few of these suppliers are incompetent. To handle this concern, it is obligatory to carry out a proper business survey. When looking for a certified shifting company New Hope MN residents are suggested to go on the internet.

And with a fleet of objective constructed removal trucks and shipping containers we are able to handle every move from a studio house to a multi bedroom house. We've the infrastructure, experience and expertise to assist make your transfer an fulfilling occasion. We make it easy by offering a complete door to door service. Transferring might be traumatic even below the better of circumstances.

It is very essential to find the most effective relocating firm possible so you possibly can focus on the fun factors of relocating and stop worrying about what is going on to your possessions.

#1025: “So Christmas lists are awkward, yes?”

Mover Dudes was began in by Jon Eye, the company's current president. Eye had been working for a self-storage firm serving to folks move in and out of properties in Winchester, Virginia. After listening to about all of the difficulties and stresses individuals had been persistently experiencing when transferring, Eye decided that he wished to assist them. He envisioned a moving company that kept its word to the customer, was trustworthy about prices, and relieved the common stresses of moving. Our vary of small box to serve all the budget and represents glorious value for money low-cost discounted costs.

Many of the containers are mild brown in color, which provides larger flexibility in labeling boxes, depending in your needs and in line with your request. I came upon about Little Guys here in Austin once i happened to see them from my window moving a tenant right into a neighboring residence advanced. It was levels and they have been shifting to a third floor condominium. I used to be stunned at their motivation, clear attire with firm shirts and skilled care of the clients furnishings in such horrible conditions.

You have to take a look at every company individually and study all you'll be able to about them. In order to seek out the very best assist for finishing your transfer, this is the one way you can be able to find the right company to rent. Be good and understand that moving companies are completely different - Moving companies are totally different in small and massive methods.

You have to grasp this so you'll be able to see why it is so important to check firms, companies and prices. Give away stuff to buddies and family four. If you select to pack your self, that is the time to start gathering packing supplies. Worldwide Family Goods movingPackimpex specialises in international moving.

We handle over worldwide moves every year and we are the market chief in Switzerland. Global move managementA world network of certified top quality movers combined with a robust native presence allows us to handle moves from any origin to any vacation spot in the world. And for our clients heading to Hawaii for the first time, City Moving can help you land softly, within the spirit of Aloha. Want cleaning services on your new place? Technology installation and assist? Storage, security or actual estate referral? We have you coated.

Working with Metropolis Shifting to or from the islands, you'll be able to relaxation assured that your belongings stay in our fingers from their old dwelling to their new—no middlemen, no third occasion agents, no hand offs. Hawaiian for "happy". So Move Happy with City Shifting. If you select a van lines moving company, you desire a reliable provider. Our skilled furniture movers dedicate their work to your well-being. We're right here to make your move stress-free. Gather up the provides and perhaps a number of buddies and jump proper into the method.

Publisher: Lalan Kumar Typically folks must shift their properties from one metropolis to a different. There are many causes for tackle home shift. Publisher: Magan Singh Packing requires numerous planning and organization by way of which the duty will get easier and folks attain safely from one place to a different.

After that as you hire movers to load and unload they will fill up the house they have in an optimum manner, that's - as much as the ceiling. So as to find out the very best price for the shifting assist you want get a number of estimates and compare them. After you do this movers will contact you. Clarify to them what you have for transferring and ask them to inform you the way much it's going to price you.

Schedule a walkthrough with your landlord earlier than you move. This will guarantee your condominium is in acceptable situation and serve as the ultimate item in your moving checklist. In case your condominium is in good situation, your deposit will be returned. Returned deposit cash can assist you to pay for your movers or some other moving expenses. As soon as your walkthrough is completed, return your keys and end the shifting process. Getting ready to move from your house?

Give us a call and guarantee your move is streamlined and stress-free. Our skilled consultants can all the time advise you on this. Every other nation is excluded from our services. That is a really value-effective option to send your goods. At Robust School College students, we take our job very critically, and are constantly striving to remain at the top of our career. Our same day movers are expertly skilled and educated in their field. When you need to maneuver rapidly, belief Robust College College students to handle the process and make your move simpler for you and your loved ones.

Strong Faculty College students is devoted to providing glorious service, and our same day moving services aren't any exception. Many same day moving companies become too busy to follow by means of on identical day service provides, or would not have the experience to verify your belongings are moved both rapidly and safely. The transfer might be executed by our skilled Portland packers and movers including specialty movers, as wanted. We additionally supply prime-rated Portland storage services. Our rigorously guarded warehouse space is fitted with fire and theft alarms and has on-site staff.

We offer both quick-time period and long-term storage of business and residential items, and we carry out industrial distribution companies. You may consider product total look of these gadgets by your self that aren't sensitive and huge. Get a history prepared of these items that you really want shifted to your new home. It would be wise if you can start product overall look the items effectively in improve moderately than doing it on your ultimate shifting day. General look of objects is a time-consuming process. The whole article is a fascinating look at the complex logistical network that supports not just the last leg of the journey, but all of the stages that the coffee went through from bean to cup.

I've spun from locks, but yeah, it's not easy, and you usually need a flicker to open the locks up. I've never spun cotton off the seed, but I suspect you need the long-staple varieties for that. And ideally, a charkha wheel for the speed. On spinning from the source - I'm sure I'm not the only person who's watched demos where someone is spinning straight off the angora rabbit. It's pretty surreal to stand around having a conversation with someone who's working a wheel or spindle with a bunny in their lap and periodically plucks a chunk of fluff off the entirely undisturbed rabbit to keep spinning.

  1. 小柯-《遥望1999》&《遥望2000》?
  3. Best Sellers.
  4. Full text of "Eaton's Spring and Summer Catalogue ";
  5. Making Light: Open thread !
  6. A thread thread! I'm another one of those historical-hobbyists who likes to do pre-industrial textile production. For those of you who describe learning to spin with a spindle and marveling at how anyone managed to do production-level work -- be comforted that like any other tast dependent on manual dexterity, it gets easier and you get better the more you do it.

    And -- as Naomi notes 19 -- working with a drop spindle means you can spin "casually" while doing all sorts of other tasks. There are medieval illustrations of shepherdesses spinning while watching the sheep. I'm certainly not at professional production levels of skill, but just to give a gauge:. I've been working on an on-and-off spinning and weaving project because I wanted to experiment with the "spin-directional check" effect. This type of weaving effect gets mentioned casually in Nichola Griffith's Hild , which is lovely for textile descriptions.

    Basically, you're weaving a checked cloth but rather than alternating two different colors of thread, you're alternating thread spun clockwise and anti-clockwise "S" and "Z" in technical terminology. My goal is to make a 6ft by 6ft square cloak. As I say, I'm a casual spinner, not professional level.

    By my very rough estimate, I can make about 50 yards of thread in an hour. I've already completed the warp and have most of the thread spun for the weft. At a very gross estimate, let's say a total of yards probably more, but that's a nice round number. So that's hours of spinning time alone before I start weaving.

    On the other hand, none of that spinning was done in isolation when I was doing nothing else. Usually I spin at SCA events while I'm talking to people, walking around looking at things, watching court, sitting in meetings, etc. At the typical SCA event I'll fill one spindle's-worth which is about yards again, very roughly - and I'm not spinning all the time I'm at the event. So that's 25 events which -- if I were more active and spinning more consistently at the events -- could easily be just a couple of years. The weaving will be harder, in one sense, because it's not a portable task and it will be much harder to multi-task while I'm doing it.

    I expect to run through a bunch of audio-books in the process. I have a blog entry showing a display I put together of the project-in-process and discussing some of the technical aspects. Another overlooked aspect of pre-industrial clothing is how much more durable and re-usable it was. There was a massive trade in secondhand clothing and clothing was picked apart so the fabric could be re-purposed.

    My favorite tribute to the early medieval attitude toward clothing longevity is the Bernuthsfeld tunic which is almost more patches than original fabric. Yeah, I was using a takhli spindle for the cotton, and had to add a lot of extra twist in before I could spin the next bit. Normally it's not so long spindles can be faster than many people think , but I don't ordinarily spin quite that finely. Though I plan to in future - I hope to make myself a handspun, handwoven summer shirt at some point.

    Still, I might have more luck finishing with a spindle than a charkha, simply because I do a lot of my spinning when I'm out and about, and spindles are far more portable. Dismay at the scale of death tends to be tempered with joy that everyone will finally see they were right. I spent a lot of time reading Peak Oil sites and boards 'round about Many of the posters in those circles enjoyed thinking themselves the smartest people in the room, and looked forward to their coming validation.

    The Japanese term for futon covers and quilts made from patches is "boro". You can see in the examples I've linked to here how very basic these items are in their re-use of scraps of fabric. The South Asian tradition of kanthas and rallis are a similar re-use of old fabric generally old saris , and the pieces that are too badly worn to go on the outside of these quilts are used for the batting.

    The patchwork quilt tradition began as a use of scraps of fabric as well, although cheap and plentiful textiles have obliterated that tradition in modern patchwork. I've seen old quilts made in the US covered with new patchwork tops, as well, although the usual progression there reflecting typical wear patterns is 1 rebinding 2 insertion of applied patched to cover small areas of damage 3 putting on a new top, ov even a complete cover, when the necessary repairs become too extensive.

    The recovered item is usually tied to hold the layers together instead of requilted. When I was learning about the likelihood of a magnitude 9 earthquake in the Pacific Northwest, I could cope with the challenge getting my house bolted to the foundation, keeping water and food on hand, and so on.

    What I couldn't handle was the prospect of pulling someone out of wreckage, and watching them die from untreated injuries. Or watching someone who wasn't injured die from lack of access to insulin. The logistics of getting people out, and supplies in, after an event like that, in that geography, is going to be challenging, to say the least. Also, commenting on the drop-spinning as multi-tasking: Not only was it possible to spin while doing other tasks, but spinning, as a light job requiring mostly patience and basic manual dexterity, could be done by people who weren't up to other tasks: children, the visually-impaired, invalids, the elderly.

    So could carding, for that matter, although that requires more a little more strength. In subsistence economies, just about everyone out of diapers is doing something productive, and the basic economic unit is not the individual but the household--and the household is not the same as a nuclear family.

    It's a good starting-point for learning about all the things that had to be done to get through the year and keep everyone fed, clothed, and housed. Spoiler: The work never ends. Naomi Parkhurst 54 The reply to "you can buy socks The currently city-based survivalists will probably be among the first to die, shot by the residents of the property the city kids are trying to move in on. Lenore Rose 58 Toddlers oh yes. Babies and diapers, ditto. I also find it amusing that the needs of fertile women aren't covered, either. The problem with teazels is that there are two types, the fullers teasel with barbs on the end, and the one that hasn't.

    Naturally, all the ones I've seen in the countryside are the normal useless sort, and I've tried two different packets of seed for fullers teasel and neither have grown at all. Given also that Mad Jack hasn't any either due to the really wet summer a couple of years ago and the internet isnt' helping, I'd be really grateful if anyone actually has any fullers teasels around Offer avlid in UK or EU only due to postage costs or sees any anywhere, because I want some to be a cloth shearer at Kentwell at some point in the future.

    It's an indication of how many step changes there have been in technology since teasels were used that I just can't find any at all. Dyestuffs yes, but not teasels. But I'm with Abi, better not to let civilisation fall at all, your chances of survival are much higher in a large group. Unfortunately the market and greedy people drive atomisation of society is driving along nicely and that'll have a similar effect. Lin Daniel: yep, that's pretty much what I say. I suspect people say that sort of thing because they remember when it used to be less expensive to buy the materials to make a garment than to buy the garment, which is no longer the case.

    Here's am overview. However, there is Mistress Quickly's complaint about having her boarding house for hard-working needlewomen mistaken for a bawdy-house you may decide for yourselves if she has a reasonable ground for complaint, based on Shakespeare's depiction of her domestic arrangements. This is a tangent, but I wish I knew how to pick clothes so they last.

    I've purchased shirts that lasted for ten years, and shirts that shredded in two or even one. I can tell a little bit by the thickness of the fabric, but that still leaves me at a loss because I don't know where to go to find the good stuff at an affordable rate. Or which of the expensive places will deliver endurance, not just brand names.

    Shopping isn't a hobby of mine; I just want to go out and buy what I need. If anyone has any tips, I'd love to hear them. CJO 77, a non-trivial part of the problem is modern detergents. Almost all of them now have enzymes, which on the one hand makes them clean more effectively, but on the other hand eats the fabric slowly away. On a related note, does anyone in the US know a good national brand of laundry detergent that does NOT have enzymes in it? Woolite used to be good, but I can't find the little "for delicate" bottles on my department store shelves any more, only the big jugs.

    Now With Enzymes. I don't know if this tension is especially American, though I kind-of suspect it is--you can see it really strongly in Heinlein's books, which kind-of alternate between the hero washing his hands of his broken civilization and trying to move on, or dedicating his life, fortune, and sacred honor to fighting for his civilization.

    If your neighborhood is kind-of going downhill, do you stay and try to make it better? Probably for awhile, but eventually, you may decide that the decline is beyond your power to fix, and decide to leave if you can. If your workplace has become a really unpleasant place to work, you may try to get things to improve, but again, at some point, you'll probably decide it's time to look for a better job. I don't think there's a generic answer to the question of "should I stay and work on things or give up and start over somewhere else?

    Which is also available in animal-supply places as 'Orvus WA', for considerably less money. It's also used for things like embroidery and fine knitting. Pretty much all my Lands' End clothing is on the order of ten years old, so I don't know if they've suffered loss of quality since being acquired by Sears in I've heard people say so, but that may be Good Old Days syndrome.

    It used to last a long time and be inexpensive; part of the reason it was stereotypical preppy clothing. PJ Evans 82, thanks; I'll see if I can find it. What do you mean by "animal supply places"? Surely not pet shops. If durability is your sole concern, I have two tongue-in-cheek words: polyester double-knit.

    The stuff wears amazingly one of my friends has a year-old tangerine orange dress, which has been worn by 3 or 4 people and is still in nearly-perfect shape. My rule of thumb for shirts is that thicker thread is stronger oxford lasts better than pinpoint. It's sort of like keeping a shovel, a coat, and a flashlight in my car.

    It won't keep me alive all winter, but it ups the chance of being fine four hours later if something goes wrong. Similarly, having basic tools, some first aid supplies, an idea of how to get safe drinking water, stored food to last a few months, a bike--those make a lot of disasters more survivable. Those things aren't just personal; they are part of the social infrastructure[2].

    There may be some lone survivalists, but the ones I know are very much tied into larger networks of survivalists. I don't tend to think of survivalism in wilderness terms, but I very much doubt big cities will be survivable for long if a major crash hits; the infrastructure is just too demanding[1]. The average suburb, on the other hand, is great-plenty of space to grow food, and you can walk to a few hundred houses.

    I noticed it in moving to Massachusetts; people have snow shovels, and snow blades for their pickups and Jeeps. That makes snow vastly less disruptive. Stirling's Changed World books is the discovery of the protagonist's elderly neighbors, both of whom were diabetic and who died within days of the Change when their insulin ran out. There are a lot of treatable conditions that would become irrevocable death sentences in a post-apocalyptic world -- things that rely on regular medication are only the most obvious.

    Severe myopia is one that's less obvious; right now I have my glasses, but my eyes get worse every year and sooner or later that wouldn't be enough without the ability to get new lenses. Or I'd get cataracts. They're not cheap, but they're not designer-price either, and you do get what you pay for. Including non-knit pants hemmed to order for no extra charge. They do have stuff at sale prices - that's when I bought shirts. Cassy B. I am not a chemist, but I don't think any of the three ingredients qualify as enzymes.

    All of the ingredients are shelf-stable. The only issue I've had with using this formula for more than a year now is the whites tend to slowly go grey. The quality hasn't gone down much on stuff they sold 10 years ago. Clarentine DO you ever dry your whites outdoors, in strong sunshine? It's the traditional method for making sure whites stay white, along with bluing. The worldwide increase in the price of cotton probably has something to do with the lowered durability of clothes.

    Manufacturers are making cotton garments thinner to maintain their costs -- witness how whisper-thin t-shirts came into style a few years ago -- and that means they don't hold up as well. I've really noticed it with jeans, where my favorite store is pushing lighter weight material with more spandex compared to the jeans I bought 5 years ago. Fidelio 91 - yep, I dry my clothes outdoors when weather and work hours permit. Last year, with record rainfall, I think I dried outdoors once. Outdoor clothes-drying also makes for a great fabric-softening system.

    All our washing is sun dried, and we notice that clothes sourced from American stores online fade incredibly fast, in a few weeks or months. Where once fabric dyes were rated for s of hours of sunshine, they are now only required to withstand tens. Re durable clothes, I not infrequently buy stuff made by L. Bean and Land's End from the thrift store.

    If you're not into thrift stores, it's worth buying new from them; one of the ways you can tell that Bean and Land's End make durable clothing is that if it doesn't last, they'll replace it at any time yes, I have tested that claim. That does seems to be a common use of seamstress. Tax records for old Seattle back during the logging days show a lot of unmarried men working in logging, shipping etc, and a whole lot of unmarried women working as seamstresses.

    Far more than seemed required for garments. Hyperlocal news: Area woman announces that she has found a job. Orvus is primarily a wetting agent, so that the dirt loosens and floats away. Originally found at tack and other large-animal shops. As long as we have horses and cattle, it will be available there comparatively inexpensively. Anent cloth: We had sheep, and my father whittled my mother a spindle on which she spun coarse wool yarn. Enough to make caps, sweaters, and rugs.

    All honest, undyed homespun. I'll be darned. Milk fiber is a thing. Who knew? Found while looking up milk weed fiber. All kinds of things can be turned into spinning fiber. Here's a list that includes all the bio-synthetic fibers I've ever heard of, though it doesn't really cover the bamboo problem well.

    There's two bamboo fibers made into fabric - one is the fibers from the stem: not synthetic. The other is cellulose. And never, ever use products like "Vanish"[TM] which are effectively a modern version of bleaching powder the old one was Calcium Hypochlorite, CaOCl2, the new ones tend to be Sodium Percarbonate, apparently and destroy organic fabrics extremely quickly. The first you will know about this is white powder "lint" all over your dark coloured T-shirts, followed by by lots of ripped shirts, bedlinen, etc.

    This moose has switched to using Fairy Snow? I have no idea if "Dreft" is still manufactured, and Lux soap flakes are fundamentally incompatible with a drum type washing machine unless you want the whole place filled with foam on washdays. I'm afraid all I know about bleaching things is that if you use lye solution on your unbleached linens and put them in the sun they go whitemuch quicker than otherwise.

    But wait, the enzymes eat away at the fabric? Dammit, I'm going to have to change washing powder then aren't I. There is a reason that most larp kit is machine sewn and unembroidered, and the reason is that we just don't care enough to take the time to hand sew our clothes. There are exceptions, and those people essentially have a whole second hobby of dressmaking.

    Just sewing an outfit or two a year is more than the great majority of us are willing to do. Spinning and weaving? Keeping the sheep to get the wool to make the thread to weave the cloth to stitch the cloak? Who has time for that nowadays? One of the things which seems pretty obvious from clothing history is how the how the shape of clothing changed for the lower classes. As spinning and weaving technology improved, reducing the cost of the cloth, the shapes of the pieces of cloth used to make a garment became more subtle. And then along came machine-sewing which made the actual assembly cheaper.

    I look at the descriptions of ancient and medieval clothing, and see far more simple rectangles of fabric as the base of a pattern. It's also easier to sew: you can use the weave to guide your stitches. One thing the sewing machine brought was the ability to do tucks and a lot of other ornamentation that was extremely time-consuming to do by hand. I figure scam because the IRS doesn't start with phone calls, they start with letters, and every suit I've ever heard of involves written notice first.

    That the phone number is officially in DC doesn't mean anything. CassyB I'm not sure if you'd be able to get the stuff, but the Nature Clean line of cleaning products advertises as enzyme free. And I've been really impressed with how well they clean, too. I've directed a couple of friends who do plant fiber spinning i. One works with fiber hemp professionally geneticist , and what she wants for weaving is conveniently the stuff that's not good for analysis i.

    You also waste a lot less fabric if your garments are constructed from rectangles. Some of the older Folkwear patterns , which are based on traditional designs, are entirely made of rectangles. OTOH, cutting out a modern blouse with curves at the shoulder and armpit, and with all the pieces cut in the same direction on the straight grain of the fabric, you end up with a lot of scraps. Oops - wrong link I posted the "where to buy" link. This is where they talk about the laundry cleaning liquid. I've been getting mountains of random calls, mostly "surveys.

    Getting back into jobhunting. Apparently I'm easily discouraged. I made two separate mistakes today applying for a single job. I keep thinking, what if I AM putting my best foot forward? The ancient Greeks described the three fates, Lachesis, Atropos, and Clotho, as spinning out the days of our lives. What this thread has shown me is that the goddesses have to work very hard to make history happen. I was thinking about this thread as I made my way home this afternoon, and it occurred to me that one of the places you can really see the difference that modern clothing production makes is in infants' and children's clothes.

    When buying new clothes each year for individual children is not only possible but because of the low resilience necessary, kids' clothes follow adult fashions more closely. People sometimes notice this with girls' clothing and gripe about how "sexualized" they are, but I've never heard anyone point out that putting young boys, even toddlers, in full-length trousers is just as big a change from earlier generations of kids' wear; and the reason is, with cheap clothing plus washing machines, you don't need to worry that the lower legs of the trousers will get dirty, or that it will become obvious right away when the kid starts to get too tall for them.

    It's in infants' clothing though, that things are really obvious: highly gendered, miniaturized adult clothing, the outfits for male infants often sporting pockets; the other factor here, I think, is disposable diapers -- earlier clothing for toddlers either involved split-crotch trousers, or dresses for both sexes, because it just made changing and later, toilet-training that much easier.

    I have tried spinning with a drop spindle and found it hard to maintain a consistent thickness to the resultant yarn. I also took a workshop at a yarn store that aimed at spinning a complex combo of yarns into a specialty yarn. I found this easier. The teacher was able to work with me as a individual and explain the direction of the feeds of the yarns I was combining.

    It makes a very luxurious yarn but may not be practical for large scale needs. Ken Follett wrote extensively about textile production in his novel Pillars of the Earth , although novel's main story is about the building of a cathedral. I found it fascinating. Cassy B 78, huh, I never knew that. I checked my detergent, and it does list "enzymes.

    Claire , thanks for mentioning this, it sounds interesting. Changing detergent is stressful due to previously mentioned skin sensitivity, but this might be worth trying out. Sarah 79, I love thrift stores! It turns shopping into a fun treasure hunt instead of a stressful experience where I feel like I'm entering a world I ought to know how to navigate, but don't. Plus if I make a mistake, I don't feel as bad because I spent less in the first place, and I can just give the item back to the store as a donation.

    I do find the results erratic, though. SamChevre 85, cool! I didn't think to mention a strong bias toward cotton, again due to skin sensitivity. Our respective doctors both steered us toward cotton. I never realized polyester could be so durable though. Yes, I've seen that and spent some time watching and talking with the lady with the rabbit in her lap. But she was a staple there for years. Sarah I have a friend who complained when I mentioned buying silk T-shirts that it was too expensive to dry clean them all the time. I told her you dry clean it once and then wash it in cold water.

    She complained that was too time consuming and would ruin the silk. My comment back to her was along the lines of "Do you think the Japanese, Chinese, or Koreans had dry cleaning a thousand or so years ago? It takes a lot of practice to hand spin even yarn. It takes weeks of fifteen minutes a day for most people to reach a basic level of proficiency. We joked about remembering a past life or having really good spinners as ancestors. Once you've reached that basic level of proficiency, you might be surprised by how much the remaining level of unevenness isn't obvious when you actually use the yarn for its intended purpose.

    The thing about industrialization is that it usually makes it possible for relatively unskilled people to supervise a machine making a lot of whatever-it-is quickly and cheaply; it doesn't necessarily mean you end up with high quality whatever-it-is. And that goes for supplies like yarn as well as end results. I couldn't find what is in Dreft on the stain remover bottle and I no longer have the box from the soap powder.

    vnc for win 7 torrent

    My Key Food carries it, some supermarkets don't. Bean is a "red" one. Measured by how they treat their employees and what kinds of causes they donate money to support. Since they sell very similar types of clothing, I've simply stopped shopping with Bean. Jacque, That's a good informational article, but it sure seems to be talking down to its audience, or assuming that they are completely scientifically illiterate, and perhaps lack linguistic ability as well.

    There was nothing in the quoted paragraph which was referred to as "in case your eyes just glazed over" which was in any way difficult to understand. The idea is to assume that your audience is capable of understanding it, and to encourage them to do so -- not to act like a Messenger From On High, sent to soothe the ignorant masses. And the latter definitely the vibe I got from the article. Stefan, We use PhoneTray Pro and have had good results with it.

    They maintain their own list of blocked numbers that never even get thru to you, and to which you can make your own reports to consider for addition. The downside is that it ties your landline into your computer, but since ours are in the same place anyhow, that's no big deal. On our smartphones, we use the Advanced Call Blocker app, which also works very well.

    No spammer gets to call my cellphone more than once! In Courtesans and Fishcakes , a book about food, drink and sex in classical Athens, James Davidson recounts a common motif on the city's ceramics: a woman spinning or winding wool is approached by a young man carrying gifts or a money-bag. It's generally accepted that the men are paying for sex, but classicists have been confused by the women's seemingly domestic activity of spinning; as Davidson tells it, some have argued that they represent decent young ladies being seduced away from their household labour, while a more common analysis holds that they are prostitutes employing the spindle as a prop catering to their clients' supposed fetish for wifely virtue.

    Davidson, however, points out that prostitutes were usually either slaves whose owners would wish to exploit their labour as efficiently as possible or poor free women who could ill-afford to pass up any extra income. They are unlikely to have spent their time between clients lounging around unproductively: that is to say, prostitutes are probably depicted spinning wool because that's how most Athenian prostitutes spent much of their time when not directly engaged in sex work. A brothel could easily double as a textile factory. Excavations of such a building in the Ceramicus, the red light district of ancient Athens, found over a hundred loom weights.

    Re "Spinster as a last name" 58 etc. This site suggests that it's about as common as Potter. So that might be a strike against "too common for a last name. Since then, I found out that detergent makers found that if they had enzymes that ate tiny dangling threadlets that clothes "looked newer" because no fuzz even though it also ate very slightly at the rest of the fabric every time you wash it.

    I had to throw out several skirts I liked to wear to work, and do interior reinforcement on others that just had small weak spots iron-on patches on the inside worked fine. I switched to Woolite and haven't noticed a problem since, but recently I can't find the Woolite labeled for delicate fabrics, only the big-jug Woolite that says it'll keep your clothes looking new longer Sandy B , ah, but "Spinsters" marry out of the name.

    Of course, you'd think "Baxters" and "Brewsters" would marry out of the name, too, so perhaps my hypothesis is flawed. Sandy Maybe this is too obvious, but I would think in an emerging patronymic system Spinster - as a female role name - could never become a common family name.

    If a woman was known locally as Jane the Spinster, presumably if she married Jack the Farmer their children would be Farmers or Jack's sons until they got trades of their own. So only spinsters in the modern sense would remain Spinsters by name, and few would have children. BTW, please all go read the latest in the Velma and Scraps thread. Things sound bad. Good wishes and prayers needed. And water, in both. None of these ingredients are enzymes, and all are readily substituted for each other. Or: why I use Orvus WA on the really good stuff. Rob, Somebody over there just won this week's Internet for the comment, "Is this some kind of a which hunt?

    Never mind that the joke slightly misfires for me, because W and WH are not pronounced identically in my dialect. It's still priceless. Stefan Jones , I work for a phone company, and I'll see if I can convince product management to implement your suggestion. Finding employees willing to work on it will not be difficult. In the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, I think I'd be wearing a lot of leather. Tanning leather sounds a lot easier than spinning. It would also be better protection against the thorny brush and sharp rocks in this country, not to mention providing some protection against the bites of those pesky zombies.

    Terry Pratchett's book Dodger is set in early-Victorian London, and the clothing re-use of the time is a minor plot point. With Charles Dickens and Henry Mayhew making appearances, I find myself thinking that I learned more about the period from reading one Pratchett book than from all my teachers, English lit and history, tried to do. We use Charlie's Soap for our laundry because of skin sensitivities. Too many "free and clear" products still make at least two of us end up with itchy rashes.

    It has no enzymes. Unfortunately, it's expensive and not necessarily easy to get without mail order, from what family elsewhere have said. I've been using Ecover products for years. They have a fragrance-free range Zero as well as Non-bio - yes, the Zero range is also non-bio, as far as I know. I think they -do- offer Bio versions, so check before you buy. From info. Although recently that's changed due to long-distance running, so some lower-body garments are now too small. I had minor dental work yesterday afternoon; specifically, a small cavity filled in a lower rear molar. This involved the use of a local anaesthetic, naturally.

    When I started to get up from the dental chair, the room spun briefly. I wasn't nauseous or even dizzy per se; it's just that the room jumped around and I had to grab the wall to keep my balance. This happened multiple times although less severely over the course of the evening; I posit a problem with my inner ear. Is this a thing that can happen with anaesthesia to the jaw? I thought I was completely recovered by the time I went to bed, but when I turned off the bedroom lights and tried to cross the room in the dark, I realized I had little sense of balance at all; apparently I'd been using my eyes as feedback to keep me balanced.

    I know the pleasure of being able to actually break things rather than just think about breaking things I made her overdress in the proper medieval style, with a straight tabard front and triangles on the sides for fullness. The resultant dress uses the fabric very efficiently which is good, because dyeing the coarse linen was a complex process and I'll never get that shade again , and moves in a way that pings my "medieval" bell.

    SandyB I made two separate mistakes today applying for a single job. Sounds like Tapes to me. It's a tense and difficult thing, looking for a job. Of course you're going to be nervous and a little extra error-prone. Good luck and good heart. Evans yes, that is definitely a scam; the IRS has a page on their website warning people about it.

    Apparently comes in a bunch of varieties and was especially aggressive this year. SamChevre , good to know. Hope it clears my system soon; I'm mostly all right now but I did have one episode of loss-of-balance this morning. Very disconcerting By a curious coincidence, no sooner than I had finished reading P. I believe they've called several times now, but this is the first message they've left.

    This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart. I started spinning about six years ago, and took to it so much that it has taken over a good portion of my life and living room. Just acquired my fifth wheel, a Lendrum. I used to think that in a Lucifer's Hammer -type scenario, the enclave would let me in because I trained as a nurse, though my actual practice is years out of date.

    These days, I assume my chances would more be based on the fact that I have the knowledge and experience to take fleece raw off a sheep and turn it into clothing. And yes, it takes a lot of time. Ravelry has an event called Tour de Fleece TdF , where spinners set themselves goals for during the time of Tour de France.

    This year, my goal was to hand-card several pounds of washed Suffolk fleece and spin them up. The washing had been done in small 8 oz.



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