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I guess it depends exactly what you mean by "forget". My own family immigrated from Europe to America just 4 generations ago in the 's. I know this from oral and written history, but it is not really relevant to my every-day life. In other words, I'm aware of it, but I don't think about it unless I'm with relatives and the conversation turns toward that topic. Essentially, I've "forgotten" about my family origins in that sense.

However, as a matter of historicity, the written documents will likely stay in my family in perpetuity. Every generation seems to have at least one member who is interested in genealogy. I think it would likely be similar in your fictional group. Most people would get on with their day-to-day lives, not really caring about Earth anymore.

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But the history buffs in the group would keep the memory alive, and probably ensure that it be taught to children after schools get established. I think comparisons to Earth's ancient history are not really applicable, because we're better at keeping records now than we were thousands of years ago. In short, people will remember it the same way we remember things like the American Revolution today. In the later books of Asimov's Foundation Saga, it is rediscovered that Humanity comes from earth, a couple millenia back.

In the Series, Earth is nearly completely forgotten - no mention is made before those last books. And that is without any sudden catastrophe, Earth just became uninhabitable.

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So yes, it can be expected that Earth would be forgotten or just end up as a very arcane Myth. Yes they will and it will not take long. Only the first generation would remember earth from their own memories. Everyone that is born after the disaster will have to relay on what they said or whatever information is recorded. After or before the death of the last some from earth. The leaders of the colony will carry on their earth given mission and society.

Those not in power but wanting to be will insinuate that the leaders are lying and the data is wrong. If the manage to take power the record will change. Even if they don't they could destroy some recorded data. Even with modern computer more times information is copied more corrupt it becomes.

So record data is not reliable. Could we forget about Earth though? Yes why not. Look how quickly children of emigrates change and forget their home country ways. If their was not communication between UK and us. It also depends on whether the remaining humans after the catastrophe that led to the communication loss WANT to remember the original Earth. In Marion Zimmer Bradleys "Darkover" series, the remaining humans decided to destroy the remains of their ship and all information on it, as to not create a "temple" of sorts, where everything that they lost is stored e.

Since it was obvious, that there was no chance of returning or re-establishing contact within the next generations, they wanted a fresh start with a society, which would not always look back to what they could not have. Stories that are retold time and time again evolve, which can be seen even with simple things that are written down, such as prayers. So Earth wouldn't be exactly forgotten, but over time the story would change so much that it may be hard to recognize it's the same story.

For example it may become a myth about a realm of the gods which sent some gods to create humans on the new planet. Which might later change to a single god that created the planet and then the humans. That is unless a written record is preserved e. If information about Earth is passed down by word of mouth, it will only be possible to pass on information that is understood by the population. So the basic idea of "we came from a place called Earth that circled another star" might survive, but stories of what Earth was like will doubtless be heavily corrupted into stories that align with the current culture.

An example of this process can be seen in the " cargo cults " in the Pacific. Native islanders saw westerners with seemingly inexhaustible goods "cargo" , and tried to fit what they saw into their own cultural framework. The result was a complex mix of observed facts and local beliefs, with several common tropes appearing in different cults. These included using western rituals and symbols, such as military parades, crosses, and replicas of technological artefacts made of local materials. Some cults included a belief that westerners had stolen the cargo and hence that the right actions would lead to its return.

So in this scenario we would expect to see Earth become a mythical place of flying wizards who could shoot deadly lightning bolts from their hands and conjour up wealth by incantations. This myth would become incorporated into religious practices, with religious tropes such as millenarianism and judgement of dead souls being cast into this framework.

Religious and political leaders will attempt to claim the support of Earth, and promise that the riches and powers of Earth will be available to themselves and their followers. Any surviving artefacts will attain religious relic status, and there will no doubt be a brisk trade in fakes. As many have said, a lot depends on your definition of "forgetting". Since a lot has been said i will focus on a single aspect:. Your survivors will have at least a basic understanding about the importance of record-keeping for future generations, so it seems safe to assume that they will write things down.

As soon as ever possible, people will start educating children, because they know about the value of education. They will also teach history. We know a lot about ancient egypt, don't we? The guys who built those pointy skyscrapers in the desert? With the funny gods?

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What was it like to be egyptian years ago? Let's try something simpler. Do you remember what life was like before the internet? There's a bunch of people on here who cannot, because they weren't born then. What was it like to be a woman years ago? You had basically no rights. First, you were de-facto-property of your father not your parents, mind you , then you married, and became the de-facto-property of your husband.

Rape was not really a crime, especially when you were raped by your husband: he had the right to do that! Don't be silly! Having a bank account? As a woman? You must be kidding! And don't get me started on contraceptives, family planning or such. You would give birth to many children, on average one per year, but the majority of them will die after a few weeks.

Hygiene was only just being invented, so those women who had very progressive doctors and midwifes had an above average chance to survive childbirth. Antibiotics were only just becoming a thing, but obviously not for the common people. Oh, and the toilet was most likely a wooden outhouse in the backyard, while water was fetched from the well.

By the way, your life expectancy was somewhere between 40 and 50 years, which was a great progress already. Around the year A. D the average life expectancy was 20 years but to be fair, since most people didn't live to have their first birthday celebrated, that alters statistics a bit. To get to the point: Although we have enormous data available about the time years ago, we have no idea what it was like to live at the time. And we cannot even begin to understand what life was like years ago. So, if by "forgetting" you mean "not knowing anything about it", i guess the answer is no.

But if you mean having some idea about what living on earth was like, i am sure this will be forgotten. And it would be even without any catastrophe. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Would descendants of Earth people stranded on another planet eventually forget about Earth? Ask Question. Timst Timst 1 1 gold badge 4 4 silver badges 6 6 bronze badges.

Werrf Werrf It all depends on the story you want to tell. But I understood the question to be about whether it was plausible for all knowledge to be lost - I would say that yes, it's certainly plausible, but not inevitable. Hieroglyphics, anyone? The loss or destruction of that stone would probably have set back our understanding of Ancient Egypt by a long way yes yes, there were the Decrees of Canopus and Memphis, but still - the point is, we're relying on the convenient existence of just a few artifacts, in order to unlock a whole culture: it leaves a lot of scope for failure.

AlexP AlexP And Troy: though tales were preserved, they were believed to be mythical until the actual ruins were discovered. In the terms of the question, there is no doubt that somewhere some people still remember Earth, but it is entirely possible that one civilization will forget. The Arabs were never interested in Greek history, and the Europeans had not gotten a copy of Herodotus or Aristotle by the 8th century.

The only people who could read about ancient Egypt more than the stories of Joseph and Moses were a few Greek librarians and monks. Yes, the world had effectively forgotten. What exactly does the Bible say about Egypt? It is a rich country, the river Nile runs through it, and its ruler is called Pharaoh. Nothing more. Obviously, everybody knew where Egypt was, and everybody knew about the Nile.

It is a very large river, hard to miss. Digital records might last a long time, but digital standards are fleeting How long will the original records last in a readable format? Jack Aidley Jack Aidley 4, 1 1 gold badge 11 11 silver badges 21 21 bronze badges. Hence, most scientists reject hypothesis that their home was a fabled planet Earth and instead argue that they lived on the other side of Olympus Mons, as can be seen from references to 'Mount Olympos" and "Olympic games" in oral history Most formats in use are backwards compatible ANSI then UTF-8 , so it stands to reason that unless they had to start from scratch they would keep it around in one form or another.

Most textual formats are at least partially readable in plain text. Its likely that some description of more complex formats would be written in simpler formats that would be understood with text. Though of course, it doesn't exclude supernatural explanations and myths about how exactly that came about and whence : "The Ancient Cup'n Smi brought stone peoples on the grand Skyboat and gave them warmth and the seeds of life Durakken Durakken 5, 1 1 gold badge 12 12 silver badges 40 40 bronze badges.

To counter the conspiracy theorists, scientists can shine a laser at the corner-cube reflector we put on the moon and observe the reflection. But Earth, invisible even to scientists, orbiting a star in the night sky, with no starship or other concrete "proof" to point at? Fact to legend to forgotten well inside a couple of milennia, I'd guess. One string of events I can imagine: Elites gain control over everything after brutal war. A strict totalitarian regime. Science is forsaken for dogma to maintain power over the common man Plague happens and it happens only the common man's genome was diverse enough to remain intact.

Kevin Kevin 1 1 silver badge 5 5 bronze badges. These humans are clever. When populating a new corner of the universe, one's origins become extremely important.

Luka Luka 4 4 silver badges 9 9 bronze badges. Quentin Clarkson Quentin Clarkson 1, 6 6 silver badges 10 10 bronze badges. For arguments sake, we proved they don't exist due to no evidence of existence outside of the stories passed down. Even if we found hard evidence say Christianity and religious artifacts found people are still skeptical of actual existence even though stories have been provided and physical evidence. Your argument does not completely compare with the question but I see your point.

It's rather that public expressions of belief in them were, for many centuries, rather violently suppressed. Do you understand what I mean now?

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  • These gods are supposed to live on mt Olympus, but once this name also did not exist. Erin Thursby Erin Thursby Some people will say that it s a myth, some people will still believe those legends. Fred Fred 2, 1 1 gold badge 8 8 silver badges 21 21 bronze badges. Read: religion. In their answers, aember and fred touched on this, but I would like to elaborate: The assumptions in your question are largely correct. Jan Doggen Jan Doggen 1, 10 10 silver badges 19 19 bronze badges. It's actually a trilogy. It doesn't seem to be published in English though. GnP GnP 2 2 bronze badges.

    But then I have only read one of the books. Silly me. You are definitely correct. Charles Burge Charles Burge 1, 4 4 silver badges 10 10 bronze badges. One interesting example from Fiction is missing however. My producer Thall has been getting on my back to ask you folks about it, so if you could say something nice on iTunes, that would be wonderful. Seriously, Thall will not shut up about this. Doing something different with the shirt of the month for October. Go to planetx.

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    Next week's episode of stars no less than Christopher Morse of Supervillain Corner! If that doesn't get you excited, I don't know what will! This episode, I visit a support group for stranded time-travelers. How can you look to the future when it's your past? How can you handle the modern world when you were born in the medival era? Episode , "Paused," has the largest cast yet and is one of my favorite episodes so far. Just look at this cast:. Rasheedah Phillips of the AfroFuturist Affair! Alasdair Stuart, host of Pseudopod! Laura Burns, president of The Parsec Awards!

    Somehow, I convinced all of them to join me for a story about a support group for stranded time-travelers, and they were all fantastic. One is the worlds first true artificial intelligence. They'd rather you not use that term, however. Also on the list of One's desires is to get out of the three room they've been kept in since they were created.

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    I talk about a bit about the ideas that have influenced this change, and ponder the true difference between podcasting and radio. Credit to Adam Ragusea of the ever-thought-provoking The Pub for helping me crystalize my thoughts on the subject. It's great stuff. Thank you, Yahting Club, for inviting my wife, J. Blackwell , and I to speak. We had a great time. I have my reasons, as you'll hear in the episode. Talk about this episode--and see photos from the party! Links are at planetx. Meet smooth-talking gambler Queen, who always ready with a palmed card or pistol when the going gets rough!

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    A fist full of Urseminites can climb Mohabadda's shoulder This episode featured "Benedictus" by zero-project. If you're looking for miracles, I can tell you where you might find 'em. But you can't get there from here. In the end, we're all just looking for a peice of someone we can hold onto. Especially zombies. This episode featured "Into The Darkness" by zero-project. This episode also featured music by The Masochist Monkey Circus. It's not been an easy time--especially the past year--but we've gotten through it. And we couldn't have done it without you.

    In which our heroine is caught, a skinner box is occupied, a ringmaster makes an appearence, the system is believed in, money changes hands, Cardor is denyed, paper is printed, and adventure begins anew. In which Cardor attempts to clean up a mess, Ashe leaves in haste, a murderer is accused, the police are called, a chase is given, Ashe considereds a choice, and a leap is made. In which a floor is not a floor, tea is served, wares are shown, a dragon is described, who runs alone is quantified, murder is considered, the use of a skinner box is mentioned, and Ashe finds the stuff that dreams are made of.

    In which our heroes go below, Gatling is measured against, Ashe admits what she's looking for, Tolban makes a misstep, a net is fortiitous, piles of skulls are witnessed, the likelihood of monsters is debated, and the Ossuarist makes his presence known. In which Cardor is resistant, Ashe pushes, Cardor demures, Ashe pushes harder, stratagems are plotted, plums are plundered, low temperatures are enjoyed, Cardor's imagination is questioned, a clouddog is dismissed, another is discussed, and Castigir Redlaw is generous to his son.

    In which a man is identified, a chase is given, guns are fired, a librarian is distraught, a leap is made, a tower is contemplated, a rogue is introduced, legs are admired, a Redlaw is threatened, and sand is appraised. In which the size of the library is revealed, help is offered, a statue goes unnamed, the police are called, violence ensues, short work is made, a request is revealed as impossible, and a voice lurks in the shadows. In which Cardor knocks timidly, a hotel room is veiwed, condensation caves are visited, Ashe is there for the water, a collection of caps is surveyed, a boy spits, a larger picture is seen and a fan is revealed.

    In which a secret is revealed, a old friend holds a hand, swinging leads to flight, support collapses, a ring is intimidating, Grayson refuses to be swallowed, origns are revealed, and claim of ownership is tested. In which a girl is in trouble, a light brings no warmth, a door is threatened, blending is acheived, acrobats are miscounted, inquiraries are made, an old friend lends a helping hand and a new adventure begins.

    Nextwave: Agents of H. By Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen. Fun Home. In addition, we are still accepting emails for the free autographed mini-comics. All you have to do is send your address to fablesoftheflyingcity at gmail. The costume contest is still going on, so send a picture of yourself in your Amperstamian finest to win original art by Steve Walker himself!

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    Episodes Wed, 18 July Episode 28 - Brother To A Dragon. Recorded live at the Philadelphia Podcast Festival! Check out photos of the amazing demon makeup Sara Gates did at planetx. Luficer Has A Posse. Category: cast photos -- posted at: am EDT. Lucifer's Titles. Direct download: DragonPromo. Category: cast photos -- posted at: pm EDT.

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    VFPX Trailer. It's 2 minutes long, so it's more of a trailer than a promo. But, oh, what a fun 2 minutes! Music by bensound. Direct download: VPFXtrailer. Episode 23 - Even In Arcadia. Episode art is by Ashley Popio. Direct download: EvenInArcadia. Episode art by Daniel Solis. Episode 21 - Parable Of The Leopard. How far must you fall to lose any sense of who you are?

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    Episode 18 - Rap Battle Beyond the Stars. At the end of the universe, the fate of humanity rests with the freshest flow. Recorded live at Balticon 50! Category: general -- posted at: am EDT. The Wondrous Cast of "City of Sleep". Episode 17 - City of Sleep. Episode art by Genevieve Geer. Episode 16 - An Awfully Big Adventure. You can fly, too. All you have to do is give up everything you are. Episode art by Jordan McQueen. Episode 15 - Son of Planet X. The result was a visitation I never could have anticipated. The Fanastic Cast of "Pledge Drives". March Shirt of the Month: Reverend Mord.

    Category: shirt of the month -- posted at: pm EDT. Episode Pledge Drives. Direct download: KUEC Episode 12 - How's It Gonna End? It's the end of year, good a time as any to wander to the end of all of time and space. Care to join me? Artwork for the episode was done by Avalon Batory. Episode 11 - My Wife In Hell. Episode 10 - Oddfellows Local. Not that anyone gives a shit. Artwork for the episode was done by Jared Axelrod, with colors by Natalie Kelly. Dream Cast for "Oddfellows Local". Episode 9 - Rebuilt To Last. Here's to 10 more years of weirdness. The Cast of "Rebuilt To Last". Episode 8 - Wolf Like Me.

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    Which is the one gift One's creators are reluctant to give. Direct download: OnePreciousThing. Episode 3 - Dirty Spaceman. Fangs Out!

    Stranded on Planet X-3 Stranded on Planet X-3
    Stranded on Planet X-3 Stranded on Planet X-3
    Stranded on Planet X-3 Stranded on Planet X-3
    Stranded on Planet X-3 Stranded on Planet X-3
    Stranded on Planet X-3 Stranded on Planet X-3

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