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For a start, we are the same age and the same gender. Our mothers are sisters and we spent many a Saturday afternoon playing with dolls at my house after our weekly piano lessons.

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What is less widely known is that we were also fierce competitors. Older by five and a half months, my mother never let me forget that I was supposed to be better at whatever we were both doing because I had come into the world first. What made it worse was everyone knowing I was perfectly capable of going for grading but I was simply disinterested. My cousin, having a six footer father, was bigger, taller, stronger, and with Punjabi blood, much more determined to succeed than me.

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I was the underdog our other aunts would occasionally rejoice over, because I was not expected to best her at any race. I think she did ask me why and I must have told her that I was angry. The next year she went on to another class and I, another school. My father had a transfer up north and I remember complaining bitterly all the way to our new home, how whenever she came to town, I had to be shoved in to some hell hole.

It turned out the change was good for me as after a year of readjustment, I became more studious.

We both did equally well in our high school leaving exams and for once, the elders had nothing bad to say about me. Unfortunately, we both went on to do accounting at university. She, because she wanted to, instead of engineering.

Rivalry Between Cousins

I, because my mother wanted me to, instead of mass communications. You can imagine how her being allowed to choose her field of study versus my being disallowed to choose mine, reflected in our results. Here are some key examples:. All of the differences described above have implications for how the family is organized and for how the business is managed in the third stage.

A Sibling Partnership was the center of the family organization and of business leadership and ownership in the sibling generation.

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Now that the family and the business are both larger and more complicated, the family must move toward a different form of teamwork and leadership. Each of the individuals involved is making a conscious commitment to work together with the others toward certain agreed-upon goals. They also know they have the freedom to opt out.

By this time, the family has probably given deliberate attention to liquidity issues and drawn up guidelines whereby family members can sell shares. A goal of the Cousin Collaboration is to make remaining an owner so satisfying that opting out is rare. Maintaining the commitment of shareholders is important because doing so helps to hold the family together and to retain financial and leadership resources for the business.

Reprinted with permission of the authors. Craig E. Aronoff and Dr.

Consider the following:

John L. All rights reserved. Bryn Mawr Ave. Print Email. Family Business from the Cousins Perspective.

Cousins Rivalry Cousins Rivalry
Cousins Rivalry Cousins Rivalry
Cousins Rivalry Cousins Rivalry
Cousins Rivalry Cousins Rivalry
Cousins Rivalry Cousins Rivalry
Cousins Rivalry Cousins Rivalry
Cousins Rivalry Cousins Rivalry
Cousins Rivalry Cousins Rivalry
Cousins Rivalry Cousins Rivalry

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