A Stranger at Death

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Go read our spoiler-free review instead if you want to wait to see what happens. In season 2 , Billy was a bully and an insufferable mean guy, trying it his hardest to play cool while being inherently racist towards Lucas and his blooming relationship with Max.

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Billy, who had been captured and possessed by the Mind Flayer, played a massive role this season as he recruited new members for the mind hive. Slowly possessing the town one-by-one, Eleven Millie Bobby Brown cracked what was happening with the use of her telepathic powers. When the whole gang united to fight the Mind Flayer at Starcourt, things were looking bad to Eleven as she was pinned to the floor by Billy.

However, after getting through to his softer side, with the memories of his mother on the beach, Billy used the last bit of energy he had to push through and join the good guys, standing up to the Mind Flayer. As a result, he was killed by the demon, and left bleeding out on the floor as little sister Max wept over his body.

Funeral for a Stranger

Fans had suspected for a while that Billy would be the big bad for this season — with clues to his fate dropped in the trailers and also the posters. When the post-mortem reveals the second death to also be murder, Barnaby is certain that both murders were committed by the same person. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Major 'Stranger Things' 3 Spoilers Ahead

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Simon Tranter Killed many years prior to the events of the episode. Tramp Actually Michael Darrow After falling into a trench and getting his leg caught in a trap, was clubbed on the head with a piece of wood. Ben Gurdie Shot with a shotgun and made to look like suicide.

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Ron Pringle Fell from a horse that had been doped. Marcia Tranter Shot with a shotgun. Grahame Tranter Committed suicide by hanging from a tree branch. James Fitzroy.

Stranger in My Home - S1E5 - Death Comes Knocking
A Stranger at Death A Stranger at Death
A Stranger at Death A Stranger at Death
A Stranger at Death A Stranger at Death
A Stranger at Death A Stranger at Death
A Stranger at Death A Stranger at Death
A Stranger at Death A Stranger at Death
A Stranger at Death A Stranger at Death
A Stranger at Death A Stranger at Death

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