Rowanlee: The Twin Realms

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Having entered a cave to hide from a snowstorm, Rowanlee slipped on the wet ground and woke in Tonaye.


Now she must discover who she is, the powers she had to hide all her childhood would now be used before many people as time goes by. She has a time constraint; Rowanlee must reach Thornytonaye, the name of the white city of her dreams by her 18th birthday, by the time the moon reaches its summit. Wolves greet her and take her deep into a forest, a winged horse then meets her to take her out of the forest and to the river she will follow to get to the city, along the way she makes new friends and foes, and a troupe of soldiers that escort her almost to the city itself, she must enter alone of her learning will not be complete, the captain of the soldiers tries to foil her attempts to leave them and hiders her from reaching her goals, but his motives are far from sinister.

Hide this content. Rowanlee The Twin Realms Series by VJ Parker Rowanlee grew up in Aaraniria, in a cottage in the middle of a vast forest with her grandmother, her grandmother was the local Sharman that the trappers would visit for her herbal remedies and healing powers. Buy this book:.

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Rowanlee: The Twin Realms Rowanlee: The Twin Realms
Rowanlee: The Twin Realms Rowanlee: The Twin Realms
Rowanlee: The Twin Realms Rowanlee: The Twin Realms
Rowanlee: The Twin Realms Rowanlee: The Twin Realms
Rowanlee: The Twin Realms Rowanlee: The Twin Realms

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