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On the surface this may seem like a question easily answered, but delving deeper into history, it turns out that plexes really are an exceptional type of housing for the period in which they were built. The symbols of wealth in this period were the automobile and the single-family house. The construction boom saw the erection of hundreds of thousands of homes, most of them suburban bungalows.

Montreal was no exception, nor was Saint-Leonard. Following the fashion of the time, they chose to build suburban bungalows. Many of these remain today, and can be found just north of the parish church of Saint-Leonard on Jarry East. The CHM eventually collapsed, but managed to build over homes during its life.

So why then is housing in Saint-Leonard predominantly semi-detached, plex-style buildings? To answer this we turn to the second wave of Italian immigrants that came to Montreal. At the time, most people in Montreal were still living in plex-style housing. One of the great benefits of plex housing was that it was affordable costing only slightly more than a single-family home , while at the same time it provided rental income for the owner without sacrificing privacy.

For the Italians, who valued owning a home over all else, and who would scrimp and save so that within a matter of years they could afford one, it provided an ideal form of housing, especially once they began putting up family and paesani from Italy. Plexes allowed more control than could be achieved in apartment buildings, while also providing more versatility than a singlefamily house. The added income also allowed the owner to pay of his mortgage sooner. This series of circumstances are likely what led to the construction of plex-style housing in Saint-Leonard.

But what is so special about that? Material culture includes things like food, housing, clothing, pottery—it is what the archaeologist digs up and studies. The difference between the archaeologist and my own research is that the culture I am investigating is still thriving. What interests me is to understand the processes that allowed it to thrive.

During the period that Italians were building multi-family homes with white-brick facades, columns, arches, and gardens; when they were converting their basements into second-apartments or cantinas to make wine, sausage, and tomato sauce, the rest of the Figure 2 island was building single-family homes.

Major developers were focusing on large apartment buildings. Almost nowhere was the plex being built - except in Saint-Leonard. Just three blocks west of Saint-Leonard, on 23rd Avenue, Montreal was building little postwar cottages. Through my on-going research I hope to demonstrate that by engaging with local housing, by living in it and even building it, Italian immigrants adapted to Montreal culture, literally contributing in shaping its material culture. At the same time, however, they were involved in changing the environment, transforming it to meet their needs and thereby creating a new landscape.

Nowhere is this more evident than in Saint-Leonard, although it can be seen in all the neighbourhoods which the Italians inhabited. Much more remains for my research, such as uncovering who it was that built the housing in Saint-Leonard, how developers such as Mario Barone settled on plexes, where the materials that were used in construction came from were they Italian companies and what influence Montreal builders had on Italian builders. Where did everyone go? We were slowly zeroing in St. No need to rush at this point. The trip down memory lane had already been weeks - if not months - in the making.

And while coordinating schedules between three generations of Italians can be tricky, my grandmother, mother and I had just about arrived. No conversation drifting from the second floor balcony. No mischievous children screeching in the alley. Even my Nonna, her long-term memory usually picture perfect, was having a hard time getting her bearings.

The landmarks had disappeared. The neighbourhood had changed. Call it the best of both worlds. When the last of the rib steak and rappini had disappeared from our plates, some Roma regulars looking to take advantage of the beautiful night decided to join us on the makeshift terrace behind the alley. Seeing the three of them sitting there, framed by the fire escape and brick wall and shouting over Ruffles and Molson Drys, I almost felt like I was back in the s.

How many such conversations had started just like this one, only to end hours later on the short walk down the alley to the lush backyards that these old men still call home. Leonard and all over. But most of the Italians living in this place are long gone. Michel and Belanger. Blink twice and you might just miss them. Lucky for me I was in an exploring kind of mood. The huge Italian flag hanging over Cafe Vespa on St.

Zotique, just steps from my apartment on Christophe Colomb, had seemed an almost symbolical point of departure. Leonard resident good-naturedly, the Ferrari photos and Saeco machine further corroborating his credentials. When it comes to change, there is nothing to fear but fear itself. The thought had lingered into my early Saturday afternoon as I sat enjoying a cold coffee in an otherwise empty Cafe Genova with Antonio, a part-time employee who has lived and worked in la Petite-Patrie since arriving from Bologna 21 years ago.

He had spent years trying to convince the cafe owner to install a beer tap to appeal to younger Quebecers who - their coffee obsession aside - never really took to Grappa, gelato or Moretti beer. Yet I could also sympathize with Maria. Leave evolution to the trendy cafes and their trendy clientele. Maybe the Italians had long vacated their Jean-Talon market stalls for greener suburban pastures, but the fact that I could still walk into the Pasticceria Alati-Caserta and enjoy the same renowned cannoli and Granita Limone my grandfather once did had to count for something.

It did that afternoon, anyway, sitting there in Dante Park watching five sharply dressed Italian men trade rumors and slang over a game of Briscola. I wanted to see where Italians were living - not just where they came to congregate for Sunday soccer games, baptism celebrations or the occasional night out on the town. Michel, RDP and Vimont, as far as she was concerned. It seems we had all come full circle. Three generations of Italians huddled around several thin-crust pizzas crammed into the packed terrace of Cafe International; Each of us still beaming from the trip through the old neighbourhood.

Now married, with two kids, they help us paint a picture of how Italians in LaSalle are living today, and what they see for the future of the Italian community in their district. How does it feel to be an Italian in LaSalle? There is a large Italian community here. It feels like a comfort; like this is your place. You walk around, go into stores, and see many other Italians, both old and young. Speaking of stores, where do Italians here go and shop?

There are around five bakeries, one butcher shop, and a few bonbonniere shops. Do more of the older Italians shop there? BS: Oh yah, for sure. I go there to buy my cold cuts. Where do people your generation rather shop? What differences do you see from when you were growing up to now? Fewer traditions are being carried over from parents to children, example tomato sauce, wine, sausages, cheese bread and homemade pasta. My husband still makes wine though. You mean a cantina, for example? BS: A cantina is a luxury now. LaSalle is filled with duplexes and condos.

Are the Italians still revolving around local parishes? BS: The older Italians definitely still revolve around the local parishes; have feast day parties, processions, etc. Do you still attend or have you brought your children to a feast? BS: Growing up, that was a big thing, a huge thing. But I have yet to bring my kids to a feast. My best friend takes her son, but there are more older people that still go. What one place in LaSalle would you say is an Italian landmark? In front of the Italian church you have five bars lined up one after the other with the old men playing cards for caramelle.

Most Italians live around the area Is soccer as popular here, as it is in the east end, for example? LaSalle is more hockey, baseball. The soccer community is not really booming. But describe the vibe when Italy won the World Cup. BS: It was crazy. You had the flags waving everywhere, honking cars, the whole bit.

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It was really chaotic. Do you see Italian traditions being maintained here in the future? But, I see that happening everywhere, not only in LaSalle. Any last comments? When East End Italians, most of them homeowners, are not busy doing work in the front of their homes, they are in their backyards, working on il giardino. The tomato plants are tied, all eyes are on the zucchini, and many giardinieri spent this past summer wondering just how bad pesticides could be; was it really necessary to make them illegal, because the weeds are really taking a toll on the lawn!

Many Italians became East End homeowners in the last half of the 20th century, when a housing boom hit that part of the island. The now-boroughs of R. Leonard, Anjou and Montreal North were completing their urban plans and finishing development. Recent statistics show that today, almost 33 per cent of people in St. Leonard and 30 per cent of residents living in R. Those figures are 12 per cent for Montreal North and five per cent in Anjou. With so many Italians concentrated on the eastern tip of the island, there was strong demand for Italian services.

Lobby groups pressured the municipal and provincial government on important issues, such as healthcare, which led to the creation of Santa Cabrini Hospital in the East End in No Italian home is too posh for plastic! East End Italians wanted a place where they could feel I had some friends visiting one winter. Pat Buttino was one of the people who, in the s, Who would have thought the lack of a plastic tent was fighting for an Italian community centre. Its floors are a rich caramel marble, while the soaring ceilings and glass doors and windows make the lobby feel open and airy.

Big eggshell-coloured letters engraved in stucco are just below a second-floor balcony, spelling out the names of Italian regions like Toscana, Piemonte and Umbria. To the left of the entrance, people of all ages sit in a piazza, sipping coffee and chatting with friends. The centre opened it doors in Today, it has thousands of members.

More than 3, East Enders use the sporting facilities, and 1, people play bocce in the bocciodrome. Up to members sign up for continuing education courses — such as English, French or Italian lessons — and the summer camp sees more than 1, kids go through its doors. CBC News at Six provides the most comprehensive local, national and international news in the city, and gives Montrealers the most accurate and detailed weather forecasts.

Like most, we had lived just above a relative for the first two years of my life, when my parents decided that they needed something bigger, with a backyard, a good school, but not too pricey. Not only was the area filling-in with young families, but part of our own was just one street over. The area was slowly building-up. The grocery store remains one of the main shops for authentic Italian foods. I quickly realized she meant a turkey.


Moving to Auteuil in , a mostly French-speaking neighbourhood, she sent all three of her daughters to Italian school on Saturday mornings. Our parents asked: what are you going to do there? Close friends convinced. When the dads finally decided to give Laval a chance, they did what Italians do best, make a garden. A tight-knit community has always been important to Italians, with the Church a constant factor. Father Umberto Ranieiri was the first Italian priest in Laval. The entire community comes together. This means that in the red parcels shown on Map 1, at least one person out of two that live there are of Italian origin!

Yet, this is not exactly the case as the density levels in Laval are much smaller than in Montreal and therefore the census tracks are larger as seen on the map. Basically, you have less. She spends part of her summers in Italy, writing her doctoral dissertation on Venetian art, and can be reached at lbellon dawsoncollege. The trade show of was photographed and sold to tourists as postcards which were themselves highly prized and collected. Interestingly, her message does not mention the caption. Words were not needed: Giovanna knew Pietro, whom she refers to by his middle name Giovanni, would read the caption and understand the reason for her thoughtful choice.

The year old Pietro who received this postcard kept it all his life, for the seventy-one years after that April of The Fiera photograph is rich in details that reflect the tensions in Italian society during the Fascist era. By chance, the anonymous photographer captured, on the left side of the avenue, a travel poster advertising Bari and its fair, which reminds us that the s and s were the golden age of Italian travel posters see article Travel Italia p.

During the politically-tense s, posters. However, the poster does not escape pervasive Fascist imagery. The sails of the boat in the image are shaped into geometric wings that evoke the militaristic eagle, a staple of Fascist iconography. The wide boulevards of the Fiera and the welcoming of non-Italian pavilions, such as the rather surprising inclusion of a Soviet pavilion, seen in the center of the image behind the Shell tower, suggest that Italy was open and engaged with the rest of the world when, in fact, Mussolini was by the early s pursuing an agenda of economic isolation.

Notably, it was this fair, the most liberal of the many in Italy, which Giovanna chose to attend. We could suggest that visiting an exhibition that represented the economic growth of a nation, especially the year before one was to marry, symbolized independence, maturity, and modernity.

If my grandmother was still alive,. I would know if the trip was an act of rebellion, such as when she bicycled to all the way to Venice with her sister Benetta and, finding evening approaching, decided to sleep on a park bench until morning, or if it was a rite of passage for rural women to experience an urban fair before marrying. The answers are contained in a fund of memory that no longer exists. However, given the tendency for women to experience structured adventures that added to their cachet as modern brides, I would suggest that the trip was indeed a rite of passage and a window of independence.

Not only could she return home to tell of how she mixed well with the smartly dressed Milanese, and indeed it was around this time that Giovanna bobbed her hair, which was another sign of modernity and maturity, but her return would have an aura of promise: the economic promise that the fair conveyed was auspicious and could be seen as a parallel for the future promise of the marriage and of married life.

Postcards, as mass-produced objects intended as souvenirs, are initially public and ultimately private as they move from their origin to their destination. They however become public once again when they are discovered and quoted by intrepid grand-daughters. Postcards are also simultaneously public and private as modes of communication since the message is intended for one recipient, but can be read by all, from the post office clerk to, at the time, the village priest, if he chose to exercise his powers of censorship. To allow for scandalous messages, my grandfather devised a code that he and my grandmother used and which they never divulged.

Three years later I arrived and three and half years after me my sister joined us to complete the foursome! My parents have been married for 35 years and counting, a testament to a strong partnership. My father taught us many things over the years, some lessons tougher than others, that neither he nor I will deny. Ensuring that we respected our family our elders and others was of utmost importance, always followed by a stern word or stare should we not abide.

Education was of the utmost importance to our parents, especially as they had not benefited from the privileges that they were going to bestow upon us. We both had the benefit of a private high school education and the moral and financial support to go to uni-. Prouder our parents could not be. My father instilled in us the importance of education and the freedom and choice that it could provide. He could not have been more right.

He taught us to stand our ground and never be taken for granted by anyone. He taught us to never put off doing tomorrow what we could do today. Having two children of my own now, that advice is gold, given the little time the day seems to bring.

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And work for it we did, never loosing sight of what was important, keeping our family in close proximity and enjoying ourselves doing it along the way. My father was there when I had my first tee-ball, baseball and soccer game. He even was our practice goalie when. He was on the field when it was minus 36 degrees on a dark Sunday morning for my football championship. He was courtside for my first basketball game and made it to the arena as I sat in the penalty box in attempt to play organized hockey for the first time.

He was there for the highs and the lows, but he was always there nonetheless. When we had our first child he was there. When we had our second one he was also there, so much that we had to politely ask him to leave us alone! He is there when we need an experienced baby sitter so my wife and I can still be a couple. He is there when I have to assemble furniture or a gazebo. He was there and will always be there for us. My father turned 60 last March and as I reflect on his life and all that he has achieved through adversity and will, most importantly a healthy and loving family, I hope I will do the same.

Not a bad legacy for someone who took a chance and left everything he knew and went towards something he knew very little of. The courage, the challenge, the risk and the desire to make a life for himself. Along the way he made one for his family and now my very own; for that I thank you Dad. If I had one more day with my 22 year old brother Benny, I would tell him how much I love him! He inspired me to never give up and to achieve.

He taught me compassion, forgiveness and love. As an older brother, he was always willing to teach me something new. Benny loved being surrounded by family and friends. He loved life. He was my brother, my friend, my hero. One more day with you would have to be at the beach, where you would always celebrate your birthday. We would be gathered with family and friends. My children would be excited to finally meet their wonderful handsome uncle.

To see you, to hug you once again. We would have so much to reminisce about, along with our brother Joe. Walking on the beach, having a few drinks along with lots of laughter, anything to keep you speaking to us, anything to keep you here. Not wanting this magical moment ever to come to an end, the sun soon begins to set.

No good-byes, no tears, not yet. But wait, we want to tell you, how very proud we are of you and how happy you made us today. We are the fortunate ones to have known you. Memories of you will remain, in our hearts you will stay Sei partito troppo in fretta. TU, un uomo forte e senza paura, ci hai abbandonato. Ogni volta che guardo Emma, vedo te Mi manchi molto e la mamma ti pensa sempre.

E tu, ci vedi? Ci pensi? Segua il nostro cammino e veglia su di noi. Ti vogliamo molto bene. La tua figlia, Milly v. Losing my dad, just over two years ago, was life changing for me. I could never have imagined how painful it would be to lose a parent, until it happened. Life goes on and one learns to carry the grief, but a part of you, is missing forever. My beloved dad, Gildo Di Zazzo, was a devoted family man.

I barely noticed this about him until I was an adult. As a child, I saw the man that loved to eat, drink wine, dance all night and play a good game of cards. He was quick to temper but just as quick with a joke. So what would I do with one more day? This thought has played in my mind over and over. Although these ideas do come to mind, what I would really want, is to simply tell him that I have learned much since his passing.

The tears that so easily filled his eyes, now fill my eyes. I now understand the pain he carried since he was a young boy, having lost his mother and two brothers. I have learned that the love we share remains, even after death. Milva Di Zazzo v. To my never forgotten Giovanni Rucci, dear and forever loved father.

Like in the subject matter, you are not forgotten. From the moment you were taken away from us, your physical being may no longer be here, but we do keep your memory alive and well, and I know in my heart you are with me everywhere I go. But if it were possible to spend one more day with you dad, I would tell you how much you are missed and loved. I would take you to one of your favourite places, and we would have an elaborate meal like you used to love doing dad.

You used to love to provide for your family. You used to love being. My mom, myself and my husband along with our 2 boys arrived at the park around am. And there he was kneeling down with a box of smarties in each hand. The grandfather they knew only as their guardian angel. My mother approached her husband very calmly and embraced the man she loved and missed so much. We laughed and played and then headed back home for a swim and BBQ. My father played in the pool and ran around the backyard with his grandchildren Brendan and Ryan, who just adored Gramps. After dinner, we drank coffee and reminisced about old times.

Brendan and Ryan snuggled their grandfather one last time before going to bed. As my husband read bedtime stories to the boys, Mommy, Daddy and myself sat on the deck, there was so much I wanted to say, but instead I hugged my dad tightly and told him how much I loved him.

By Lisa Lombardi v with your family. I would like to provide for you for this one day, and take your hand and tell you that since your passing in , you remain in my daily thoughts and prayers. I would ask for your forgiveness for not having spent the last night of your life with you. I would tell you that I now know the meaning of suffering.

It is ok. Dad, there are no words to describe the wonders of love, you loved your family and we loved you in return. I do not need only another day because I talk to every day of my life, since your passing. I want to thank you for having loved my sibling and I, having taught us, the value of love and respect. I would tell you all of this in one day, and the rest of my days. I want to spend one more day with you father, to tell you how much we appreciate and valued everything you did for your family.

One More Day with my sister Tina My dear sister Tina, I always believed that we would grow old together, two sisters side by side, hand in hand, step by step, traveling along the road of life that would take us into the future. Sadly, Life dealt you a very different faith and now I have to face the road ahead without you.

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How do I tell you how much I love you and make it last till eternity? You are my Hero. Not only were you my sister but also my best friend, my confidant, my companion, you brought joy, love, laughter and so much more to my life. You gave me wise advice, you understood me without the need of words - just one look is all we needed. You have always been the strong one and yet your gentleness and kindness was never ending. Your compassion and love of life was immense and these are just a few of the qualities that I so admire, you were and extraordinary human being and a great sister to me.

You endured years of battle with an unforgiving disease, you fought hard and long and when at times I thought you could not take any more, you showed me how to bring out your inner strength by going deep within your Being. Let me take you on a special journey where only you and I can visit.

gioiagulivb2 from devyzuzyvoby.tk - devyzuzyvoby.tk

A place where when we were little girls everything was magical to us. There was nothing in that world that would hurt us, it was a place of purest innocence - we were free to be ourselves, there was no pain or anger or hurt - only joy and contentment and dreams that could last a life time. Sit a while-lets enjoy the day, let me hold your hand so I can memorize every line in your palms, let me see your pretty manicured nails.

Your hands are so strong and yet so gentle, hands that worked so hard and which now are st rest. We giggled over such silliness, we laughed until our insides hurt - this made us extremely happy, what a wonderful feeling. Let me brush your hair. Can you teach me how to braid it? I close my eyes now and go through the pages of my mind. I treasure all the memories there, and only here can I be with you, talk with you and share with you everything tat was special to us.

One more day with my dad James R. I would get him behind the wheel and let him savor that feeling of being in control once again. We would drive out to the ranch where his granddaughter rides and let him witness firsthand her passion for horses that she obviously inherited from him. It would make me so proud to be able to bring joy to both their faces. I would treat him to all the smoked meat, sausage, bacon and salty foods that he so dearly loved to eat but which were disallowed in his diet. And he would reminisce. As our day came to an end, I would hold him close and inhale the smell that was uniquely his.

I would squeeze his hand, kiss his forehead and whisper with love: thank you — thank you for being my dad. Maureen Dowden-Talarico v. On January 20th, , an early morning phone call changed my life. My dad passed away at the early age of 71 years old. He was healthy and loved life. Unfortunately, a massive heart attack took his life. If given a chance to spend one more day with him — it would be simple… We would start off by calling one another very early in the morning with our cell phones… OH YA!! My dad would show up at my house. I would then wash and wax his car the works!

Simple Pleasures - Stephanie Castelli When my mother, Barbara Segeleski, was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 48, she embarked upon a journey to teach all around her to slow down their frenetic pace of life and enjoy the simple pleasures. Battling cancer for two years, she adapted to drastic change with grace and perseverance. Rather than dive into a dark abyss of self-pity, she seized the opportunity to spend hours talking to loved ones and passing down memories and wisdoms of her day.

What remains now is a yearning to once again hear the air punctuated with her unique voice, to fall into tune with the rhythm of her laughter, and to feel the warmth and protection of her embrace. Given the chance though, I probably would forgo it, for the feelings of loss that would ensue once the day had passed, would catapult me into the same exhaustive grief felt when she died. Instead I prefer to relive my mother with every passing day through memories and the way that I live my life, the philosophy of which was molded through her influence.

I take comfort in these simple pleasures and the fortune I feel in having had such a beautiful presence in my life; someone I am proud and honored to call my mother. After that he would love to go on a joy ride wth me to show it off. We would pick up my momand return to my home. And then my two sisters and their families would join us for a wonderful lunch. He was a proud father, husband and grandfather of five grandchildren. I would probably stand up before the meal and let everyone know how much I love him.

The reason behind that, I feel today, we do not say those amazing words enough. We all miss him a lot. But we strongly feel his presence among us. I love you pops. Sincerely, Joe DIcarlo v. In memory of my hero I start by thinking that I would want to do something really special for him, something that would create a memory so extraordinary that it would last a lifetime.

Quickly, however, I realize that of the countless memories I have of my father, the ones that are nearest and dearest to my heart, are the ones where we would just sit, enjoying a good cup of espresso coffee, talking about everything and sometimes just nothing at all. No one could tell a story with such detail and passion like my Dad. His eyes would light up and sparkle like the most beautiful of Christmas trees. His wartime stories and time spent with his buddies were by far the most enthralling of all.

I was always grateful for the stories he shared with me as they allowed me to get to know the remarkable man he had been, before becoming the selfless and doting Dad that I grew up with and adored. For one to understand my pain, one would have to have known my Dad. He was a truly remarkable man, a good son, a brave soldier, a loyal husband, the best father and grandfather in the world.

What can be said of a man who at the age of 21 embarked for the military service and immediately was caught up in a war that had no sense or purpose, a war that stole 5 years of his young adult life. One more day to tell him how very much I loved him, how proud I was to be his daughter, how I will never forget him. One more day to tell him that he was my hero, my anchor, my strength, my everything. Just one more day… Anna Manocchio v. Tu savais me rendre si heureux. Ton marie, Carlo Tarasco. Domenico Mediati - Carissimo nonno Domenico, che farei per averti qui con me.

Sarebbe perfetto; tutti felici, ballando, mangiando e ridendo Ti voglio un mucchio di bene, tua nipotina Anna Innamorato. Please include a photo of the happy couple, their names and date of wedding. Deadline for submitting the photos is November 1st Con la foto indicare anche i nomi della coppia e la data di matrimonio. This surely applied to many of the meals put together in Tuscany during the lean years.

In this issue we celebrate a typical Tuscan meal which might have been conceived by a Tuscan desperate to feed her family but having only a few ingredients on hand. A hearty soup is made using a few tomatoes from the garden along with some stale bread pappa al pomodoro , a rabbit undoubtedly caught on the farm is cooked in the hearth alongside some roasted garlic potatoes, and then as the embers of the fire continue to their slow demise, a cake is baked using the last of the heat. Luckily for us, many of the recipes conceived back then were passed down from generation to generation.

Preparation In a medium-size saucepan gently heat the oil and garlic. Be careful not to burn garlic. Add the tomato pieces and basil. Il pomeriggio crime comincia alle ore Si prosegue alle ore 15 con Narrazioni poco uniformi. Quando la divisa e la scrittura si uniscono, il dialogo tra Deborah Brizzi, ex poliziotta ora giallista, e Biagio Fabrizio Carillo, criminologo, scrittore, docente di Tecniche investigative e coordinatore scientifico di Torino Crime.

Tavola sugli uxoricidi, violenza domestica e stalking. Ne discutono Alessandra Bramante, psicologa psicoterapeuta, specializzata in Criminologia clinica e dottore di ricerca in Neuroscienze, consulente presso il Centro Psiche Donna di Milano e di ATS Bergamo, Caterina Biafora, avvocato, Viviana Lamarra, psicologa clinica, specializzata in psicologia del minore e maltrattamenti e abusi sui minori, e Maria Borrello, avvocato e docente. E ancora, alle ore Quali legami? La nuova alleanza tra mafia e massoneria deviata.

Biagio Fabrizio Carillo e Guglielmo Gulotta sono protagonisti del dialogo delle ore Nuova fisiognomica forense. Segue una merenda di mezzanotte. Ingresso libero fino a esaurimenti posti disponibili. Info Cineteatro Monterosa www. Il percorso si sviluppa attraverso alcune sezioni che esplorano le differenti tipologie di edificio — case, musei, uffici e grattacieli - dove opere iconiche come Fallingwater e il Guggenheim Museum di New York sono presentate insieme a progetti meno noti.

I temi di architettura, democrazia e. Via delle Rosine 18 — Torino. OGR Corso Castelfidardo 22 info ogrtorino. Dalle ore Curata da Pier Giovanni Castagnoli, con la collaborazione degli Archivi Guttuso, la mostra raccoglie e presenta circa 60 opere provenienti da importanti musei e collezioni pubbliche e private europee. Sabato, dom e festivi: dalle ore 9 alle Intero: 12 euro Ridotto: 10 euro Gruppi di min. Oltre eccezionali immagini compongono un itinerario fotografico in un bianco e nero di grande incanto.

Universitari under 6 euro. La biglietteria chiude alle Mausoleo della Bela Rosin 22 marzo - 22 aprile Un disco al giorno. Torino ingresso libero. Intero: 14 euro. Ridotto generico: over 65, under 12 12 euro. Dall'8 marzo fino al 29 maggio Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Torino La Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo presenta nella project room, Today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, un progetto dedicato alla drammatica situazione dei rifugiati mediorientali sulle isole greche al confine con la Turchia.

Via Modane 16 Torino. Ingresso intero euro 5. Museo Accorsi-Ometto 16 febbraio — 3 giugno La Fondazione Accorsi-Ometto torna a proporre una mostra sulle arti decorative, questa volta incentrata sulle acquisizioni fatte per incrementare la collezione permanente del museo. Informazioni per il pubblico: int. La mostra intende porre in luce il rapporto a lungo intercorso tra Filippo de Pisis e le fonti pittoriche del presente e del passato. De Pisis, visitando e studiando le opere nei musei, ritrova le proprie radici legate al naturalismo e alla pittura francese, scopre se stesso e la propria ispirazione.

Aperto tutti i giorni dalle Chiuso il martedi'. Nata a Torino nel , Elisa Sighicelli ha studiato arte a Londra dove ha risieduto per diciassette anni. Attualmente vive tra Torino e New. Orari aperto tutti i giorni dalle Storia di un fotografo. Palazzo Chiablese. Vicolo San Lorenzo 1 — Torino. Concept di mostra Donata Pesenti Campagnoni. Carlo Mollino. Questa iniziativa fa seguito alla mostra "Carlo Mollino.

Via delle Rosine 18, - Torino www. Dalla regione di. Via Accademia Albertina 8 Torino. Dal 1 marzo al 1 maggio il Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento propone la mostra fotografica Arma il prossimo tuo. Storie di uomini, conflitti, religioni. Centodieci scatti realizzati dai fotografi Roberto Travan, autore del progetto, e Paolo Siccardi. I due fotoreporter hanno selezionato tra le centinaia di fotografie scattate in conflitti sovente lontani dai riflettori dell'informazione: le vittime nei campi di battaglia, i villaggi distrutti, i profughi in fuga.

Ne emerge un aspetto sinora poco raccontato: la fede in Dio e il dovere di combattere in nome di Dio, oggi come ieri. Le testimonianze sono state raccolte nelle trincee, nelle chiese e nelle moschee devastate, tra le popolazioni ridotte in miseria e disperazione. A ingresso gratuito. The Uppertones sono un trio dedicato al suono della Giamaica degli anni T-Bone al secolo Luigi De Gaspari, personaggio di spicco della scena ska internazionale, cantante e trombonista che negli ultimi quindici anni ha pubblicato dieci dischi e portato la sua musica dal vivo con centinaia di concerti in tutta Europa, Stati Uniti, America Latina ed Indonesia.

Vendite on line su www. Informazioni: Francesco Da Paola ang. Sergio era un eccellente cantante, bassista e fine autore di canzoni. Tributo Joe Cocker. Il 26 ottobre , per Phonarchia Dischi, esce "D'un tratto", il terzo lavoro in studio, che viene presentato al Jazz Club di Torino e proposto live nei principali club italiani. Abruzzese di adozione prima Bolognese e. Le undici canzoni del nuovo album sono caratterizzate da un suono rock violento e massimalista, privo di compromessi commerciali, ma narrativamente romantico e politicamente attento alla condizione degli esclusi e degli emarginati.

Attivi da oltre venti anni One Dimensional Man ha pubblicato 6 album.

Donato 47 Torino Tel. Il repertorio ripercorre buona parte della discografia di questo grande artista: da Notte Rosa a Eva, da Gli Innamorati a Immensamente. E' il disco del Come Back. A scandire il tempo dei festeggiamenti vi saranno a rotazione tutti i resident djs che in questa occasione chiuderanno inoltre la stagione invernale. Via Modena 55, Torino Info: Tuttavia, gli animali non ricevono il sostegno che meritano. Fino ad ora. Geniale l'iniziativa di vendere i Whopper a solo un centesimo a chi li avesse ordinati nelle immediate vicinanze di un ristorante McDonald's, attraverso un'app georeferenziata.

Per l'Italia rivince Publicis Italy. E Publicis sale a quota 9 Leoni. Usa in spolvero con 5 GP nei Craft e negli Entertainment. Italians Festival sesta edizione. Vince chi percorre strade non facili e fa scelte coraggiose. Un argento e 2 bronzi per l'Italia in Outdoor con Publicis Italy. Come hanno convinto una giuria rigorosa che ha promosso in shortlist solo lavori di alto livello, su entries, e assegnato solo 65 leoni 10 ori, 20 argenti e 34 bronzi?

Ne parliamo col giurato italiano Davide Boscacci, executive creative director di Publicis Italy. Oggi l'outdoor va considerato come un out of home dove la marca raggiunge e interagisce col consumatore al di fuori di casa. Il lavoro per Diesel rientra nel mood unconventional e trasgressivo tipico del brand.

Un evento che ha fatto il giro del mondo sollevando appoggi e critiche, perfino da parte di Trump. La giuria ha premiato il coraggio di un brand che, invece di rifuggire da una situazione controversa, l'ha cavalcata facendone un'azione di comunicazione fortissima.

Entries a quota Questa sera i primi premi. Leo Burnett Ww presenta le Cannes Predictions, 20 lavori destinati a vincere, esempi d'eccellenza dei trend creativi dell'anno. Firma Expansion per Visit Romagna. La R riprende quella del logo di Destinazione Turistica Romagna, ideato della stessa agenzia. Al via la terza edizione del premio Equal dell'Adci. Al completo le Giurie di Cannes Lions Sono rappresentati oltre 50 Paesi tra cui per la prima volta anche Giordania e Marocco. I giurati rappresentano tutte le specializzazioni dell'industry della comunicazione. Ci sono professionisti di grandi network e di agenzie indipendenti, di aziende innovative e di aziende tecnologiche, di strutture di consulenza, di company dell'intrattenimento.

I giurati italiani sono 7. Ricco il programma musicale. Interni presenta Human Spaces, mostra-evento del Fuorisalone, e lancia il sito interinternimagazine. Main sponsor sono Audi, Eni e Whirpool. Per il Fuorisalone, inoltre, il sistema Interni si arricchisce del sito con design innovativo e nuovi contenuti e format editoriali.

Differentemente da quanto si pensa, le piante sono organismi sociali sofisticati ed evoluti. Le piante sono dotate di sensi, memorizzano e comunicano tra loro, sanno acquisire, immagazzinare, condividere, elaborare e utilizzare le informazioni raccolte dall'ambiente circostante. La partnership per Lavazza si inserisce nell'impegno a promuovere le arti e i luoghi dove la cultura prende vita.

Il connubio tra arte e natura, pensato per ricostruire il rapporto tra uomo e ambiente e per promuovere un impegno diretto nella salvaguardia della Terra, vede da anni il brand in prima linea. Il Salone del Mobile. Sanremo analisi conclusiva. Baglioni non bissa il record, media di 9.

La finalissima ha registrato Si evidenziano risultati contrastanti su due target molto ricercati. I giovani anni crescono di 1. Ma aumenta l'ascolto tra i Millennial. In Rai si felicitano della crescita della presenze giovani. L'analisi di Publicis Media Italy. Parte Sanremo Prevede su 4 giorni 15 eventi, tra convegni e seminari, occasioni di fund raising per start up, esposizione di tecnologie d'avanguardia, dibattiti aperti al pubblico e incontri coi protagonisti della scena mondiale dell'imprenditoria tech.

CannesLions annuncia i presidenti di giuria dell'edizione Le entries saranno possibili dal 17 gennaio. Premio alla carriera a Paolo Gentiloni. Dodici i premi di categoria. Lo spot di Ebu, Act ed egta sulle tv di tutto il mondo. E Publicis e Diesel sono state anche nominate agenzia e cliente dell'anno. CannesLions , prime manovre. Verranno nominati nove ambassador per i nove Track. Dodici giurie per gli Adci Awards Presidente del premio, Roberto Battaglia. Ci saranno un riconoscimento per l'Agenzia dell'anno e uno per il Cliente dell'anno.

Italian Festival. Saranno assegnati in chiusura di IF! Per l'edizione , le giurie degli Adci Awards passano da dieci a dodici, grazie all'inserimento della categoria Media e all'ampliamento della categoria Pr. Verranno inoltre assegnati tra i premi speciali il riconoscimento all'Agenzia dell'anno e al Cliente dell'anno. Le tante facce dell'intelligenza umana al centro di IF! Italian Festival, al via l'8 novembre.

Ricchissimo il programma. Ampio spazio alla formazione. Italians Festival. Battaglia, Willwoosh, Ayane e la Vecchioni i primi testimonial. Altri se ne aggiungeranno man mano. Ogni scatto propone un visual che li ritrae, in bianco e nero, circondati dal loro pensiero. Saranno svelati man mano sui social e i visual della campagna saranno esposti a Base nei giorni dell'evento. I primi quattro sono Roberto Battaglia, quest'anno presidente delle giurie degli Adci Awards; Guglielmo Scilla, in arte Willwoosh, uno di primi youtuber italiani; la cantautrice Malika Ayane e Francesca Vecchioni, fondatrice e presidente dell'associazione Diversity.

Assocom e Upa importano in Italia gli Effie Awards, premio all'efficacia della comunicazione. Il 5 ottobre concerto a ingresso gratuito al Dude di Milano. Nove giorni di cinema d'autore, in lingua originale con sottotitoli italiani, con incontri e dibattiti. La manifestazione rientra nella Milano Movie Week. Hanno aderito all'iniziativa 40 partner di cui 21 case d'auto. Con Agreenment, Volvo Car Italia coinvolge i giovani designer sul tema dell'ambiente. Italia ha ideato il contest che ha coinvolto gli studenti del POLI.

Tra il 5 e il 14 ottobre sono previsti trecento eventi, in mare e a terra, e le BarcolanaExperience, offerte turistiche di promozione del territorio. Le Generali sono main sponsor. Premiato l'adv coraggioso che migliora il mondo. Qui siamo nell'area dell'ironia. In tutto i Film Lions assegnati sono stati Dato che, soprattutto nelle zone rurali, i bambini indiani non si lavano le mani prima dei pasti rischiando serie patologie, il gruppo indiano ITC, attivo nei beni di largo consumo, ha prodotto degli innovativi gessetti colorati che contengono del sapone.

Usandoli e sciacquandosi poi le mani, i bambini di fatto se le lavano. Ma che ha anche un forte valore sociale. Basta liquidi blu, il sangue non deve essere un taboo. Le voci vengono ricostruite attraverso interviste e discorsi pre-registrati. Ikea The Room di Ddb sale nella giornata finale a quota 4 Leoni aggiungendo 1 bronzo nella nuova categoria dei Sustainable Development Goals. Ma, come nella scorsa edizione, le campagne e gli advertiser vincitori sono molti meno. Riassumendo, hanno vinto per l'Italia 7 lavori, 5 advertiser ma solo 4 brand e 5 agenzie in 9 categorie di premio su un totale di Diesel rivince e l'Italia si prepara a superare la performance Colombia vince il Product Design con Kingo e quello GP Innovation con My Line, tecnologie che risolvono problemi di emarginazione energetica e informativa.

L'Irlanda vince nei Creative Data con un grande esempio di storytelling creativo basato sui dati, ricostruendo il discorso mancato di JFK a Dallas. I bambini hanno fatto a gara a mostrarsi forti. Star dello sport e dello spettacolo sono stati testimonial del modello di vita londinese. In diverse zone remote della Colombia gli abitanti non hanno accesso a internet e non usano gli smartphone. MY Line Powered By Google porta la potenza di Google Assistant a chiunque abbia accesso a una linea telefonica fissa tradizionale: chiamando in un qualsiasi momento il numero si ottiene una risposta a ogni quesito.

Distribuisce attraverso una piattaforma basata su cloud detta Ant e gli utenti pagano solo l'energia di cui hanno bisogno, per mese, settimana, giorno o ora, come comprare una candela. Diesel con Publicis continua la corsa a Cannes. Sette le categorie premiate nella terza giornata del Festival, con gli Usa che si accaparrano 5 degli 8 Grand Prix assegnati. E la corsa del brand non sembra essere finita, visto che Diesel appare anche in ulteriori shortlist. Film toccante e di alto valore sociale, che mostra quanto uccida la speranza di vita di gente inerme il distruggere ospedali e presidi medici in territori devastati dai conflitti.

Negli Entertainment Lions for Music 16 premi i Grand Prix assegnati sono stati 2 , entrambi vinti dagli USA del resto in questa sezione i riconoscimenti sono andati solo a lavori targati Usa e Germania. In reazione alla piaga della contraffazione, Die sel ha inventato il logo tarocco Deisel e aperto a New York un temporary store a Canal Street durante la New York Fashion Week, in cui si vendevano i capi del falso brand a prezzi stracciati.

Il progetto, complesso e multimediale, ha avuto come fu lcro la delimitazione all'interno di punti vendita Ikea di Milano, Torino e Roma di una stanza chiusa, da cui provenivano i suoni di un litigio domestico che sfociava in violenza sulla donna nella giornata dedicata contro. E veniamo ai Grand Prix. In Outdoor ne vengono assegnati 2. Lo promuove Ladbible Group che fornisce notizie, intrattenimento e community a un pubblico giovane globale.

Assegnati 43 premi, nessuno all'Italia. Al via CannesLions nuovo corso. Entries Sul calo di iscrizioni pesano l'astensione di PublicisGroupe e il taglio di categorie e di sotto categorie, mentre aumentano le iscrizioni da parte di advertiser e media owner.

Dall'Italia un terzo di iscrizioni in meno. Enegan sponsorizza un giro del mondo in barca solitaria per recuperare la plastica e denunciare il marine litter. Verranno prelevati anche campioni di acqua per l'Istituto Oceanografico di Trieste. Il viaggio di Leo Burnett Ww presenta le Cannes Predictions, 20 campagne destinate a vincere, interpreti dei trend creativi dell'anno. Tv e social media saranno al centro della comunicazione legata all'evento, capace anche di catalizzare l'interesse del target giovane.

Marianna Ghirlanda, head of creative partnerships di Google Italy, entra nel comitato organizzatore guidato da Alessandra Lanza. CannesLions annuncia i membri delle Giurie Gli italiani sono otto. Le categorie dei premi sono state riviste seguendo l'evoluzione dell'industry creativa. Jeep lancia il contest europeo per rock band Rockfueled. I brani postati sui social di Jeep saranno votati online. Nel Bilancio Pirelli racconta la sua trasformazione digitale e quella di 5 artigiani 4. Il progetto creativo si deve a Le Balene. Sette i giurati italiani a CannesLions , scelti dall'Adci.

Guerrilla marketing a Roma. In volo i palloncini della Siae che compie anni nella Giornata mondiale del diritto d'autore. Sono state

DioN la favola dellalbero dellumanità (Italian Edition) DioN la favola dellalbero dellumanità (Italian Edition)
DioN la favola dellalbero dellumanità (Italian Edition) DioN la favola dellalbero dellumanità (Italian Edition)
DioN la favola dellalbero dellumanità (Italian Edition) DioN la favola dellalbero dellumanità (Italian Edition)
DioN la favola dellalbero dellumanità (Italian Edition) DioN la favola dellalbero dellumanità (Italian Edition)
DioN la favola dellalbero dellumanità (Italian Edition) DioN la favola dellalbero dellumanità (Italian Edition)
DioN la favola dellalbero dellumanità (Italian Edition) DioN la favola dellalbero dellumanità (Italian Edition)
DioN la favola dellalbero dellumanità (Italian Edition) DioN la favola dellalbero dellumanità (Italian Edition)
DioN la favola dellalbero dellumanità (Italian Edition) DioN la favola dellalbero dellumanità (Italian Edition)
DioN la favola dellalbero dellumanità (Italian Edition) DioN la favola dellalbero dellumanità (Italian Edition)

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