Three Men, One Woman and a Virgin Birth

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It now seems to be an option in some snake species, and is known in several species of shark. Handy when there are no males around! In fact, there are several lizards that are exclusively female. Some whiptail and gecko species in the arid southwest of the USA and the hot and dry interior of Australia have females whose unfertilised eggs develop fully — all into daughters. There are several ways reptiles can accomplish this. A female can make fertile eggs with the right number of chromosomes either by fusing an egg cell with another cell with one set of chromosomes.

Alternatively the egg progenitor can undergo a variant form of division that leaves two copies of the genome. The occurrence of parthenogenesis in reptiles poses a puzzle: what is the point of sex anyway? The answer seems to be that although parthenogenesis works fine in the short term, it will always lose out in the long run because recombining two genes each generation is a great way of scrambling the combinations of proteins that pathogens see.

For instance, the female-only Australian gecko is very susceptible to mite infestation. So the answer to the question of whether virgin birth is a real possibility is: yes, unless you are a mammal. A contemporary Robinsonade — York, York. The polar oceans and global climate — Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. A very different nativity scene. Rhea Silvia had been forced to become a Vestal Virgin against her will and claimed to have been impregnated through divine intervention. Livy attests that she was instead raped by an unknown man.

In any case King Amulius ordered the twins to be drowned as death through the elements would not trigger divine punishment. Alexander, the Ptolemies, and the Caesars were said by some scholars to have been "virgin-born. Inscriptions show that he and the Ptolemies after him had the incidents of their birth regularly depicted in temple reliefs. However, evidence shows that Alexander must have had a double tradition of origin. It is recorded that "Alexander the Great and Augustus are deemed to have been conceived of a serpent god, and they claimed between them Phoebus and Jupiter as their progenitors.

Before him the same title was given to Seleucid and other Hellenistic kings. Throughout this period there were frequent longings for a savior from the present troubles. A few months before he was born a portent was observed at Rome which gave warning that nature was pregnant with a king for the Roman People. In one, Suetonius narrates what he learned from Asclepias of Mendes:.

On a sudden a serpent glided up to her and shortly went away. When she awoke, she purified herself, as if after the embraces of her husband, and at once there appeared on her body a mark in colors like a serpent, and she could never get rid of it; so that presently she ceased ever to go to the public baths.

In the tenth month after that Augustus was born and was therefore regarded as the son of Apollo. Atia too, before she gave him birth, dreamed that her vitals were borne up to the stars and spread over the whole extent of land and sea, while Octavius dreamed that the sun rose from Atia's womb. The Church fathers later claimed this was a reference to Jesus Christ, however, the poem was dedicated to Pollio, one of the great influential men at the time of the civil wars and Virgil's patron and friend.

The hero of the poem is a child born or to be born in 40 B. A new era was expected, in fulfillment of an older oracle. Shall of the monstrous lion have no fear In the story of Krishna the deity is the agent of conception and also the offspring.

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Because of his sympathy for the earth, the divine Vishnu himself descended into the womb of Devaki and was born as her son, Krishna. The Hindu Vishnu Purana relates: "Devaki bore in her womb the lotus-eyed deity According to F. This is occasionally brought up as evidence for the hypothesis that "virgin birth" tales are a fairly common phenomenon in non-Christian religions around the world.

By the time of conception and birth of Krishna, Devaki was married to Vasudeva and had already borne seven children. In the Ramayana , Vishnu incarnates himself as a man, Rama , in the womb of Kausalya , one of the wives of the king Dasharatha. However, some Hindus believe that when the emanations of the Supreme Being are pratyaksha , or obvious to the sight, they become sacara, or embodied.

Krishna was such an embodiment and usually bore a human form. In that mode of appearance the deities are generally supposed to be born of a woman, but without any carnal intercourse. This belief is not adhered to by those who follow the Purva Mimansa, or the philosophy of Jaimini. They insist that the Devas were mere mortals whom the Supreme Being endowed with qualities similar to his own.

An Angel Foretells Christ's Birth to Mary

In general, the Hindus perform acts of worship to some of their ancient monarchs and sages, who were deified on account of their eminent virtues. Horner, , pp. The most popular legendary account of the birth of Buddha is in the Nidanakatha Jataka see, Jataka tales which accounted for the lives of Buddha in previous incarnations. In the time chosen by him, Maya, his mother, fell asleep and dreamed that four archangels carried her to the Himalayan Mountains where their queens bathed and dressed her.

In her dream the Great Being soon entered her womb from her side, in the form of a white elephant.

Why are women banned from Mount Athos? - BBC News

When she woke, she told her dream to the Raja, who summoned sixty-four eminent Brahmans to interpret it. The Yellow Emperor is sometimes said to have been the fruit of extraordinary birth, as his mother Fubao conceived him as she was aroused, while walking in the country, by a lightning bolt from the Big Dipper. Qi, the Abandoned One, who later became known as Houji — a culture hero or god of agriculture — was held in some accounts to have been miraculously conceived when his mother, the consort Jiang Yuan , stepped into a footprint left by the supreme god Shangdi.

Some Taoist schools held that Laozi was conceived when his mother gazed upon a falling star. He was born while his mother was leaning against a plum tree. Laozi was said to have emerged as an old man with a full grey beard. According to the legends, his mother dreamed that the sun fell from the sky and into her bosom, from which pregnancy followed.

When she gave birth, the room is said to have become filled with a mysterious light and extraordinary fragrance. As a newborn, his body was that of a three-year-old, and the legends go on to say that he was walking at the age of three months. Mainstream scholars agree that the nativity of Jesus , if not taken as historically accurate , should be interpreted within the context of first-century Judaism, not in the context of foreign mythologies, which contain only remote similarities.

According to tradition of the Catholic church, the Virgin Mary's parents, St. Anne and St. Joachim , were childless, when an angel came to them and told them they would give birth to a daughter. During the conception of Mary , she was preserved from the stain of original sin. In the account in the Gospel of Luke, Mary learns from the angel Gabriel that she will conceive and bear a child. She asks "How this can be, since I am a virgin? He tells her "The Holy Spirit will come upon you … nothing is impossible with God. At the time that Mary is due to give birth, she and her husband Joseph travel from their home in Nazareth to Joseph's ancestral home in Bethlehem to register in the Census of Quirinius.

Finding no place for themselves in the inn, Mary gives birth to Jesus and she places him in a manger feeding trough. In the Gospel of Matthew, the impending birth is announced to Joseph in a dream, in which he is instructed to name the child Jesus. After the 1st century, traditions flourished that represented the thinking of that time, and also preserved source material for many of the ideas in the "theological writings of the church fathers.

Were Mary and Joseph Married or Engaged at Jesus’ Birth?

They contain some material relevant to the birth and infancy of Jesus. And wolves and lambs promiscuously shall eat grass in the mountains, and among the kids shall leopards graze, And wandering bears shall lodge among the calves, and the carnivorous lion shall eat straw in the manger like the ox, and little children lead them with a band. For tame will be on earth the beasts he made,.

Later, the church fathers refer to subsequent books in the Oracles that are clear allusions to Christ, and probably dated from the close of the second or beginning of the 3rd century AD. The non-canonical gospels contain much that is pertinent.

Scientists solve mystery of a fish called Mary's 'virgin' birth

The apocryphal literature departs from the Christian canon and its legends have many elements similar to pagan stories representing popular beliefs of the church from the second Christian century on through the Middle Ages. The Qur'an and other Islamic literature contain reports of a number of miraculous births of biblical characters.

The Qur'an describes virginal conception of Jesus by Mary Arabic: Maryam , which is recounted throughout several passages in the Qur'an. The narrative goes that Mary was visited by the angel Gabriel that she will give birth to a holy son, named Isa' Jesus , the Messiah and that he will be a great prophet, to whom God will give the Injil Gospel and he will speak in infancy and maturity and will be a companion to the most righteous.

When this news was given to Mary, she asked the angel how she can have a baby as she was a virgin. After giving birth, while resting near the trunk of a palm tree Jesus spoke to Mary from the cradle instructing her to shake the tree and obtain its fruits. Blessed he has made me, wherever I may be; and He has enjoined me to pray, and to give alms, so long as I live and likewise to cherish my mother" in order to dispel rumours of conception. After the death of the Abdullah , his wife, Aminah , had a vision where angels visited her and informed that soon she will give birth to a boy.

They told her to name him Muhammad. In , [62] the poet Kabir was also said to have been born of a virgin widow a Hindu , through the palm of her hand. Like Karna , Kabir was sent down the river in a basket; he was found and adopted by a family of Muslim weavers, downstream. This story is absent from Muslim and Sikh accounts of Kabir's work. The myth of Huitzilopochtli is uniquely Aztec. Huitzilopochtli is therefore considered to be the cult god or the patron god of the Aztec. As a solar deity, Huitzilopochtli is closely related to and overlaps with Tonatiuh. This is why in certain places the question arises among the people and even ask of Jesus by a religious group having legal authority.

It is Important to remember that was a social and political activist that Started and Lead a protest against The mainstream Jewish religious Community on many points of the law. Fitzmayer, R. Meier — RC biblical scholars in details explained it. Read for ex. This leaves no room for doubt that the young woman was a virgin.

However, customs of the time, as have been frequently noted elsewhere, make it clear that parents sought husbands for their adolescent daughters and that the signing of the ketubah, or marriage contract, ensured that the couple were married even though for various reasons they frequently were still not cohabiting. A year or more might pass before the bridegroom arrived to take his bride to her new home. Another reason could be that the bride was simply too young and it would be dangerous for her to have children.

Compare this with the later European custom among royalty in particular of children being engaged to each other in childhood or even infancy, to secure the marriage. Since no mention is made of a brother or even a father in the Gospels for Mary, she may have been the child of a widowed mother who was anxious to secure a permanent place in society for her child by an early espousal. The signing of the marriage contract was the act by which the couple was legally married; a wedding ceremony might follow month or even more than a year later.

It was important that the young woman be a virgin, and of the House of David. Mary was both. Joseph was also of the House of David, so for the sake of appearances, the child would be his son and belong to the same Davidic branch as his father as well as his mother.

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We know that Mary was from at least a Levitical family because her cousin Elizabeth, who became pregnant in old age at least six months earlier, was married to a Levite. As for Jesus being married, there is silence on that issue in the Gospels. It was not necessary for a man to be married to take part in many religious ceremonies in the first century.

Unfortunately, a great deal of pietitistic effluvia has entered the Nativity story, mainly from anti-Semitic sources in the early and medieval periods. It is my sincere hope that these things will be expunged, because they are nothing but superstition and embroidery to the basic story, which reveals a marriage that was strictly according to Jewish law at the time.

Issues involving daily Jewish life and doctrine existing at that time were not included in the gospel text because they were generally known and regarded at the time. So the knowledge has been lost in context over the Centuries. The passage in Deuteronomy deals with a woman who was raped. Just a quick observation: The miracle in Isaiah is not that a young woman or a virgin gives birth, all very ordinary, everyday stuff for a virgin birthing a first baby, the miracle is to Whom does she give birth……God incarnate…..!!!!

The question I have about Deuteronomy….. It does not specify how others found out about the adultery or how they proved it…? Mt This constituted the wedding in patriarchal days before the Law. It was altogether a civil affair. There was no religious ceremony or form, and no priest or clergyman officiated or validated the marriage.

The bridegroom took the bride to his house or to the tent or house of his parents. The matter was publicly made known, acknowledged, and recorded, and the marriage was binding.

The boy whose blood has no father

She should be stoned. Jesus agrees that she should be stoned—but stoning is not prescribed for regular adultery in the Scriptures—only adultery by an engaged woman. Under Jewish law, there were only 4 ways to execute someone; stoning, beheading, strangulation and burning. The rabbis determined that since we are created in the image of God, so when the Scripture requires someone to be put to death but does not prescribe the manner of death, the rabbis determined that they should be strangled—to do the least amount of damage to the image of God.

The reason for a more violent death by stoning for adultery by an engaged woman is that her husband had not yet taken her virginity—a serious offense.

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However, in John 8, the rabbis knew the history of Jesus—they knew that his mother had been engaged when she conceived him. The problem with using the texts contained in the finally codified canon of the church is that thet have been transformed over time by different translations, different scribes and changing theology. Case in point is at which point in history Mary Magdalene became a whore and Mary became immaculate in her conception.

Jesus was married for several factors: 1 As a Jewish Rabbi, he would not have been let in to pray in the Temple without being married. To this day, Rabbis are married and it would have been a scandal for Jesus to reach the age of his early 30s and not be so. The fact that the Church wiped it out is because they were rewriting Jewish history to be acceptable to pagans whose gods were not often married.

The belief that he and Magdalene had a daughter, instead of a son, is further proof. Jesus came from a well-to do family. There were laws to follow. Do you really know anything about Jewish marriage? Even to this day, it involves a double ceremony — a betrothal kiddushin or erusin followed by a formal legal contract ketubah, which simply means document. Usually these now take place together, one immediately following the other. A giveaway is that wine is blessed and drunk twice during the wedding service, once during each stage of the process. In the past, however, the two stages could be separate.

The orthodox view is that betrothal is binding, such that sex with a woman betrothed to someone else is adultery and a formal divorce is required in order to dissolve a betrothal. Betrothal can be achieved either by giving and receiving a bride-gift or by the couple having intercourse. Your email address will not be published. By submitting above, you agree to our privacy policy. Combine a one-year tablet and print subscription to BAR with membership in the BAS Library to start your journey into the ancient past today!

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Three Men, One Woman and a Virgin Birth Three Men, One Woman and a Virgin Birth
Three Men, One Woman and a Virgin Birth Three Men, One Woman and a Virgin Birth
Three Men, One Woman and a Virgin Birth Three Men, One Woman and a Virgin Birth
Three Men, One Woman and a Virgin Birth Three Men, One Woman and a Virgin Birth
Three Men, One Woman and a Virgin Birth Three Men, One Woman and a Virgin Birth
Three Men, One Woman and a Virgin Birth Three Men, One Woman and a Virgin Birth
Three Men, One Woman and a Virgin Birth Three Men, One Woman and a Virgin Birth

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