Die Gruft - Der legendäre 1. Handyman Jack Thriller (German Edition)

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Franz Schubert Quartet. His son Joseph, also a devoted cellist, has been completely forgotten. Here is the world-premiere recording of his string quartet of Brahmsian manner with brilliant writing for all of the instruments. Meulemans' luscious, impressionistic suite of water music is joined here by world-premiere recordings of Alpaert's suite depicting four paintings of the 19th century Belgian painter. In order are: "Entrance of Christ into Brussels" depicting the arrival of Christ at a drunken city festival, "Skeletons Quarrelling Over a Hanged Man", a xylophone-pumped scherzo, "Love Garden", a dialogue between lovers punctuated by sarcastic remarks from a satyr, and "Infernal Procession: Sabbath", a rondo depicting flying witches and all sort of howling animals and monsters.

D'Hoedt's suite "A Brief Chronicle of Middle Class Life" is a satiric look at contemporary society, from a prelude, through a carnival and military parade, 5 o'clock tea watch out for those swarming gigolos! The half-hour Variations on Balkan Themes is a deeply affecting piece that stands comparison with the very best of MacDowell.

Sombre in mood, the eleven sections add up to a satisfying whole of cumulative emotional effect, much like the Grieg Ballade. The other short works which fill up the disc share with MacDowell the kind of open-air, wide-eyed Romantic picture-painting which typified the best post-Lisztian piano writing from the New World. Joanne Polk piano. Arabesque Z U. Strong, spirited performances of trios which follow a fairly conventional classical-romantic pattern; sonata-form outer movements, Mendelssohnian scherzi, and lyrical slow movements with a strong leaning towards the vocal tradition.

Bartos Trio. The world-premiere recording of Salieri's mass brings us a smaller-scale, more rural sort of piece than might be imagined from the august title. The use of children's choir and small orchestra lend an intimacy and pastoral quality which is also reflected in the Magnificat and Dixit Dominus. The organ concerto of is Salieri's only work in the genre and is in two bustling, vivacious movements. Unlike Salieri's mass above , Hoffmann's liturgical work is quite a bit more sophisticated, blending Italianate operatic lyricism with early Romantic drama foreshadowing Weber and Schubert.

Hoffmann's only symphony, from around , takes Mozart's E Flat symphony as a model in its weighty, serious slow introduction and ensuing allegro. The slow movement is early Romantic in a Beethovenian way, the minuet is forceful and mostly in the minor while the last movement, a rhapsodic allegro molto is the furthest from the classical tradition.

Haydn's pupil Pleyel receives the first CD recording of one of his cello concertos, dating from Pleyel was a facile and prolific composer and his works generally are written in an uncomplicated and brilliant style. This concerto fits the description with much grateful writing for the solo instrument and a tuneful rondo finale to send the crowd away happy. The second volume of harpsichord concertos written by the young J. Bach while living as the ward of C. Bach in Berlin reveal the same brilliant, multifaceted and multiform music which characterized the first volume offered in our last catalogue.

The Hanover Band; Anthony Halstead harpsichord. The fantasies are very brief but difficult and unique. The polonaise was a genre all the rage in Dresden and Saxony during the second half of the 18th century. Bach here takes the dance character of the piece and idealizes it, beginning the path to the creation of the Romantic "character piece".

Harald Hoeren fortepiano. Written in , these are two-movement works fast-moderate tempo which are in essence piano sonatas with accompanying flute or violin. Salzburger Hofmusik alternate between the two. These are classic works in the galant style, naturally flowing and light in manner: in fact, what one might call "Mozartian". Salzburger Hofmusik. Like the above offering, these sonatas feature keyboard with accompanying string instument but what sets them apart is that that instrument is the viola, for which there is a paucity of music from the late 19th century.

The works, unlike Bach's, are in three movements and are closer to the high classical style. Trio Cristofori. The emerging supremacy of the piano as the predominant chamber-music instrument of the 18th and 19th century led to the innovation of the solo keyboard sonata as a self-contained virtuoso form, following the lead of Clementi. Trio Brahms. Mondonville was a colleague of Rameau but did not compete with him in the genre of the high tragic style. A contemporary captured the two genres: a vast canvas by Michelangelo or Raphael compared to a group of pretty Watteaus.

French-English texts. While collections of classical and romantic composers' overtures proliferate, this appears to be the only collection of Rameau's overtures available on CD, played in sparkling fashion by the finest European period instrumentalists of today. Les Talens Lyriques; Christophe Rousset.

As in their previous work on behalf of Heinichen, Goebel and MAK here again go to bat for an unjustly slighted composer who flourished in Dresden. Almost no composer in his time had greater success or fame in the capitals of Europe than Hasse and his elegance and eloquence, beauty and clarity are demonstrated here in a variety of instrumental and vocal works rescued from unworthy oblivion. Only nine of Telemann's 35 or so operas survive so CPO's resurrection of one of them is an event to celebrate. The libretto, possibly by Telemann himself, concerns the title character, a satyr from Thessaly who barges back into Arcadia from which he had been banished and attempts to claim the love of all the nymphs inhabinting the place for himself.

After many intrigues, adventures and disguises leading to mistaken identity, this ill-mannered and rather Don Giovanni-like lover is again banished and the Arcadian nymphs and their shepherds live happily ever after. German-English libretto. This contemporary of Schubert was born and died in his native Brazil. Little is known of his life and work and this mass was only discovered in this century and received its first performance in Listeners who respond to the masses of Haydn and Schubert will find Germanic influences at work here alongside original uses of native and Portuguese elements.

The undisputed master among violin virtuosi of the 18th century, Viotti defined the development of the modern violin tradition in much the same way that Clementi may be said to have done for the piano tradition. The 29 violin concerti are light, intended for display and entertainment. The 22nd, probably his most popular and best known, was a favourite of Brahms. Sammartini's importance to the formation of the symphony as a classical genre has yet to be completely understood. These quartets and quintets evince the same type of quasi-classical symphonic language which Haydn was using in Esterhazy.

Period instruments. Ensemble Aglaia. World-premiere recordings of two one-act operas from the 18th century, the former involving two farm-hands in search of a third and the latter with the typical old teacher in love with his young pupil, both giving opportunities for colorful farce. Ataxic point clouds? Must be Xenakis! As the note writer to this issue, recorded the day after it was performed at the composer's 75th birthday concert, puts it: "Xenakis is primarily a composer of ancient memory and primordial impulse in liquid cyber wrapping.

ST-X Ensemble U. Vandenburg U. A long-standing devotion to the music of Schumann, and the Dichterliebe in particular, led Pousseur to this re-creation of the world of Heine's poems and their relation to Schumann's own life in lyrical post-Stockhausen terms. The music uses a pattern of tonal centres, and achieves a surprising synthesis of the most modern instrumental gestures and expressive vocal writing.

Highly expressionistic and expressive, emphasizing the dramatic potential of the vocal line above all, even in the context of a purely instrumental work like Ode for orchestra, which manages to sound like a coherent whole despite the fact that it is built of "fugitive impressions" and melodic fragments, and the extensive use of percussion, Giacomo Manzoni's music demonstrates once again that national characteristics are important and unavoidable in music - the Italian operatic tradition is there in the background, for all this music's modernity.

Volume One of Nielsen's complete piano music available for the first time at super-budget price. Peter Seivewright piano. Three of the four suites here show him at his full-throttle "Technicolor" best while The Lodger shows how effective he could be with a psychological suspense thriller.

Moscow Symphony Orchestra; William T. Turina describes 14 types of Spanish women in these pellucid sketches shot through with lyricism, humor and great musicality. Volume Two of a complete series of Turina's piano music. Georgi Sviridov is one of the most highly respected and honored composers of the former Soviet Union, yet he is very little known in the west, other than for his choral music and song cycles. Indeed, Sviridov is primarily thought of, if at all, as a song composer, but his own instrument is the piano and his writing for it is powerful and original.

Echoes of Shostakovich and Prokofiev there may be, but his is an unmistakably personal idiom. The Sonata is a tremendous tour de force, progressing from a determined opening, very reminiscent of symphonic Shostakovich, through a dramatic, lamenting slow movement to a whirlwind perpetuum mobile finale. Nikita Fitenko piano. Camilleri is Malta's leading composer, and a very prolific one.

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Straightforward and attractive, rhythmically quirky a characteristic absorbed from Maltese folk-music these are all early works, from the period when the composer was concerned to explore nationalistic characteristics in his music, which is tonal, with modal inflections, rather like the lighter John Foulds. Murray McLachlan piano. This disc provides a fascinating sampler of the enormous diversity of music that has been written in Latin America this century. This recital of short pieces explores impressionistic idioms as refracted through the cultures of South America. Aficionados of non-"experimental" contemporary piano music will find much to enjoy here.

These extremely appealing Polkas would grace any recital of Romantic piano music. The polka has an unmistakable national character, and who better to write in this form than the great nationalist composer of Ma Vlast? Within the basic dance form Smetana produces an amazing range of character pieces, comparable to the Mazurkas of Chopin, surprisingly sophisticated and written for the instrument with great skill. Reichel's music all the works save the sonata are for solo piano is tonal, deeply felt and well crafted, and may strike some as having a surprisingly Celtic inflection, due to the composer's absorption of modal systems of traditional music of northern Europe, which left their influences over a wide area.

Admirers of Czeslaw Marek or Ronald Stevenson will find this vocabulary familiar and the music highly appealing. Hymnus Paradisi is an intensely personal work - in fact, for twelve years after its completion, the composer kept it to himself. It was written as part of the grieving process for Howells' 9-year old son, who died suddenly of polio in A requiem in all but name, it expresses an almost unbearable intensity of grief and quest for hope and salvation.

The Fantasia for cello and orchestra is also an in memoriam work for the composer's son and for Elgar. Less racked with pain than the choral work, it remains a somber elegy, full of suppressed emotion. Wen Deqing is a young Chinese composer who emerged from the stifling oppression of the Cultural Revolution to achieve rapid artistic growth in his homeland, and then after absorbing western idioms during studies in Europe, reached an artistic maturity that allows him to comment on Chinese culture using the most sophisticated compositional techniques. None of these pieces sounds "oriental", and they are tightly, even mathematically, organised, yet they have an exotic, improvised quality, and a purity seldom heard in "avant-garde"music.

The unusual instrumental and vocal sounds combine to form an almost theatrical commentary on the human condition and experience. Here is a minute dramatic cantata for solo soprano, chorus and large orchestra, with a potent message of the human condition expressed in a modern idiom that pays direct homage to the vocal traditions of Italian operatic writing, and logically extends them without undermining their unparalleled power of direct emotional statement. These programmatic and highly colorful works depict scenes and ideas from American life, from holiday outings and excursions to famous battles, using the favorite form of entertainment in the late 19th century: the brass band.

Dorian Discovery U. Biber's extravagant, extrovert compositions are like almost nothing else in the entire baroque period.


In the Fidicinium Biber demonstrates a new emphasis on form and harmony and moves away from early Baroque style. This "Mass for All Souls' Day" is presented as it might have been heard in Southern Germany in , with liturgical texts in the proper place between musical sections of the mass. Kerll was Bohemian and studied under Carissimi in Italy and he brings an Italian vocal idiom into this work with the tonal registers ranging from a hushed, introverted Hostias to a horrifying and unforgetful Dies irae. Hassler Consort; Franz Raml. Published in , this series of works shows a marked shift from chamber forces to larger orchestral numbers.

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The number of movements varies from three to five, with slow movements usually being vestigial - hinges on which to hang the allegros while the concerto style, with conversation back and forth between instruments, predominates in both genres. Insieme Strumentale di Roma. The seconda donna is displeased that the prima donna's role is more conspicuous and she calls in her harridan of a mother who proceeds to create utter chaos. Among the wounded is Rossini, whose Willow Song from Otello is badly butchered by this inept crew. Originally produced in , this has become one of Donizetti's most performed early operas in the late 20th century.

Italian-English libretto. Just, Op. VI,5, General Schwerin, Op. This valuable series continues with several striking ballads, especially the trilogy of Op. Wagner was a great admirer of Loewe's lieder and ballads and this series shows just how important they were to the burgeoning Romantic tradition. Deranged: Confessions of a Necrophile. Citizen's Band , dir.

Jonathan Demme. Close Encounters of the Third Kind , dir. Steven Spielberg. Escape from Alcatraz , dir. Don Siegel. Christine , dir. John Carpenter. Reuben, Reuben , dir. Robert Ellis Miller. Film clip:. Flashpoint , dir. William Tannen. Vision Quest , dir. Harold Becker. Music video to Crazy for You:. Candy Mountain. The Last Temptation of Christ. Martin Scorsese. Home Alone , dir. Chris Columbus. Death Falls. June Samson. Murder in the Heartland , dir. Robert Markowitz. The first 88 minutes of the film:.

The Quick and the Dead dir. While some indulge in the luxury of wrangle, suffering lies bleeding outside the door. Peace is a fragile thing. What does peace look like when you have it since peace is not just the absence of war and how do you maintain healthy peace? Any effort to do so is. The 3, victims of September 11, have been remembered in many and different ways. But I am yet to see, or even hear about a documentary, or article in our mainstream media that deals with, for example, the heart-rending story of the last phone-messages left behind by the members of an Iraqi wedding party, moments before an American airforce jet dropped a large bomb among them.

Naturally, the whole problem in the Middle East is caused by the Muslims who, as we all know, are all terrorists. Well, Iraq had oil and she was perceived as a threat to Israel. Iran qualifies on both fronts. To make the world a better place. For Texan oil-bankers, military industrialists, and right-wing Israelis, that is.

Tom Koo. Filmmaker Deborah Koons Garcia looks at the issue of genetically modified food. In the millions of open acres It is a political issue that crosses species boundaries.

A Wasted Life: July

This was made clear at a biotech industry conference in January , where a representative from Arthur Anderson Consulting Group explained how his company had helped Monsanto create that plan. Anderson Consulting then worked backward from that goal, and developed the strategy and tactics to achieve it. They presented Monsanto with the steps and procedures needed to obtain a place of industry dominance in a world in which natural seeds were virtually extinct.

Q Byronchild magazine www. Lisa Reagan is president of Families for Natural Living www. A longer version of this article appears in the March 06 byronchild. Check www. Lisa Reagan It was the mid s when highschooler Deborah Koons stared at the gnarled radish plants in her bedroom window and frowned. Known as Deborah Koons Garcia since her marriage to legendary lead singer and guitarist Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, Garcia owns the production company Lily Films which produced the documentary. At this time, we [the public] are the test for those. For example, pesticide turned seed companies like Monsanto and Dow argue that biotechnology is nothing new and their use of genetic engineering to improve food crops is a natural extension of plant breeding techniques used for thousands of years.

Lifeguards left all at sea for services Alex McAuley The recent spate of rescues and tragic drownings at Byron Bay beaches has caused lifeguards to question the adequacy of the current levels of patrols and life saving equipment in the shire. The latest victim was a Brisbane woman of South Korean origin who drowned while swimming at Tallow Beach last Wednesday afternoon.

Byron Bay is now a major tourist destination and the beaches are very. Would you like information about the wide range of community care programs and services available to help you stay at home? Photo Jeff Dawson really needs to be fast tracked and put in place as soon as longer term plan, hence the educate people how to read into the water between the possible.

This will have his waist. There was a fairly Mr Baird pointed out that there is a need to improve the to include a multi-lingual heavy shore break, but otherthe jet ski that SLSNSW has service and we will be meet- approach as we now have wise conditions were reasonhad at Main Beach for a trial ing with SLSNSW in the tourists from so many parts ably safe. When they Council needs to cost into need to have full time boards and diagrams to illus- looked for him about half an trate points may be a good hour later he was nowhere to their budget.

Furthermore, patrols. Beach signage was Coast while swimming nor anyone on the beach or Greg Downes, explained that an obvious safety initiative between the flags. Peter the lifeguards. Swimlife savers. He went always an element of risk. A community based tree planting project in Mullumbimby is hoping to provide some home improvements for the local Australian Bass population. Sadly, Mullumbimby Creek suffers from these problems. The canopy also provides food in the form of fruit and insects. To be involved in the community planting of trees, come along dressed to dig.

Gloves and a small shovel would be useful for planting into the pre-dug holes. Refreshments will be provided. Television Guide 1. The opening ceremony is on from 8. ABC 4. Programs are correct at the time of going to press but beware — all stations like tinkering with things at the last minute. SBS 5. SBS advises viewers that programming between 6pm and Feel like a coldie? Email: hbrew bigpond. Starring Billy Zane, Kristy Swanson, 1.

Starring 8. Starring 4. Danoz Guthy Renker Y? Review the decision making process — After the exhibition period is closed, Rous Water will get an independent assessment of submissions received. An independent party will also prepare the determining authorities report, after consideration of the submissions, prior to any decisions being made.

Clearly write the topic you are addressing at the top; include your name and address anonymous submissions will not be considered ; record your comments or concerns about the EIS or REF. Make sure your comments or concerns are taken into account. Submissions must be sent to Rob Siebert on or before 5pm on 23 March Review the documents.

In this edition of The Source we outline the key material that will be available to the public during the exhibition period for your comment. Welcome to the ninth edition of The Source! The Source newsletter series has consisted of eight issues to date that have detailed the proposal to extract water from the Wilsons River, as part of the Regional Water Supply Strategy; involvement of the Project Reference Group PRG ; and key issues considered important for the project impact assessment reports to address.

The consultants, Parsons Brinckerhoff, have completed their studies for the environmental impact assessments and the PRG has agreeed they are ready for public exhibition. Lismore City Council will consider the Statement of Environmental Effects in conjunction with the development application for the pump stations and augmentation of Nightcap Water Treament Plant at their next meeting. This newsletter is printed on recycled paper.

The tenth issue of The Source will present results of the exhibition of the environmental impact assessments, an update on the planning approval process and the next steps. Placed on public display; public submissions subject to an independent review and also reviewed by Rous Water. Review of Environmental Factors — Pipeline from low-lift pump station to High-lift pump station. Three documents present the findings of the environmental impact assessment for the proposed construction and operation of the abstraction of water from Wilsons River at Howards Grass, its treatment at the Nightcap Treatment Plant and the combining of treated water with the other water from our regional water supply.

Phone: 02 Fax: 02 adcopy echo. How do you have a long and viable music career? Mick Daley always wanted to be a musician. It was great, but at the end of the day you get tired of airports and hotels. I did a lot of political stuff as well, I was at the G8 rally in Genoa and saw that young Italilan kid get shot in the head by police, riot squads and the rest This time round, the boys made some very different decisions about how they were going to pitch their band to the populace.

We decided to go away from the East Coast thing that sees bands doing the Triple J thing, playing hard, getting lots of airplay and then burning out. We decided to go West. To play the country, but still be accessible for city audiences We have just come back from playing a huge gig at the Metro in Sydney with the Johnnies. It was completely packed out. I suppose we are a little different, and play the city areas as well because we have that rock element and we can straddle both.

So how do you start making the. In lounge rooms around the nation rock and roll and country purists are reeling in shock at the advent of a whole new musical genre: Alternative country. Country music is always about stories. They love the dark dirty songs. We live in a creative world. Pretty soon they are going to be introducing graphic photographs of just what smoking does to you.

Photos of you smoking outside a restaurant in the pouring rain on your own. Pretty graphic stuff. But why just ciggies? I reckon we should use photographic warnings on all harmful stuff. Everytime I reach for a chocolate bar, I want a photo of a huge fat ass struggling to be contained in a lycra body suit. Every bottle of chardonnay should have a picture of oneself talking absolute bullshit with your tit hanging out.

The second bottle just needs a photo of you running naked through the streets. The third, a happy snap of you fast asleep in your own vomit. Every foil could come with a snap of you in a stupor looking for your car keys. Some scientists are saying that our rapid ozone depletion may result in only 30 more years of sustainable life.

How about warning photos on ozone destroying products. It seems we are to face a toasty apocalypse caused by cows and cars. Every litre of petrol should come with a snap of thousands of people being consumed by a tidal wave caused by rising seas, dairy products could come with an image of dead crops and mass starvation. And what about the inherent dangers of being a nasty little racist scumbag full of hate, and vitriol?

Not another Break Up album is wonderful to talk to. Is it possible to write meaningful music when you are in love? I am going to keep this one! How delightful. You have such high joy and high sadness What will I write? There is an album brewing in Ms Martin, 10 more weeks, 10 more songs! Truly a labour of love! Jodi Martin plays the Blues Festival. For ticketing information, or www. Unlike rock where everything means nothing, country has always been heavily imbued with meaning: where everything means something. It tends to be very very American and be brimming with those white bread values.

It seems a long. We are set up in opposition to the mainstream. We watch the Country Music Channel because we have a video on it and some of the stuff you have to sit through, the majority is so right wing! With tickets to the event selling fast, and 3 day and 5 day tickets sold out, the way to do it now is with the one day experience.

Every day offers a unique opportunity to share some of the best music the world has to offer. Thursday and Monday one day tickets are available with some Fridays and Sundays still available. This is just for the one dayers and is not to be confused with our Blues Fest song comp, which is a thing of beauty!! A woman whose father dies and leaves behind a treasured collection of classic show tunes. A tiny little woman with an incredibly big voice.

Kate is about to release her highly anticipated second EP, Circular Breathing, a six song collection of melodic and sublimely understated piano and guitar driven folk-pop tunes. It marries incisive, quirky, personal and poetic lyrics with a vocal performance that is nothing short of masterful.

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Kate may possess a three octave vocal. We are trying to put it back in. Kingtide at the Hotel Great Northern on Thursday. May you be in heaven a half hour before the road works start and the road rise sideway for you and yours? They really can play for shit. I want to make sure my voice is honest all the time. We have even deported Australian citizens.

And why the heck not. In fact, believe it or not, I come from a long line of Irish potato farmers. I love it. These guys have been building quite a following over the past year, playing regularly up and down the east coast and have been generating some great reviews and enthusiastic crowds. Kicking off at 9. So come and check out some of the best talent on the North Coast for a free night of original music.

The band is hitting the road with Spod, their fellow beloved cultural exorciser. Friday at the Hotel Great Northern.

I am a Doula. Do you sell food? Well, yes. Like Killer Pythons, chips and popcorn, even ready-toeat Indian curries! I support pregnant couples to recognize what their needs are so that they can be met during labour and birth. I encourage women in labour to follow their body's innate wisdom, a natural intelligence that knows how to give birth. I support you to achieve your optimum birth experience. But really, we call ourselves DVDeli because we are not a supermarket of blockbusters, but rather a deli of fine films for the friend and connoisseur of movies more than 15, titles.

And talking about Indian curries: we even feature a Bollywood section! I honour birth as a life changing experience, not just through pregnancy and birth but also for the rest of your life. Sit out on the deck with a glass of wine and a snack or enjoy one of our excellent specials from the blackboard menu. Experience our signature dishes the Breakfast Kedgeree is exquisite or merely indulge in extra good housemade cakes, muffins and quiches to accompany your beverage of choice.

Latex is natural, made from renewable resources with anti-bacterial properties — therefore it is beneficial to those with allergies. Combined with natural wool, you have the perfect natural mattress. We are also offering Northern Rivers Draught beer, preservative free — come in and try a sample on us!

Phone More info or taryn byrononline. Learn to communicate with your animals! Be astounded at what they have to say! Animal lovers for years have wondered how they can better understand their companions, which is why animal communicators have become so popular recently. Over two days, participants will increase their awareness and receptivity to animal wisdom eventually practicing direct communication with animals.

Each preparation offers a picture of health for the skin to mirror, and contains no synthetic fragrances, preservatives or colouring agents, only oils and essences from plants grown biodynamically, organically or harvesting in the wild. Their website has menus: www. Come and check out Dr Moose! Original singer songwriters, creating their own distinctive sound, rock and roll and rootsie. Personally I like a man who smells like Lantana, but that just might be because I have always been attracted to pot smokers.

Long time rock and roll legends, The Feramones are back at the. Beach Hotel on Saturday and Sunday. Man when you close your eyes, you can smell the music. Smoke on the Water Heavily rooted in tradition, yet with contemporary overtones, the Romaniacs will get you in touch with that inner Druid, the bit that wants to frolic around rocks late at night! Barring that, why not catch up with the Romaniacs at the Rails on Thursday. Ever wondered just where exactly your opus is located? Well it could be in your kidney.. Kathryn Riding teams up with Sarah Armstrong to conduct a sensational improvisational writing workshop where participants get to work with different modes of creative expression while improvising with the body.

My humps my humps my lovely lady lumps. Check this workshop out. We live in a wonderfully multi-cultural country. Thank God. If you had any idea how terribly dull it was growing up in Queensland surrounded by Waspie whities. Man you could die of starvation on a diet of white bread and burnt meat.

Multiculturalism has brought us. Also, the Dangerously Poetic Press seconds sale will feature near perfect editions of our publications at ridiculous prices. The open reading will follow the theme of poetry from many lands. Bring along a favorite poem from the country of your heritage or your travels.

Bigger and bleepier than ever! In fact I am here because I think I am here. But that is just my perception. Oh fuck it. At the Echo. At my desk. But why am I semi-naked? Drinks from 5. Bowls club on Friday night. From a time when Jerry Lee Lewis was the king and Chuck Berry reigned supreme, the Drippers relive the energy and simple good times that rockabilly music gave us. The Purple Drippers playlist is a mix of tunes to dance to and some to sit back and get a laugh.

Who Goes Bare? Basically multiculturalism has made us better people. Poetry from around the world will be read in both English and their native languages. Special musical guests will be the Hottentots, a dynamic local duo that includes singer-songwriters, Parissa Bouas, daughter of a Greek sailor, and Carl Cleves, born in Belgium. I caught up with him after. Not that anyone seems to care. Splendour returns July with major line up announcements due in April.

Tickets will be on sale Monday 15 May. We still have one more coveted Heat showcasing local talent. With over 12 entrants, it promises to be a sharp tongued night of tonsil tearing laughter. Raw is a massive national competion, last year over newbies tried their luck with 14 making it through to the National Final. The other or so also had a great experience. Many have continued throughout the rest of the year doing spots at other open mic nights in their town, and they all got a few laughs along the way. Who knows, your mate could be the next comedy heavyweight champion, or else just a really top bloke.

With me as MC and Robert Grayson as featured comedian, this is sure to be the big bang of bellylaughs. Monday 20 March, 8pm at the Byron Bowling Club. He owns a record store, writes a column in 3D World and loves aeroplane lollies You co-own the Spank Record store in Surrey Hills. How good is it being a DJ and having your own record store? Is it like a kid in a lolly store?

The best thing is that you get everything upfront. But getting back to lollies I do love them, still. Anything else in the wings? Do you want to move more into production or your enjoying just DJing? I produced these two tracks with a couple of friends who own another record store. It was fun but laborious because we only got together once a week after work.

So we were all very tired and it was hard to keep any inspiration going. They turned out well though. There was no better feeling than playing my track as the last song at the Big Day Out in just before Peaches came on. My friend was in the audience and someone, not even knowing who she was, leant over and asked her if she knew this. The English are renowned for being very controlled and terribly proper. That is what is known as a facade, because under that is usually chaos, anarchy and sexual depravity.

Sitting room comedies usually always work because of this incredible dichotomy. Humour is often found in the decaying remnants of the class structure. The Ballina Players are putting on their latest show after 51 years in operation! The play is set in a rundown country mansion which has been converted into a Health and Strength Home, run by.

DJ T was awesome. I played after Tiga at Home which was pretty special and after Carl Cox at Space which was a little daunting. It kept on going until one of his minders came up to me and said I had better mix into it because it was just a loop. Played with Michael Mayer which was a great night.

How do you see the dance music scene in Sydney evolving, is it still all about the music? It depends on what scene you are in. As I said earlier, electro has really exploded in this country at the moment. House DJs are playing it. Breaks DJs are playing it. It really is the new house. Dance music is always. If you would like to register for an open spot: phone Eddie Manchip.

Bookings They say that stand up comedy is one of the hardest things in the world! Simply not true! Sure it looks challenging, but trust me, any idiot can get up there and give it a go! Will you keep giving it a go? Why not come and witness new comics in the making, great original jokes in the breaking Wednesday 22 March. Limited seating is available, with the show kicking off at 8pm, why not pop in a little earlier and sample. Take a suitcase of sneakers. Deep As Fuck is great down at the Phoenix every Thursday.

Fridays at Bang Gang and Boobytrap. We did one last year at The Abercrombie Hotel and it went off, so that should be fun. Made any typos or any lawsuits pending? No lawsuits. Plenty of typos but I take no blame for that. I got really busy with the store and DJing that it sort of fell to the wayside. I picked it up again a few months ago under the title of Hottie. It appears once a month. What can we expect at your gig in Byron? Big hair and big sounds. Lots of dirty electro with a smattering of tech house and sleaze. The crew in Byron are outstanding so the party should be a hoot. Workshops on Saturday with Moro on Saturday.

Contact Alison for more information! Big Feet Little Feet is a wonderful community cabaret of dance, showcasing movers and shakers of all ages and forms of movement. If you have a dance piece that you would like to submit to the judges, then contact Danielle McIntosh on What is your dance? Come and show it in the street, in the park or on the beach.

Beyonce Knowles, having become a pop star with no remarkable talent, has another stab at acting without betraying any gift for that craft either. She looks the goods in a low cut white dress, but undoes her eye-candy contribution with an unspeakably bad song. John Campbell. North Country is a stirring story about a groundbreaking class action sexual harassment suit. The depth of feeling invested by Director Niki Caro Whale Rider in the bonds between characters holds the movie together.

Charlize Theron gives a measured, deeply felt characterization of a good woman scarred by injustices and inequalities, who wants simply to take charge of her life and provide for her children. When Josie Aimes seeks work at the local mine, she experiences resentment, scorn and sexual intimidation from the other men at the mine. Her protests earn her the contempt of the men responsible and also of the women who are the victims.

This climate of fear and wariness is achieved not only through scenes depicting the indignities they suffer but also in the sheer brute presence of the mine itself: a big, clanking industrial monster squatting in the middle of a vast landscape blanketed in snow.

Ross Goode. It runs for two hours fourteen and at about the halfway mark you get the doleful feeling that the earth has stopped rotating on its axis and the th minute will never come. Sets, costumes and choreography are OK, but the theatre and the cinema are worlds apart in their mechanics and aesthetics. Discounting the success of the awful Chicago, the stage cannot be transplanted holus bolus onto to the screen. The actors are too big for the medium. Experience the art of perfection in cuisine and indulge in a feast for the eyes, the heart and the soul.

I look back on that occasion with great fondness and have been partial to dairy products ever since. I was 15 and intent on hunting the fabled satin-winged scarab and failed to notice that the Leopard Woman of Dahshur had lowered herself into the chamber via a secret passage. She fell upon me ravenously, her eyes like red coals. In her wicked ferocity she seemed a hybrid of succubus and my fencing instructor, which helped. We toasted to rites of passage and to the empresses of the erotic who had enticed us across the threshold.

As for me, gentle reader? I was a late bloomer at 19 and I still have a search party out looking for my innocence. We all succumb to beauty now and then, caught in its bright stare like that of the preying mantis about to devour some hapless bug. Naturally enough after the showing and some palate-cleansing tincture of ibogaine, our conversation turned to our own initial carnal exploits.

On the stereotypical scale of beauty Abbotsleigh is about as attractive as a sink strainer but still manages to have Gold Coast nightclub doxies hanging off his neck like slightly tarnished bling. Try out a new recipe every week; bake a cake each weekend; get out of bed at 5am and write for an hour; hold a monthly Dinner Party; start Pilates; match every glass of wine I drink with one of water The funny part is that that the mere complilation of my resolutions constituted a sense of accomplishment; the fact that none of them was ever carried out to its full term was almost academic.

Once you have made a list of all the things you. This year, though, there was a shift. Most of my un-begun resolutions involved the worthy taking-on of projects rather than renunciations, self-denial, and the relentless, vacuous pursuit of gorgeousness. Once a week is occasional, and the notion of weekly cake-baking still so lovely that I feel myself twitching toward another list The Pilates, the 5am starts, the water: these grand self-congratulatory plans I may never get off the ground, but a weekly cake will be an act of joy for both baker and recipients.

That sort of pleasure all round may be the only resolution I need to make. Caters to all fresh produce needs at the highest standard, in quality and service at the right price. To place your order, simply call:. Or reconsidering this week as the case may be. This shrinking finance, expanding it a kind of Aquarian astrological Wednesday is the Ides of March.

The chicken was involved. All you have to do is make us some blues lyrics that include the listed key words. One more week for Heat One drawn on Thursday Keep those entries comin. Email your entry to mandypow echo. Win some passes to see Kingtide at the Great Northern. Email mandypow echo. Also have some cd giveaways 2 to be exact so let me know! Imagine galleries, cafes, stores, and professional services offering creative, original and stylish products with friendly service. Imagine a street where art meets literature, fashion, creativity, good coffee and well being.

Away from traffic and retail chains, the new creative heart and character of Byron Bay is in Fletcher Street waiting for you to experience -. Great discounts on listed items. Just present this coupon at any participating retailer. One discounted item per store per customer.

Also bobcat hire Quality assured, reliable Lic C Michael Dow. Lic C Alok W Eggenberger

Die Gruft - Der legendäre 1. Handyman Jack Thriller (German Edition) Die Gruft - Der legendäre 1. Handyman Jack Thriller (German Edition)
Die Gruft - Der legendäre 1. Handyman Jack Thriller (German Edition) Die Gruft - Der legendäre 1. Handyman Jack Thriller (German Edition)
Die Gruft - Der legendäre 1. Handyman Jack Thriller (German Edition) Die Gruft - Der legendäre 1. Handyman Jack Thriller (German Edition)
Die Gruft - Der legendäre 1. Handyman Jack Thriller (German Edition) Die Gruft - Der legendäre 1. Handyman Jack Thriller (German Edition)
Die Gruft - Der legendäre 1. Handyman Jack Thriller (German Edition) Die Gruft - Der legendäre 1. Handyman Jack Thriller (German Edition)

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