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Prior to being filmed, Director J. Bayona and Chris Pratt discussed each scene involving the character of Owen, and many of Pratt's ideas were added into the movie. When Claire is first shown, she is holding several cups of coffee with a double CC logo brand Caveman Coffee which was co-founded by Tait Fletcher , who did stuntwork as an InGen soldier in Jurassic World Bayona revealed that he had a trick up his sleeve on set to get the most out of his actors and actresses for that scene.

In a new interview, he talked about the emotional scene from this movie and revealed why it has an even deeper meaning for fans of the Jurassic Park film franchise. The Brachiosaurus is the first dinosaur that was shown in Jurassic Park , and then the last to be seen on Isla Nublar, which was no accident.

Bayona reveals that the idea for the scene was planted twenty-five years ago. He explains. You are telling the ending of that island and the ending of that dream. Bayona to come up with a way to get the actors and actresses prepared for just how emotional the scene was. In order to get the right feel, the director pulled out a very familiar piece of music to play for the cast as they looked at a dot on a greenscreen. According to Bayona, the music had just the emotional impact that he desired from Chris Pratt, and especially Bryce Dallas Howard. Bayona had this to say. So that was very effective for the actors, especially for Bryce.

Being there, telling that story, listening to music from John Williams, they were all very emotional. An authors savings throw from the novel was used in regards to the criticism of Rexy's roar in Jurassic World , where the roar is now even closer to that heard in Jurassic Park The whole scenario also makes sense: given how Rexy seemed to be domesticated through years of captivity in Jurassic World, she rarely had any need to roar in her exhibit, at best, which was why she sounded so lackluster in Jurassic World Now in this movie, she had already spent four years back in the wild, which is enough time for her to redevelop the power of her roar.

Ian Malcolm's line in Jurassic Park "This isn't some species that was obliterated by deforestation or the building of a dam. Dinosaurs had their shot, and nature selected them for extinction. Toby Jones Gunnar Eversol likens his character to that of "a rogue arms dealer. He sees profits in selling these creatures as weapons.

He is totally morally neutral about whatever he is selling. He is only interested in whether or not it will make him a profit. Allosaurus appears on-screen for the first time in the Jurassic Park franchise, and one of the most noticeable things about it are its distinctive, red crests over its eyes, similar to how Allosaurus was portrayed in Walking with Dinosaurs 3D A trio of Pteranodons flew off into the sunset mirrors exactly when Dr. Alan Grant took a glance on a trio of pelicans after escaping the island at the end of Jurassic Park Colin Trevorrow noted that the T.

Rex "is kind of a hero to us" at this point, and J. Bayona was eager to expound on the giant lizard's cultural symbolism. Every time we cross a red line, we have the impact of the T. Rex there to remind us that we're not doing the right thing! Wong spoke of his character's actions, Wong stated that "he's motivated by his love for science and his own ego, which is well supported by his massive achievements. He's really kind of a genius and he really is responsible for this alleged technology creating these creatures.

I think he turns a blind eye to the human suffering that comes as a result because he thinks he's looking at some bigger picture. Owen is able to shoot through the Gyrosphere with a Sig Sauer PR, despite the previous movie mentioning that the glass can withstand a. Bayona , who was born in Barcelona during the final year of Franco's dictatorship, was still a teenager when Jurassic Park opened at his local multiplex.

He still recalls his sense of elation, seeing realistic dinosaurs on-screen for the first time. He never imagined that he would be directing the fifth Jurassic movie twenty-four years later. List of dinosaurs in the movie include: Allosaurus different lizard , Ankylosaurus fused lizard , Apatosaurus deceptive lizard , Baryonyx heavy claw , Brachiosaurus arm lizard , Carnotaurus meat eating bull , Compsognathus elegant claw , Gallimimus chicken mimic , Indoraptor, Mosasaurus meuse lizard , Pteranodon toothless wing , Sinoceratops Chinese horned face , Stegosaurus roof lizard , Stygimoloch Styx devil , Triceratops three horned face , Tyrannosaurus Rex tyrant lizard king , Velociraptor quick plunderer , Unidentified Ankylosaur Carcass Concavenator, Dilophosaurus two crested lizard , Dimetrodon two measures of teeth , Dracorex dragon king of Hogwarts , Edmontosaurus Edmonton lizard , Indominus Rex skeleton , Kosmoceratops amented horned face , Mononykus one claw , Protoceratops first horned face.

The Indominus Rex's skeleton is discovered at the bottom of the Mosasaurus enclosure, confirming her death at the end of Jurassic World Production Designer Andy Nicholson previsualized each of the sets that he and his team built to ensure they would be large enough for the intended scenes, stating, "Someone can tell you a Velociraptor is X-feet long, but until you see it in the space, you can't appreciate what that means in terms of your set and the action that needs to take place within it. The Indoraptor is a reverse Eve, as it is a male shaped from a rib of a female the deceased Indominus Rex.

Is Frozen Elsa a Ghost? w/ Spiderman, The Witch, Paw Patrol Chase & T-Rex in Real Life

This scene was also Trevorrow's favorite moment. For the next movie, Trevorrow is building off of this movie's themes. The third film is about redemption. On August 13, , it was announced that the Jurassic World sequel would be released in the United Kingdom before being released in the United States.

The release date was June 7, The largest species of Mosasaurus reached lengths of 17m: so this is pushing the limits a bit more, at twenty-five percent oversized, but acceptable for storytelling purposes. It should be noted that the dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park film stories were created through DNA cloning and splicing. Therefore, any changes to how these dinosaurs actually appeared can be attributed to the genetic make-up of different animals going into each dinosaur species. As Dr. According to Vickery, Blue's movements were designed to resemble a dog: "You look at the way Blue cocks her head and looks up at you.

It's exactly like a dog. You're trying to sort of connect the dinosaur with things that you understand as a human. Bryce Dallas Howard wasted no time assuring the fans she'd be wearing sensible shoes in this one. The camera even focuses on her feet for a moment to show that she's wearing a good pair of boots. Claire also has a more Action Girl appropriate hairstyle, as her hairdo from Jurassic World was frequently mocked by fans, and compared to Dora the Explorer. The Carnotaurus design is possibly a reference to the Carnotaurus from Disney's Dinosaur , who had dark red coloration throughout the top of its head and to the tip of its tail.

This movie features more dinosaurs than any previous movie in the franchise. Frank Marshall stated that Colin Trevorrow wrote Malcolm as "the 'Uh oh, danger, I told you so' kind of character," and Trevorrow said about the character, "I saw him as kind of Al Gore. First Jurassic Park movie to be shot digitally, and in widescreen 2. Bayona has used on his previous movies. The first three Jurassic Park movies were shot in 1. Bayona decided to shoot this movie in 2. He even cited the movies of cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond, who shot Steven Spielberg's The Sugarland Express and Close Encounters of the Third Kind , as inspiration for the widescreen look of the movie.

When Wheatley believes he's tranquilized the Indoraptor, only to learn that he's faking it, includes a more-than-subtle nod to that original scene. As he enters the cage and creeps towards the "unconscious" dinosaur, the Indoraptor moves its tail, creating a distraction and allowing it to get the drop on Wheatley with its more dangerous end is similar to the "clever girl" scene in Jurassic Park , where one raptor distracts Muldoon while the Big One ambushes and kills him, making him remark the iconic line. The Indoraptor bears an eerie but powerful similitude appearance to the Indominus Rex, but is about three-fourths the size, sports toe claws that are similar to those of a Velociraptor, and is primarily a dark black color, with a golden-yellow streak going from the base of the neck to his tail, resembling Blue's metallic blue streak.

The shape of its head bears a resemblance to a that of a Tyrannosaurus Rex's, and it has a sprinkled red mark around the eye orbit. When Zia releases Blue from the cage to attack the mercenaries in the underground laboratory, she stops briefly to pause and look at Zia and Franklin, almost as if trying to show gratitude or regarding them as friends, and the mercenaries as not friends. Like all of InGen's cloned theropods, Allosaurus had pronated wrists. The Allosaurus clones are mostly dark blueish-grey with yellow underbellies, yellow stripes on the face and neck, a yellow circle around its eye orbit, white markings, and faded red on their crests.

Constructing the park's destroyed Main Street was a unique challenge for the team. The Louisiana-based set had been dismantled after Jurassic World , so everything had to be rebuilt in Hawaii, then properly "aged" and turned into rubble. Owen Chris Pratt , not wanting to go back to Isla Nublar after the events of Jurassic World , but relenting when he finds out Blue is alive, makes him similar to Dr. Ian Malcolm Jeff Goldblum who's also in this movie, in The Lost World: Jurassic Park who after the events of Jurassic Park was against going to Isla Sorna to document the dinosaurs in their natural habitat ultimately relenting when he finds out his girlfriend Sarah is already on the island, and similar to Dr.

At first, it seems that Dr. Wu seeks Blue's DNA to make controllable Indoraptors, which makes little sense, as Blue was trained and raised by Owen since infancy, and such gained her bond. Her behavior is due to social conditioning, but logically her DNA would be like any other raptor DNA, the only way it would make any sense is if one considers that it was her specific genetic make-up that made Blue more docile and empathic than the other raptors, but even then replicating that using Blue's DNA would require unbelievable good luck.

Later on, it turns out that Dr. Wu needs Blue precisely because her behavior was socially conditioned. He says that in order to make the following generations of Indoraptors more controllable, they need a mother from whom they can learn such behavior. An unconscious Owen is woken up when a Sinoceratops licks his face, just like Sarah is licked by a Stegosaurus in the second book.

When asked what to expect from this movie, Screenwriter Colin Trevorrow stated: "I knew where I wanted it to go. I remember telling Steven Spielberg even while we were making the first movie, this is the beginning, here is the middle and here's the end of the end. This is where we want to go. I feel like that kind of design is crucial to a franchise like this if you really want to bring people along with you and make sure they stay interested.

It needs to be thought through on that level. It can't be arbitrary, especially if we want to turn this into a character-based franchise with people who you lean in to follow what they're going to do. I had like four. True Lies Jurassic Park was one of those movies that I was just so obsessed with.

And I remember being so jealous of the child actors. And this was well before I ever even thought about being an actress. Acting didn't happen until adulthood. But I remember being so jealous of those kids. Like wow, what a fun job. You get to scream in a Jeep while a T. Rex is trying to claw at you in-between glass. Like, how cool is that? So yeah, I've always been a fan.

And actually which is it's so funny to think that I went to go see Jurassic World , having no idea that I would even get to touch these movies. But Jurassic World was one of the few movies that I was like, 'Oh, I have to go out in theaters and see that. Yeah, they just normally don't do it for me. We gotta go see this. Trevorrow and Connolly began work on the script and devised the basic story during a road trip that they took in June , immediately after the release of Jurassic World During the shot when Rexy roars after taking down the smaller Carnotaurus, you can briefly hear some of the Disney Carnotaurus' roar from Disney's Dinosaur before it's cut off by Rexy's.

There appears to be some entanglement with the law regarding saving the dinosaurs on Isla Nublar including bringing Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm into court for his opinion on the matter. That sounds like a different take on The Lost World: Jurassic Park to us, but Colin Trevorrow says that's not the case: "It looks like it is, because they all go to a fog-covered, scary island with dinosaurs on it, but it goes to a very, very different place than anyone expects. Really the heart and soul of the movie, the turn of the story, is not what we've shown in this trailer.

It's very much not like The Lost World. The first time Claire goes to visit Owen sees her making the trek up to his trailer in a remote area, exactly the same way she first enlisted his help in Jurassic World Alan Grant and Billy identifying the Spinosaurus as a species not on the list of species InGen were known to have cloned. Alan ponders what else they were up to. This movie reveals that several species of dinosaurs were present on Isla Nublar that were not officially announced to be on the island in Jurassic World in either the movie or its tie-in material, making Alan's line just as relevant today.

Filming in Hawaii began on June 13, More than half of the harbor was closed for filming, which required the use of smoke machines. Scenes were scheduled to be shot at the harbor throughout the end of the month. At the time, filming was underway at Kualoa Ranch on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Filming concluded on July 8, Bayona said that making this movie was the biggest challenge of his life. During filming and in-between takes, Director J. Bayona used an iPod to play different types of music on-set to inspire the actors and actresses during certain scenes, including a T.

Rex roar that he sometimes used to get a natural reaction from the actors and actresses who agreed to be scared during certain takes to increase authenticity in particular playing unexpected and loud music to scare Justice Smith for several scenes, as his character is portrayed as easily frightened, as he had done for his previous movies. Bayona revealed that even though he played John Williams ' iconic Jurassic Park theme, and music from Composer Michael Giacchino who's composing the score for this movie , he couldn't allow himself to get wrapped up in the nostalgia of it all.

There "was so much emotion in that moment on the set", he explained of the first time he played Williams' track, "but the truth is that there's so much work to do that you're not really, at least I can tell you, you're not into that nostalgia. You have your characters in front of you. You have so much work to do every day that it's only when you come back home and you say, 'Oh my God, I've been doing a Jurassic Park movie.

When asked if he played dinosaur sounds, he said, "I'm joking all the time with Justice Smith because I'm playing sounds to scare him during the takes. So it's been a lot of fun to work with him in that setting. Sometimes you play light music to make the actors feel good on the set. And the lines come with a freshness that maybe you would not get in a different way. For advice on veterinary procedures and animatronic movements, the filmmakers sought a veterinarian surgeon who had experience with African wildlife, Jonathan Cranston a Gloucestershire veterinarian surgeon was recommended for the position because of his experience with wildlife in South Africa, Cranston advised Director J.

Bayona and the producers on how to choreograph several scenes to accurately depict complex veterinary procedures that involved the dinosaurs, Cranston also worked closely with Chris Pratt , Bryce Dallas Howard , Daniella Pineda , and Justice Smith to teach them how to perform such procedures. Additionally, Cranston advised the puppeteers on creating subtle and authentic animal movements and also worked with Bayona on two scenes, Cranston was on-set for twelve days, primarily at Pinewood Studios.

We didn't have time for people to pee. The actress was embarrassed, so Pratt helped her out saying, "You didn't pee, Claire peed. On October 28, , Jake Johnson answered a fan question on Twitter regarding his character, Lowery Cruthers, returning for this movie. Hoskins the bad guy from Jurassic World outlines his plans for a miniaturized version of the Indominus Rex to Claire and Owen shortly before his death. These plans are realized through the creation of the Indoraptor. Blue is so important because Dr. Wu believes that she demonstrates the traits required to begin the process of domestication.

She's still a very dangerous wild animal, but demonstrated empathy and curiosity towards Owen that none of the other Raptors did. He draws the comparison between a Wolf and a Bulldog, nearly identical in genetics, but possessing key differences in behavior towards humans. Hammond's final dialogue "These creatures require our absence to survive, not our help" in The Lost World: Jurassic Park is referenced by his former partner, Benjamin Lockwood.

The script confirmed "Stiggy" doesn't like being whistled at, which is why Owen whistled for her to break the door to the cell. When Owen tries to connect with Blue again, he tosses her food, which she ignores, is similar to Jurassic Park , when Nedry tries to throw a stick to a Dilophosaurus, who also ignores it.

Colin Trevorrow revealed he "Didn't want to bring any character back that didn't feel like they had an organic place in the story", Trevorrow told io9. So to have Dr. Ian Malcolm be a kind of Al Gore, who's bearded, a little tired, and has been warning people for thirty years that the choices made in the s were going to come back and bite us some day and lead to an irrevocable change, felt very real and natural to me. The carnotaurus clones look different from their real-life counterparts.

They were slightly oversized, had a broader snout, had pronated wrists like all of InGen's cloned theropods, claws on all four fingers rather than just three of the four of the originals, and the speed was reduced. The clones' coloration was a subdued red with several black marks across its entire body. When it came to designing the Indoraptor, J. Bayona and the design team first looked at animal references, from dinosaurs, to snakes, to cats and dogs.

I wanted him to be very dark and disappear in darkness. I put myself in the position of a kid and what would be scary: the eyes and the teeth. For me, that was a way of making it terrifying. The design of the arms were very long. That also makes it creepy and almost human. Bayona also discussed how they could incorporate the nervous shake of mentally ill people into the animated performance. The sounds of Blue the velociraptor were from penguins. Sound Designer Pete Horner explained: "We recorded penguins, changed the pitch and manipulated the audio to get these purring sounds that seem to being saying 'I'm okay, you're okay.

The sounds of the Carnotaurus were made from vocalizations from an orangutan and of Styrofoam with a double-bass bow, typically used by classical musicians. Finally, the sounds of the Indoraptor were made from the vocalizations of a chihuahua, dental drill, lion, pig, and cougar. Brachiosaurus and Compsognathus both return after their absence since Jurassic Park III although the former can be heard in the background in Jurassic World In real-life, Pachycephalosaurus is believed to have been larger, although there is still confusion even among paleontologists on whether these two dinos were separate species or one and the same.

There's always the possibility that the Lost World Pachy was not fully grown, however, as the ones seen on a live feed in Jurassic World look considerably larger as well. An early draft of the story could have brought Jake Johnson's Jurassic World employee Lowery back in a similar role. We did like the idea of Zia and Franklin being pretty idealistic young people who are activists who really believe in the cause that Claire believes in.

I wasn't really able to shoehorn Lowery into that, he's kind of a cynical guy. The naming of the volcano Mt. Jack and Timothy pointed out that the expanded canon universe referred to a mountain on the island called "Mt. Colin and Director J. Bayona then put this in the movie during an early BBC News scene that is seen during the opening minutes.

The scene in which a helicopter escape attempt from the island is nearly thwarted by the T. Rex grabbing on to the ladder of the helicopter was originally how the creators intended for the characters to escape Isla Nublar in Jurassic Park In May , Colin Trevorrow said, "We're moving it into new territory.

Bayona is an incredible director and I know he'll push the boundaries of what a 'Jurassic' movie is. I think it's important that we take risks. A franchise must evolve or perish. Jeff Goldblum reflected on Writer and Producer Colin Trevorrow 's script, and how he used lines of dialogue from the Jurassic novels by Michael Crichton.

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I called him up to share my ideas for the character and we collaborated on it", said Goldblum. Bayona and I got together. He's very passionate about the themes of anti-greed and anti-militarism and pro-science. It was a great shoot. Wu explains that he needs Blue for two purposes, one, to use her genome to create the next generation of Indoraptor that is less unstable and can feel empathy for its trainer and handler presumably he got this idea from the close bond between Owen and Blue that caused her to turn on the Indominus Rex at the climax of Jurassic World The second purpose is so that she can be a "mother" to this next generation of Indoraptor.

This ties back to the second book where it is said the raptors are unstable and violent because they lack parent figures to nurture them properly. Wu evidently does not want to repeat the mistakes done with the first generation of Velociraptors, as well as the Indominus Rex. It has been confirmed that the Jurassic World website Baryonyx is just a painting.

Prior to this movie, it was unknown what the Baryonyx in the park actually looked like. Wu from using its DNA to clone other dinosaurs hybrids, Indoraptors. The Gyrosphere containing Claire Bryce Dallas Howard and Franklin Justice Smith that plunges off the cliff and into the watery depths amid a stampede of dinosaurs on Isla Nublar forcing Owen Chris Pratt to jump in to save them, was staged in a big tank of water, overseen by Diving Instructor Peter Harcourt , who had advised underwater sequences for the last four Bond movies, The Mummy , and the last two Mission: Impossible movies.

One of the velociraptor models on display at the Lockwood Manor has tiger stripes, similar to the velociraptors design in The Lost World: Jurassic Park The underwater opening sequence was already in Colin Trevorrow and Connolly's script, and J. Bayona asked Trevorrow to push for it to become a bigger scene with a larger set. Andy Nicholson explained the Carnotaurus and Sinoceratops fighting each other with a volcano exploding behind them as he explains "just like you've all seen in storybooks. The erupting volcano became a crucial influence on every island scene.

Bayona would ask is, 'Okay, so where's the volcano now? You have to see it. She says it extremely similarly to Dr. Well, the largest T. Rex skeleton found to date is named "Sue" although we don't know if it was a male or female dinosaur. Sue measures 3. Chris Pratt , whose height estimates vary, but is around 6'2", 1. Factoring in the likelihood of there being T. Rexes larger than Sue we have only found a small number of T. Rex skeletons, so it's unlikely we've found the largest ones , and the extra skin and muscle, this looks like the filmmakers have the size spot on.

Bayona said about filming a Jurassic Park movie, "It's great to have others to ask for advice. You put yourself in service of the saga or the franchise when you take on one of these movies, you want to make the best Jurassic movie possible. You're not coming in to hijack Steven Spielberg's baby or Colin's baby.

For me, as a director, it was very exciting to be in charge of the second episode. For me, the story is established, and I'm the person who gets to turn the Jurassic World upside-down. It's very interesting to do a chapter that's very different to anything that's been done before. That's not as intimidating as it sounds, says Bayona.

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I grew up watching his films, and I'm a huge fan of his craft. So it was an incredible opportunity to get to work with him. Having him sit down and go over the shots I was going to do and the shots I had done and listening to his always enthusiastic responses was very, very special. I felt very supported and empowered by Steven all the time. He has a quality about him that makes you feel like you're the most important person in the room.

And I really appreciated that. When Rexy wakes up in the cargo container in the close-up of her eye opening fully is similar to Jurassic Park when Lex shines the flashlight directly into her eye when she approaches the Ford Explorer, and Jurassic World when the Indominus Rex attacks the gyrosphere with Gray and Zack in it, and in one close-up shows the Indominus Rex's eye looking sinisterly at them. The Stegosauruses seemingly lack the beak they had in real-life, and the previous Jurassic Park movies. Unless if the beak is actually still there and just blended into the skin, like with the movie's Gallimimuses.

Eli Mills has a conversation with Dr. Wu where he discusses the applications of extinct animals with no rights in the modern world, ranging from agriculture to big game hunting, just like another conversation in the Lost World novel. Production Designer Andy Nicholson came up with the underground subterranean service tunnels Claire and Franklin are in, in order to access the abandoned system's computers. He explains, "it would be nice if underneath the park there were a series of interconnecting service tunnels and bunkers", Nicholson says.

Regarding the idea of human cloning, Colin Trevorrow stated that "we're so much closer to cloning humans than we are to cloning dinosaurs.

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It felt like far less of a leap to me than dinosaurs do. To have a character who has such deep love and has felt such loss and the inability to go on, I think is something we all feel. So the idea that you might be able to bring someone back in that way is emotionally grounded in a very universal idea.

We want to tell a story about where we are now, which is that we have messed with science, we have fundamentally altered our world, and now we're dealing with the consequences. The Mosasaurus lagoon wasn't connected to the ocean in Jurassic World However, its connected to the ocean in this movie. When Eli Mills is describing the sanctuary to Claire, the way he says "without fences, without cages" Ian Malcolm. For the Indominus Rex bones, the look that J.

Bayona wanted was to give the idea that the Mosasaurus had been chipping away at it over time, and so that some meat and flesh was still left on it. Important Looking Pirates ILP hand sculpted fleshy skin hanging on the bones, which was then simulated in Houdini's carbon plugin to get some nice movement in the current, Important Looking Pirates also rendered several passes of particulate billowing in the water and dust kick-ups from the submarine.

At computer stage, taking advantage of the deep data, Important Looking Pirates was then able to use a tool that David Wahlberg developed, that took care of the color spectrum falloff in deep water, based on light position and distance from the camera. For the Gyrosphere sinking underwater, J. Bayona wanted this portion of the scene to have the appearance of a single continuous shot. To achieve this, the scene was filmed in five different takes that were merged to make it seem like a single shot. The way Franklin Justice Smith removes his scrub hat at the end after tranqualizing Dr.

Wong , significantly represents how brave he's grown in the span of one day, deciding he's had enough of hiding behind false aliases. Colin Trevorrow confirmed that the dinosaur population on Isla Nublar, in regards to Los Cinco Muertes, is the last ecosystem populated by dinosaurs on Earth, and it's driven even further when only a scarce few of eleven species are saved from the volcanic eruption. Continues the franchise's tradition with a one hundred eighty-five million dollar global promotional campaign in media value.

That's double the size of the previous partner program for the release of Jurassic World , and it outstripped recent summer promotional campaigns like Avengers: Infinity War one hundred fifty million dollars plus and Spider-Man: Homecoming one hundred forty million dollars and eighty million dollars. Overall, nine different partners will be running television spots, which will remain in play well past opening day.

In total, consumers around the globe will be exposed to 1. Like Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope , Jurassic Park was another textbook example when it came to raising an event movie's profile with prominent promotional partners, which then included Ford Explorer and Jolt Cola, and this movie continues that grand drum roll. In many ways, the Indoraptor is the complete opposite of the Indominus Rex: The Indominus Rex was a female, and an albino, the Indoraptor is a male, and colored black.

The Indominus Rex favored strength and brute force, while the Indoraptor favored stealth and agility. The Indominus Rex was angry and confused, attacking out of frustration, while the Indoraptor is curious and playful, attacking out of amusement. The variants of the Baryonyx are much different from the real-life counterparts and the Jurassic World clones. These clones have a crocodilian-like armored back and crocodilian-like underbelly; a long, but broad snout which makes it look like a Caiman; a less pronounced notch in the upper jaw; pronated wrists like all of InGen's cloned theropods; a much smaller thumb claw; and very different teeth, more like a needlefish.

The coloration is mostly a drab grey with turquoise, with a creamy white belly, and turquoise blue on the eye orbit and snout. Neal Scanlan stated that animatronics were not best for every scene: "In some ways, it will have an impact on your shooting schedule; you have to take time to film with an animatronic.

In the balance, we ask ourselves if it is economically and artistically more valuable to do it that way, or as a post-production effect. Once we have looked at each particular case, with the director and the visual effects supervisor we decide whether, because of the environment or the circumstances, it is the right way to go practically.

Bayona put his stamp on the sequel to Jurassic World , directed by Colin Trevorrow. I love that J. For this film, Chris and I were working out ideas on set as we shot.

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  7. The improvisation between Howard and Pratt's Owen Grady had the audience laughing during the premiere screening. Bayona said about the Indoraptor being "This is the dinosaur that breaks out as the star of the show, we wanted to create a memorable character and liked the idea that, bit by bit, we discover something has been cooking in the shadows. Ian Malcolm's favorite line. Bayona explained the challenges he faced directing this movie. He explained to Reuters, "You really need to do something that will satisfy them, but at the same time you're looking for something to surprise them.

    That's the most challenging thing about doing a sequel. We also wanted to go back to the sense of fear and suspense that the original 'Jurassic Park' had, so we really enjoyed adding all of this tension and this suspense, and even horror to this new chapter. Kids love superheroes, but kids love dinosaurs as well, Science and imagination merge.

    We feature these creatures that truly at one point walked the Earth, which is mind-boggling. Kids love dinosaurs, and so does the kid inside the adult. Filming had also taken place in a nearby He'eia jungle for the scenes where Owen searches and locates Blue. Neal Scanlan spent more than eight months at Pinewood Studios to work on the creatures before and during filming, with a crew of approximately thirty-five people. Andy Nicholson explained the convoy of heavy-duty trucks cutting through the valley that has been reclaimed by nature and dinosaurs.

    July 10th, : One Day Batman sure seems to get into a lot of adventures. June June 30th, : sally suckola of the suckolazoids June 28th, : the man who could remember everything!! May 19th, : haha ohhhh well May 17th, : "cute af" stands for "cute, also: fantastic" and if you disagree with my definition then i will remind you that my parents read this comic!!!!!!! April 19th, : I chose the name Toby because I like his game Undertale!! March 29th, : poop emoji poop emoji my truest most secret self that even i can't look at because it's too upsetting emoji poop emoji March 27th, : i didn't know this story when i was a kid but i distinctly remember having to figure out to toss a gold ball into a pond to attract a frog in King's Quest IV and having NO IDEA why that worked.

    February 13th, : "here's a joke I just thought of," Batman said. February 10th, : it was like the walking dead, only they also ran a bit too i guess. February 8th, : hey god quick question that's still gonna take six panels February 6th, : January 11th, : it's here! January 7th, : the meaning of the acronym "I.

    It's also his skeleton name. And his name when he's transformed into a dog. Just a great name over here. November 21st, : look! November 18th, : this makes ME want my bucket! What if aliens encased voyager 1 in rock to better protect it from the buffeting time stream, but they protected it too well? October 7th, : yes, that is a direct quote from Johnny J. Fahrenheit in panel 3. September 2nd, : ending any argument with "what indeed, plato?? August 29th, : to answer your question, 1 part water to 2 parts corn starch August 26th, : August 19th, : 8 Potential new nightfriends He was making a joke, because there were only two, and he made a lot of jokes, and look, they can't all be winners.

    Yeah right. EFFORT June 22nd, : a lot of people call themselves "hotshot" in their inner voices; a lot of people are actually cooler than i am : June 20th, : as a person who definitely experiences emotions, i agree! June 13th, : on the other hand "pay for your own police force" historically results in samurai, which are objectively PRETTY NEAT June 10th, : the thing is, artisanal cheese is a thing, but the automated factory-produced cheese is cheaper so it's what everyone eats most of the time.

    June 8th, : self-driving cars will complete the word "driving"'s evolution from "human whipping a horse" to "human turning a wheel" to "human telling a computer to just get me there already; I DON'T CARE" June 6th, : you won't believe these phrases that sound way more interesting than they actually are!! June 3rd, : what happens FOUR seconds from tomorrow? PLAIN crazy!

    Carrinho de compras

    April 22nd, : hi i'm using the internet to tell you to check me out on another part of the internet!! April 20th, : so you've been cursed by the gods! Screw you, Goltz! I don't need none of this crap!! I've got all I need from you". February 1st, : the first draft of this comic included the line "the only thing that didn't die with johnny was his horniness"; it was a very different comic that, for some reason, i abandoned January January 29th, : "god is great" said moses.

    January 1st, : happy new year! December December 25th, : Convincing his classmates that his uncle worked at Nintendo and let him play Mario 4 but he can't say much because it's top secret but he will say that he played it for a bit and you get to play as Yoshi's sister, Yo-she December 23rd, : this is an EXCELLENT comic to print out and store in your wallet; you will always be prepared with the perfect mot juste burnsauce December 21st, : merry christmas, t-rex December 18th, : people named "clementine" might want to pay particular attention to the last panel December 16th, : sorry to all the nerds who are gonna get called "dropletons" from now on December 14th, : a line i had to cut for space in this comic is utahraptor shouting "PLASMA'S 1!

    December 11th, : here's is a comic i wrote that's temporarily from the present but which will very soon be from the past, and later, the distant past, and later still, the distant and romanticized past. December 2nd, : seriously: if you've never eaten spaghetti topless, try it! November November 30th, : excuse me, but why do we give mad professors resources for playing god when that funding could go towards lowering MY taxes November 27th, : i like to imagine the person who has been reading dinosaur comics for over a decade, being all "oh wow, a scene from a universe where hats didn't get invented until just now!

    And when I'm done, I'm gonna see what these nightmare monsters from the briney deep taste like". October 21st, : i wrote the first half of this comic in and the second have in October 9th, : this comic does assume our previous comic, "how to always avoid small talk forever", has somehow failed you October 7th, : did you want to read a comic about horny slugs today? October 5th, : better living through chemist-- i mean, through advances in nihilist philosophy October 2nd, : where are all the aliens in the universe and why haven't they contacted us?

    September 11th, : doomsday engine needs a new doomsday fuel pressure regulator September 9th, : sincere image that communicates all i wish i could've said before you left emoji September 7th, : it's just - i've never heard a more appealing version of the afterlife until just now September 4th, : superman vs the superstorms September 2nd, : not to mention the what would've been the first queer-positive story in the bible, in which August 24th, : to the lobsters in the kitchen, the sinking of the Titanic must've seemed like another event in a long series of events so far outside their natural experience that they can't possibly understand them August 21st, : what can i say, i'm quite the bible scholar scholar August 19th, : 'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe: all mimsy were the borogoves, and the mome raths updogge.

    August 17th, : there were a lot of these curse tablets found at a bathhouse, because people kept stealing people's clothes while they bathed. July 6th, : rip sucky HDD controller, you are in the garbage now July 3rd, : ah, good times July 1st, : is there anyone more into voting than people who get their jobs through voting, the answer: no June June 29th, : utahraptor hating mercury is a new development that happened as soon as i realized i thought it'd be funny for someone to just really have it out for a single planet.

    June 26th, : never go full human. May 15th, : characters in video games: crazy? May 8th, : the technology to create this platform is within our reach, we must but grasp it April 27th, : oh me? April 15th, : there are only a few phrases that can make me feel like i chose the wrong career, but "gamma gardener" is definitely one of them April 13th, : friends, we have fun, but really "going viral" isn't any fun at all. March 17th, : "which is the best kind of hole?

    What was your problem, self? February 24th, : also we all got obsessed with itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka-dot bikinis. December 23rd, : Ever wish Newton had a calculator? Give him one and see what pops out! December 11th, : trust me when i say that this comic was inspired by my friend cohen working on a paper!

    December 10th, : radioactivity December 3rd, : FACT: a sufficiently-advanced ghost is indistinguishable from magic December 2nd, : Sherlock Holmes stroked his goatee thoughtfully. Nearby, a record skipped, making that cool record scratch noise you get when an audience realizes something shocking has happened.

    December 1st, : please may i hear more about those two chuckleheads who don't like each other but then do, as it sounds like some sparks might fly?? November November 27th, : good morning good morning November 26th, : water: both dord AND weird November 25th, : it's a little thing called "nobody tells me rumours anyway?? November 12th, : you know who talks about you don't know what November 11th, : my name is an anagram for "horny rant" and imagine how great it'd be if it was an anagram for "horny ghost"?

    October 29th, : print and save! October 28th, : the sun shone, having no alternative, on the very nice boat. October 27th, : how to write romance stories, or, if you will, "romances" October 23rd, : let us presuppose that in all renditions of deities, unless it is explicitly stated in canon that they do NOT have laser vision, then they absolutely do have laser vision October 22nd, : it's almost hallowe'en! October 8th, : maybe the 15th century artists only reinvented it, maybe the greeks knew about it and we all forgot, maybe maybe maybe October 7th, : "hey thanks for flirting with me!

    September 22nd, : tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth? So Watson, come back ov-er here, and make these words well-known September 9th, : you wake up in a story feeling fictionalized! Final Harbinger of Chaos, The". Call me "Clawy". August 27th, : this is my submission packet to your favourite celebrity gossip magazine August 26th, : it was just lucky for david that people's minds were printed in English.

    August 7th, : also make it so they can forget the name of people right after they've met them, aweeeesommmmme August 6th, : "it was obviously going to happen eventually," sighed sherlock holmes as he stared at his batman costume. August 4th, : i had once been informed that there existed a time once upon which the following events occurred July 30th, : this comic was inspired by my friend anneke who has a VERY similar complaint vis-a-vis wild animals and hugs July 29th, : take my film advice July 21st, : sherlock holmes and the final problem, when sherlock holmes's problems are arranged along an objective timeline July 17th, : does professor science remember that people are asking him questions through the mail?

    July 16th, : this started out as an inspirational comic but then hah hah hah NOPE July 15th, : guess the national animal of the country: lions and eagles show up a lot, but zero dinosaurs? July 2nd, : Trees! There are a lot of trees. July 1st, : that's legit super speciesist June June 30th, : i don't know if these are "best" accounting principles, but hey: they're pretty good June 26th, : i am a walking poo factory June 25th, : my arms are covered in scratches from prickly ash and now i'm using them to write a comic that comes out boldly against prickly plants.

    Or, for that matter, drive a car? Yes sir, I have my license and registration. June 23rd, : grandmother noooooooo June 19th, : look around at today's kids. June 18th, : did you know: "chew your food so well that there's nothing left that could ever fossilize" was a common expression in dinosaur times?? June 16th, : this comic was inspired by an earlier draft i wrote and then forgot about writing. June 4th, : who would win in a fight: two men in a horse suit or an actual horse?? June 3rd, : a prince dedicates the entire resources of his kingdom to tracking down a peasant and nobody gets rich??

    June 2nd, : dinosaur comics always takes place in brightly-lit areas but that's just because i don't need to show off all the time May May 29th, : how to write a scene of quiet contemplation IN ALL CAPS May 28th, : how to sex a write scene May 27th, : for the amount of time i talk about this song this should've been like, dinosaur comic 10 instead of dinosaur comic May 26th, : the reason there's no friction is that the coefficient of friction was reduced to zero for every material, OBVIOUSLY, can we PLEASE move on to howard's early twenties now??

    April 29th, : utahraptor playing it off like he's not big into his own feet April 28th, : how to be a pick up artist! April 11th, : it's also what ghosts shout to each other to ramp themselves up before they jump out to spook you April 10th, : "i am, therefore i think" April 9th, : if you play with fire you're a gonna get burned b have a lot of fun with fire c be very popular April 8th, : i don't really think those who are loaded have a particular duty to support artists.

    I told you to do this already. So you should already be doing this. March 26th, : i'm just kidding. March 25th, : the kind of monster who wanted to buy a nice sandwich, but not TOO nice a sandwich March 24th, : when i wrote this comic earlier i didn't have a burn on my hand, but now i messed up making dinner and have a burn on my hand! March 20th, : in grade eleven my history teacher, mr. March 13th, : the league of extraordinary out-of-copyright characters March 12th, : i've learned about international copyright treaties all i can stands, cuz i can't stands n'more!

    March 11th, : Sherlock stopped smooching to make an announcement. March 3rd, : shouts out to all the artists who got excited in panel 2; i am here working everyday to get you kissed up on. February February 27th, : In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure February 26th, : they tried to make me write an inspirational comic but i said, no no no February 25th, : still a better oxygen story than "twilight" February 24th, : hello and welcome to Star Trek TNG trivia!

    February 11th, : if i die let "how many holes do dinosaurs have" be my last google search, the one they run on the news alongside a terrible photo of me taken from facebook years ago February 10th, : did you know if you google "horse facts" you will find websites devoted entirely to facts about horses??

    February 6th, : this was gonna be my master's thesis irl, but then i was like, the world is not ready also apparently it SOMEHOW wouldn't expand the horizons of humanity's knowledge, like at all?? February 5th, : "The universe is big. It's vast and complicated and ridiculous.

    And sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen and we call them miracles. February 4th, : this was going to be a comic about an argument-solving computer but instead i got sidetracked making fun of history, aka January 15th, : Imagine naming your baby "Cruella de Vil". Imagine Mrs de Vil and looking at her baby and naming it "Cruella". December 19th, : andrew hussie and i wrote this comic together so pick your favourite joke and attribute it to ME, thanks in advance December 18th, : trouble at the north pole?!

    It's um November 4th, : Maaaaaaaaaaan dad always whispered that I'd be haunted forever if I don't learn from spices October October 31st, : "Wow I can't believe I'm talking to Stephen King! October 29th, : this truly was October 23rd, : oh my god becky her butt is so salt October 22nd, : sure, knock yourself down October 21st, : this is right up there with a cat hanging off a clothesline that says "hang in there, baby! October 16th, : hello and welcome to fan-spider, the 2 talk show for fans of spider-man.

    October 15th, : oh shoot, i forgot to mention that slappy pete was slapping everyone in the bar this whole time October 14th, : a spooky tale from the spookyzone, presented by your host, Spooky Spatricia. October 10th, : it goes a little a'something a'like a'this October 9th, : Meanwhile, Brussels sat in his evil lair, his chair spun around so his back was to the door, waiting for Angola Maldives - or anyone - to burst in.

    His head lolled as he fell asleep.

    ‎Secret of a T-Rex en Apple Books

    He wasn't getting any younger. October 8th, : HOWEVER: pitch it as part of an exhibition entitled "being a collection of artifacts from history showing our peoples stumbling towards inventing a holodeck" and i am extremely down. October 7th, : honestly quite happy with my phrase "pornographic sex movie" and intend to use it at every opportunity in the future October 3rd, : if your spell check doesn't think "supergross" is a word, i respectfully suggest that your spellcheck has, up to now, lived a charmed life October 2nd, : this is our first ask professor science since his shirt has been discontinued!

    October 1st, : the enterprise: powered by ghosts? September September 30th, : shouts out to the scientists with the spooky names, and i must say, albert einstein, your name is not nearly as spooky as it could've been September 26th, : i'm not mad, i just want to talk. September 25th, : I like my sequential art like I like my performers of stand-up, which is to say that, in general, I do indeed like comics September 24th, : if i die today this will be the comic the tv news will run to sum up my entire life up to this point, and I AM V.

    September 18th, : on the other hand, the camera took some terrific landscapes September 17th, : truth and beauty bombs bombs bombs September 16th, : who wants to live forever? I respect you, friend. August 21st, : big into dogs over here. August 20th, : did i start with "damn it, this database gets results" and build an entire comic around that? August 6th, : professor time, your suit has a lot of clocks printed on it and my only question is this: i want one, where'd you get it August 2nd, : i'm the kind of guy who has easy mental access to relatively-obscure corporate founder names July 24th, : YES of COURSE i added all these new words invented here to my spell check dictionary on account of how i'm not a FOOL July 22nd, : every time t-rex calls dromiceiomimus "drotimes" an angel says "haha sweet" and also grows wings July 18th, : where did this problems come from?

    July 17th, : i am DTF. That's right! I am Dedicated Towards Friendship! July 16th, : andrew hussie and i discussed making this book a few years ago. July 9th, : i actually don't spend that much time thinking about vampires. July 4th, : was a great year for music. My jokes are okay, and you are liable to laugh a portion of the time.

    The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs is among the best known of Aesop's Fables Perry 87 and use of the phrase has become idiomatic of an [excellent scientific investigation] motivated by [the desire to better understand the universe we live in]. June 18th, : today is the day we began June 12th, : babies: people? June 11th, : you die and go to heaven! June 4th, : party teen bovary June 3rd, : One Hundred THOUSAND Years Of Solitude May May 30th, : yes i did research to get an accurate super mario brothers enemy count, yes i would not just throw numbers like these around willy-nilly May 29th, : two words in, this was gonna be a comic about urban planning before i remembered i don't know much about urban planning May 28th, : i'm kinda really interested in how the last panel would be translated into german May 27th, : what's up my gender-neutral bros May 23rd, : let's assume that every time you load up qwantz.

    May 6th, : the telltale heart by edgar allan poe, noted scientist May 2nd, : forget educational horror, the NEW hot genre is sex-shaming erotica May 1st, : marty mcfly is asked to lift a ten-ton weight. April April 30th, : a terrifying zombie story, by me, t-rex. April 16th, : the trick here is that it is ensconced in law that people can have different opinions about plays April 15th, : the bedsheets have batman on them, OF COURSE they have batman on them April 11th, : the day t-rex felt shouty AND horny April 10th, : wait none of these are T-Rexday, we need to start over April 9th, : hey, the 90s called!

    April 8th, : once upon a time they all lived happily ever after April 4th, : this summer ONE more time April 3rd, : what would you do if there was one hour left? April 2nd, : welcome to a world where the word "reputation" doesn't exist and everything is understood in terms of corporations April 1st, : this comic is based on that one time i ordered wings. January 30th, : aw man does this mean we missed a comic on where babies come from??

    January 15th, : everyone please insist that "pecs" is an acronym from now on, please, please just do this one thing January 14th, : the purr-fect dog. November 26th, : "i'm addressing myself while i'm dressing myself in a dress for myself" November 23rd, : hello and thank you for installing an internet! Pretty much all of it I think. November 14th, : Angola, perhaps there's been some confusion.

    I'm afraid my name's "Lady I. Amasexhaver", not "Lady I. October 10th, : travel over chasms would be super convenient for the athletic blind October 9th, : nude dude tudes October 8th, : boat dinosaur boat comics October 4th, : should've wished for more wishes, grahams October 3rd, : "dreaming non-fiction" is a nice way to write "even while sleeping, i obsess over past mistakes" October 2nd, : love! September 13th, : "william shakespeare was an excellent writer guy" - famed canadian author ryan north September 12th, : you can argue that clark is merely superman suffering a psychotic break and pretending he doesn't have powers, begging for relief from the constant shouting of planet earth and a silence that will never come, but that's - that's awful.

    August 21st, : plausible origins of common phrases for the very credulous August 20th, : SPOILER ALERT: the green you see is what i could describe as more of an emeraldy honeydew with elements of teal and shamrock August 16th, : "stove and frig included"?? July 24th, : real answer: this has happened several times in the past, but in each instance the International Olympic Committee sued the new "Brain Olympics" so hard that they literally got erased from the timeline July 23rd, : guys i am getting really excited for part of what's happening in london soon July 19th, : Peter didn't even need his lungs!

    Can any of us truly say the same?? June 11th, : boy i sure hope you read other webcomics beyond my own June 8th, : you know that awesome book everyone suspects was ghost-written? May 7th, : this is like the seventh "buy the sun" comic i've started; mom, dad, i want you to know, i think i'm May 3rd, : so i'm still getting emails about "lazers", but i've used the word in the comic three times before! LETHAL April April 30th, : i wrote this comic at the airport and i wasn't even around any dogs, SO THERE April 27th, : this is based on a true story that happened to me, if this dude is out there let me say: i still don't really speak polish, lol, : April 26th, : i warned you about newton's third law of motion bro I TOLD YOU April 25th, : if you learn one thing from dinosaur comics, let it be that the cloaca is their shared digestive, urinary, and reproductive tract.

    April 9th, : at an adventure time panel at a convention i was asked to rap and t-rex's words in panel one are basically one i came up with. April 4th, : who here wants to make out? April 3rd, : i call this comic "the script for a comic that i found slipped under my pillow after a night out when the house should've been empty the entire time. March 29th, : zoom! I feel bad about it sometimes March 22nd, : there's nothing in the poorly-translated rules that came with this dollar store chess set about this, and I'm afraid here I must defer to the authority of my friend the poorly-translated dollar store chess set March 21st, : a word is worth 0.

    March 12th, : hey, mind if i ask you a question? Oh my gosh, it's so great to get this out in the open. February 7th, : today's dinosaur comic is brought to you by: the letter t February 6th, : i know there are poets who love my comic. February 3rd, : this comic was inspired by a dream, but not my dream! February 1st, : this comic was inspired by a twitter post that i myself made! January 26th, : gentlewomen get way more awesome hats anyway, where are My hats with aviaries on top January 25th, : that's so mamihlapinatapai January 24th, : space-galactic: galactic, but now, in space January 23rd, : there's a character in the bible called "Gad".

    AND Gad and God appear in the same scenes. AND there's actually two characters named "Gad", and one character names his son "Gad" after he already knows God is a guy in the story! MY QUESTION: who wrote this January 20th, : one draft had t-rex going back to tudor england and telling shakespeare it's possible he wrote zombie fiction but we lost it, and shakespeare says "what do you think Love's Labour Won was about?

    Let us know in the comments! January 12th, : thanks to boorishly p. January 6th, : if you're wondering about the other 5 Worthies, i'll tell you all you need to know: there's no dinosaurs on the list, talking OR otherwise January 5th, : DID YOU KNOW: the more i really think about the phrase "brain teaser" the more i find it gross nasty January 4th, : writing is easy, anyone who tells you otherwise has never written erotic fiction for character named "antonio t. December 20th, : god says "xmas" and i don't know why December 19th, : sometimes the wacky jerk will interrupt the music to brag to you about how he's not interrupting the music.

    December 16th, : panel six can be used as an emergency ejection seat on any conversation you don't want to have; it is my gift to you December 15th, : IF YOU DIE IN THE GAME THEN IN REAL LIFE you might get mad which is a teachable moment for being a good sport December 14th, : the scottish plagiarism December 13th, : when i "read" linguistic papers what i'm doing is private December 12th, : no actually in real life watching someone sleep is about the creepiest thing you can do, i mean, assuming you're doing it by standing motionless just outside their window December 9th, : i considered "Linear Holographic Russian Nesting Dolls", but the Matryoshka dolls already imply linearity in exactly the same way as the word, so we are SET.

    December 8th, : New shirt idea: "Ladies! Are you a mammal? I'm not sure ladies will respond well to that. December 6th, : it behoves me to assure you that panel 2 is actually grammatical December 5th, : My emergency kit contains good intentions and the fact that who ever remembers to makes an emergency kit NOT ME December 2nd, : T-Rex had a burn comparing CSS underline markup to Java in terms of loquaciousness, but as much as I'd love to rap with the word "loquaciousness", previous loquaciousness ensured that there just wasn't enough room.

    November 16th, : i wrote this comic several years ago and just found it now, and sometimes, when you ask an author the theme of something, they'll only say that they wrote this comic several years ago and just found it now November 15th, : FUN FACT: last night andrew hussie and i ate - nay, DINED - at the most Olive of Gardens November 14th, : don't be barefoot steppin' November 11th, : i used "thon" in an actual email yesterday and it felt - it felt RIGHT.

    And there's an even bigger morgue next door, filled with the bodies of everyone you've killed in the game! Turns out they all had families! Who knew! October 5th, : many collections of such music are produced and sold by Time Wife Music? October 3rd, : this is me alienating all the loch ness monsters in my audience just as chris hastings of dr mcninja dot com has alienated all his draculas September September 30th, : t-rex is using the rhetorical 'you' here, not referring to utahraptor specifically. September 29th, : sometimes i imagine my life where i write the same comics i've been writing, but instead of publishing them online i put them in a big stack, or, you know, wallpaper my house with them and never invite anyone over.

    McNinja" Hastings offered to help me with it, so I read him the first three panels and he stared at me and said "I think you've got your own thing going, buddy" and we never spoke of it again September 22nd, : it has remained unpatched since first self-reported in by Tim Berners-Lee September 21st, : one of my favourite baseball memories is having to play it with a glove on my wrong hand, so that when i did catch a ball I had to throw it with my weak hand, which resulted in a throw so pathetic that even i was laughing at how ridiculous it was.

    DO IT. September 8th, : What has four legs in the morning, etc, anyway it's Vin Diesel. August 19th, : " July 28th, : what's the difference between a webcartoonist and a dick joke? July 27th, : I guess you could say that they now really had become July 26th, : tl;dr: i met someone who has the exact same name as a cat i know July 22nd, : i took all these kitchen phrases from the top of my head and i am concerned that i have NO IDEA how they got there July 21st, : originally the last line of this comic was "let's get burgers right now instead", but that sounded like "let's get burgers" could be used like "let's get crazy", which is awesome and which i wanted to keep ALL FOR MYSELF July 20th, : mr tusks i will try to be the bigger man here July 19th, : if you are a superhero named "super muncher and destroyer" then don't use this comic because panel 2 totally gives away your identity, but really, what kind of a superhero name is that July 18th, : if you read this comic and sighed too, don't worry, sharks don't know how to get emails and getting emails is badass too, right?

    July 15th, : perhaps a better way to phrase this is, who would win in a fight: a dinosaur or a non-dinosaur? July 14th, : if you don't like "internet" being used as a non-singleton, then oh boy are you cheezed after reading THIS comic huh?? July 13th, : today joey and i fly back to toronto to resume our lives! July 12th, : if you're wondering about "down in florida to see the final space shuttle launch" updates, today joey and i worked in our hotel room and had a quiet lunch at a pretty nice restaurant July 11th, : i wrote this comic after seeing the last space shuttle launch with my own two eyes, and it was awesome, but unfortunately there were no last-minute thing where they rushed me and joey on board as substitute astronauts July 8th, : today in orlando joey comeau and i ate at ihop and shot machine guns and had naps and went bowling.

    July 7th, : let's hear it for auditory senses July 6th, : i am posting this comic at an airport at 2 am! June 27th, : fun fact: "just watch me for the changes and try to keep up" was what trudeau was going to say in full when he said "just watch me" and that's not even plausible what am i even doing here June 24th, : kinda wish i called this whole comic series "later, t-rex meets a real wizard"; today's panel six would've been a Really Big Deal June 23rd, : the first two panels double as ten different ways to meet a new friend-with-benefits, as well as ten different places to dump your existing one.

    June 22nd, : pretty god-centric lyrics to jams back then, they were all "this jam is amplified by church bells , so just glide and let your backbone slide into church " June 21st, : THIS party THIS party is rockin' June 20th, : 1 fan of okay times over here June 16th, : so tired of dropping anvils on my toes, need a plan in place at least for novel cusses in this situation June 15th, : this comic inspired by actual justin bieber rubber bands i saw, and also by a moment seconds later in which i did manage to improve on reality, simply by closing my eyes.

    June 14th, : i bet competent rappers don't write too many comics about incompetent rappers, huh June 13th, : who was the third person? June 10th, : i thought "everybody independently somehow" was kind of an awkward way to begin a sentence, so i did a google search and nobody had ever said it on the internet before!

    June 8th, : alive skeletons are attacking us? Messages like this are but ONE of the many pleasures, subtle and nuanced, that wait for you within my eponymous "feed" June 6th, : only now, writing the archive text to this comic, do i realize how well this idea applies to dinosaur comics as a whole. June 2nd, : this really means all writing ever is meant to take place in my fictional dinosaur comics world. June 1st, : i keep restraining myself from making a "literally impossible" pun in one of these here literary technique comics May May 31st, : batman's t-rex story: "guys, i put him in my lair" May 30th, : i don't believe t-rex's echo worked that great in panel 2, i will have words with him about ever doing THAT again.

    May 27th, : alternatively, why would i add you after only meeting you once? May 25th, : i'm tempted to start a choose-your-own-adventure book that harangues the reader like this! A Terrible Lizards Picto-Narrative May 13th, : for the world is hollow and i have noclipped the sky May 12th, : i've already gotten emails asking for a "vitamin s" sequel but i'm not sure i can capture the raw, uncut, freebased storytelling brilliance of the original??

    May 11th, : so it turned out vitamin s WAS wearing a spacesuit, so she could survive in space. Goooossssh May 6th, : let's ignore the difference between geological, magnetic, geomagnetic, instantaneous and political north poles and focus instead on the homey sign in t-rex's kitchen: "not necessarily tacos, but tacos if necessary" May 5th, : by reading this secret text, you have added "DIRECTOR'S CUTTERS" to your inventory.

    April April 29th, : Portal and Portal 2 are like the saddest games ever for this very reason. Stupid reality, stupid physics, stupid non-existence of holodeck programs that I can live inside with everyone else where portals are real April 28th, : compressed song comics: the dinosaur comics that assume we ALL know the same music April 27th, : give me some credit: i didn't find out about pornocracies from the wikipedia random article button.

    April 14th, : incredible moments in history starring t-rex the dinosaur t. April 5th, : i had a dream last night where my wife got kidnapped, then i had a dream where my friends and i tracked down the kidnapper and rescued her! I could wear a moustache! Sexy Steve has a moustache, you understand. March 22nd, : this text was originally just going to be the word, but then I thought, no, no, it's better if they stumbled across it on their own March 21st, : alternate boat name: the SS But We Mustn't March 18th, : but what if you trip March 16th, : if i call this comic "how to ultimate sexy" will it be blocked by your work internet filter?

    March 2nd, : that's right, t-rex is imagining "later". March 1st, : read properly, this comic may last you the rest of your life. February 25th, : kinda a sequel to my abstruse comic of march 31st, , a mere 2 months into this dinosaur comics jazzamohol February 24th, : "help i'm in nigeria and got robbed and shortly afterwards discovered 15 million dollars in unclaimed funds i definitely need to steal; you guys, it has been an interesting day" February 23rd, : utahraptor: my day just got filled up February 22nd, : old-timey stereotypes confirmed: crazy food, old-world decadance, a strange idea of what's fancy, and everything is trying to kill you February 18th, : feel free to say that last line during your day today; time travelers around you from the past will trip all the balls when they hear it February 17th, : there's actually tons of competing companies and predictions, utahraptor, so we're going to have to work several jobs in parallel to make this dream - this future - a reality.

    January 27th, : "Sure! But you probably find something in me that's worthwhile! Either that or you think I'm super hot and like having me around to stare at. Chan Carman, owner and instructor at The Riding School, opened her stable to the community on Halloween. Last year, Carman decorated one of her horses, Cadillac, to look like a living skeleton. Cadillac's spooky look was a hit with people who lived close to The Riding School. Carman invited the community to come to the barn for Halloween, meet the horses and collect candy.

    Dozens of children and families stopped by throughout the evening to trick-or-treat, pet the horses and play games like corn hole and apple-bobbing. The horses were decorated to look like wild animals one might encounter on a safari; a giraffe, a zebra and a tiger.

    Toby T-Rex : Lightning Strikes Toby T-Rex : Lightning Strikes
    Toby T-Rex : Lightning Strikes Toby T-Rex : Lightning Strikes
    Toby T-Rex : Lightning Strikes Toby T-Rex : Lightning Strikes
    Toby T-Rex : Lightning Strikes Toby T-Rex : Lightning Strikes
    Toby T-Rex : Lightning Strikes Toby T-Rex : Lightning Strikes
    Toby T-Rex : Lightning Strikes Toby T-Rex : Lightning Strikes
    Toby T-Rex : Lightning Strikes Toby T-Rex : Lightning Strikes
    Toby T-Rex : Lightning Strikes Toby T-Rex : Lightning Strikes
    Toby T-Rex : Lightning Strikes Toby T-Rex : Lightning Strikes

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