Sweet and Sour

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Sweet and Sour Sauce

This will be the first. This lasts weeks in a fridge or I have to refrigerate the sauce for that long to get best flavor? I thank you for all the recipes you share for Asian sauces. What is the ounces on the pineapple juice?? I agree, it is the best recipe and hands down my favorite, thank you! Made crab Rangoon last night then realized I did not have any sweet and sour.


Will never buy pre-made again. Awesome, Sue!! I know, it just makes no sense to buy it when you can throw it together so easily.

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Yours is my go-to from now on. Have you ever made a double batch? I want to make sweet and sour chicken and my family likes extra sauce. Hi Ana, yes you can. Kimberly, I am planning on making boneless country style pork ribs in a slow cooker. Would I be able to use this sweet and sour sauce to cook them?

Would it break down after maybe 8 hours in a slow cooker. Thank you. I will be making this regardless. Looks great. Hi Jim! Yes, cornstarch breaks down pretty quickly. Plus the juices from the pork ribs will add to the liquid content and the sauce will be watery.

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  • Sweet and Sour Chicken Recipe - Taste and Tell.
  • Give the sauce a taste, it will probably need more salt because of the additional liquid from the pork ribs. Happy cooking! Hey, great, thank-you. Will make it tomorrow. Just trying to spice up a rather bland piece of pork. Well, for one, everyone in China, Japan, Korea, etc. And here in the U. Just finished the first batch and making another one today. I made this sauce for my sweet and sour pork, it was amazing and so easy. I will never buy store bought again. This is prhaps the best and easiest sweet-sour sauce recipe I have read on the internet. I added a dash of homemade tamarind puree to the mixture while boiling because I like this tangy sourness a lot.

    And it came out just like I had expected — sweet and more sour. Also, I used bottled Minute Maid pineapple juice filtered, of course and did not use artifical coloring. I like to keep everything homeamde as long as possible, and this one just turned out perfect!

    Thanks for the recipe, Kimberly. I like the sliding scale for number of servings, and the quantities then adjust accordingly. Sure that would change too? It starts off at 16 servings but I want to make enough for only four. There are only the two of us in the house and four servings would be ample. Hoping you can comment. Hi Ted, sorry about that, there must be a glitch in the software.

    The easiest thing to though do would be to just cut the recipe in half. Halving the recipe will be a good amount for 4 people. I put it in old maple syrup bottles in the fridge. Thanks, Jon! Canned pineapple juice is perfect. I generally recommend the sauce be eaten within 3 weeks. Thanks for the tip, Rhys.

    Would flour work as a substitute? Correct measurements would be helpful. But if I missed it ; please disregard : thx for the recipe!

    How to Make Sweet and Sour Chicken

    Hi Marci, the recipe with the quantities for all the ingredients and directions is in the recipe card at the bottom of the post. This was so quick and easy to make the balance of flavors is perfect! This is my go-to recipe from now on! Do you think this would work with no pineapple juice? Maybe just use water?

    BEST Sweet and Sour Sauce - The Daring Gourmet

    OMG, I just try this recipe to the letter and it is a complete hit. I used it on baked chicken and fried chicken. My family loves it. Thank you!!!! Made this with regular vinegar and a mix of dark brown and white sugar, it came out fabulous! Hubby said it was a little sour, to which I recalled its sweet and sour chicken, lol. We had a lot of leftover salt and pepper pork chop from our party so I decided to make this sauce. I added slices of different color bell peppers, onion, carrots, celery and pineapple.

    My family loves my sweet and sour pork chop. So easy to make. Thank you for sharing your recipe. Your portion calculator does not rework the quantity of cornstarch slurry. This is my very favorite sweet and sour sauce recipe. Its so simple and yet the taste is so amazing. Such wonderful sounding recipes, but, site developers, please include text anchors and labels in your source code for us blind cooks.

    Pictures of text are a no-go. I have been looking for a good one for a long time. This one is way better than good! Thanks Pintrest! And thanks for this awesome recipe. Hi Gareth, it probably depends on the takeaway. Thanks Kimberley. This is THE best!!! I went dark, yes I used dark soy sauce instead of light and ended up having to alter the recipe ever so slightly with a little tomato puree, lemon juice, and a slight sprinkle of Chinese five spice and cayenne pepper but good lord, it turned out amazing! I also added strips of carrot wedges of pineapple and a diced green pepper.

    Amazing,just like takeaway. I added jullien thin strips of carrot, celery, peppers and chunks of pineapple to sauteed chicken breast, then made the sauce over it in the pan. I just discovered your site. Thank you so much for your amazing recepies and adding nutritional info to them. This really is the best sauce!! This was delicious. It is the best stuffing I have ever made. Our guests raved about it. Thanks for your sharing!

    Sweet and sour chicken

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    Learn how your comment data is processed. I made this tonight and it was so good! Due only to my own time crunch, I prepared the sauce while the chicken started baking and then tossed it in at the 15 minute point. It worked perfectly. Luckily I doubled the recipe—just had that feeling. I never thought about making my own sweet and sour chicken. Thanks for a keeper recipe. This was delicious! I was worried about the amount of sugar in the sauce, but it turned out to be so tasty.

    I substituted real garlic minced for the garlic powder, but this is definitely a make again. This was wonderful. Great recipe, lots of flavor, made exactly as the recipe states, but double up on the sauce, you will want to!!! Tbis is a great recipe, awesome sauce. Only change i will make is not adding the sauce to bake the chicken. So it has a chance to be crispy and i added large chuncks of greep pepper and spanish onion that i fried separately. Great sweet and sour chicken!

    Loved this recipe — super good! I did add chopped red peppers and some pineapple pieces prior in serving! Will definitely be making this recipe again and again! Jump to Recipe Print Recipe. Sweet and Sour Chicken. Course: Main Course. Cuisine: Asian.

    Keyword: chicken recipes, sweet and sour chicken. Prep Time: 20 minutes. Cook Time: 50 minutes. Total Time: 1 hour 10 minutes.

    Sweet and Sour Sweet and Sour
    Sweet and Sour Sweet and Sour
    Sweet and Sour Sweet and Sour
    Sweet and Sour Sweet and Sour
    Sweet and Sour Sweet and Sour
    Sweet and Sour Sweet and Sour

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