Whips And Chains

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Whips And Chains

English Deutsch. Log in My Wishlist. You did not add any gift products to the cart. Check your available gifts! More Views. Add to Cart. Article information. Short description. Every one is crisp, direct and to the point with rudimentary, metal-as-hell riffs and a catchy chorus delivered with leather-lunged enthusiasm by Ms.

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At a very brief 35 minutes With Whips and Chains flies by in a garter snapping flash and with zero fatigue factor and no dead weight or filler, it commands you to return for more metal training. Every song is a tight, concise minutes as they hit fast and run into the night with your lunch money and dignity mine in particular it seems.

From a talent perspective, I readily concede these sexecutioners are not among the best of our metal brethren. Stacey is a limited vocalist, but like a Lemmy R. The band behind her is equally average talent-wise, with the guitar tandem of Larry Myers and Adam Neal delivering the most basic of riffs. Now go easy on good ole Steel , he has a metal hip. Rating: 3. Average: 9.

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Fifty Shades of Grey : Cinderella With Whips and Chains

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Chains & Whips (Perfectly Bad)

Old Vault ID:. There are now no fewer than five possible endings. One of them even ends up getting back to the surface world!

SAVAGE MASTER "With Whips And Chains" CD

That one isn't very easy, though. If anybody plays this and figures out how to escape, I'd love to hear about it. I made it tough.

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Combat still isn't a priority, but there are some action sequences now as well as just dialog. As the name suggests, this is definitely not for kids. It uses the hak packs kenjihak for the nudity and phalzyrtorture for the torture , so you can tell things don't look good for our hapless heroine.


This is more of a story than an adventure, so you're strongly advised to use the Princess Alora character who comes with the module. You could take a mighty warrior and smash everyone you meet, but that wouldn't quite be the point, and a number of my cute tricks probably would produce strange results.

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  • Required projects:. Kenji HAK. Torture, Taxidermy, and High Tea.

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    Thu, How do you rate this content? No votes yet. Oh and change "roleplay" to at least medium :p voted 9.

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    • Sun, I felt like torturing a Polyanna type and this module seemed perfect.

      Whips And Chains Whips And Chains
      Whips And Chains Whips And Chains
      Whips And Chains Whips And Chains
      Whips And Chains Whips And Chains
      Whips And Chains Whips And Chains
      Whips And Chains Whips And Chains
      Whips And Chains Whips And Chains
      Whips And Chains Whips And Chains
      Whips And Chains

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