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This insider's history of West Coast hip hop will be of interest to longtime Dre fans. Our mission is split between multimedia narratives for businesses and non-profits and products aimed at a general audience. Our first of the latter was ' Beyond Ellis D ', in which we tried to use the full storytelling potential of tablet devices, integrating the written word with moving images and sound to create a multi-sensory experience for the consumer.

Alexander spent hours and hours interviewing Ellis. His recordings of Ellis are priceless and they are weaved within his narrative.

Rollin' with Dre: The Unauthorized Account

Ellis was known for his time with the Pittsburgh Pirates, and also as "the Muhammad Ali of baseball. Alexander has always specialized in writing about the intersection of race, sports, politics and music and the Doc Ellis memoir is the perfect vehicle showcasing his perspective. Alexander has much more in store.

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She was reading in Los Angeles to promote her book of short stories, "Relative Strangers. Before getting back to the literary event, I have to describe the iconic setting at Hollenbeck Palms. Nestled between the and 5 freeways and just west of Hollenbeck Park, Hollenbeck Palms is a massive retirement home that's been open for over a century. The complex is essentially a small village of several buildings connected by gardens. The structure sits up on a bluff and has one of the best views of Downtown. For years I've driven past it on the , its cream color almost the same color as Merrill Butler's adjacent bridges over the L.

This stretch of Boyle Avenue is lined with well-kept Craftsman homes on the eastside of the street between Fourth and Sixth. It was great to see the complex up close after driving by it so many times. After the reading we were taken into the historic chapel.

Irv Gotti on Speaking to Dr. Dre for the First Time Since 50 Cent / Shady Beef (Part 3)

The nondenominational chapel with its rotunda, hand crafted moldings, and effulgent stained glass windows, is one of the most awe-inspiring rooms in the city. While looking out at the city from Hollenbeck Palms and talking with Hermes about the Los Angeles River, I learned about her many years of work as an environmental activist. She helped rewrite the city of St.

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Louis's official charter to preserve more parkland and open space. Over the course of a number of years she worked with the city and eventually her efforts succeeded in changing laws in Eastern Missouri. Though she's won several awards for her fiction, Hermes sees her environmental victory in St. Louis as perhaps her biggest legacy. Her writing ability helped her change policy in something she really believed in. The idea of artists and authors improving their community is a timeless theme returned to again and again in this column.


Dre had already helped put L. A, it was his solo debut, released in December , that made the good doctor a household name and turned Death Row Records into a hit factory. Related 'The Defiant Ones': Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine's Wild Adventure.

To fans in the early Nineties, Dr. But it turns out that Dre and A Tribe Called Quest shared a mutual admiration that spurred both of them to make landmark albums. Multiple major labels passed on The Chronic. Dre recorded The Chronic without a distribution deal in place for the newly formed Death Row Records, and then shopped the completed album, cover art and all, to multiple major labels. But even coming off the chart-topping success of N. The second half of the show is dedicated to documentary-style footage of a live performance by Gunplay and Waka Flocka.

Gunplay and Waka Flocka Flame's "All On You/Rollin'" Video by Dre Films | Miami New Times

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Rollin With Dre Rollin With Dre
Rollin With Dre Rollin With Dre
Rollin With Dre Rollin With Dre
Rollin With Dre Rollin With Dre
Rollin With Dre Rollin With Dre
Rollin With Dre Rollin With Dre
Rollin With Dre Rollin With Dre
Rollin With Dre Rollin With Dre

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